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As many of us may remember from school, Dupuytrens contracture is a genetic predisposition whereby the palm of the hand becomes forced into an increasingly flexed position. This is caused by the contracture, or bunching up, of the palmar fascia – usually bilaterally. Likely to appear in the 40s.

Had a patient a few months ago, with this condition. The contracture is found most commonly among UK races, and is often accompanied by gapped teeth, from childhood. The standard surgery for Dupuytrens is quick and simple and rarely involves complications, if performed by a conscientious surgeon who knows enough to avoid the median nerve.

Under general anesthesia, an incision is made along one of the creases in the involved palm, about 3 or 4 inches long. The opening is stretched, and the defective, corded up fascia is then cut out. The crease is sewn back up with about 10 or 12 stitches. Usually takes less than an hour.

Improvement would be almost immediate, except for the sore, healing stitches. The patient has a tendency not to open the hand all the way because the sutures would be stretched. If it heals that way, the relaxed hand will still tend towards being slightly closed. But with a few months of daily palm-flattening exercise, the hand will return to its original pre-Dupuytrens condition: full extension.

Left untreated, the gathered-in palmar fascia may resorb after several years, and the knots under the skin of the palm may begin to disappear. The condition often progresses only to a certain point and then actually may become less pronounced. The problem is that the metacarpal bones may remain in the abnormal position, causing the relaxed hand to be slightly flexed closed. This is the result of the years of the contracting fascia pulling the bones of out of place.

Did somebody say bones out of place? It is at this stage where chiropractic adjustment may reverse the contracture simply by restoring motion and position to the displaced carpals. The distal metacarpals are most often at the center of the compound misalignments, and would be the focus of the initial adjustment.

There may be some pain with the adjustments, especially at first. Remember these bones have been locked out of place for some years. But the discomfort is minor compared with the trouble and recovery time required by surgery.

Adjustments may not work in every case, and are most effective in the patient who has had the condition the longest, untreated. As with most imbalances in the body, we always go from least invasive to most invasive. Chiropractic first!



Last month’s Vaccine Awareness Symposium in the far north went off extremely well.

First of all, if you’ve never been west of the 101 up there past Cloverdale, etc, you’re missing some of the most magnificent, panoramic landscapes in the USA. The roller coaster ride across the coastal range through the redwoods will be fun for everyone except the driver. A ride through a magical Hobbit Land.

And then the cruise along US 1 at the coast through Mendocino County is even more spellbinding, one breathtaking panorama after another, surpassing those at Devils Slide and Big Sur.

You’ll be jealous of people who get to live in such natural settings like these, who don’t seem to miss that there’s not a Costco or a Taco Bell on every street corner. Once outside the little towns, it’s back to the original California.

These are the folks who hosted the vaccine awareness symposium. Moderately attended but streamed live, the people got a full day’s nonstop adrenaline rush of the actual science and politics behind the vaccine industry.

Most people seemed to be aware of parts of the discussion, but taken together the symposium gathered this synergistic momentum, first with my presentation on the essential science of vaccines, then with the legal issues brought up attorney Gregg Glaser.

In the afternoon, there were some brilliant spontaneous insights from Robert Rowen, MD, who is in favor of vaccines, but is appalled at the draconian legislation now afoot in our state to force them on 100% of the population, with no right of refusal.

We had dinner the night before the lecture at the best restaurant in Mendocino County – in the Little River Hotel. I had a lot of questions for Del about Vaxxed – things that you just don’t hear about. For example, in addition to Vaxxed being far and away the most powerful, most authoritative vaccine film ever made, because of its true science content, there were two other attributes which set it up as an instant classic.

1. Editing

For this 90 minute film, they shot much more than 100 hours of footage. From all that, you could make dozens of different movies. This is where the art of moviemaking comes in – to see that the chaff gets left on the floor and the wheat on the screen. The story must drive the film. Fascinating footage, however exciting in itself, which doesn’t drive the story must be cut.

So what it takes here is an unswerving commitment to the power of the narrative, that takes the viewer from beginning to end, in the most spellbinding way possible. The writer of the narrative creates the movie, but the editor is the one who makes it breathe, and jump right off the screen, with nobody leaving for popcorn or anything else.

Of the dozens of ordinary films that could have been made from all that raw footage, there was only one golden child hiding within, which the editor has to sweat blood for months on end to bring to life.

And for Vaxxed, that guy was Del.

2. Postproduction

Most documentaries, even if well-edited, look amateurish, for several reasons

    – sound levels jumping all over the place with each shot

    – sound EQ and contours all over the place

    – uneven video contrast across various scenes

plus a couple dozen other very technical parameters which take many different clips shot in a variety of environments, with all different cameras, that now have to be crafted and molded into one integral, cohesive viewing event: a movie.

If it’s done right, you don’t notice it. You can’t point to it. But subconsciously, high-end postproduction carries the unmistakable emblem of professionalism, authenticity, and credibility. If the content is there, the flawless editing, and the superb postproduction: these are the 3 ingredients necessary for a classic.

The devil’s in the details. This level of finishing is invisible. Where you feel it is in your gut – one of these you know-you know experiences.

And again, it was Del’s contacts who were responsible for the final cut to be fired in the celestial kiln of first rate Hollywood postproduction, resulting in this unique masterpiece.

Another thing I learned from that interview is this: Remember when Vaxxed first came out last June, and actually for a couple weeks before it came out you saw where every two-bit movie reviewer from Peoria to Peking all wrote reviews warning people to stay away, that it was done by discredited people, that it was dangerous, unscientific, etc. Almost 100% negative. And all this BEFORE THEY EVER SAW IT! It wasn’t even out yet!

That never happens. But like Sid used to say – there’s no such thing as bad press. The crowning promo was when DeNire axed Vaxxed from the pretigious (but politically controlled) Tribeca Film Festival. Del has a friend – a top Hollywood publicist – who told him that he could not have bought that type of publicity for at any price! If it weren’t for all that negative press, this movie would have come and gone in 2 weeks, like Doctored or Trace Amounts or those other forgettable amateur outings that will never be heard of again.

No comparison.

So anyway if you haven’t seen Vaxxed by now, will you please just go out to the back yard and blow your brains out? The rest of us thank you. You’re just not interested in the human condition. The unexamined life is not worth living, remember?

Back to Mendocino now – By the time Del stepped up to finish the day, there was no one in that seminar room who was unaware of the repressive vaccine juggernaut now under way in California, whose ultimate mission is to systematically deprive parents of the right to make health choices for their own children. Led by lowborn Pan-derers, it is the State that is now assuming its jurisdiction not just over the blood of the children, as with vaccines, but now over their entire beings.

Del talked about the Next Step: the landmark SB18, now in the works in California, (see Jan Newsletter) the Orwellian Child’s Bill of Rights. This law would permit any judge to arbitrarily decide that an unvaccinated child was not being provided with his right to “appropriate” health care (vaccination), and could be therefore taken from the parents and forcibly vaccinated.

As if that weren’t the extent of their malevolent design, Del then cited the next bill slated after SB18, which is called SB426 – the Home Visitation Bill. This law would specifically provide that police could break into the homes of anyone who had been judged as being deprived of “appropriate” medical care, who could then be taken away and forcibly given their “rightful” treatment.

Just like the Warsaw ghetto. It’s all coming.

I used to think slated bills like this were ridiculous and didn’t possibly stand a chance. But after seeing how easily AB2109 and SB277 breezed through the irresponsible CA legislature, stripping parents of the rights over their own children – nothing is beyond imagination with this state legislature. Not making this up here – I couldn’t imagine anything this dark for the USA in 2017. This is really what they are planning.

Laws like these are passed because the people aren’t paying attention. Or worse, because California has become a cesspool for the mentality that applauds such freedom-annihilating laws as these.

Stop Facebooking pictures of your dinners, and instead start sending these videos!

Del is a most eloquent spokesman for vaccine rights. Watch this video of his recent appearance at CalJam.

The entire Mendocino Symposium videos can be watched at www.mendocinotv.com



Imagine you want to see a medical doctor for some particular reason – high blood pressure, kidney, liver, respiratory, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, dental, etc. But you dread making that appointment where you’re gonna be in that crowded waiting room for 3 or 4 hours, until you finally get your 5 minutes, probably with a nurse, who’ll be talking to somebody else on her cellphone, not even listening to you – then maybe referring you for some test or other, or prescription, after waiting another 4 hours…etc.

You know the drill. You walk out the door wondering why you even bothered…

But what if, instead of worrying about co-pays, deductibles, drug costs, waiting rooms, cancelled appointments etc. you could walk into the best hospital in the country without an appointment, pay $30, and within 30 minutes be sitting in front of a specialist for a private consult. Not some nurse practitioner brushoff – the specialists themselves.

Science fiction? Nope, everyday business at the Bangkok Hospitals throughout Thailand. Seven days a week. Then if it turned out you wanted to follow their recommended course of treatment, whether it involved drugs, surgery, or rehab, and decided to pay for it out of pocket, it would most likely cost you less than 25% of the equivalent recommended treatment in the US.

And you could begin treatment right then and there, or else the next day.

This is no exaggeration, and is experienced by the tens of thousands of medical tourists who flock to Thailand every year to take advantage of what is probably the most advanced medical system in the world. Not crowded, so much cleaner than these Kaiser temples to bait-and-switch we have here. Even the decor itself represents professionalism, rather than the cheap prison/industrial interior design motif that has somehow become de rigeuer in American hospitals.

Many believe that Thai doctors’ training is far advanced from that of their American counterparts, for several reasons. Foremost would be that the treatment recommendations and protocols are coming from the doctor himself, and not primarily from the MBA-spawned insurance regimens from the guys upstairs, as in all rigidly scripted Obamacare and American systems.

Probably explains why we have the worst health of any industrialized nation, by any index you can name.

So to improve on the American system was not much of a challenge, since in most cases doing nothing at all would be better. But to raise medicine to its highest level, conservatively deriving every advantage from modern technology, but always with the best interests of the patient first and foremost, instead of the billing bottom line — these are the considerations that now attract people from all over the world willing to pay for the best health care out of pocket.

The entire disposition of the Thai MD is completely something an American is not prepared for. They actually listen to you, without being on their computer at the same time, interrupting you after 5 seconds to tell you your options– usually to shut up and fill this scrip, or make this or that appointment 3 weeks later….

Not like that in Thailand. No big hurry – just tell them what you have, and they’ll calmly and completely explain to you your options. Many of which are available either that day, right then and there, or else the next day. It’s shocking!

The whole condescension thing is conspicuously absent – none of this stupid “I’m a doctor” response as an answer to any question they don’t understand. They don’t make the disproportionately huge salaries commanded about American MDs, and even the specialists in practice are often working 12 hour shifts. It’s so shocking to see an advanced specialist actually in service of patients, instead of the assembly line 5 min

Then there’s the quality of the diagnostic and therapeutic technology, hospital hygiene, outcomes, etc– all far beyond what is available at the majority of US facilities. A Thai doctor told me that many of the medical machines in Thailand are not allowed to be sold in the US because they’re too good– the global politics of medical technology outside Thailand is always pre-eminent over the best interests of the patient.

This is a very superficial description here – the reality is far better than this characterization. So for patients who have some problem beyond chiropractic and the 60 Day Program, here’s the next step. The only downside is the flight– it’s a long way.



There is an essential flaw in the Trump/Kennedy proposal to establish a Vaccine Commission – a forum for examining the science behind vaccines, with the presumption that such evaluation would be logical, unbiased and objective.

Even if such a commission could exist, in the politically drenched environment of modern medical science, a more fundamental impediment presents:

The Vaccinators are incapable of listening to the slightest criticism.

Who are we kidding? The vaccine religion is the most aggressively defended orthodoxy the world has ever seen – the most precious and sacrosanct ideology. It is the rock on which is built the entire infrastructure of the global medical and pharmaceutical industry. There can be no chipping away at this granite underlayment, not even one fragment, that might make a crack, followed then by a chunk falling off of the sacred integral substratum.

It is not just that a close look at immunological science might be an economic threat to organized medicine’s monopoly on “health care.” No, not just economically, but epistemologically they cannot even imagine that any part of their cosmology, their religion, might be in error. To admit just one error would threaten the entirety.

Touch one strand and the whole web trembles…

This is why after 2 1/2 years, someone like Wm Thompson, remains unsubpoenaed.

Vaxxed‘s Thompson, CDC senior scientist, having turned over to Congress the documentation that proved a massive cover-up by CDC of an incontrovertible, causal relationship between vaccines and autism, and then demanding to be subpoenaed so that his testimony would be on record… To this day he has been officially ignored. And will likely continue to be: touch one strand and the whole web trembles.

Here is modern medical science – not science at all, but religion. Unwavering belief in that which cannot be proven. The vaccine religion specifically – it’s the most severe, unyielding superstition the world has ever seen. Not one tenet, not one jot or tittle has ever been conceded to be in error. Quintessential dogmatism.

Dialog? A Commission for the objective review of vaccines and the scientific integrity that underpins them? Who could be on it? Who would have the credentials in science and medicine today who is not completely in the thrall of the pharmaceutical behemoth?

Dream team: how about Russell Blaylock, Andy Wakefield, David Ayoub, … Anti- vaxers? Nope. Pro- science; not the usual take-out order-to-go variety, but classic legit unaffiliated third party science.

Look at the hundreds of scientific references cited in the various editions of Vaccination Is Not Immunization in the past 15 years. Add to them the references cited by Wakefield and now Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Pile them high, from floor to ceiling. What good does it do to go deeper and deeper down the scientific rabbit hole? All the evidence is there in abundance, debunking the vaccine mythology, for anyone to look at. It has been there all along, even before we started compiling it.

So what? Who will look at it? This is their own science, which they pretend does not exist. Which most of them refuse to read.

Vaccine orthodoxy has not advanced to the stranglehold position it now holds by open and transparent submission of provable independent clinical studies that follow the scientific method. Just the opposite, in fact: their strength lies in covering up legitimate science and replacing it with rhetoric, simplistic op ed media, and a few sham studies.

These soundbytes are what everyday press, and particularly the California legislature, cites and relies on. Much easier to offer excuses for not doing the essential research than actually doing the work.

In the end, what the Vaccine Commission finally would promise is transparency. For the first time, let’s bring it all to light. Instead of the constant mantra of medicine about how the science is clear, etc, science which they refuse ever to cite. OK here’s their opportunity. Cite, it.

Even Bobby is eloquently citing science that focuses on the lack of science, [watch this video] putting it all together in a most impassioned, compelling body of evidence – but who’s watching it? This video is effectively banned from mainstream press, popular only among social media and secondary sites, like thedoctorwithin, etc…

Is the Vaccine Commission going to be just another well-intentioned, first 100 Days myth, an empty promise to save us from the various self-destructive paths that past administrations have left us walking down?

And that’s why medicine is frightened to death. Because now the world will know– anyone who takes the time to read can see – not only did they miss this opportunity to present legitimate vaccine science – they spent all their efforts making sure such a Vaccine Commission would never be created.

But since that first announcement, what word has there been about progress towards the actual formation of this Vaccine Commission?

Tell me. I’ll settle for a hint of optimism.