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2. RFK’s New Vaccine Commission
3. Pan’s Next Attack : SB18
4. Update of Video Lectures
5. Measles : The Lies We Tell Each Other
6. Chelated Minerals



On Jan 10 it was announced that Trump and Bobby Kennedy Jr are talking about setting up a Vaccine Commission in order to have a forum to discuss vaccine safety with true scientific integrity.

That was the story – that was the news.

But liberal media was so shocked they were tripping over their own sentences to try and cover the event up, and misrepresent it. The Washington Post, longtime mouthpiece for the vaccine industry, worked all night to put out a sensational piece characterizing RFK Jr as an extremist and a liar, pretending that was the story. No use reading it – you know what it said – more standard pro-vaccine copy in the overwrought article than there was news. Any reference to Kennedy portrayed him as a rabid antivax crackpot.

CNN and AP ran the exact same story, as instructed – all pro-vax commentary, no news.

A less-skewed version of the event may seen in the New York Daily News the same day

Though still very biased in favor of vaccine orthodoxy, The Daily News is a little more professional in reporting the material facts. For now, it’s important simply to realize that Trump might not be such an obedient puppet for drugs and vaccines as the last 3 presidents have been, and may demand an open dialog on vaccines.

Rather than rely on the low level op-ed pieces in everyday pop media, Trump’s actual views on vaccines can be ascertained by reading the chapter of his book: Crippled America. Unlike his predecessors, he seems to have studied the issue.

This new Commission would be a first step in a return to open dialog about the controversial vaccine issue, which up till now has only had one side presented on pop media.

With the sluggish performance of recent presidents, in most areas, Trump is giving us hints of optimism that he might not be spending all his time parroting the corporate status quo. He’s showing us that he’s a Wild Card – not a professional politician – he does not need to make his fortune by looting the country throughout his time in office.

For the first time in memory, Trump as president has the luxury of having his own opinion, and speaking it freely without asking permission from the presidential handlers. Who knows, he may even consider experimenting with the concept of Leadership, an utterly lost art in modern politics. It’s possible.

Now in vilifying RFK Jr with the usual cliched epithets and exaggerations from their paid experts, pop press is actually giving him the stamp of authenticity. Ad personam attack – the hallmark of the E.L. Bernays approach to media annihilation. It always means the same thing – unable to win the debate on the issue itself, corporate media must resort to character assasination. It’s all they have. But it’s a tacet admission of defeat on the science.

Like Trump, Bobby’s a threat to the same monodimensional politics that just lost the electorate in November. Apparently pop media still hasn’t got the memo – the majority of Americans no longer believe the stories in the daily corporate narrative, nor subscribe to its shifting values.

I have lectured with RFK Jr, and am familiar with his peerless work on waterways, the environment, and World Mercury Project, etc. There are few in the public or private sector with his level of integrity and ethical responsibility. He’s not another yes man, a shill for the vested interests, or a panderer to people’s ignorance just to get their votes. Just a glance at the enormous body of work described on his website will assure you that here is someone unwavering in his insistence on government accountability and transparency.

There’s nobody like him.

The most current video of Bobby may be seen as Episode 3 of Patrick Gentempo’s series Vaccines Revealed. This is a breathtaking one hour recitation of the best science that exists today on Hg toxicity, and the politics of vaccines. No proponent of vaccines anywhere on earth would dare to meet this man in open debate – RFK is a fountain of vital facts, not one shred of which was cited in the corporate media smear pieces mentioned above. He is a true scientific expert, who has been carefully excluded from pop media for the past decade.

Even though Bobby knows too much about the dark side of vaccines and where all the bodies are buried, etc., nevertheless it was heartening to hear him say “We are gonna win this thing.” Reflecting that there is too just to much real science from the world’s best experts who are all coming to the same conclusions and are seriously calling into question today’s runaway vaccine policies.

A Commission on Vaccine Safety comes at exactly the right moment to save us from the type of cultish subservience to the aggressive surge in imposing vaccines by repressive new laws, like SB18 below. It’s this idea of not knowing, but legislating anyway that is ushering in a frightening new era in Vaccine Politics. Legislate Before You Educate is their newest watchword.

That’s exactly how laws like AB2109 and SB277 were passed in California. The two sides seem to be

    those who want to explore the science
    those who want to cover it up

One of the most overused vaccine mantras is “The Science Is Clear.” Yet they’ll refuse to cite any specific studies or allow free and open dialog of opposing views from legitimate scientists in the field.

    “The science is clear” (Hillary)
    “The science is, you know, pretty indisputable.” (Obama)

‘The science is clear’? – sorry, but that dog don’t hunt. You can always stop the speaker dead in his tracks with one question: “Really? Name 3 studies.” You’ll get one of two responses: they will either go Deer In The Headlights, or change the subject.

Guaranteed. So don’t let them off the hook. Keep repeating the question. Till their head explodes.

By definition, the classical scientific method requires that we are always learning, always refining. Scientific inquiry into any area is never finished. Vaccine research is the only area of biochemical science that has ever demanded an end to that discovery process. Once the free exchange of ideas becomes outlawed, science has ended and been replaced by religious orthodoxy. Which is precisely where we find ourselves today with vaccines.

The ultimate objective of Kennedy’s work had never changed – it’s simply to create a dialog, indeed to demand one – an open arena in which the science relating to the safety, necessity and manufacture of vaccines is publicly presented in a fully transparent setting, irrespective of special interest and for-profit control. That’s it.

The same can be said for the books and seminars at – including the symposium this month in Mendocino County. (above)

We’re not anti-vaccine. We’re in favor of any vaccines that have been proven safe, effective, and necessary by true science that is wholly independent of vaccine economics and politics.

Where are they?



With the easy abolition of the 70 year old Vaccine Exemption in California last year with very little opposition, the frontmen for the pharmaceutical industry are invigorated and emboldened. California now has one of the most retrograde laws in the US, indeed anywhere in the world, with respect to parents’ right to opt in or out of vaccines for their child.

The groundwork was laid for the Next Step.

There is a carefully choreographed sequence of ever more repressive laws on the state’s schedule, coming down in sequence. Next up: the Orwellian “Bill of Rights For Children”

Fronted by Dick Pan, their most willing, if inarticulate, mouthpiece, this new SB18 reinforces the state’s ownership of children – no longer Your Child – but now Our Child.

This monstrous new law sports some extremely sophisticated think-tank language, carefully crafted for a client with bottomless resources. The dull-witted, as well as the disingenuous, can easily see the logic in protecting the child from threats to their health. The problem is in defining those “threats” – now a threat might be any situation where parents don’t agree with their government in how to raise their children. Specifically with drugs and vaccines.

People won’t look at the bill hard enough to see the economics behind it – yet another tool to force experimental vaccines on every single child, under the pretense that vaccines are safe, necessary, and scientifically tested. Which they most certainly are not.

Just like SB277, the proposed SB18 would obviate the need for scientific dialog. Knowing they can never win the scientific debate, they are making it irrelevant. We don’t have to prove vaccines are safe. We‘ll just capitalize on the general ignorance and create laws forcing children to be vaccinated – with 69 vaccines. And more coming.

Anyone who wants to debate the issue will be considered as “endangering the child,” and we the State will have the right to take the child away, because the child is now protected by the new Child’s Bill of Rights.

It’s perfect.

This is not a scenario for the next Coen Brothers movie, but is actually on the roster in Sacramento right now. Here’s the full text: read it!


    SECTION 1.

    (a) The Legislature finds and declares that all children and youth, regardless of gender, class, race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, or ability, have inherent rights that entitle them to protection, special care, and assistance, including, but not limited to, the following:

    (1) The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest.

    (2) The right to form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being.

    (3) The right to live in a safe and healthy environment.

    (4) The right to social and emotional well-being.

    (5) The right to opportunities to attain optimal cognitive, physical, and social development.

    (6) The right to appropriate, quality education and life skills leading to self-sufficiency in adulthood.

    (7) The right to appropriate, quality health care.

    (b) It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this act to expand and codify the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of California created by Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 80 (Res. Ch. 101, Stats. 2009), to establish a comprehensive framework that governs the rights of all children and youth in California, outlines the research-based essential needs of California’s children, and establishes standards relating to the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed.

    SEC. 2.

    It is the intent of the Legislature, by January 1, 2022, to enact appropriate legislation to accomplish all of the following:

    (a) Develop and put forth research-based policy solutions that will ensure the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of California, in its totality, is applied evenly, equitably, and appropriately to all children and youth across the state.

    (b) Determine the amount of revenue and resources necessary to ensure that the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of California, in its totality, is applied evenly, equitably, and appropriately to all children and youth across the state.

    (c) Identify and obtain the revenue and resources necessary to ensure that the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of California, in its totality, is applied evenly, equitably, and appropriately to all children and youth across the state.”

Grim enough what the bill says, but far worse is what this vague language implies. A judge might easily say,

    “Hello, I’ll be your judge today. Oh you haven’t vaccinated your child? Well, according to this new law your child has the legal right

    “To live in a safe and healthy environment”

    and also has

    “the right to appropriate health care.”

    “An unvaccinated child doesn’t seem “safe and healthy” to me right now, and since I’m feeling frisky, I think I’ll find for the prosecutor – I hereby pronounce you in violation of this law. You have 5 days to vaccinate, or else Social Services will be taking your child from you…”

That kind of scenario is completely possible – in fact it’s already happening. But with the passage of these oppressive new laws, it will likely happen with logarithmically increasing frequency in California.

The obvious objective of the whole new juggernaut: threaten parents not to object to any course of drugs or vaccines deemed “appropriate” by medical “authorities,… or else

And that’s the dark side of the new legislation – the vague, undefined words that make this bill so sinister:


“health care”

Who’s to say? These words are loaded. They may seem innocuous enough, but it would be the prerogative of a jury or a judge to define them for each particular case. And that could force not only vaccines on any child, but feasibly, any course of drug or surgical treatment recommended by any medical tests, no matter how cursory, or erroneously undertaken. That’s the way this law can be interpreted – it’s wide open.

It’s brilliant.

Who’s going to be the arbiter of what is ‘appropriate’? What’s the standard that will apply? Medical orthodoxy – the same unscientific belief system that makes the US the sickest of all industrialized nations on earth, and presides over the sharpest increase in childhood diseases in US history… ?

Kids don’t need the government to suddenly give them any rights – new rights that Americans have never before needed to have enumerated. This is a sophisticated Edward L Bernays word trick and has a very serious agenda behind it. Ideologically, politically and morally, it’s a game changer.

SB277 was a trial balloon. The objective was to see how much squawking there would be if they took away parents’ rightful control over whether or not to vaccinate their own children. When that tyrannical law sailed through virtually unopposed last year, the pharmaceutical monolith’s next question was: hmm, how far will they go? How much can we take away? How little value does the California electorate really place on personal freedom? Let’s find out.

Enter SB18.


4. UPDATE OF VIDEO LECTURES AT www.thedoctorwithin

I’ve had so much unedited footage of seminars lying around this past year. Finally began to organize them and make them available on the site.

Here’s the list : click on Video Lectures button:

A Holistic Approach To Cancer – First Resort

North Georgia Lecture – Dr Tim O’Shea

A short introduction to the material in the chapter To The Cancer Patient. Before making any radical decisions, the resources in this chapter may save your life.


Alaska Cruise Vaccine Lecture – 2016

Dr Tim O’Shea

A brief look at the politics of medical freedom and how parents are tricked into giving up their rights over their own children. Some comments on the HPV vaccine. Intro to the text Vaccination Is Not Immunization


Vaccine Lecture

North Georgia Symposium

A look at the HPV vaccine: science or myth. Most people don’t even know what HPV vaccine is supposed to do. If you’re going to give this to your 12 year olds, don’t you want to know what the vaccine really is? Learn about the Germ Theory of Disease


Paris Vaccine Lecture

A comparison between mandated vaccines in France with those required in the US. A discussion of challenges to medical freedom across the globe.


Measles Vaccine: The Lies We Tell Each Other

Here is a short clip on the real science behind the measles vaccine, how a nonexistent epidemic in California was claimed, in order to make vaccines compulsory to the 1.5% of children who were exempted by their parents’ choice. These are just the basics of the actual science behind the MMR shot.



Anyone who has ever read our vaccine textbook knows that I am not an anti-vaccine activist. All the research on the website is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven to be absolutely safe, effective, and necessary by legitimate, verifiable third party science – research that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers and their satellites.

Despite hospital dangers, 99% of infants are born healthy. Most people are healthy when they get vaccines. Does it make sense to inject healthy people with anything that can kill them or possibly make them sick in order to maintain that health? Vaccines must have a 0% chance of any harmful effects whatsoever to the recipient.

Are today’s vaccines 100% safe, with 0% side effects?


At this time, vaccines are not mandatory in the US. Why not? Why not end all the hysterical media controversy and simply pass a law saying that everyone must get the full complement of vaccines on the CDC Schedule? Why don’t they do that? OK, no more exemptions. As of today, every man, woman and child in the whole country must get all the recommended vaccines – let’s just rock it.

Most people would probably be in favor of that, statistically, if FB/yahoo/google comments reflect the conventional wisdom about vaccines. And with our 85% vaccination rate.

Global media would certainly be opposed, since they would lose one of their favorite goblin/scapegoats – the unvaccinated. And also one of their favorite gods: life-saving vaccines. They’d have to invent new monsters and messiahs to sell their lame copy.

But who cares about media? Why not just end all this emotional turmoil and make it illegal to opt out of vaccines? Just pull the plug. Vaccinate everyone. I can hear a lot of people out there salivating, saying Yeah! Let’s do it!

Well, they can’t. The FDA can’t. Obama couldn’t. Congress can’t. Don’t you think if they could, they would have done it by now?

OK, geniuses – why not? Think about it. Why can’t they force everyone to be vaccinated? Here’s the reason, which you will never be permitted to see in any mainstream press – one little word: liability.

If vaccines were truly mandatory by law, then the medicine-as-government monolith would be legally and financially responsible for the millions of vaccine injuries that occur every year.

Though faithfully kept out of public awareness, the FDA admits to 2 million vaccine injuries per year. They also estimate that less than 10% of actual vaccine injuries are ever reported. So the real figure is obviously much higher. Play this scenario out in all its legal and fiscal implications, and it would dwarf the $250 billion the tobacco industry paid out in the 1990s for tobacco injuries, by comparison.


What saves them now from liability? Exemptions. As long as there are vaccine exemption forms, people can’t sue for damages, because the manufacturers can always say – well, you could have opted out. But take away the exemptions, and they would be responsible for all those millions of injured children and adults. Every year.

With us so far? OK for you to backtrack here – don’t want to lose anyone.

So, they can’t do away with exemptions. Which means that any interested parent can learn about the 3 types of vaccine exemptions still available today in most states. Rarely mentioned in mainstream media.

Then if exemptions are still legal in the US at this time, that brings up the idea of Informed Consent. A parent making this critical decision for the child is presented with a Controversy — two sides of the argument. Both sides citing their reasons.

To make a truly informed decision then requires the parent to look at both sides of the debate. Really study it – usually takes a few weeks. This is not just some intellectual word game here. Without exaggeration, life and death hang in the balance. Children and adults really do die from vaccines, every year. And tens of thousands are injured, many permanently. That much is undisputed, even though it is forbidden in most media.

But what we have observed in the new Disney Adventures in Fantasyland media circus now in vogue, is that the militant Vaccinators want to end the controversy. They want to force their opinion on everyone, and remove medical freedom and the right to informed consent from the equation. Put an end to rational discourse. First Amendment.

The worst attack on medical freedom in the US was passed by the California legislature,abolishing the 70 year old personal beliefs exemption. The bill had a lot of support and political capital, riding the tails of a contrived measles hysteria. There was no new science. This legislation is based 100% on a nonexistent, media-created threat.


The passage of the new bill in California to abolish parents’ right to choose to vaccinate was a quantum policy shift, – an unprecedented disaster not only for medical freedom, but for the ongoing negation of constitutionally guaranteed personal rights. We’re talking about making it illegal to refuse drugs.

Making it illegal to refuse drugs is not something that will happen overnight, but little by little, step by step. This new bill will be a giant advance in that erosion of personal freedom that has been inexorably progressing since 9/11, always under the deceitful banner of security, security, security.

The Holocaust didn’t happen overnight either. It took 10 years of slow and steady stripping away of the Jews’ freedoms. No one objected. Then finally one day the trains arrived.


Remember, there was been no new science conducted, no breakthrough discovery to necessitate such a radical policy shift as to abolish people’s right to refuse drugs and vaccines. The phony measles ‘outbreak’ was more than suspicious, not significant, and almost completely engineered by a coordinated effort of drug industry advertising and media. It had nothing to do with safety, or health, or immunity, or protection. Everything to do with market creation and political mileage.

Supposedly 100 cases were claimed as having originated from Disneyland – a few obvious questions about them occur immediately:

    1. How were they diagnosed?

    2. Were they diagnosed?

    3. What percentage were diagnosed on the phone, with no physical examination? This common practice we saw with swine flu and other recent disappearing epidemics, employed when trying to create numbers for maximum fear value.

    4. What clinical tests were run that would distinguish wild measles from the manmade strain in the MMR shot?

    5. what percentage were vaccinated?

Statistically it would be at least 95%, at the very least. And with the scientific reality of the atypical version of measles being caused by the MMR vaccine, it is more than likely that all of them were vaccinated.


As the sickest of all industrialized nations, what assures our uninterrupted de-evolution is the decline of intelligence and education that creates sheep who willingly accept more drugs and more vaccines. Without a bleat.

Exempting one’s child from vaccines has always been a path chosen by a small percentage of the most educated people. The militantly uneducated will always always accept as many vaccines as they are told. That will never change.

What has changed dramatically is that now we have arrived at a dangerous and uncharted new crossroads in national politics, where the will of the uneducated mob is being imposed by law on the educated.

Such a trend will ensure the continuation of the academic, ethical, and moral deterioration that we have witnessed since 9/11. Today’s measles hysteria is just a symptom of that much more systemic, more profound malaise.


The unvaccinated don’t care what the vaccinated do, or what they read. But now suddenly the vaccinators want to take away the right of anyone to disagree with their beliefs, and even the right to study the issue!

Since legal avenues were closed to them to impose their will on everyone, with the continued necessity for exemptions, they have found a new way: a compliant, accommodating media, desperate for readership, at any cost. A media with no restraints – whatever it takes to fan the flames of the witches’ pyres, for as long as the story can be played. Facts don’t matter, science doesn’t matter, and morality – not even in the queue.

The goal is to cancel by peer pressure, by lowest common denominator public ignorance, not only the right to exempt but the right to even discuss both sides of the issue, to have an opposite opinion.

Clarence Darrow, attorney of 100 years ago – is question still holds true: OK, some people want to vaccinate and some do not. But why do the vaccinated care if some go unvaccinated? Aren’t their vaccinated children protected? Don’t their vaccines work?

The vaccinators cannot answer that question. They don’t understand it. Their faces go blank when asked it. They change the subject and absolutely will not answer the question. They demand to have their opinion on vaccines, but refuse to allow an opposite opinion, even though both positions are protected by law.


The Disney measles fanfare was timed perfectly, with the Ebola illusion was winding down.

Science has become a funny word today. In all the scripted op-ed pieces we’re seeing every day on CNN, Yahoo, Google, etc. they all have their mantras for the science of measles vaccines. We’ve seen the soundbytes, from those with no background in science:

“The science is clear” (Hillary)

“The science is, you know, pretty indisputable.” (Obama)

“There’s no harm in getting another MMR vaccine.” (Schuchat, CDC)

But after mentioning the word ‘science’ they will never ever cite any. Not one study, not one document, not one clinical reference – no legitimate science. They just use the word like it’s magic, like they own it, but then offer nothing to back it up.

Science? They’re frightened to death of science. The reason they never cite any is that all the legitimate science proves the opposite of what they’re selling – that the vaccine not only does not work to protect against measles, but worse – that it is the cause of today’s atypical Disney version.

Same with all these local TV doctors and ‘personalities,’ maybe a CDC or NIH guy with the same message – the science is there, etc. Worse yet are the “science writers” of CNN, Yahoo, or Foxnews – no academic credentials, no CV, except as “science writers.” All spouting the same groundless platitudes and cliches, over and over the same phrases.

Again, the actual science of measles vaccine proves the polar opposite: that the current measles vaccine not only does not prevent the disease, but it is also the most likely cause of the current roster of new cases. As well as the cause of much more dangerous side effects and deaths.

Whenever mainstream pro-measles vaccine copy invokes the science button, it’s usually the antithesis of science — trying to ignite an emotional, uninformed religious fervor— like a revival meeting, with fried chicken.


Here’s a brief summary of the actual science of measles vaccine:

1. Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2015 – p 133 ff

“To make any sense when discussing measles, one must start with a history and background of measles virus and disease. Without this basic information, most people don’t even know what the whole dialog is about.”

2. US Dept of Commerce. Historical Statistics of the U.S. Part 1 Bureau of Census 1975.

also Vital Statistics of the US ,1937-1992

showing how measles was 95% gone before the MMR vaccine began in 1978.

3. For over a century, measles has been a mild, self-limiting, immune-building disease of childhood. Parents wanted their children to get it so they would have lifetime immunity. We never needed a vaccine.

4. Without the vaccine, measles would have faded away completely, like smallpox, bubonic plague, and typhus. With the MMR shot mandated in 1978, measles was resurrected but mutated to a different form – the atypical version. Manmade. This is likely what most of the new Disney cases have. Remember – they’ve all been vaccinated. This is a group of vaccinated people.

5. An up-to-date, well-organized summary of verifiable science on measles vaccine is at a site called Vaccine Impact –

Just a few items from that site:

    – CDC: zero US deaths from measles in the past 10 years

    – VAERS: 108 US deaths from measles vaccine, past 10 years

    – There is no single measles vaccine available in the US. Everybody has to get the MMR shot: measles-mumps-rubella. The mumps portion of that vaccine has been in litigation in US district court for fraud for 5 years. That case is undecided, but the MMR shot continues for every child, with the presumption of safety.

    – Zhejiang province in China (population 54 million) has a 99% measles vax rate. Measles continues unchecked. Same in America, with an 85% rate. The vaccine simply doesn’t work. Worse, it perpetuates the new mutated version of the disease, not just in the US , but worldwide. (PubMed

This short article is too much for the majority of people to read, let alone digest. We are in a position where the popular opinion created by a nonexistent “epidemic” of vaccine-caused measles cases is being brokered into a new and unprecedented level of insanity and social irresponsibility.

The failures of modern medicine are apparent all around us. We have the worst overall health of any industrialized nation. Our children receive twice the number of vaccines than any other country on earth. those are scientific facts, and they are undisputed. This new wave of greed and mind control ushered in by an irresponsible media representing an amoral drug monolith with unlimited resources – has the potential to weaken the genome of the American people to its lowest level in the country’s history



For over a decade, an essential component of our 60 Day Program has been chelated minerals. Everyone knows that there are no more minerals in the topsoil – that’s why even organic produce doesn’t necessarily have any food value… You probably know the story. If not, it’s summarized for you here in the Minerals chapter.

At least watch the video at the beginning.

The mineral formula we’ve used for the past decade has been working well. People love it. It’s part of their lives. Especially for techie folks, online all day. All those brain synapses require minerals in order to keep firing for 12 hours. With the confusing spray of magic bullets out there, all the hundreds of supplements in stores and online, we have to start with the essentials.

The necessity for minerals to help with thousands of metabolic reactions that constantly occur in cells throughout the body – this is not controversial. It is verifiable, classical science. Whatever other supplements we take, minerals must be at the top of the list.

Next is to learn why chelated minerals are by far the most bioavailable of minerals. Read the chapter to find out why, but the short answer is that chelates approach 90% absorption at the cellular level, compared to about 5%, with most store-bought minerals.

Our original formula has been around for almost 15 years. During that time, has the average nutritional health of most people gotten better or worse?

Appalling is the word. By any index you choose. Look around. Not just that the human whales and elephants at the mall are no longer a chubby 30 pounds over weight – now many of them are carrying around an extra 100 or so. Lots of them. And obesity is a proven accelerator of every known cause of death.

Even worse is the exponential increase in chronic and degenerative diseases. So you know all these tasty comfort foods people are stuffing themselves with – what do you think? Any nutritional value – enzymes, vitamins, minerals? Chips, fries, donuts, pizza, Mexican, Chinese etc fried in cheap saturated hydrogenated oils, flavored with artificial taste stimulators…. Any nutrition there?

It was obvious that overall health has deteriorated by a quantum in the past 15 years. So the new mineral formula of Immunition, has improved by many times in order to compensate. The good news is that the price didn’t go up. None of Immunition’s supplements has been marked up in the past decade.

There is nothing even close to this new mineral formula on the market, either at GNC, mallstores, or online.

Here are the primary improvements in our new formula, as compared with the old formula:

    35% more vitamin B12
    33% more iron
    2x as much selenium
    2x as much Potassium Iodide
    65% more Magnesium
    35% more Zinc
    30% more Copper
    3x more Manganese
    25% more Chromium
    2x as much Molybdenum
    10 mg Silicon
    132 mg Phosphorus

Remember, most of these are chelated forms, which means highest bioavailability, compared with most supplements you see.

Here’s the new formula:

…………………………………………………………………………………. %DV

Vitamin B12 (MethyLcobalamin) 2.4 mcg . . 99%
Calcium (Di-calcium malate and Calcium bisglycinate) 300 mg . . 30%
Magnesium (diMagnesium malate and Magnesium bisglycinate) 300 mg . . 86%
Iron (Ferrous bisglycinate) 6 mg . . 80%
Zinc (Zinc bisglycinate) 10 mg . . 90%
Selenium (Selenium glycinate) 45 mcg . . 90%
Copper (Copper bisglycinate) 1 mg . . 90%
Manganese (Manganese glycinate) 3 mg . . 90%
Phosphorus 132 mg . . 19%
Chromium (Chromium glycinate) 66 mcg . . 99%
Molybdenum (Molybdenum bisglycinate) 50 mcg . . 99%
Iodine (Potassium iodide) 225 mcg . . 150%
Vanadium (Vanadium Nicotinate Glycinate) 200 mcg . . 90%
Silicon (Silicon dioxide) trace

No GMOs, sugar, wheat, milk, or artificials.

Get the feeling like something in your system isn’t quite right? You’re not really sick, but you just don’t feel 100% – that impending doom thing? Well, it’s not just the news, or the mother in law. It’s probably mineral deficiency. That is a real epidemic. Not a fake one like Avian flu, Zika, swine flu, smallpox, measles, and the other Boutique Epidemics periodically dreamed up to hawk vaccines.

Yes, mineral deficiency is real. Fortunately, curing it is simplicity itself: 3 caps in the morning. For those vague and persistent illnesses that the geniuses can’t figure, out, this is the starting point. It’s the very first thing you rule out.

. . . “Mineral deficiency is the cause for nearly every disease.” — Linus Pauling