1. RFK: New YouTube Clip
2. New Container for Hydrolyzed Collegen
3. California: The Vaccine Police
4. Why Is Media Always So Down On Tesla?
5. Cancer Survivor
6. New YouTube Videos


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Ever feel discouraged about the way things are going with vaccinations in the US?  especially in California – the most dangerous place in the world to raise a child, now with virtually no exemptions?

Ever wonder why Congress has been ignoring Dr Wm Thompson for the last 3 years – the CDC scientist demanding to be subpoenaed to testify about the massive coverup he witnessed in which incontrovertible evidence that vaccines cause autism – was trashed by his CDC committee?

Or why Vaxxed the most authoritative and powerful movie ever made on vaccines – seems to be quietly fading from sight, banned even from Netflix and the other video platforms who will air almost anything…?

Or the virtual blackout of factual discussion in everyday media of any legit science about vaccines?  Or the bovine conventional wisdom that pervades entertainment media – safe, effective, necessary…?

Or the shrinking choir of activists and researchers working diligently to pile up even more scientific evidence exactly how vaccines impair children’s developing immune systems, while funding a global industry who cannot be sued – while governments make laws requiring parents to use their injections?

Who’s all this research for?  A closed circle of infighting groups, growing ever smaller?

All these cheerful thoughts have occurred to RFK.  And much more besides.  A man who’s seen what little value his celebrity has in getting his vital research to appear anywhere.  Except perhaps in the tight little group of sites that have taken a closer look at the vaccine behemoth.  A man who has heard not one more peep from the White House about the evanescent ‘Vaccine Commission’  suggested two years ago…

A man who has nothing to gain and only his precious time to spend by trying to point out the perils of vaccines to a nation too busy to listen…  What – we’re poisoning our children, destroying their neurology?  Really?  Can’t look at that right now — have to study the new Oculus Virtual Reality game…  It’s the bomb…

What Bobby Kennedy has endured in the past 10 years is far more than all this. Was ever a set of vocal cords more in need of a rest than his?  Why won’t he give up?  Why is he going on? Why would anyone think the human race is still worth saving?

Let him tell you: YouTube clip.


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The future has caught up with us. Starting next month you will notice that your Hydrolyzed Collagen is no longer arriving in a big jar, as it has been for the past decade. Now it’s in big pouches. We’ve decided to go with the industry-wide shift for pulverized, non-encapsulated supplements to employ large recyclable pouches in place of jars. It’s a global upgrade.

Several reasons for the change:

1. Space. The Collagen jar has traditionally been only 2/3 full. Ever notice that? So even though our 1.1 lb quantity has never changed, the industry has finally realized that all that empty space within the jar was not necessary. The new pouches will take up much less shipping space, as well as storage space in your kitchen cupboard. Same weight, same exact hydrolyzed collagen. Less space.

2. Ecologically necessary. This goes along with Section 3 below. The future is already here. We’ve been ignoring it for far too long. The empty jars take up too much space in the recycling plant – or in the landfills where many of them still end up. (Bag It) Much more disposable will be the collapsible, recyclable empty pouches. Also much easier to pack and ship.

3. Clumping has never been a problem with the jars, because of the dessicators. This will continue with the pouches, also facilitated by the vacuum seal, which will ensure the same two-year shelf life as before.

The pouches are designed with a round base, so that they stand up. This prevents against spillage, and makes spooning out the Collagen very easy. Either re-seal or let it breathe for awhile as is recommended in the chapter.

With some nostalgia then, we bid farewell to the reusable Collagen jars that have served us so well all these years. But in a very short time, you’ll likely see why the new pouches are an all-around upgrade.


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Possibly at the nadir of de-evolutionary anthropology are state legislators, with their customary level of personal ethics, morality, education, intelligence, and literacy.  Nowhere more obvious that in California, now one of the most dangerous places on earth for children.

The principal requirement for election seems to be pandering to the lowest common denominator of public awareness in any area that’s of interest to corporate lobbyists.  Like the vaccine industry.  The result is predictable:  a coven of legislators, slavishly obedient to the Kevlar glove of influence, dedicated to a Pavlovian compliance with What Everyone Believes.  The antithesis of leadership – follow the herd.

From this rich tapestry has emerged the recent laws aimed at abolishing vaccine exemptions (Four Horsemen). The militantly uninformed legislators seem to have spent all their time learning how to get into a position of power – and no time educating themselves on the issues they make laws regarding.  No IQ, academic, morality, or literacy requirements for them.   Just follow the herd – patronize the herd, test the limits of the herd’s tolerance for superfluous new laws that are binding on everyone.  Their new motto: Legislate, Don’t Educate.

In addition to the 69 vaccines on the CDC Schedule, here’s a summary of their newest decisions on how the rest of us must raise children:

  • Two doses of varicella (chickenpox) before kindergarten
  • Two doses of MMR and three of Hepatitis B vaccine

With no training in medicine or physiology, these pretenders have even made laws for MDs to follow regarding exemptions:

  • The specific nature of the physical condition or medical circumstance exempting the patient
  • the physical condition or medical circumstance is permanent
  • each specific immunization from which the pupil is exempt.

Of course this is imaginary busywork invented by those who still refer to vaccination as “immunization.”  Find the particulars about this misnomer in The War On Children.

Are vaccines scientific at all? The standard level of placebo-controlled clinical trials and safety studies that are required for every other class of drugs – these are quietly omitted in the vaccine approval process.

That means there can never be a formal clinical study where a vaccinated group is compared against an unvaccinated.  Why?  Because the results are predictable – observable within the general population right now: the unvaccinated are always far healthier, by any measure one employs. That fact must be kept hidden – from all except those who look.

Without scientific evidence, vaccines becomes a belief system. A de facto religion.

But wait –  One of the bedrock principles on which this country was founded was religious freedom.  That was the main reason many people came to America – one of the few places on earth where any and all religions were welcome.  Violent as our history has been, wars of religious persecution have never been part of our own infighting.  We usually kill for oil, land, selling war gear, etc.  We’ve never had the audacity to force one religion on everyone.

Until  now.

Suddenly, with the enormous number of forced vaccines concocted by the for-profit corporations, cartels protected from liability by the same government that is now requiring people to be vaccinated against their will, guaranteeing the permanent market – for the first time in our history those not of the Vaccine Religion are being compelled to join up, by force of law.

Any hope for the future?  You probably didn’t hear about the Middleton vs Pan case in Jan 2018, a class action suit lost by a number of parents being forced to vaccinate their children in California.  The judge ruled that “mandatory vaccination laws are within the state police powers…

State police powers?  What is this – 1941?  These are children being forced to get experimental vaccines which the Supreme Court in 2011 has described as “unavoidably unsafe,” by their very nature.

Any hint of the recklessness of such an ongoing agenda is prohibited from the everyday narrative, of course.  The sheep graze on, quiet and obedient, tuned into their Netflix, FB, Oculus, and cellular hypnopedia.

Or is it wikipedia?

Homeschool beckons with open arms.  As time steals by in California, the abyss between the Common Core product and the homeschool graduate grows empirically wider and deeper.  Why did we pay all that tax money for public education, when students are required to face neurological handicap by an endless unproven inoculations before they enter?

Vaccines increase, their enforcement gets more rigid, brain injuries skyrocket, and academic achievement of American schoolkids plummets to an all time low.

With a whole new array of brilliant curricula available, it’s no wonder Homeschool enrollment thrives.  It’s the survival instinct of the species.

As vaccinated children gradually lose their ability to concentrate, to conceive abstract thoughts, to develop an imagination, to learn by repetition, to empathize, or appreciate higher sensibilities – in the future we can’t expect that people will look back at this period and ask  – why did we give them so many vaccinations?   No, that‘s probably too optimistic.

But you know what they will ask? Why are all these young people so unmotivated – so uninformed?  So uninspired.

When do you think that eventuality might begin?

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Elon Musk is probably one of the most visible innovators in today’s world. But rather than actually researching what he’s accomplished in his life since coming to this country, most people just accept the common fare provided by pop press and conclude he’s just another avaricious billionaire.

The default contribution from the liberal narrative of course must be to disparage anyone who is notably successful, since traditional values like diligence and years of 70-hour workweeks are no longer appreciated or particularly sought after.  Better to feed contentedly at the public trough.

Receiving their assigned angle from on high – the East coast think tanks – the op-ed writers who fill 90% of column inches for AP, UPI, Reuters, ScrippsHoward, etc – all know that Musk has been put into the Please Vilify pigeonhole.  These cookiecutter copyists with their AA’s in ‘journalism’  are then free to churn out pieces with as little substance as possible, relying instead on name-calling, innuendo, recycled rumor…  anything but facts.  But always with a negative spin.

Consider Tesla. What does the average reader – the individual who gets all his information from Yahoo and CNN 300-word “stories” that flash across his screen in between sports scores and spam – what does he think of Tesla?

Well, unless he’s owned one or been in one, he thinks Teslas can spontaneously combust at any time while innocently cruising down the freeway.  And if a driver is foolish enough to kick on AutoPilot, well that’s like turning on the Tractor Beam for the closest bridge abutment.  Almost certain death, right?

And of course we all know Tesla is financially insolvent, blowing capital faster than they can take it in – probably on Elon’s Mars pipedream in Florida….  And now with the class action suit they just settled out of court for $5 million to the hapless victims of the deadly Auto Pilot, the next quarter is certain to be Tesla’s last…

Sound familiar? This is the superficial narrative that leftwing media is required to spin. And therefore the petrified opinion of the undiscriminating majority.

Why?  Why has Musk been marked as a permanent target?

That’s easy enough.  Who is being threatened? Who stands to lose because of Musk’s inventions?

For starters – the Big ThreeOil, automotive, and the power grid.

Oil is the lifeblood of global transportation, as well as of urban power.

The car makers of the world have enormous inventories, and production facilities, desperate for the gasoline car market to expand, not shrink.

Going for the economic jugular of these concerns may not be the best way to achieve popularity.

Which brings us back to media.  Particularly the modern version – Advocacy Media.  What is the purpose of media today?   To inform, or to control?

Right.  And to sell.

Its constituents not only pay for the ads, but also approve the publication’s content – making sure it does not introduce ideas that would contravene its economic interests. Advocacy media.

An informed readership?  In what universe does that dog hunt?

In Spielberg’s latest movie – The Post  – we’re reminded of a time just before Watergate, when the Washington Post got its hands on the Pentagon Papers. Secret documents that proved that NIxon and Johnson kept escalating the Vietnam war knowing full well they couldn’t win.

Just before The Post went to press, there was an injunction from the Attorney General threatening that if they revealed these secrets, the owners could face prison.  They refused to bend. It went to the Supreme Court, and The Post prevailed, with the Judges’ ruling:

“A free press must not represent the government, but the governed.”

How that has reversed 180 degrees in such a short time.  No more innocence and defense of freedom today.  Today media openly represents government against the governed, 90%. (Doors of Perception) With little objection.

Now just a few facts about Tesla, forbidden from the mainstream narrative:

Let’s start with combustibility.  How many Teslas’s have caught on fire? Three?  All three reckless drivers ignoring the warning signals from the onboard computer.

OK, how many gasoline automobiles catch fire every year?  Ready?  About 152,000.  Per year! Look it up.   Ever see a syndicated story cite that fact or see that statistic included in the Tesla fire stories?  Why not? Because it’s not a story, and there’s no mandate to slander conventional Big Four cars.

Safest car on the road?   Definitely Tesla – fewer deaths than any other car,  proportionally.  That’s because in the original testing done with the Model S they couldn’t even crush the inside of the car no matter how many cars they stacked on top of it.  Trying to crush the entire car, they actually broke the huge press that was exerting the force.

And yet in all the op-ed bought-and-paid-for “Safest Car” studies you’ll never see Tesla.  There’s actually one where the Chevy Volt was #1 safest, and Tesla wasn’t even in the running!

Safety?  Go into a Tesla showroom and observe the one-piece one-ton chassis on display.  Then compare that with the floor of a Volt.  Who is kidding whom?

Driving around Silicon Valley these days, seems like every other car is a Tesla.  There are now close to half a million Teslas on the road.  Existing orders will soon reach 1 million.

Try to find that fact on google – 124,000 sites will come up in .5 seconds – none with the information.   Why are they hiding it?  Advocacy media.   Wiki/google — are they there to inform or control?

Ever see an ad for Tesla? Of course not.  Why would they waste money?  The demand far exceeds the supply now.  They are tooling up the facilities – not just the one in Fremont – just to keep up.  New robots, new technology, more workers.  Take the tour any day– it’s like Detroit in the 70s.

What other American car manufacturer doesn’t advertise, and can sell cars faster than they are producing them? All the other dealers are competing for expensive TV ad slots, giving cars away, begging people who have no credit to please sign the contract and drive the new car off the lot. Tesla does none of this.  Think that might cause a little animosity within the industry?  How about treachery, and well-placed slander from the media they depend upon?

Ever talk to a Tesla owner?  Try it.  They all say the same thing – they’ll never drive anything but a Tesla from now on.  And never own a gasoline car again.  Any other car maker ever have that kind of brand loyalty?  Ever read this in any of the tabloid media?

Inform or control?

Tesla – a universal paradigm shift in automotive ownership happening right before our eyes, and it’s the best kept secret …

OK, that’s the car.  Now for the guy.   A few facts about Elon Musk’s accomplishments: 

– came here from South Africa, via Canada, when he was 20 to study economics and physics at University of Pennsylvania
– founded Zip2Corporation which was sold to Compaq in 1999 for $307 million
– he then found XCom, which eventually became PayPal
– PayPal was bought by eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion – Musk owned 11.5%
– founded SpaceX, was awarded the cargo contract for NASA space stations
– founded Tesla in 2008, released Model S in 2013
– in 2015 founded OpenAI, whose mission is to try and humanize the inevitable technology of Artificial Intelligence
– by 2017 Tesla was more valuable than GM
– no hyperbole that Musk has singlehandedly revolutionized the auto industry
– bought Solar City in 2016 – solar power products, e.g. roof tiles, batteries
– SpaceX awarded internet satellite contracts by US government, 2018
Gigafactory outside Reno to produce storage batteries, for cars and houses

For the global significance of the Gigafactories, see DiCaprio’s Before the Flood.

Musk is that rare individual, like Steve Jobs – money is not his ultimate objective.  If it were, he would have gone surfing for life after the first 10 mil.  Look at the above CV.  How many of these goals were pursued primarily for the sake of profit?

Saving and improving the planet, advancement of human potential, improving the quality of life by saving time, reducing carbon footprint, etc  – these are his taskmasters.  Does Musk invest in yachts and mansions and global for-profit vaccine programs, like Gates and others? Where does his money go?

Reinforcing Tesla, solar roofing tiles, space trucking, Gigafactory battery technology to replace fossil fuel urban power plants. Trying to humanize the unstoppable new flood of Artificial Intelligence technology we’re seeing throughout industry, business, and government.

These are vital concerns for the survival of the constitutional ideal that this country used to stand for.  This is part of what Musk devotes all his time, money and creative energy towards.

So next time you wonder why everyone talks so disparagingly about this iconic man, try and recall when was the last time you read about any of the above accomplishments – anywhere.

And you are informed, exactly how?  Yet not knowing any of this, you still have had an opinion on Tesla and Elon Musk all this time, we’ll wager.


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For those of you making life decisions based  on one single lab finding, here are excerpts from several emails from John H.

August, 2017

Dear Dr Tim,

I have been battling prostate cancer now for about a year. I refused to do surgery, chemo, radiation and hormone therapy. Instead I found your site and To The Cancer Patient and did the 60 day program… I actually did it twice. I am an old soldier that fought in the Vietnam war and I have no fear of death. That is up to God, not me or my VA Dr’s.

One of my VA doctors told me I cannot beat this cancer – it is Stage 4 and very aggressive, Another one told me if I did not follow their program, I would live less than two years. I laughed at both of them, I never take life too serious, none of us are coming out of it alive…

Only two weeks into the program and I can already see a difference. …PSA was 36.5 last check and I was having urinary problems.  But in this short time that has all changed. I am already back to normal – hard to believe but true. I have more energy as I ride a bike and can tell the difference going up hills.

I think your program is fantastic and I plan on continuing it after the 60 days. I can feel the difference and for me…it is so easy to do…thanks for developing a program that actually helps people like me.                                              …

I just got back from the VA and the bone scan shows cancer has spread to the pelvic bones. But I still believe this program will reverse cancer since the urinary problems have reversed so well. You must believe in your battle plan and think unconventionally. I believe in your plan, it makes nothing but good sense to me and I will follow it to the letter.

I know that it is the immune system that beats disease…and I do believe that’s where the battle needs to be fought. I feel great…I think the processed foods I ate started this disease. No doubt in my mind, but my body seems to respond well to your program.

…….               I just got my PSA test and it went from 36 to 51 in a month and a half. I reordered the 60 day program and will stay on it as long as l have to.  My weight is a constant 210 to 220…and l feel great. My energy level is not what it used to be but l am 70. I believe l can beat this

……  2 Jun 2018                 After extensive blood tests and 40 – 50 X rays….the VA cannot find any cancer at all. They are baffled and I can see it in their voice. I listened to your video and I believed in you and I decided I would fight this fight with supplements, food, and Rife technology. The medical Industry is treating symptoms, not curing disease..

Thank you for doing the Video, I am living breathing proof that you can beat cancer. It’s funny, but I never doubted that it can be beat. In the end, we must be willing to fight the fight if we want to win…never quit, surrender and take no prisoners.

Thank You Dr Tim O’Shea. I knew I was on the right road and it made perfect sense to me. Keep on saving lives…my PSA is 61…but who cares? After 2 years, I have not been sick a day and I am strong as a horse..

John H.


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