1. Enzymes:The Key To Longevity

2. New Interview with Dr John Bergman: Why Is the Colon the Center of the Immune System?

3. New book Vaccination Is Not Immunization, Final Edition 2023

4. Response to CHD’s Plea for Donations to Support Their Defense of COVID Vax Death Case


1. Enzymes:The Key To Longevity

We’ve had several requests for a re-post of last August’s enzymes feature. So here it is:

Enzymes: The Key To Longevity

Diseases don’t just fly in on the night air and invade our pure, innocent bodies. Loading up on indigestible, devitalized foods slowly kills the body’s cells and tissues, week by week, month by month. Whichever particular organ gives out first – that’s what we say someone died of: he had a bad heart, he had a bad liver, he had a bad stomach, he was a lunger, etc.

But that’s not right. Healthy people don’t get sick. The body is either healing or dying, every day. “He not busy being born is busy dying,” and all that.

Most of us probably get the health that we earn – the health we deserve. It takes years of abuse to destroy this glorious body that most of us were given. Nine of the 10 main causes of death in the US are the direct result of diet and lifestyle. But of course most Americans no longer take responsibility for anything, right? Especially their health.

The principal obstacle to full health is the degree of blood toxicity.

You may think of poisons as things like arsenic, or cyanide, or rat poison, or things that secret agents in James Bond movies bite in capsules just before they’re captured. There are many levels and types of poisons. The best ones kill you the slowest and are undetectable.

Let’s consider the slowest poisons of all: the food we eat.

A good poison will:

    1. block the flow of blood,
    2. decrease the amount of oxygen to the tissues
    3. interfere with one or more major systems of the body,
    4. cause addiction to the poison itself
    5. eventually kill the subject without ever being detected

No poison in history has achieved these goals on the scale that processed food has.

Eighty percent of the population eats an 80% processed foods diet. Processed foods by definition have had all their enzymes scientifically removed, for one reason: shelf life.

Whole food enzymes are essential for a food to be live, vital, nutritious, and digestible. Whole foods include fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood.

Whole foods do not include chips, fries, donuts, coffee, hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates, or pasteurized dairy. These are processed foods.

Processed foods are not well digested. Not broken down in the digestive tract, they can make their way into the blood through Leaky Gut Syndrome. Once in the blood they are foreign protein and sensitizing allergens. They can take up residence in virtually any organ or tissue, and bring chronic inflammation.

Processed foods clogging the tract are the cause of most GI disorders, including:

    Leaky Gut Syndrome
    Mucoid plaque
    Reflux Esophagitis
    Barret’s Syndrome
    Any cancer of the digestive tract

Medicine has two solutions for these diagnoses: drugs and surgery. Both have dismal track records and do not unclog the blocked tract. Or the clogged arteries. The patient is practically guaranteed the problem will progress into a more serious condition somewhere else in the body.

The only reasonable cure is

    – stop adding to the toxic load: no more processed foods

    – enzyme supplements to metabolize the residual sludge blocking the tract and blood

The solution is the same as the problem: enzymes.

Either switch to an 80% natural foods diet full of natural enzymes, or else put back into the food the enzymes that were taken out by food processing. Put back the enzymes that can detox the blood and the tissues, where all this half-digested residue has taken up residence.

Natural whole food enzyme supplements take away nothing from the body and require that no energy be expended by the body after they’ve done their job. Natural whole-food supplements contain within them exactly what a perfect food should contain: all the enzymes necessary for complete breakdown and absorption by the cells, with nothing left over.

Three Digestazyme capsules three times a day for 60 days. What could be simpler?

There are several other pieces to this metabolic puzzle of living health. See the chapter!


2. New Interview with Dr Bergman: Colon as the Center of the Immune System

Virtually live to you from Mexico! On July 6th we had a discussion of the colon and its vital relationship with the immune system, and why colon cancer has remained the #3 cancer for 40 years.

That video is now in our Video Library. It may change your life.

Some of our topics include:

    Probiotics as essential good bacteria
    Leaky Gut Syndrome
    How processed foods suppress immune function
    Normal elimination should be effortless

There is nothing like this short video anywhere. Don’t miss it!


3. Vaccination Is Not Immunization, Final Edition 2023

The 18th and final edition, this is the newest iteration of the classic vaccine textbook.

This book is a one-stop shopping introduction to the problems with vaccines, written for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life: whether or not to vaccinate.

It is not an anti-vaccine text. Better described as pro-science, the book is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven to be absolutely safe and effective by researchers wholly unconnnected to the global vaccine monolith.

This 200 page book has over 360 references, drawn from mainstream medicine, science, and law. Parents, not the state, should have the right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their children. The documented facts stated in this book represent the minimum parents must know in order to make a truly informed decision.

If you have any reservations at all about the shots you’re about to give to your kids, read this first. Did you know that in the 1950s kids got only 3 vaccines? By the 1980s, the number was up to 20 vaccines. In the 90s we were at 40 vaccines. Today in the post COVID age, we are up to 84 vaccines given to our kids before age eighteen.

Why is that? Here is the unequivocal, incontrovertible rationale behind such an appproach to mandated childhood vaccines – one which exists only in the US.


To order the new book: click here


4. Response to CHD’s Plea for Donations to Support Their Defense of COVID Vax Death Case

Maybe you’ve seen this new email from CHD’s lawyer soliciting funds for their defense of a 24 year old college student who died from a COVID shot.

Sorry, but I don’t see it. It’s not just that it wouldn’t even the score even if they win. No, it’s their whole premise that presumes that the government – any government – is responsible for the health of its citizens. If you accept that, then you’re also accepting the idea that they have the right to force any medicine or procedure upon your body any time they want. Isn’t that a direct violation of the Constitutional right to be secure in one’s own person? At least let there be no confusion about that.

Anyway here’s my response to their lawyer Rolf Hazelhurst:

    “Sue the government? I don’t think so, Rolf. That would assume facts that are not in evidence: namely that the government is in charge of each individual’s health, and therefore legally responsible for it. If you sue them, then that’s what you’re acceding to. You see that, right?

    We are each of us responsible for our own health. Period. 99% of us get the health that we earn – the health we deserve. It takes years of abuse to destroy this glorious body that most of us were given. Nine of the CDC’s 10 main causes of death in the US are directly influenced by diet and lifestyle. But are most Americans really inclined to take responsibility for anything, including their health?

    Now in the case of COVID vaccine, there were plenty of red flags available everywhere, all along. Mountains of the best scientific evidence that COVID vaccine was the most dangerous immunological experiment in history. Not just that cited on CHD — but from a hundred sources of the best science.

    We have over a dozen videos on the COVID Pageant, starting back in 2020. As well as our new text Vaccination Is Not Immunization. https://thedoctorwithin.com/product/vaccination-is-not-immunization-the-war-on-children-2/

    The point is, if you’re going to allow yourself to be injected with an unproven vaccine, then the responsibility is yours to investigate any opposing science that challenges its safety and necessity. Deny that and you’re defining Americans as just a group of spineless, illiterate, irresponsible sheep who cannot defend themselves.

    I suppose for the legal profession that’s an ideal scenario, one that your lawsuit is actually employing as a presupposition for the case, right? Your client’s community college demanded it? Come on, Rolf. That’s going to be pretty easy to defend. No college or university has the right to make up its own laws forcing medical procedures on its students. Of course they can publish such requirements. But they simply don’t have that legal right by any federal, state, or local law. Name one, counselor.

    Most of these demands for vaccination were not enforced when students did not comply. And that’s the point: The student himself was responsible to research the proposed injection, and also to make the decision whether or not to comply.

    So this is the world we live in today: the survival of the Informed. Ignore that zeitgeist at your peril. Yes, vaccines are a life or death choice. They always were. And those who don’t inform themselves can be injured, or die. But do you honestly think the federal government, or any court is going to uphold the idea of informed consent, today in 2023? Seriously?”


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