1.Enzymes: The Key To Longevity

2. Lake Mead Crisis – Vegas Oblivious
3. Review of RFK’s New Book – The Real Anthony Fauci


1. Enzymes: The Key To Longevity

Diseases don’t just fly in on the night air and invade our pure, innocent bodies. Loading up on indigestible, devitalized foods slowly kills the body’s cells and tissues, week by week, month by month. Whichever particular organ gives out first – that’s what we say someone died of: he had a bad heart, he had a bad liver, he had a bad stomach, he was a lunger, etc.
But that’s not right. Healthy people don’t get sick. The body is either healing or dying, every day. “He not busy being born is busy dying,” and all that.

The principal obstacle to full health is the degree of blood toxicity.

You may think of poisons as things like arsenic, or cyanide, or rat poison, or things that secret agents in James Bond movies bite in capsules just before they’re captured. There are many levels and types of poisons. The best ones kill you the slowest and are undetectable.

Let’s consider the slowest poisons of all: the food we eat.

A good poison will:

    1. block the flow of blood,
    2. decrease the amount of oxygen to the tissues
    3. interfere with one or more major systems of the body,
    4. cause addiction to the poison itself
    5. eventually kill the subject without ever being detected

No poison in history has achieved these goals on the scale that processed food has.

Eighty percent of the population eats an 80% processed foods diet. Processed foods by definition have had all their enzymes scientifically removed, for one reason: shelf life.

Whole food enzymes are essential for a food to be live, vital, nutritious, and digestible. Whole foods include fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood.

Whole foods do not include chips, fries, donuts, coffee, hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates, or pasteurized dairy. These are processed foods.

Processed foods are not well digested. Not broken down in the digestive tract, they can make their way into the blood through Leaky Gut Syndrome. Once in the blood they are foreign protein and sensitizing allergens. They can take up residence in virtually any organ or tissue, and bring chronic inflammation.

Processed foods clogging the tract are the cause of most GI disorders, including:

    Leaky Gut Syndrome
    Mucoid plaque
    Reflux Esophagitis
    Barret’s Syndrome
    Any cancer of the digestive tract

Medicine has two solutions for these diagnoses: drugs and surgery. Both have dismal track records and do not unclog the blocked tract. The patient is practically guaranteed the problem will progress into a more serious condition somewhere else in the body.

The only reasonable cure is

    – stop adding to the toxic load: no more processed foods

    – enzyme supplements to metabolize the residual sludge blocking the tract

The solution is the same as the problem: enzymes.

Either switch to an 80% natural foods diet full of natural enzymes, or else put back into the food the enzymes that were taken out by food processing. Put back the enzymes that can detox the blood and the tissues, where all this half-digested residue has taken up residence.

Natural whole food enzyme supplements take away nothing from the body and require that no energy be expended by the body after they’ve done their job. Natural whole-food supplements contain within them exactly what a perfect food should contain: all the enzymes necessary for complete breakdown and absorption by the body, with nothing left over.

Three Digestazyme capsules three times a day for 60 days. What could be simpler?

This has been an excerpt from the full chapter: Enzymes: The Key To Longevity

There are several other vital pieces to this metabolic puzzle of living health. Read the chapter!



Every summer I seem to end up at my friends’ house in Las Vegas for a week or so. They live near Lake Mead and have a slip at the marina. We always go out on the lake for a day or two. We check out Hoover Dam and the shoreline, etc.

So I’ve watched firsthand each year – what is happening at Lake Mead and Lake Powell, and actually talk to the locals. Yes, it is a disaster, but not for the reasons you get on most of these YT videos that are made by people who live on the east coast.

First off, the level of Lake Mead is measured by sea level, not by the depth of the water. That’s why most people are tricked into thinking they’ve got a thousand feet to spare. A look at that bathtub ring on the walls of the canyon every year should quickly disabuse you of that error. Just like America itself, it’s really going down, my friends.

We’ve got about another 90 feet or so before two things happen:

    The turbines at Hoover Dam stop producing electricity

    No more downriver outflow past Hoover Dam

That means no more water and electricity going to Vegas and California from Lake Mead.

That point in time has a name: Dead Pool. That happens at 950 feet above sea level.

In 2001 Lake Mead was full. Today it’s at 27%1040 feet -with 90 feet left before Dead Pool. That’s the lowest level since Lake Mead was created, back in 1937.

When will Dead Pool happen? If left entirely to nature, it would have already happened. If left to nature, starting right now, it would happen within the next two years.

But like with the COVID pageant, science is no longer a reflection of nature. Politics has stepped in.

Lake Mead is part of a system of 5 reservoirs – all linked together. Lake Mead still turns the turbines at Hoover Dam only because it has been stealing water from the other lakes further upstream on the Colorado River. Those folks aren’t very happy about it because they’re all in a similar situation of water shortage. But this is where politics comes in – the people have no choice.

So fake news has been saying for the last 5 years that the reason it’s drying up is due to drought. Drought, drought, drought. And global warming. Fits in with the corporate news agenda of why we won’t drill our own oil, I guess.

Can’t remember – was it libtards or conservatards who are supposed to believe in global warming — I forget …

But that’s not it. Lake levels are determined by two things: input and outflow. Rain and snowmelt coming in. Usage – outflow.

It’s very difficult to find these figures on the corporate Metaverse, but since 2016 snowfall in the Rockies has been fairly close to normal. When you try and search for this data you get a bunch of government mumbo jumbo and fake stats that disguise the actual snowpack levels.

Why wouldn’t they want you to know that? Because then you’re going to find the truth: – that falling levels at the Lakes is due primarily to one cause: Usage. Outflow. Which is controlled by one thing: politics.

Building huge cities like Phoenix and LA and Vegas in the middle of the desert and then populating them with millions of people seemed like a good idea back in the 40s. And building endless resorts, and golf courses and hotels with fountains, and swimming pools, and decorative grass and landscaping, and planting crops that would never grow in a desert – pretending it’s south Florida. Like there’s no tomorrow – it all seemed fine at the time.

Well, tomorrow has arrived. It’s here. Population became overpopulation.

Yesterday, 1 August 2022, the geniuses at water management – the Feds – put out new ‘regulations’ for water usage in the Las Vegas area. Insignificant stuff like no new grass, no new fountains on the strip, smaller swimming pools, recommending conservation, etc. Ineffective, minor details – with Dead Pool only 90 feet away. Everybody’s known about this water decline for over 10 years. Vegas population has increased by ¾ of a million people in the last 4 years. So it’s not like we didn’t know all this was coming. But only now at the last minute they decide to pass some insipid “regulations,” pretending to address the ‘problem.’ Like they have it all under control… Usual pit of vipers thinking.

When the city Commissioner was asked this week about limiting further housing developments in Las Vegas because that would increase water demands, he mumbled something about hurting construction jobs, etc – and then indicated there would be no restriction whatsoever for building more houses.

Deck chairs on the Titanic, right? Not exactly the time to be buying real estate in Vegas. Just wait a couple of years – they’ll be giving it away. But by that time who’s going to want to live in a city with no water?

So let’s get back to what Lake Mead actually looks like today. Most of those YT videos about the shoreline are true. In many places it’s receded a half a mile from where it was 3 years ago. Those marinas are getting much harder to walk out to. Only one boat ramp left on the entire lake that actually goes into the water.

Yes, all that’s true. But the point of this article is that there’s actually a bit of a silver lining to all this Armageddon doom and gloom. And it’s right now. This is the time to see Lake Mead – to actually go out on the lake. This summer. Now. It may be your last chance.

Almost nobody who trailers their boats is making the trip to Lake Mead this year. Partly because of gas prices probably, but mostly because of all the darkness and negativity you see all over the internet. People think they’re going to get stuck on the lake or hit submerged rocks, or there’s going to be no water, or whatever. And even the boats already docked in the marinas are just sitting there, not going out.

So as a consequence, going out on the Lake now is an unparalleled, marvelous experience, not to be missed.

We took jetskis out one morning last week, out of Callville Marina. We were all over the place – ran down to Hoover Dam, then over to Lake Mead Marina where the last working ramp is located. We were out for 5 ½ hours. In all that time if we saw 10 other boats out on the lake that was about it. You’re out there on the biggest manmade lake in the country and you have it all to yourself. Like it’s your own private lake. It was 110 degrees and overcast, with a strong breeze – which means it was completely comfortable. Perfect.

As soon as you get out there, away from civilization, all the stress about receding levels and Dead Pool, and gas prices and covidiots, etc. – all that goes away, like a dream. You’re out there alone in miles of lake, which is mostly 300 feet deep. No other boats to worry about, no patrols – you can go as fast and as far as you want. The most majestic scenery in the US – it’s still there – purple mountains and desert, impossibly cinematic cloud formations across the azure/cobalt sky, and always that endless, shimmering fluid surface stretching before you, changing color every second – every shade of blue and green in your imagination.

Five and a half hours – could have been 10 hours – nobody cares. There’s nobody there! So what I’m saying here my friend, is this is your opportunity to have a life experience in one of the most stunning, transcendent environments anywhere on earth. Right now. Who knows if it will be available even next summer? Not the geniuses in water management that’s for sure. But get out there, rent a boat or jetski if you need to. They’re all just sitting there. Take your kids – they’ll never forget it, believe me. Or go ahead and trailer your boat up there. No more two hour wait on the boat ramp – you can go right out. Forget all the negative losers who would criticize you, obediently staying at home staring at a screen for the rest of their lives. Go and have an adventure. You can still do that.

Most of the YT videos on Lake Mead are inaccurate, or else just pure government propaganda, slick productions based on junk science, guesswork, panic and no research.. But a few are good.

One of the best is this: Lake Mead in Crisis.

This clip will give you some idea of the rate at which lake levels are dropping, and exactly what the limits are.

One mistake he makes however – if Dead Pool ever happens, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the lake will become a desert and Hoover Dam will never be used again. Because the primary reason the level has been dropping is not drought. It’s usage: letting the water out. At Dead Pool there will be no more drain, no more outflow. The lake will finally be able to retain everything from seasonal snowmelts from the Rockies and the Sierras. At that point it would begin to refill.

It is extremely unlikely that state or federal “Water Management” is going to solve this Colorado River crisis in any realistic future. Making decisions based solely on political expedience, continued procrastination, and ignoring the realities of Mother Nature is all but guaranteed to fail. This Robbing Peter To Pay Paul scheme isn’t going to last must longer either. Nor is asking people to please not water their lawn or wash their cars. This is a crisis of scale, involving the powerful forces of nature. Bureaucrats are incapable of thinking at that level.

So you see then, the future of Lake Mead is not particularly optimistic. But just remember you had a chance to see it – in most of its glory – in August of 2022.



This book is almost too good. Bobby and his team have surpassed themselves in compiling this peerless text, not just about the machinations of Gates and Fauci, but also the technical science and history behind AIDS, COVID vaccines, as well as every fake epidemic in the past 25 years. With a complete cast of characters and their individual Machiavellian agendas.

It is impeccably researched, citing multiple sources for virtually every fact stated.

Obviously it should be a mandatory course in every medical school, chiropractic college, and university in the US. Yeah, like that’ll happen. But if you only read one book this year, this is it.

It didn’t really have to be 1000 pages, in my opinion. A lot more of the one million people who bought it might actually read it if it were more like, say, 400. Practically none of my friends who bought it have read it. But Bobby was out for the authoritative, comprehensive account on Fauci and all his diabolical little henchies, so he went back to the beginning of Tony’s evolution – the marketing of AZT in the 1980s.

Living in the post- coup d’etat world as we do today, the principal value of the book can be probably derived just as well by starting half way through. That’s when the story begins to have more of a direct relevance with what’s is going on in today’s dystopian world of cultural transformation and plutocratic tyranny. I mean all you really need to know about AIDS at this point in time is that Fauci cut his teeth learning to craft the lies and fraud surrounding that whole HIV morality play, where his twin Golden Geese turned out to be AZT and the mythological AIDS vaccine. Forty years and a billion dollars later – where is it? Still getting funding!

So if you’re writing a dissertation on the details of that whole duplicitous 80s theater, well all the research is right here in the first half of the book. But our whole zeitgeist has gotten so much darker, and mendacious, so much more totalitarian since then, hasn’t it? Much more relevance for us today in the book’s second half.

The later chapters give one a background in Fauci’s evolving capacity – the eventual control and marketing of drug development, the vaccine industry, banking, and media, linking those powerful players together in their unassailable web of money and power. RFK traces Fauci’s path over the years, down to the role he plays today: kingmaker. Certainly the most formidable unelected individual in US history. That didn’t happen overnight.

Too much to summarize the book here in this short review. Just want to list a few vital points you don’t want to miss:

Principal Investigators – the PI network

One of Fauci’s crowning achievements of the past 40 years – is certainly the PI network. This bureaucracy has given one un-elected bureaucrat unprecedented influence and control over the majority of organized medicine and Biomed research on earth.

It starts with a couple hundred universities. Each one has its own Principal Investigator overseeing the university’s Biomed research department. His job it is to receive assignments directly from Fauci. Any new drug that is proposed has traditionally been required to pass Phases of clinical trials, each based on specific scientific criteria. Fauci provides the university PI’s the preliminary work on a new drug and then expects them to come up with the scientific evidence that is necessary for eventual approval by the FDA.

But as Bobby so eloquently explains, this PI system has devolved into the most capricious and irresponsible system of quid pro quo junk science ever dreamed up since Rockefeller invented American medicine. The short version of the way it works today:

    The Principal Investigator gets the assigned drug from Fauci

    The university’s research department then goes to work, doing various studies on the drug

    If any of the studies starts turning out against expectations, it is terminated

    Only the studies that justify the drug’s safety and efficacy are completed

    Any scientific method or Phases may be skipped at any time.

    Even if no safety and efficacy trial were done.

    Once complete, that research is sent back to Fauci at NAIAD, which is now the “scientific evidence” required for approval by FDA

    The university receives generous funding for the research, and often receives shares of the patents for the drugs they research

    The gravy train will continue as long as the university will provide the required outcomes

This is the way all the COVID vaccines were approved so quickly, with the ridiculous EUA and Warp Speed programs. Fiat approval, with little or no science behind it.

Bobby then goes into detail about how the favors are distributed in each new approval, who gets what money, and how Fauci’s NIAID always ends up with the lion’s share.

In addition to clinical trials as this vast new industry, the patents are a real treasure trove, because those are annual disbursements coming in, for hundreds of drugs and vaccines.

We’re talking hundreds of millions annually. PIs also control the journals, they control the public debate, they’re on TV all over the world – these are the people that create the narrative, that protect the sacred orthodoxy.

Bobby’s legal team proved that safety tests have always been omitted for all vaccines. HHS admitted as much in a NY court decision in 2018 – no vaccines are ever safety tested.
With no safety tests no one can say that vaccines (or drugs) prevent more deaths and injuries than they cause. [683]


On the world’s organized medicine stage, Fauci provides the science, and Gates provides the marketing. Drugs, vaccines, international health policies … wherever billions change hands.

Unsurpassed experts at fraud and misrepresentation, certainly no duo in history – in any field – has seen this much consistent success, increasing year after year.

I think we can all agree that Bill Gates is hands down the world champion flimflam man of all time. Starting with selling computers out of his garage, this high school grad is probably the most convincing argument against higher education. With no college diploma, it is almost hilarious to see him parading himself across the world, posing as an academic for the past decade, making the most quixotic scientific statements, each one worse than the next in demonstrating his utter lack of erudition.

Bobby gives a riveting catalogue of Gates’ crimes and misdemeanors over the decades. Just to mention a very few here:

    In 2001 Hg became illegal. Gates unloaded millions of stockpiled Hg vaccines in poor countries p686

    Gates gave Johns Hopkins $20M to start their Population Center – antifertility drug Provera p694

    Provera is toxic and lethal – distributed throughout Africa

    Part of Gates’ pledge to reduce world population through vaccines p 694

    Gates raised polio vaccine shots from 5 per child to 50 in India

    This paralyzed 491,000 children p 712

    Even the W.H.O. admits that worldwide polio increase is due to vaccines p713

    “Decade of Vaccines” speech at UN in 2010 Gates p844

    Gates has been the catalyst to link the heads of banking, military, medicine, media, vaccines P 853

    Gates is one of the largest shareholders in Google, Amazon, and FB, all of which made $Billions in lockdown [P863]

    In 2021 Gates invested $25M to develop mosquitoes who can inject a COVID vaccine to the unwilling. [P 895]

War Games

One of the most compelling sections of Bobby’s book is his detailed account of the several War Games that have been scripted out in secret conventions during the past 20 years. The COVID pageant rolled out its coup d’etat so effortlessly – that was no accident. Each of those steps had been carefully rehearsed several times before, at the War Games simulations.

Ever wonder how they started calling it a pandemic right away? How did they know it would get that big?

In our newsletters in early 2020, we questioned how could Fauci and corporate media be using the word pandemic in the first 3 months of 2020 – before a virus had even been identified? Diagnosis was then by symptoms only. Ever wonder that? So how did they know it was going to be a pandemic so soon?

Bobby has the answer: Rehearsal. War Games.

Don’t miss the description of SPARS 2017 on page 856. Gates set up this simulation. This War Game proved to be almost an exact prediction of the way the coup d’etat actually unfolded in early 2020.

This secret exercise took place at Johns Hopkins in 2017, with NIH, NIAID , and the military attending. They gamed out a scenario for 2025 – 2028. Just like COVID, it was a bioterrorist attack that provided a global coronavirus epidemic. Followed by forced mass vaccinations everywhere.

The details are shocking in their accuracy: co-opting democratic government, subverting political institutions, placing unelected rulers in charge of all new policies. Psyops for censorship, propaganda, surveillance, lockdowns. Pandemic spread through the world in one month. All that press was ready in advance. Instructions for doctors and health officials – how to act, what to say… Etc. It was all gamed out.

The vaccine was presented as the hero. With courses on how to crush vaccine opposition. SPARS 2017 even predicted EUA. All those things didn’t just happen – they were all planned, down to the letter. Two years in advance. Plan-demic wasn’t just a conservatard slogan. SPARS 2017 was the meticulously detailed blueprint for the COVID 19 pandemic. (p 856)

Bobby cites an 89-page summary of SPARS 2017. It even included instructions for amplifying the panic when fear dies down by creating new stats of infection and death. Exactly like it’s happening. (p 859)

Astounding that this War Game simulation even had instructions for dealing with the long term side effects of the vaccine the second year. The solution – no association with the vaccine. Just like they’re saying now.

Don’t miss this section of the book. Sounds like something out of a high-functioning version of Stranger Things – except it’s real.

Instructive that Gates’ programs never have anything to do with health or the immune system, but always focus on manipulation control by fear in order to market some vaccine. P860 Ever notice that?

Turns out SPARS 2017 was just one of many simulations that was performed during the past 20 years, always with Fauci, Gates, and military involvement. Another series of these WarGames was called TOPOFF and took place 2000 – 2007. These particular simulations were not just a few people in a secret boardroom but involved tens of thousands of police and officials across the country. TOPOFF was the origin of the unprecedented notion of quarantining the healthy. That idiocy took years to sell, to dumb the people down sufficiently.

Gates and Fauci didn’t spend all this time and money gaming out scenarios they didn’t plan on making happen. They were completely prepared for COVID 19. Not only did they invent it – they rehearsed it -over and over for years. As Fauci admitted a few years ago –

“When a new pandemic virus emerges, we already have something on the shelf to do something about it.” p868



This pandemic is being used to create a string of exceptions to the constitution. The “virus” is a flagrant pretense for expanded tyranny. The biggest casualty has been freedom of speech. Newspeak has created a new vocabulary for the unlettered media consumer:

“misinformation.” [p 925]

Lockdown brought in not only loss of freedoms of speech, press, travel, medical choice, religion, and assembly, but also incarcerated the healthy population for an indeterminate time. Worse than all this was the public’s meek acceptance of these losses.

A BMJ study in 2021 showed that the quarantine of the healthy decreased life expectancy in the US by 1.9 years. [P 31]

The lockdown put some 58 million out of work, many of them permanently. [p 34]

A study at Ohio State showed that suicide rates among children were up 50% during lockdown. [p 32, also video Cell Biology and Gender]

Corporate media permitted no dialog, no dissent to the new tyranny. Only one political opinion was allowed across all venues of digital, printed and video media – the radical left. Which obediently accepts every whim of Fauci and Gates, no matter how unconstitutional. And continues to this day.

Since the coup d’etat some 493 new billionaires have been created. This accounted for a transfer of wealth of $3.9T in one year. This is approximately the same amount lost by the American middle class during that time. [ P 892] The “stimulus packages” didn’t really square up the tab. Guess who paid for those.

In 2010 Gates invested $10B in global vaccines. In 2020 he bragged that it had brought him a 20x return.

In Chapter 10, Bobby meticulously documents the millions of children across the world who have been killed and injured by drugs and vaccines forced on them by Fauci and Gates. It will be a shocking discovery for most, since this is precisely the type of narrative routinely censored by corporate media.

This has been the briefest of summaries of this landmark literary achievement. The book teems with vital commentary and documentation, about subjects that are no longer permitted free dialog today.

So this book is about so much more than Tony Fauci. It is unique among today’s published works, not only for its highly literate style, but that it is completely free from the corporate censorship which now terminally infects all printed and digital media in the world. Not just Google, Amazon, Disney, corporate news, Barnes & Ignoble, but virtually everything that comes out of the mouths of teachers across all venues of education, public and private, from kindergarten to PhD.

This book is the rarest form of scholarship today – a work that follows the original principles of investigative reporting and the scientific method – now outlawed and abandoned. Did you ever ask yourself why do 99% of TV newsreaders and YouTube commentators have the exact same 8th grade vocabulary and expressions, the same politics, and the same utter lack of manners? That’s control.

Or why a legitimate scholar with impeccable credentials in science, history or political science, who may retain some remnants of a moral compass, is so rarely allowed to appear in any corporate media. Victor Davis Hansen, Scott Atlas, Andy Wakefield, Andy Kaufman, RFK, — individuals like that. Where’s the dialog?

Today the visible personalities are all mini-clones of Tony Fauci – same confused chattering, always interrupting, never completing a sentence, same stunted vocabulary, no respect for logic, elocution, or ethics. Look at any clip of Fauci for the last couple of years – what do we see? Nervousness, condescension, self-contradiction, absurd leaps of logic, scientific fantasy, never citing sources, and his personal hallmark: bald-faced lying. This is the unelected clown who wields more power in this country today than that elected clown.

How on earth did all this happen? Slowly, inexorably over the past 3 decades. Have a look at the uncensored documentation – read Bobby’s book. Don’t just buy it – read it!