1. COVID Vax: More Deaths Than From All Other Vaccines Combined

2. Exemption Form for Employee Vaccines

2. Vaccine Exemption Form For College Students

3.Time Warp: Airlines and Commercial Flights Prolong the Hoax



The CDC has kept a running total of COVID vax deaths on their site .

Between January and July 2021 there have been over 6200 deaths from the COVID vaccine.

Last month the number was at 5000. Even that number exceeded the total deaths from all vaccines put together since VAERS began in 1991.

And now, one month later, deaths from the vaccine are over 6200. If you check the site today it will be far more, because CDC updates it every day.

This fact is verboten in all media. As you know, any information on vaccine science is being censored from corporate and social media. Even that coming from CDC itself. All that is allowed to be printed about COVID vax is self-promotional marketing, saying how necessary it is, the 97% effectiveness, and now the fake new strains, etc.

No wonder this is all that most people know. Everybody pretends they are informed by just repeating these mantras over and over.

Don’t believe it? Click on it! See for yourself CDC’s actual stats on COVID vax fatalities.

Incredibly, CDC updates this URL every day. They’re not even trying to hide it. More amazing is that they always start the page with the statement “Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare.”

Rare? They’re quoting from VAERS which is a passive system. Which means it’s very difficult to report an injury. CDC, FDA and VAERS itself have always admitted that less than 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported.

Doing the math – that means that over 600,000 Americans have already died from COVID vaccine!

This is not Alex Jones or some antivax site. This is the CDC’s own site.

Travelling throughout the country this summer you will see the various states returning to normal, despite the best efforts of the bureaucrats determined to prevent it, desperate to maintain their new power. Delta strains, other nonexistent bugs, mask hangers-on, etc…

Now that they can’t prolong The Hoax any longer, the real triumph for the media and their handlers are the residual germaphobic delusions they have installed onto the public hard drive, and the value of the new vaccines. A permanent shift.

With half the US population having volunteered for the most lethal vaccine in history, it’s astounding to see how they justify their own reckless behavior in everyday conversation.

When the topic comes up, folks are quick to brag about being vaccinated. Have you noticed that? They’re proud they’ve chosen the most fatal vaccine ever invented!

Too lazy to do any actual research, they loudly announce their lack of education on the subject, thus admitting that they have no idea

    That COVID vaccines are untested and completely experimental

    What EUA status really means

    That more people have died from these new vaccines than from all others put together

    That hundreds of thousands have been hospitalized with side effects like stroke, myocarditis, acute organic distress, anaphylaxis, etc.

    What a DNA vaccine is

These individuals are acknowledging that they get all their information from pop media and refuse to go any deeper than simply parroting the daily platitudes. They can’t read, they won’t read any actual science or referenced studies wherein the above issues are thoroughly explained. They’re simply not interested. And yet they will make major health decisions for themselves and their children based on this flimsy awareness level.


Most people ended up swallowing the Election myth that the coming vaccine would end the pandemic and the lockdown. Which of course couldn’t be more ridiculous. There was no pandemic. And there is no vaccine.

And even after the ‘vaccine’ was out, many states insisted on keeping the masks as long as possible, reneging on the campaign promise that the vaccine would end the ‘pandemic.’ Remember? That how they got that extra 6 months of lockdown.

But here’s the material point missing from the whole narrative, forbidden from all media: the quantum cultural transformation that we’ve all just witnessed in the past year will allow bureaucrats without the slightest science background to create another viral pandemic emergency – complete with lockdowns and masks – any time they feel like it.

And this incontrovertible fact of Darwinian selection may never be alluded to in any way, throughout all of corporate and social media.

Perhaps the real horror of this new conventional wisdom is that it is so .. conventional. Across the board, it’s universal, this majority view – irrespective of education or IQ. PhD university professors and Joe Sixpack alike, both reciting from the same lexicon, from the same idiotic psalter of the everyday Germaphobe Religion.


How dumb are we really? Well for starters, we are the first nation in history who accepted the preposterous idea of quarantining the healthy. For a year and a half.

You don’t even need peer reviewed studies to prove the extravagance of this queer notion, which defies all common sense. Never in human history did any rulers ever quarantine the healthy. During no epidemic, no pestilence, no plague, no disease outbreak – never were people so gullible as to believe first of all in a nonexistent disease, and second, that the population would be protected by mass quarantining the healthy.

Throughout human history, it has only been infected patients who have been quarantined. Never the healthy. Not even once, in any culture since Adam and Eve. The very idea never even occurred to anyone till 2020; such a notion defied common sense before there ever was science.

And now that there is science, quarantining the healthy has proven to be the most ill-advised, disingenuous, disastrous recommendation possible. The decision makers knew how extravagant it was when they ruled it. But they also knew that the time was right to get away with it.

The fact that this idiocy has now became immutable medical orthodoxy, and that no doctors or scientists are allowed to even question it proves conclusively the radical decline in common intelligence.

Last point: since no MD, PhD, or research scientist is allowed to challenge the quixotic dogma behind COVID and COVID vaccines, a permanent consequence is that all medical and scientific discussion from this point forward must be intrinsically flawed and impugned. Isn’t that logical?

Think about it. If politics and corporate expediency can invade the very essence of scientific discovery and whimsically create their own “science” that eclipses legitimate science, what does that say about the entire academic narrative for the future?

That for all our posturing about the sophistication of modern science, etc., we really haven’t advanced at all beyond a time where Galileo was placed under lifetime house arrest by Pope Innocent whatever for proving the earth revolves around the sun. We’re still dominated by superstition and the newest Religion of the Germ Theory.



We’ve been getting very positive feedback from the two forms mentioned in the June Newsletter –

Look these over. If you want to fill them out, make sure you follow the directions to a T.

Universities cannot force students to vaccinate. They can pretend to, but it only works if you let them. Here’s a simple way to avoid such coercion.

This easy procedure has been effective at colleges throughout the US, including UCLA, USD, Pepperdine, etc to name just a few. Don’t think you should be vaccinated just to attend college? You’re right. But you have to stand up and say so or else they won’t let you in. That’s the world we’re living in now.

Same with businesses. They cannot force employees to be vaccinated. Unless you allow them to. Look at the forms and follow the directions.



Even though The Hoax has been formally pronounced as concluded in every single state, there remains one venue that is desperately clinging to the pandemic that never existed. Commercial airlines.

The rules they’ve conjured up, the posted signs everywhere, and the incessant announcements are so nonsensical, self-contradictory, and surrealistic that only the most comatose individuals mutely accept them and sheepishly comply… Which unfortunately includes like, everybody.

Let’s not forget – the pandemic is over throughout the US, right? So now you’re departing from a city that is uncontaminated and virus-free, right? And your destination is another city just as disease-free, with no mask or vaccine requirements for months now. Because the ‘pandemic’ is long gone.


But as you walk into the hermetically sealed airport terminal time warp, you are suddenly assaulted from all sides with demands to go back in time – that you must now wear a mask at all times until you leave the terminal at your final destination…

And then once you leave the terminal at your destination and walk out into the real world, there’s no more threat and you’re fine.

Does this make sense to anybody? Why are airports suddenly the only places left in the entire country that are so contaminated with dangerous pathogens that the most extreme protective measures are necessary? With no end in sight. What is so specifically toxic about airports and no place else?

And more important, exactly what scientific evidence is there for a lingering danger?

Answer: none. Absolutely none.

Here are just a few of the hysterical messages that paying passengers are ceaselessly insulted with:

    “Federal law demands that all personnel wear a mask over the nose and mouth at all times in the airport terminal.”

Really? What law is that? An FAA recommendation? A new law passed by congress? Executive order from the Pretender? What law? No one ever cites it or identifies it. Must be censored. But everyone obeys nonetheless.

Same announcement before boarding the plane, and then again 10 more times before the plane takes off. But now they specify you must wear the mask “even if you’ve been vaccinated or recently COVID tested. “

Really? Says who? So what was the vaccine for then? Doesn’t it work? And what are these COVID tests for? The promise of immunity from the disease, and the proof that you don’t have it – that’s what they said all along. Remember?

So with those guarantees in place, what good will a mask do?

Anybody see the contradiction? Apparently not.

Then comes the ridiculous preflight recording that loudly boasts of all the germaphobic cleaning methods which have sterilized the plane from any possible germs, etc. The stupidest of these has got to be the one about this plane being equipped with the newest HEPA filters which remove 99.9% of all airborne contaminants, etc … whatever…


Then why are they so OCD about passengers wearing facemasks at every possible second if all contaminants have been taken out of the air?

All we have left to fear is this religious belief in an imaginary, unsequenced COVID virus. Never isolated from any human being in the entire world. All states have proclaimed that the virus is gone – only the fear remains.

And this is the superstition that necessitates facemasks only for commercial flights, but nowhere else in America.

The silliest one is where they announce that you must replace the mask over nose and mouth when you’re eating, even between bites !! Right out of Josef Goebbels. Not kidding – they actually say that. As if the COVID virus is just sitting there, lurking on your window shade, waiting for an opportunity to jump down and invade your mouth… Nothing is too idiotic. A COVID virus that can only exist in airports because it is gone from the rest of the entire USA – that’s what they’re selling now.

An example of their “science.”

OK, so what is the obvious agenda here?

Three multibillion$ industries are conspiring to keep the fear of COVID alive wherever possible:

    1. The continued sale of COVID vaccines

    2. The continued sale of COVID testing

    3. Maintaining the bureaucratic power to control people’s behavior

Neither the federal government nor the airlines alone could have forced people to wear masks. Airlines can’t make laws – the feds needed an enforcer. So this is the perfect marriage to maintain a fake pandemic long after it has run its course.

Unlike with all the other Boutique Epidemics of the past 20 years, things are not going to return to normal this time. The bureaucrats are terminally intoxicated by this windfall of undreamed-of power. They will do absolutely anything to prolong it, including any level of deception, corruption, censorship, marketing of mass illness, mandating lethal injections, quid pro quo – whatever it takes – the worst temptations of any government in world history.

No matter what bizarre notions of infectious disease they come up with, the undiscriminating masses will now comply.


The endless bombardment of junk science for the last 2 years has effected a quantum reduction in the national IQ that has pervaded every aspect of life, education, and communication – in a manner that can be best described as a New Religion.

But this religion is different from any other ever seen before in this country. For the first time in the American experience, this new religion has become de facto mandatory for all, superseding all other faiths, political opinion, and scientific investigation.

Ironically, the new religion cancels out the very idea of freedom of religion, a founding principle of our republic. For over a year you weren’t even allowed to attend your church at all – remember? And the lemmings obeyed.

In the New Religion of Germ Theory there is no more open research in the areas of immunology, virology, and infectious disease. No investigative reporting, no proving of hypotheses, no more scientific method. None of that is permitted. The new religion simply invents, and then pronounces any new idea as “science.” And all research, all testing, all discussion – pro or con – is forbidden.

Conventional wisdom has become conventional acquiescence – an installation of the lowest common denominator of intelligence, pervading every single level of epistemology, academics, and communications media.

Any narrative that challenges the tenets of the New Religion in the slightest, is likely to be deleted, censored, and banned from any type of publication.

Over half the population has chosen to be inoculated with the single most dangerous experimental injection in history. It’s being called a vaccine but it is nowhere close to any legitimate definition of a vaccine, from Jenner down to the present.

The COVID jab is a completely theoretical DNA disruptor which is supposed to magically trigger immunity to a nonexistent viral threat by a series of biochemical interactions that have never been proven in the slightest, in humans or any other mammal.

Our universal programming has been so overwhelming that no one feels a need to uncover even these most basic facts. Worse yet, people openly boast about it and many regard the unvaccinated as a threat, obviously unaware of what this demonstrates about their confidence in the their own “vaccine.”

All this is actually fine. All these people who will so willingly inject themselves without the slightest information, well they should be free to do so. Medical freedom is a constitutional guarantee. Indeed, these people should be vaccinated every day if they want to. More reinforcement for Darwinian selection.

But where the quantum disruption of human culture comes in is that these lowest common denominator types now want to force the unvaccinated, who are statistically the most informed, that is, to force everyone to accept this same level of reckless experimentation.

This is the radical departure we are living through today, never before seen on earth. And this is where science and politics backs off, in favor of religious oppression. The rule of the benighted majority, or as Chairman Mao calls it – The Rule of Many Voices.

This is not similar to what we are doing today – this is precisely what we are doing today.

    “Man has been subordinated to his own inventions. Science, technology, social organization – these things have ceased to serve man. They have become his masters. We have replaced nature with science, reality with drugs, and individuality with total conformity. We seem determined to follow this path of self destruction.”

    – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World (1956)