Vaccine Exemption Letter for College


To all administrators, teachers, medical staff, and legal department of ___________________________________ _________________College (University):

This is to inform all parties that _________________________ is now and forever exempt from all vaccines and medical testing.

We are aware that some colleges and universities may be unilaterally attempting to deprive applicants of admission, based on an arbitrary vaccine requirement. This is to inform all parties that such extravagant and unsupported regulation will not be tolerated.

No California school has the authority to require vaccines or any medical testing whatsoever, including COVID tests.

There are currently no laws, either state or federal, requiring vaccines for students beyond the grade school level. No college or university can pretend that its own arbitrary rules on matters of religious or medical freedom will have the force of law for their employees and students.

It is well known that any demand for disclosure of private medical records is a flagrant violation of federal HIPAA laws.

Be advised: _____________________ will not receive any vaccines at any time, on school grounds or anywhere else so designated by your staff.

There are no other forms requisite in this matter.

If these express instructions are violated at any time, this is Fair Warning that we will use every available resource to prosecute the perpetrators for physical assault, Bill of Rights violations and any other charges our attorneys might deem applicable, to the fullest extent.

Neither will any related bullying or intimidation tactics be employed to invalidate scholarships – academic, athletic, or otherwise.

Furthermore we are not to be harassed, insulted, assaulted, profiled, proscribed on any list – public or private, threatened or intimidated in any way, for our personal choice of medical treatment. We have thoroughly informed ourselves about the issue and will not give way. We will not discuss it, debate it, or be questioned by anyone.

Any violation of this specific instruction will be vigorously defended; likewise if there is the slightest suggestion that the applicant has been profiled or excluded from admission or denied scholarships because of this letter.

As with all medical records, this exemption is to be kept strictly confidential from any personnel, parties, or databases. There are specified penalties for such federal HIPAA violations. It is also a violation of federal HIPAA law for your institution to demand any personal medical records of your employees or applicants.

This matter is now concluded.

Signed _______________________________________ print name ________________________________

date _________________________ Notary:

Faxed and Sent by certified mail to the Legal Department on _________________________

cc: __________________, Esq



Copy and paste the above into a word document.

The above letter was written in response to the flood of inquiries from parents who have not been paying attention and have suddenly noticed that in California they have lost virtually all medical freedom choices for their children.


In the ongoing global program to put an end to medical freedom, a new contestant has entered the fray: colleges.

Matriculating students and their parents have recently been surprised to discover an unexpected obstacle to Fall admission into many colleges: proof of vaccination.

In today’s One World mindset, which accounts for the majority of the population, medical freedom has become a non-issue. Most people agree to whatever inoculations are presented to them, with no argument.

In California only 1.5% of parents were ever interested in vaccine exemptions. All the furor and uproar of the past 4 years has been about one thing: forcing vaccines on 100% of the population. The 1.5 % of citizens who demanded medical freedom for their children could simply not be tolerated. Oh no, just think where something like that could lead…

Once the Vaccinators realized they could never win the scientific debate, political forces, backed by the limitless support of Pharma, simply circumvented the whole dialog. They abolished the possibility of intelligent discussion of the topic, by just outlawing exemptions.

How? By using the most powerful weapon available to legislators today: the low level of common human intelligence, evidenced by the majority of the bovine electorate.

Most folks vaccinate their kids because their doctor told them to. They don’t know what vaccines are or what they’re supposed to do. They’ve never read one book or one article on the subject – why should they? They believe in vaccines – just like people believe in Jesus, Buddha, Jaweh, the Easter Bunny, and the Boeing that struck the Pentagon. Blind faith. Religious faith – the type that doesn’t look for proof, doesn’t rely on scientific research.

Ask any parent what HPV vaccine is. Or HiB. Or Prevnar – the vaccines given to every child. They don’t know and they don’t care. They’d rather put their own child in harm’s way than do the slightest bit of reading that challenges their belief system. Inertia. Religion. Of course unprincipled, ignorant parents always go along, but the tragedy here is that we have essentially good people, and “educated” people being caught up in the same unthinking belief system.

Ignorance is certainly a right guaranteed by our Constitution. But now we have found a way to force an opinion based on ignorance upon everyone – 100%. To force one religious belief on everyone.

That is power. Unquestioning obedience. The goal of the One World mind.

Does it matter that hundreds of medical doctors have challenged the cover story behind most vaccines, with thousands of articles, letters, lectures, and now books. And what answer do the proponents of vaccines have to offer, what scientific arguments do they bring to the debate? Nothing. Silence. What debate?

Their responses are limited to platitudes, slogans, scripted rhetoric, soundbytes reduced to grotesque oversimplification, which studiously ignore any effort to arrive at the truth through traditional inductive scientific method.

Unrelenting, never-ending repetition of sound bytes will always triumph over rational discourse. All they need do is invent a threat, a danger, with no solid evidence, and repeat it endlessly through all media. And then offer a savior – like vaccines. Simple. Has worked for the last century. Particularly for the Nazis:

“… But after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” . — Hermann Goehring, SS

In the past months, we have been inundated by parents who are confronted with this radical change in university admission policy. What can we do, they ask?

Here it is. For the small percentage of you who still think that the responsibility for a child’s physical well-being should reside with the parent rather than government, below is a very effective defense.

Send the above letter by certified return mail to the Legal Department of the college requiring vaccines. Chances are, the student will be harassed no more after this.

It works. Try it. And let us know what schools we can add to the list where it was effective.