1. Seminar Events: Phoenix AZ – 13 Jul; Oklahoma City – 26 Jul; Sherman College – 17 Aug
2. Oral Chelation
3. Excerpt from 2013 vaccine text
4. Best and Worst of All Worlds



The Chiropractic Seminar:
Patterns of Injury, Patterns of Healing

Phoenix, AZ – 13 July
8 Hours CE (AZ, CO, CA, WA)

Oklahoma City – Friday, 26 July (see below)


The Chiropractic Seminar:
Patterns of Injury, Patterns of Healing

Phoenix, AZ – 13 July
8 Hours CE (AZ, CO, CA, WA)

Hampton Inn – 601 N 44 St – 602.267.0606 , 8am – 5pm

Explaining altered biomechanics and disease
Subluxation: science and neurology
Essentials of neuroplasticity: Carrick for dummies
Global agenda to dilute chiropractic
How the adjustment changes the brain
Mastering a technique: the art of change
How today’s best neuroscience validates the original ideas of DD and BJ
The road to success
Charts and X-rays
Correction phase plan
Adjusting technique

“The energy is fabulous and uplifting.” – C. Siga, DC Denver

“Inspiring seminar! Glad I brought my staff…Love to see authenticity return to chiropractic.” – Denver doctor

“All fired up…ready to save more lives!” – Dr D Johnson, Denver

“Should be required for all new graduates.” – Dr T. Schroeder, Olympic water polo coach

“Refreshing to hear an instructor not afraid to speak the truth…most people validating chiropractic seem very insecure about it — not this doc.” – Dr DC, Fair Oaks

“O’Shea’s chiropractic seminar in Oklahoma City this weekend was without a doubt the best seminar I have attended in the past 15 years!” – Dr Bill Sparks, Norman OK. – Dr Mark Erbert

“Each section should be 16 hours! Best relicensing seminar in 10 years!” — OK Doctor

“Compelling Seminar– engaging speaker, Wish it didn’t have to end! – a real oasis for the doctor searching for food that satisfies… Best seminar in 10 years!” – Dr K. Kennedy, Aliso Viejo

“Exactly what this profession needs– truth and clarity! Addresses the deepest issues of chiropractic, giving Drs. what we need to be able to tell the story at a scientific level as well as at the patient level. – clear, concise, coherent.”
– Dr Moira Casey, Ojai

“Awesome! Really appreciated all the research put into the seminar — simply stated and factual. Leaving here very motivated!” – Dr A. Sparpana, Denver

“Great to finally hear pure unadulterated chiropractic, to be reminded of the simplicity of its philosophy. Great passion, and stories!” – Dr Lance Z., Boulder

“Learned some great material I can implement immediately. Possibly changed the course of my practice forever!”
– Guy Coberly, DC, Loveland

“Fabulous! Just what I needed! Inspiring, informational, practical.” – Dr D. Hinders, Pueblo

“Exactly what I needed! I expect the practice to double in the next 30 days!” – Hillary Rowenhurst, DC

Sign Up: (408) 753-9830
doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com


Oklahoma City – Friday, 26 July
(the night before FOCUS)

Dr Tim O’Shea
Author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Courtyard Marriott – 2 W. Reno Ave
405.232.2290 , 7 – 10 pm

Having doubts about vaccines? Wondering about mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde? Wondering why 1 in 50 American kids are autistic? Wondering why our kids are the sickest of any industrialized country on earth, and yet they’re the most vaccinated? Ever wonder why vaccines have tripled since the 1980s, only in the US?

Whether or not to vaccinate is the most important decision you will make in the life of your child. Will you get all the information from those selling vaccines?

If you’re interested in hearing what the scientists who manufacture the vaccines say, come to tonight’s lecture. We will focus on the actual research – the real science behind vaccines, as cited by the CDC, the FDA, and the PDR.

“O’Shea’s vaccine text is one of the best, if not the best book ever written on the dangers of vaccines.”
– Hans Moolenburgh, MD

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“In his book Dr. O’Shea records the shameful history of what has been done by the drug companies and the institutions that are supposed to make sure they are honest – the harm done has been carefully hidden from public view.”
– Abram Hoffer, MD

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines… Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“The most important book for parents besides the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young

“This book is the best source I have in my library about the history of the vaccine industry.” – Gary Kohls, MD

Registration: (408) 753-9830 or
doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com
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2. Oral Chelation – Formula Upgrade

The philosophy behind the 60 Day Program is simple, as far as supplements are concerned:

We want the patient to be taking the least number of supplements possible, spending the least amount of money possible, but still getting everything necessary for a complete detoxification of the tract and blood.

Early on, I learned that the enzyme supplement Digestazyme would be very effective for water soluble debris, within the tract and blood. What’s missing? Two very common accumulating poisons, responsible for many of the Top Ten diseases, are heavy metal ions and arterial plaque. Enzyme supplements cannot mobilize either one – they’re trapped within the arteries and other tissues. For decades, herbal formulas have been known to have this capability for binding toxins, metal ions, and arterial plaque.

Heart patients who are trying to restore normal blood pressure without medication must strive to unclog the arteries of that accumulated plaque. No diet or exercise program can do that. See (Dead on the Treadmill) As for heavy metals, anyone who has ever been vaccinated, or had a mercury filling — there is virtually no one who hasn’t been exposed to aluminum, lead, mercury, etc. These metals are bioaccumulative in the tissues. That means they’ll accompany you to your grave, unless they are chelated out. Heavy metal ions can interfere with virtually any of the essential pathways for normal cell life. Cancer is just one of their consequences.

The whole focus of the autism industry is to chelate mercury out of the child’s brain tissue. Oxidized oils and trans fats from fried foods and snack foods are attracted to inflamed arteries. This condition grows worse year by year unless it is directly addressed. Drugs cannot clear it, as the manufacturers themselves admit. Also, why challenge the bypass industry?

Even for those adults with no apparent diseases doing a detox for the first time, anyone who has lived in this country any amount of time has accumulated a measurable toxic load by age 21. So in the 60 Day Program we use a safe, traditional oral chelation formula with individual ingredients that have years of success behind them. It can be taken by a child of 18 months or a patient in his 90s. Heavy metal toxicity can be the hidden cause of so many misdiagnosed labels that we simply cannot afford to overlook it in any legitimate detox.

This month we have just upgraded the Oral Chelation. It is now a single bottle instead of a pair. No need to take additional minerals when you’re already taking the best Chelated Minerals. It took years of research and advice from many experts, like David Sandoval and David Wolfe, to come up with this formula. But even though it is new, all the ingredients have decades of success in performing the precise functions required by chelation.

Some of the ingredients in the new formula:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

– all classic chelators of heavy metals and toxins with a proven track record. Very popular in the autism industry, which focuses on mercury removal from the child’s neurology.


– for cleaning out the microvillae spaces within the colon, this superfine clay has few equals.
– Inert, therefore 100% safe

Na Alginate

– a food industry product, Na alginate has the ability to form a gel in the presence of Ca, precisely the mechanism we’re looking for in an attempt to change the composition of calcific arterial plaque, and then clear it.

Raw cacao

– In addition to its many antioxidant and mineral properties, cacao is one of the purest sources for food-bound magnesium and chromium – both critical for heart health.

Three caps a day is the dosage for the 60 Day Program. But for those who wish to accomplish a detoxification more quickly, it is safe to take more than that. As in any effective oral chelation supplement, healing crises may occur, usually transient. That’s the signal to back off a little. It also means that the program is working. So just stop for a day or two, or reduce dosage.

Very happy to finally introduce the new Oral Chelation. More good news is the price just dropped a little because it’s only one bottle. Exactly how long did you want to hang on to the plaque and heavy metals in your tissues? Cremation?

More info:


3. Excerpt from
Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2013

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

If your kids are getting vaccinated, here’s one they’re getting:

“Rotavirus is a poorly understood illness of infants, usually involving a mild, self-limiting case of diarrhea. The biggest danger to the child is dehydration, but that occurs only in rare cases. The old name was colic, which for the majority of infants usually passes in a short time without complication. The few cases of death that result worldwide happen in the poorest locations on earth, where starvation and disease are common:

90% of all deaths from rotavirus occur in the poorest parts of Africa and Asia [91] In the US there may be as few as 20 deaths per year, taking into account the most unhygienic environments, and including adults. [92]

Using global statistics to sell domestic vaccines is a common sales technique. How the rotavirus vaccine became added to the schedule back in 1998 was more a matter of politics than of science. In the Merck Manual rotavirus infection is not described as a serious disease. Rotavirus is often found in asymptomatic infants. ([239], p 2173) It is so trivial a disease that the only recommended treatment before the vaccine came out was re-hydrating the infant. [239]

RotaShield was added to the mandated schedule in 1998. Then after so many complaints of a sometimes fatal disorder of the infant’s bowel called intussusception, and other injuries following vaccination, the CDC quietly took RotaShield off the market in after only 11 months. (Newsweek, 13 Sep 99) [219]

Paul Offit, who was on the CDC Board of Advisors that approved rotavirus vaccine, admitted in Congressional hearing that he not only received benefits from the vaccine’s manufacturer, Merck, but that he actually owned the patent! Asked if he thought that could be a conflict of interest, Offit made the condescending reply:

“I am a co-holder of a patent for a (rotavirus) vaccine. If this vaccine were to become a routinely recommended vaccine, I would make money off of that. … am I biased? That answer is really easy: absolutely not.”

“Is there an unholy alliance between the people who make recommendations about vaccines and the vaccine manufacturers? The answer is no.” [283]

Offit has been receiving funding from Merck for the past 17 years for promoting rotavirus vaccines. He received one grant of $350,000 from Merck to develop the rotavirus vaccine [97].

It’s just business. Representative Dan Burton puts it like this:

“CDC routinely allows scientists with blatant conflicts of interest to serve on influential advisory committees that make recommendations on new vaccines,” Burton told UPI. “… these same scientists have financial ties, academic affiliations, and vested interests in the products and companies for which they are supposed to be providing unbiased oversight.” [283]


After the 1999 RotaShield fiasco, it was almost inconceivable that they would try again. Yet in a fit of post 9/11 power politics, a ‘new version’ of the vaccine was trotted back out in early 2007, with whirlwind approval by the FDA and introduction right back into the Mandated Schedule. Only it had a new name: Rotateq.

Rotateq’s debut came with new reports of the same major side effect that occasioned the earlier vaccine being pulled 9 years before: – intussusception. This condition is sometimes fatal, and usually requires surgery. It was not even associated with the original disease, but only with the vaccines.

Other side effects of Rotateq: NVD, otitis media, pharyngitis, and bronchospasm.

The primary study of the clinical trials cited by Rotateq’s manufacturer – Merck – was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in Jan 2006. [95] This study was funded by Merck, used Merck trial protocols, and was co-authored by the owner of the patent of both the original vaccine and the current version. The majority of the authors were listed at the bottom as being given financial perqs from Merck.

Rotateq wasn’t much different from the old RotaShield, except for one additional viral strain and the fact that the testing was done on human infants, not monkeys. [227]

The vaccine made little difference:

“Among the 9605 subjects in the detailed study (4806 in the vaccine group and 4799 in the placebo group), the rates of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea within 42 days after any dose were similar among vaccine recipients and placebo recipients.”

Serious adverse events were reported in 803 of 34,035 vaccine recipients (2.4 percent), with 24 deaths in the vaccinated group.

The most common cause of death was Sudden Infant Death syndrome, which occurred in seven vaccine recipients.

Over and over the new sales pitch keeps talking about how the incidence of intussusception was nothing out of the ordinary, how the vaccine does not cause intussusception, etc. [95] With intussusception as the main reason the old vaccine was pulled 10 years ago, the authors thought they had to pacify and reassure the new market.

So it was astounding then that less than a month after being added to the Schedule, the FDA began warning the public of the exact same side effect from the new Rotateq, citing 28 new cases! [92]

“The condition, called intussusception, is the same that led to the withdrawal of the first rotavirus vaccine eight years ago.”


RotaShield was probably the only vaccine in history that was not included in the PDR. Today it’s virtually impossible to find any evidence that RotaShield ever existed.

RotaShield was slightly different from the new Rotateq. Rotashield was from human and monkey sources, whereas the newer Rotateq is from human and bovine sources. Outside of that, the song is pretty much the same with Rotateq – claims of 95% efficacy, completely safe, very necessary.

Infant colic is not something for which any vaccine is needed, let alone one as toxic and immunosuppressive as Rotateq.

to order the new book: Vaccination Is Not Immunization

– now in 5 languages.



Today we are living in both the worst of all possible worlds, and the best of all possible worlds. Simultaneously. With twice the number of people alive today than even in the 70s, the increase in global toxification, unregulated chemical poisoning of air, food, and water – drug intake, scientifically-crafted misrepresentation in corporate media, sanctioned murder and torture, glorification of police and military, the looting of our people’s real wealth, disregard for our original body of law, the return of both degenerative and infectious diseases in the developed world, the relentless regression in education and intelligence of youth, the handicapping of the immune systems of children by corporate drugs and injections,– all these have not merely doubled – their increase has been exponential in the past few years. And worst of all perhaps: the inexorable decline in the quality of life that the masses are willing to accept as their one and only appearance on this earthly stage. Sheeplike, so many give up; there’s nothing we can do, this is as good as it gets, it’s inevitable… Seems the majority will either turn a blind eye to the above evils, or else be swept along by the flood of persuasion that daily convinces people that all these above outrages are good and necessary… the Greater Good con…. Because to do otherwise would involve something even more fearsome: a little independent reading. Without texting.

Fortunately, the best of all possible worlds is still around as well: direct experience with nature in its raw beauty, usually out of the city, no phones or computers. Preferably shared with family and friends. Watching the unbridled joy in the eyes of undrugged, normal weight, adjusted children at play. Direct relationship with animals, that are not in zoos. Discovery of a new writer or information source that does not parrot the standard google-pedia jabber, but cuts through the layers of conditioning and goes for the jugular, to reveal whole areas about which we had no idea… Exposing some of the agendas in the above paragraph, in a novel, clear and undeniable way.

Discovery of new music, that actually has some structure and complexity and inspiration behind it, evoking the original human spirit and passion. Interest in a new sport or discipline or relationship, requiring skill and practice and commitment. New vistas in personal development. Making a real breakthrough in a personal health issue, one that ‘no one could cure’, even though we’ve “tried everything.”

All this still exists, in its original unmarketed non-phony version. It is not for everyone. Many are not interested in achieving their potential. The triumphant path of least resistance, where the slug is king, will always predominate. The fuller life is the result of initiative, action, hard work, and massive rejection. The fittest will endure from the Survival of the Correctly Informed.