Lucky guess.  As the worst storms pelted the entire US coast to coast this holiday season, Cabo was sunny and 75 the entire time.  Not as busy as expected, what with the thousands of flights cancelled all over the US for an entire week.  Lucky us.

Captive to its charm since the 90s, and my third time there this year, we see Cabo slowly evolving year after year.  Both for the better and the worse.

As everybody knows, the physical beauty of the place parallels any vacation spot in the world – that much is incontrovertible.  And between October and May every year you can pretty much count on sunny skies and Utopian weather.  The preternaturally blue blue sky over that psychedelically shimmering blue blue water matches any exotic island in southeast Asia or the Caribbean or Mediterranean – no question. 

And there is such a variety of lodging options that you really can’t complain about crowds and noise.  If you don’t like it, move.

The uninitiated, trying to navigate the systematic deceit and misrepresentation of sites like booking.com and expedia, etc. might still luck out and find themselves in an idyllic setting, for a reasonable price.  Of course other less festive scenarios are also possible across that diverse wide spectrum – or so I have read.  So there’s certainly a broad learning curve there, with a dash of blind luck thrown in.

There are two Cabos, as you probably know – San Jose and San Lucas – about 30 minutes apart.  One is calm and serene, and the other can be noisy and frenetic, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Most of us are familiar with the Marina, Giggling Marlin, The Office, Cabo Wabo etc. scene at the center of Cabo San Lucas.  Sometimes it can get very crowded and other times less.  Unpredictable, really.  But you can certainly find enough to divert your attention no matter what your age demographic, all hours of the day and night.   

Some time during your stay, you have to try and tear yourself away from the Ultimate Margaritas and endless fish tacos along the beach and get out on that glorious ocean  — either by kayak, water taxi, yacht, jetski, ultralight, cruise ship, rubber raft, or whatever. 

As you stroll past all the shops and restaurants along the Marina, you’ll be accosted with plenty of opportunities for going out fishing, whale watching, trips to Los Arcos, Lovers Beach, The Window, etc.  Plus alter your perception.  You really do want to say Yes to one of those guys at some point.  

Even if they rob you and desert you somewhere out on the point, it’s better than just vegetating there on that fat beach the whole time, like a melting watermelon.  I mean you flew down for some adventure, didn’t you? How bad could it be?   Plus that probably wouldn’t even happen, right?

Some decent hotels in San Lucas.  If you stay at one of the big name Spanish mafia beach hotels, my advice is don’t choose inclusivo and the wristband.  That means meals. With their watered down drinks.  There are great places to eat all around you, so why lock into one place that may be having a bad month or whatever.  You’ll actually save money by not getting the meal plan.  Plus those hotels can be really noisy with some of the worst amplified music you’ve ever heard.   But then again, not always.

Many of the enormous resorts on the way out of town, back along the Transpeninsular racetrack that connects the 2 Cabos, are sumptuous, elegant, isolated and well appointed.  Very popular with inbred germaphobes, haute coutre heiresses, Silicon Valley billionaire tards, and lowborn criminals from Washington DC and Sacramento all mixed in.  Jacket and tie for dinner, etc.   Some magnificent beaches along there however, for a fact, well patrolled by para-military masked security staff to keep you safe from any imaginary narcoterrorists or other Spielberg nightmare characters. 

For many, this is exactly what they’re looking for.  Virtual reality and the illusion of the 100% hermetically-sealed life experience, free of Mexicans.

Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.  That’s a whole semester right there. Short version: the quality of the food has nothing whatsoever to do with the appearance of the place.  You can have the best meal of your life in a five star or in a beat up little local place. Or vice versa.   Or you can be in an excellent restaurant and order the wrong thing, and have a suboptimal result.  So your only alternative is experiment.  And get recommendations. 

Just mentioning one place you can’t go wrong: WTF Burger at the Marina.  Real Wagyu, celestial shrimp, ultimate ambiance next to all the yachts and seals, etc.  Ask for Jimmy – he owns it.

Other worthy restaurants to locate there: Latitude 22, La Taquiza, Mezcla, Cabo Grill Shop, and Villa Serena.

Do not leave Cabo San Lucas without meeting Ernesto and going up in his two-man hang glider powered by a miniature aircraft engine.  Absolutely safe – he’ll fly you out from the beach at 500’ right over the tops of the cruise ships, over the whale watchers, then over the Arches, back along over the Marina, then over all the hotels,  all the way out to the point at the far end of the beach, and back.  Directly above all that transparent cerulean / jade crystal clear water  — . Fifteen years and never crashed.  Once I asked him to turn off the engine while we were up, which he did!  No problema – he’s a Class V hang glider pilot.  Cabo Sky.

Now let’s leave CSL and take a leisurely cruise back along the death defying Tranpeninsular racecourse, eastward to Cabo San Jose.  If somebody wants to pass you even though you’re doing 80, pull over and let him.  It’s exactly like the road between Nice and Monte Carlo.  Or the Autobahn.  Suicidal maniacs have the right of way.  Should call it the Charles Darwin Highway.

Now Cabo San Jose is an entirely different zeitgeist.  First of all, the beach itself is far superior to San Lucas. 

Broader, longer, cleaner, no vendors, much less populated,  with a much more swimmable and surfable break, as well as some very calm spots. 

Plus horses!  Lots of horses.    


At the far end you’ll find the only legit stables in Cabo: Bonanza Stables.  Very well cared for horses.  For any level.  If you’re a rider, it’s fine for you to leave the group and go flying down the beach as fast as you want.  If not you can just have a leisurely tour of the beach and the adjacent wetlands and get lectured by some of these guides who know both names for all the species of the wetland birds.  Garza means heron, etc.

There’s a respectable surf spot in front of Zippers, complete with full on surf school. Zippers is a big bar and restaurant – one of the best locations in all Central America.

You can sit inside at a table or outside on the beach.. Great music – all American classics.  Sometimes live music, mercifully not Mexican.  The longer you stay there the more difficult it becomes to think of any reason why you should leave – that beach, that vibe, that view, that sun – this is why you braved all those masquerados on the delayed flights, isn’t it?  

Soon the lower primates in Washington and Sacramento and Silicon Valley and the fake news Metaverse newsreaders all become vague phantasms and that whole virtual reality just floats away.  And reality becomes your reality once again – what a concept.

Now of course there are many big, high-profile beach hotels along Cabo San Jose’s Zona Hotelera, again with the eminently avoidable inclusivo options.  Because right across the street are several very decent restaurants, like the Holy Octopus, etc.   I prefer the smaller boutique hotels which are so much classier and less expensive.  But Cabo San Jose is rarely rowdy or really noisy.  They fold up the sidewalks by 10:30 or so.

Another discovery you’ll soon find in Cabo San Jose is the tourist shopping area, consisting of a good size open plaza ringed by dozens of authentic shops and mostly good restaurants.   Every Thursday  the local artists display their work in the plaza – they call it Artists’ Walk.  Some of the art is original oil painting, not the usual cookiecutter machine-generated prints you see everywhere else.  What is a painting worth?  Art is worth what any moron is willing to pay for it, as I have firsthand knowledge.

But the difference with the Cabo tourist area is that many of the shops are unique and authentic. 

In San Lucas most of the shops have all the exact same items mass generated in the mafia sweatshops of Oaxaca and the mountains outside Guadalajara – same T shirts, same runners, same pottery, same cheap jewelry, same shoes, same everything in every shop. 

But San Jose is different.  These shops have been there for decades and are family owned.  You’ll see many unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.  Like there is a Turk named Metin who has an entire shop of magnificent handmade Turkish glass hanging lamps in a rainbow of colors.  You won’t see a shop like that anywhere else in central America. 

Many of the leather jackets and boots in one store in the tourist area were excellent quality, in the Italian styles, handmade from Mexican leather.  The boots are very high quality and cost about 25% as much as you’d pay in California.   Jewelry to rival the workmanship of the best shops anywhere, if you look around.  Some fine pieces, broad variety of unique styles, with reasonable prices which are still a little negotiable.   

I happened into this one hidden plaza off the square in which were displayed these lifesize sculptures of animals made completely out of welded motorcycle parts! Not kidding.  It’s sounds stupid but they were masterfully crafted – full-size horses, giraffes, foxes, bulls, lions, moose, etc.  And very expensive. You’ve never seen anything like it.

You do yourself a disservice to be in a hurry going through San Jose’s tourist area.  Or to fly all the way to Cabo and miss it completely.

A last word about money.  Now the siren song of fake news for the past year has been what – the end is near, everything’s crashing, Elon’s going to be working at Starbucks, America is over, blah blah woof woof, etc.  You know what I’m talking about.  But now here we are in a multicultural multinational tourist area with a hundred flights a day from all over the world. 

In San Lucas, the construction of new hotels and business has never stopped in the past 20 years.  And it’s not slowing down now.  If you were last there 20 years ago you’ll be astounded at the growth.  Foreign investment still pouring in, with an explosion of the real Mexico part of the town where the locals live.  That’s some of what you see from the hang glider.

The yacht harbor in Cabo San Lucas, – Marina del Rey – has grown to bursting and it’s impossible to find a slip, no matter who you are.  It’s enormous – an endless sea of yachts… 

Now Cabo San Jose is different.  There’s almost no more room available for new hotels and new residential properties.  So many beautiful gated villas and haciendas and townhouses of a million dollars with the manicured lawns and gardens,  up there behind the smaller San Jose Marina.  Practically full – hardly anything for sale.  Everyone wants to live there or at least have a vacation place.

The point is – for the last 10 years or so, both Cabos continue as magnets for investors and expats from all over the world.  I met so many Americans and Europeans who have lived in Cabo for years and are living the life.  A life which doesn’t include the daily ration of google fake news.

Just check out the private jet lot at Cabo San Jose International.  It’s full of beautiful big private jets from everywhere in the world.   Lots more there than are parked at San Jose California airport.

Plus every day there are at least two cruise ships that come into the bay and discharge several thousand passengers.

Many of the Cabo resorts and hotels are not cheap, especially the bigger ones.  But they’re fairly well occupied most of the year.  And so is the Marina and the beach.  Hundreds of flights every few days are full and not slowing down. 

So my point is – where is this recession?  I don’t see it.  A whole lot of people have fricking money – more than ever it seems.  The economy is evidently healthy.  Except in the daily scroll of Google and Microsoft phaeque news.   If you don’t have enough money, start working.  Get a new job – it’s easy.  Every employer in America is looking for decent help who can actually work.  People remodeling their houses all over North American can’t find enough skilled and semi skilled workers to help them.  If you’re in your own recession, stop whining.  Start working!  Don’t wait for that doddering idiot to send you another check! What happened to the work ethic that built America?  This is the secret that many of the Cabo tourists seem to have learned, right?  Don’t believe me?  Go there and see it.

Now it’s not just the rich who have relocated and are vacationing in Cabo.  Many everyday people who still are on a budget and have regular jobs can find comfortable lodging in the reasonable hotels and locales – although those would be mostly in San Lucas, not San Jose.  Plenty to choose from.

Last thing:  bring cash.  You’ll get a 20% discount for everything!

This is getting too long but I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I saw in Cabo this time.  Didn’t even mention the desert dirt biking, lobster banquets, beach hiking, turtle recovery program, rock climbing, downtown nightlife, bars, real estate exploration, drug market, the two runaway purebred lab puppies who jumped out of the desert, etc.  Go there and see for yourself!



This was the best summary of the 60 Day Program we have ever done. You can watch it on YouTube here.

A quick intro to the most vital topics which anyone committed to the two month detox absolutely must know, including:


    New West diet
       Clearing the digestive tract and the blood
       Who can expect success from the Program


Dr John Bergman is hands down the best interviewer one could hope for.  Not only does he shut up and listen to the guest – he then has relevant comments and questions.  Nobody does that these days.  Nobody listens.

The result is the viewer benefits. Give it a look before YT pulls it!

Then for the complete science background to the Program see the chapter The 60 Day Program at thedoctorwithin website.



A classical principle of traditional nutrition science, Vicarious Elimination is the term coined by JH Tilden, MD a century ago.  Never has it been more accurate and relevant than it is today, with Americans fatter sicker and dumber than ever before.

Excerpt from the Enzymes chapter:  


                       TOXEMIA AND VICARIOUS ELIMINATION       

Toxemia means blood poisoning. Way back in 1926, a famous Colorado healer, JH Tilden MD, wrote a book which was the culmination of a lifetime of clinical experience, Toxemia Explained. Dr. Tilden was radical. He didn’t believe drugs cured disease. He had one simple thesis:

                “… every so-called disease is a crisis of toxemia, which means that toxin has accumulated in the blood above the toleration point. … the crisis, the so-called disease – call it cold, flu, pneumonia, headache, or typhoid fever – is a vicarious elimination. Nature is endeavoring to rid the body of toxin.” Toxemia Explained p. 49 [8]

A disease is named for where the toxins accumulate so much that that body part starts failing.

This model of disease, known as vicarious elimination, has never been disproven.

What happens is, the normal avenues for expelling waste – liver, kidneys, and colon – are overwhelmed. As a survival instinct, other organs of the body become enlisted to help get rid of wastes. They try desperately to expel the indigestible, rotting poisons, often becoming inflamed or diseased themselves in the attempt.

One obvious example of this idea is acne. Acne is not a skin problem. It is a vicarious elimination: the blood and the colon are so backed up with poisons that are accumulating faster than they can escape that the body tries an extreme solution: expel the poisons through the body’s largest organ: the skin. An alternative escape route. As the poisons leave, they irritate the normal skin and cause rash, redness, or pustulated eruptions, like pimples or boils.

This is why skin creams and lotions don’t work in such a scenario. It’s not a skin problem. It’s a problem of chronic blood poisoning from an indigestible diet. Third World people rarely get acne. Acne is a disease of excess, a consequence of the enzymeless, fast food lifestyle.

Chronic ‘incurable’ eczema and psoriasis often fall into the same category. People suffer needlessly for years with these diseases, under the direction of their well-intentioned but clueless dermatologist who has convinced them that their only hope is to find the right medication for their ‘skin disease.’

Same with the kidneys. Their original job was simply to maintain water and electrolyte balance within the blood. But with the advent of modern foods of commerce, suddenly the kidneys find themselves spending all their energy trying to filter out these new manmade chemicals from the blood – a function for which they were never designed. Result: kidney disease today is the #9 cause of death in the US. [1]

Dr. Henry Bieler offers another example of vicarious elimination: the lungs take over for the kidneys. When the level of toxins in the blood exceeds the kidneys’ capacity to eliminate them via the urine, the lungs try to take up some of the slack. The lungs secrete some of the blood’s toxins through their mucous membranes. Such toxicity irritates and inflames the delicate lung membranes, and can be the initial cause of pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, edema or virtually any other lung problem.  So the lungs detox you by breathing out the volatilized poisons. (p 164) [6]

Same with a cold. A cold is simply the body’s way of saying that the level of toxicity has now surpassed the body’s ability to get rid of wastes through the normal avenues: colon, kidneys, and liver. So it will try alternative or vicarious routes: nose, mouth, throat, eyes, or lungs.

Bieler uses this same model to explain dysmenorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease: irritation of female organs when they are used as alternate routes of toxin removal from the blood, every month. At menopause, when this avenue of detox falls into disuse, various new problems may occur as a result. (p 172).

Vicarious elimination: an organ of reproduction being used as an emergency organ of detoxification.

Again, Tilden’s theory of vicarious elimination is that many diseases are really just an organ’s emergency attempt to discharge excess poisons because the primary avenues are overloaded. If that body part is overwhelmed in the process, it becomes diseased and we pretend that that organ, in isolation from the rest of the body, is the problem.

Such thinking is more than just simplistic and disingenuous; if medical decisions are based on false perceptions focusing only on the diseased organ as the disease, the results will range from ineffective to fatal.

Dr. Tilden felt that undigested food in the intestines and in the blood was the primary cause of all disease. His ideas are now being substantiated in most gastroenterology journals, which explore in great detail the ‘modern’ phenomenon of


The reason the food remains undigested is lack of enzymes.

Here’s what happens: We eat trashy food. We can’t digest it. It remains in our intestines in a rotting form for weeks on end. Eventually the protective intestinal lining weakens and allows some of the rotting, undigested food to enter the bloodstream.

Once in the blood, the toxic debris can settle just about anywhere. As a foreign protein, the debris can then initiate an inflammatory reaction at the particular location where it happens to end up. The snap diagnosis is that we have a problem at the site of the inflammation: the joints, the muscles, the liver, the kidneys, the intestines, the stomach, whatever.

Then we are given drugs to cover up the symptoms. Doctors pretend they can treat that single ‘problem’ part in isolation from the rest of the body. That’s why it doesn’t work.

According to Dr. Tilden, these types of chronic, mysterious illnesses almost always have toxemia as the root cause.

Dr. Tilden was ahead of his time. His ideas are far superior to modern drug remedies. In most chronic disease situations, especially one that has baffled all the medical geniuses, Tilden’s approach should be tried first, if one is to have any hope at all of a complete, permanent recovery.

Thomas Sydenham, the most famous English physician of the 17th century, long ago supported Tilden:

                             “Disease is nothing else than an attempt on the part of the body to  rid itself of morbific matter.”
                                                               – Bieler,
    p 40 [6]

Morbific – that means dead and rotting.

For more on the colon see Journey to the Center of Your Colon.



Listen to this new recording,  a guitar instrumental: The Beaches of the World. 

What does it remind you of?

Tired of all the gloomy weather in your town? Or just tired of all the Noise out there? Go to your safe room, turn out the lights, close your eyes and take yourself to — that beach – the one you’ve been to long ago, or the one you’ve always looked for.



6. NEW PHONE NUMBER FOR thedoctorwithin

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Here’s the new number: 



This is a permanent change – please delete the old 915 number from your records