1. Kansas City Technique seminar 18 Jan
2. Greenpeace in Russia: The Price of Success
3. Health Care Mess: Chiropractic To The Rescue
4. Best and Worst of All Possible Worlds
5. New Online Nutrition Seminar
6. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013



EPOC Grand Rapids Michigan – 16 Jan


The Fading Art of Traditional Chiropractic Adjusting: A Hands-On Symposium

Dr Tim Young and I did this Denver event in early Oct.

It was sold out, half doctors and half students. Since we strive to make sure each attendee gets personal critiquing, we don’t really want to take on large numbers at any one seminar. Not the usual nod-off seminar, this event’s focus is to contribute to the profession’s overall ability to deliver chiropractic to the population. For the students, many were thrilled to have made their first actual adjustment, since so many are discouraged from doing so at school these days. For the doctors, they were happy to tune up their skills, get new ideas, and be evaluated for mastery of this fading art: osseous adjusting.

Feedback averaged 9 out of 10, with most grateful for the lack of rah-rah, self promotion, vendor noise, or any of the other distractions that are so annoying in many events. We are not complacent with this however and gained many ideas for improving the next one. It’s good now, but it’s going to be great.

Next Venues:


Unique Approach to Technique:

Traditional osseous adjusting is becoming rarer each year. Travelling the globe as we do, the expectation for a decent adjustment in any given location has become less and less hopeful.

If the student is not exposed to the essentials of adjusting before graduation, there may be limited opportunities in the years afterward to see exactly how it’s done, up close and personal, by an experienced proficient. Many simply give up.

Any art worth mastering requires suffering through our mistakes, and never giving up. This course will accelerate that learning curve exponentially. It’s the fast track for those who know they can do it better, whether you just graduated or have practiced for 20 years. Success in this profession requires mastery of a specialized skill, unique to the chiropractic profession – our legacy for the past 100 years.

Osseous adjusting is the legacy of the chiropractic profession. Can you do it?

Have you been trained to adjust by teachers who had mastered it? Or were you just shown some old videos, or maybe some irrelevant discussions on core strengthening, or something even more esoteric.

Virtual chiropractic.

How did moving bones suddenly become this big secret? It’s no mystery at all for anyone with a really successful practice.

Want in on it? Show up. See Attendee comments.

More info: (408) 753-9830
doc77777[ @ ]gmail.com


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Maybe you’ve heard of Greenpeace, the international environmental group that has been around for decades. And maybe you heard their ship was captured by the Russkis a couple of months ago, with 30 of them jailed for 2 months. Trumped up charges of piracy, then hooliganism, likely will quietly disappear in time for the Winter Olympics in Moscow. Russian outrage at violation of their sovereignty was eventually put into the proper perspective, when Greenpeace paid the $3.5 million euro ‘ransom.’ You can find the details of all that, if you’re capable of reading between the lines of those stories..

But the point that is generally missed in the entire saga is this: what was the Greenpeace ship doing in Russian waters in the first place? Answer: Same thing they always do – try and draw global attention to ongoing systematic environmental ravaging. In this case it was some extremely risky offshore drilling the Russians were doing, using outmoded equipment and unsafe methods. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago would pale by comparison should the same event occur in these arctic waters. No way to fix it. They’d probably let it bleed out, which might have unthinkable long term effects on marine life in the northern hemisphere for years to come.

So that’s really all Greenpeace was trying to accomplish – draw attention to it. Which they certainly did, beyond their wildest expectations, though perhaps not in the way they’d hoped. But instead of focusing on Greenpeace’s global mission and reporting what they actually did in Russian waters, the editors in US media generally took the cheap shot – the lead was to be that the Greenpeace people were irresponsible pirates, or vandals at least, and simply got what was coming. Variations on that theme.

Then when the retard faction clocked in with blogs and ‘comments’ under the yahoo and google news stories, 90% of it was the predictable inbred redneck opinion that Greenpeace had played with fire and got burned, they shoulda got more prison time… etc.

Was anyone else disturbed by that, besides idealistic morons like myself who believe the environment is more than just a human toy?

It was only that shrinking demographic – the Correctly Informed – who got the big picture, and recognized Greenpeace’s true objective. So if media posturing and reader response is any indicator, environmental awareness and responsibility is certainly at an all time low. No more time for inconvenient truths, right?

Not to mention the ability to distinguish the real underlying story from the corporate bias that was generally portrayed in pop media. Dumb and getting dumber — if the story can be tied to global corporate in any way, it will be duly served up by newsreaders and other lapdogs in mainstream press, fetching the stick.

Who got fined here? Who did not? Who is risking colossal environmental devastation? Who got off scott free, virginity intact?

The Survival of the Correctly Informed. What are we leaving to today’s children?



If you want to learn what’s NOT going on with any ongoing news story today, watch network TV news. Or read the daily blurbs in Yahoo. The dumber we get, the easier it becomes to lie to us.

I try my best to avoid those sources really – bad both from a vibrational and a karmic level, this being the only life I’ll ever live, and all. But it’s unavoidable, especially if one travels a lot. The digital footage crosses your path at some point.

So I was listening to this brainless downtown high functioning Kewpie doll reading the news on Fox or CNN who was pointing out to all and sundry that Obama lied about health care. First Obama said you could keep your doctor, then he said you couldn’t. Gee. Then he passed it off to the individual governors, who are going to do what they’re told by their masters. Which is certainly not us.

One minute was all I could take. Next day another simian talking head was on, and he was director of something or other that was in charge of making hospitals more profitable. This guy was lamenting how hospitals are handicapped by antitrust laws that prevent them from sharing records.

So if you have a huge workup done for some mysterious illness, bill tens of thousands on inconclusive tests and exhaust their expertise, if you then go to another facility because you still have the same disease, they have to start all over from square one. Can’t use any of the work that has already been done.

Why? Because the procedures and the billings codes are proprietary to the first hospital! You and your insurance company just wasted all that time and money, plus all the resources of the first hospital. Or if you’re an illegal, doesn’t matter to you how many hospitals you go to – it’s all free, right?

And the guy was saying all this like it made sense and he was just explaining it to the sheepsters. But here’s where media always tricks us:

1. We believe what they’re saying is true

2. We accept the premises of their argument

In these 2 instances we can see why any version of “Affordable Care” can never work. Can we all agree that trying to figure out how to pay for something so intrinsically unworkable is a fool’s errand?

Let’s back up to the Kewpie doll a minute. First of all, Obama lied to us? Really? Was it that slow of a news day? OK, let’s get this – Obama’s supposed to lie to us. Every day. That’s his job. He’s the president. Is there any single area where he has not consistently misrepresented the truth, since he came to office? Can’t think of any. We have to face it – there’s no more JFKs in our future. No more open limousines. Or presidential leadership, where hard decisions are made based on ethics, courage, loyalty to the Constitution, or even intelligence. That ship sailed long ago, unlikely to return in our lifetime.

So for starters let’s remember the requisite educational level of news stories – lowest common denominator. The suggestion here is – we should be appalled that the president ‘lied to us.’ Why? Because he usually doesn’t? Please. That’s just the daily fare. Not news.

Secondly, Obama is not a monarch. He doesn’t make policy, in any area. He didn’t draw up Obamacare, any more than he personally decided to fight the wars, or condone torture, expunge posse comitatus, record every single email sent in the US, loot the country in all the bailouts, ring up a $17 trillion debt, or suspend the constitution in any of a dozen ways that I’m forgetting here.

No. Obama’s just the lead singer. The frontman. But not like Sting, or Freddie Mercury – someone with control. No, he’s the guy whose face you know but he’s not driving the bus. Like Foghat, or ACDC or Radiohead or somebody – where you don’t even know their names.

The president today just does what he’s told. Dancing bear, puppet, head of sales, trained seal, top billing, prima ballerina – pick your metaphor. But he doesn’t make decisions. No, no. Other guys do that. Obama flies around and goes to dinners.

Once we get that, can we just lower our expectations then? But what does all this have to do with Affordable Health and chiropractic? Wait for it.

For the last year or more, this indefinable, amorphous thing called Obamacare has been constantly in flux. That will continue until it becomes so watered down and confused, it will eventually self destruct. Like the Clintons’ masterful plan for ‘health care.’ Remember that? In the meantime they will figure out the best ways to raise premiums, and deny care – the DNA code of all insurance. That much has been consistent with Affordable Care, and is the only real thing we can count on.

In other newsletters we have cited statistics of the declining health in the US during the past decade. No one is challenging that, except in the cancer industry perhaps. Exponential growth of both degenerative and infectious diseases, across the board. But today we’ve turned a whole new corner – now the architects of the looming Obamacare gargoyle have conjured up an actual law forcing citizens to buy insurance. Mandatory medical insurance! And we must sign up for it online. And people are actually doing it!

Can you imagine what Jefferson, Hamilton or Washington would think? Where does it say these guys downtown can do that? Guess what — it doesn’t. But the sheepsters don’t know that they can’t. So therefore they can.

Now they’re claiming mandatory insurance is necessary in order to slow the runaway decline in health. And there it is right there– that’s the pivotal miscalculation everyone swallows without even thinking —- that insurance and health are related. The past 50 years have proven the converse – no correlation whatsoever between coverage and good health.

90% of diagnostic tests come back negative. Most are unnecessary in the first place and many aren’t even indicated. Again here is medicine’s crowning achievement – getting everyone to think that high tech tests are the treatment. Looking for the cause is medical treatment of disease. That’s what people actually think, because that’s what doctors tell us, over and over. And the drugs, drugs, and more drugs between the tests – that’s also a vital part of treatment. And of course their secret weapon – new experimental drugs.

Any alternative to this diabolical auto-destruct merry-go-round??

Yes. And here’s where chiropractic comes in. Holistic approaches, unburdened by experimental drugs and procedures set by business protocols – literally they’re our only hope of staying off the medical treadmill that’s facing away from the cliff. Diet, exercise, adjustment – these are what determine health, and in most cases our only hope of restoring it when it’s lost.

Recalibrate the neurology – the true chiropractic adjustment – normalize mechanoreceptor input. Reconnect the body’s conversation with itself. Reboot the integral organism – hey, just remind the body that it is the pinnacle of life’s evolution within the known universe, capable of unimaginable complexity and subtlety. The source of inspiration, fine arts, building and creating, imagination, altruism, etc. Limitless abundance of potential, waiting to be set free, to have the obstacles removed, to have that precise adjustment made to its present disorganization. Reharmonize the tone.

That’s the human potential, and it’s our highest reality. But at present I’m on vacation out here on the beaches of the world, and I see the people who have the time and money to amuse themselves. In this international setting I can report that I’m seeing very few examples of this pinnacle of life’s evolution in the known universe, Jack. The first words that come to mind when encountering many of the species on the beachwalk are: Please don’t eat me.

Best foods, worst foods – what’s the difference, in these quantities? The typical lifestyle is statistically pathogenic. We bear witness.

The biomechanical distortions are just as apparent. And epidemic. Anterior weight bearing, rotations and flexions of all manner, voluntary cripples, at every turn. Humans are literally dying for lack of chiropractic and the holistic model.

We are now at this point in history in survival mode to stay out of hospitals, and to keep away from situations that would even require medical insurance or hospital visits. These are generally handicaps to the return of health, not facilitators. And it’s not just invasive or inappropriate procedures, and excessive drug prescription, but consider also the very real risks of iatrogenic, nosocomial disease conditions just from being present in that environment. All this, with very little prospect of success.

Mandatory insurance – think about it. We are now required to pay for insurance for a type of treatment which by their own statistics is almost certain to fail. And worse, we then embark on the never-ending carousel of drugs, disease and death.

How about an outrageous alternative. Imagine if people were required to do 60 days of chiropractic, controlled diet, and exercise first – before beginning the ponderous bloated medical workups for undefined chronic diseases. Just think about it – with the catastrophic fail rate of the present model, how could that possibly be worse – even if it was a total placebo?

But it isn’t worse. It is exponentially better. Holistic health is the best kept secret of those who would keep us on our knees and keep the de-evolution of the species right on track. Only virtual, token examples of genuine holistic care will be covered in the new medicine. That’s practically part of the credo – if something works, it isn’t covered.

And why is that? Because the goal of medical insurance, mandatory or otherwise, was never optimum health. Their only goal is money. It took billions in lobbying during the past 5 years to give birth to this new abortion. These guys are looking for the return on that investment. And now with Medicine As Government/ Government As Medicine they have the perfect tool to ensure that return.

Mandatory insurance: God help us.



This month’s contribution will be an ongoing monthly feature – an attempt to remind ourselves that at this period in time we shouldn’t forget that we’re living in the best of all possible worlds as well as the worst. Simultaneously. The standard union of opposites, right?

We are constantly being evaluated and choreographed by the mainstream narrative, which keeps our lives going by at their pace, with their values, with their permission. While positive mental outlook is certainly valuable, I think it can be carried to extreme when it blinds us to today’s totalitarian agendas whose aim is to systematically deprive people of quality of life for themselves and their children.

The distractions employed to enslave us by burning our precious time can prevent us from appreciating what is really inspiring and vital about being alive at this particular moment in time on this third stone from the sun.

Let’s start with some of the Worst things about today’s world, and finish with the Best.

Part of the new Worst of all possible worlds idea is that you’re reading this online. Even though this newsletter tries to honor the reader’s time by offering useful ideas, the unnatural amount of time we are physically in contact with electronics is contributing to the wholesale de-evolution of the species.

Despite all its obvious benefits, the overall loss to the quality of life from digital communications devices is just as great. Think about it – regardless of the prodigious amount of world literature and coursework now available at our fingertips, how much of our time online is spent in real education, compared with how much is devoted the most vapid and frivolous games, insipid fluff, and mindless chatter?

Facebook, Youtube, email, video games, incessant texting – describing the next breath one draws, sending images of food one is about to eat, etc. Do we now spend more time documenting our life than we do living it? Everything we do is not worth recording, OK? The desperation to prove that we’re having more fun, being more successful, taking more expensive vacations, eating in better restaurants, buying better clothes, sleeping with better looking people, etc. than they are.

Virtual life replaces actual life.

The tragedy seems most apparent in very young children with their DVD players, child computers, talking toys, and now the mini-iPad, most powerful of all. When kids would rather stay in and watch the giant screen on a perfectly nice day instead of going outside and actually recreating – riding their bikes, playing in the parks, doing sports, interacting with other kids — then we have a quantum challenge to the evolution of the species, in my opinion.

The tempting side benefit for parents backfires – the new obsession cuts down on parent participation in the child’s life, true. But soon it replaces it.

What happens as they grow up? Yes, superficially computer literate perhaps, but kids seem to have a tendency to morph into the type of insulated introverted sickly pear-shaped monodimensional type of computer-obsessed drones we see so often today in high schools and colleges. Not everyone of course. But the trend is certainly in this direction.

Seems like just being in constant physical contact with cellphones, computers, iPods, etc. interferes with the development of concentration and focus. It’s probably related to the similarity in microelectric charges jumping around in such proximity to us all the time that confuses our own myriad synapses and neurology. How could it not?

How many of us have lost the ability to leave the cellphone, laptop, or iPad behind. Someone might call, or message me – and right there the decision is made that no moment of my self-directed life is as important as chatting about any random moment of it with anyone who calls. This is madness.

How can we actually have a life when we’re constantly documenting what is not worth tracking? What happened to hiking, outdoor sports, surfing, tennis, horses, bicycling, live conversation….They all have their devotees of course, but most are too busy to have time for any more than an occasional outing.

Electronics are here to serve us, not to enslave us. Every moment we spend in contact with the digital world should be evaluated with this criterion. Am I using this resource, or is it using me? Am I being informed or programmed?

I think of aliens aeons from now sifting through the detritus of our forgotten civilization, buried under prehistoric rock strata. As they examine decayed remains of electronic devices, dusty bits of PCs, smartphones, chips and switches, they say to each other: Wow – Look at this – a civilization where everyone actually thought they were important.

Sorry, we didn’t even scratch the surface of Worst of all possible worlds. But this is becoming a novella. Gonna have this section as a monthly feature.

OK, let’s do Best.

Why is this the best of all possible worlds, right at this moment in time?

The raw and eternal beauty of nature persists all around us. Mountains, forests, deserts, canyons, tundras, glaciers, oceans, lakes, rivers, grasslands, hill country, valleys, open sky, animals, etc – it’s all still here. Been here for millions of years. Likely to be here for millions more, despite our best efforts to destroy it. The value of our lives is increased exponentially by the amount of unplugged time we spend in these natural settings. The return to our primordial source, putting that which is infinite in us in touch with what is infinite in nature.

Even in America, populations tend to concentrate in coastal, or riverside areas. You see it when you fly. The rest of the land is still empty. We crowd together like viruses, or bees in a hive. Not that difficult to drive out of the city and escape. But fewer and fewer do that. Most of our parks are empty the majority of the time.

Too busy texting, right? Convincing others of our importance.

What else for Best? The true advances in communication and technology can make knowledge available like never before in history. Caution here, that’s true advances, not advertised, hyped advances.

With the amount of information available come 2 immediate problems, —

censorship, and immensity.

The politically skewed algorithms of google, wikipedia, and others long ago ended the original idea of the true Boolean search. That ship sailed, too. Censorship has reached its most sophisticated level in history, as it actually disappears and is made to look exactly like common sense.

Immensity: The sheer volume of digital data, doubling now at least every 6 months makes it increasingly difficult to find specific answers without an enormous amount of manual sifting. But it is still possible.

These 2 obstacles can be overcome, with diligence and discrimination. So the Best part is that the authentic information we seek is more readily available than doing research in the pre-internet days, where all we had was going to libraries and looking through books and periodicals. It’s just not the instantaneous explicit result that search engines are claiming.

Another part of Best is the food that is available to the Informed consumer today. Here again, problematic to sift through the layers of advertising and learn the fundamentals of true nutrition – enzymes, minerals, probiotics, elimination, antioxidants, as well as what distinguishes the nutrient foods from the processed.

But having done this, a wide array of highly nutritious foods is available in most of the US and other first world countries, if one is fortunate to be live there. Sultans of old did not have anywhere near the variety of exotic foods that are found on the shelves of any Whole Foods, for example. Largely a question of self education. It really is not necessary to dig our graves with our teeth just because most people do so.

Last of the Best, for this edition, let’s add amateur sports. An endless list of nonprofessional sports is available today -training, equipment, environment. Though fitness has been relegated to fad or hobby status today by all those fat to fit infomercials, exercise remains as vital to true health as diet and staying adjusted.

So in this best of all possible worlds, we have to add the availability of participating in a program of regular exercise, at least 5x a week. Doesn’t matter what— as long as it’s at least 20 minutes, to get into the anaerobics. Can range from running (try not to jog — looks weird – run!) or pushups/sit-ups to formal training programs, or anything in between. Only 4% of the US population does any exercise whatsoever. We have all those empty parks, and all that unused equipment in the garage.

Unplug from the mainframe – The Best of all possible worlds keeps its lonely vigil.

Since this life is our one and only visit here, this truly is the Best and Worst of all possible worlds we will ever see. So many good things, and also really bad things we left out here— more next month.


5. New online Nutrition Video Seminar

Just finished Part II of our online Nutrition video series: another 8 hours now CE accredited. For practice, and for life.

We will go into greater depth in the areas of

* Enzymes: the end of reflux – the end of fatigue
* The legacy of my mentors – historical science behind thedoctorwithin
* Stan Bynum, Richard Anderson, Alexis Carrel
* Chronic inflammation: Sugar the Sweet Thief
* Inside of the colon is still the outside of the body
* The Last Resort: drugs or surgery failed- now what?
* To the Heart Patient To the Cancer Patient
* Why DCs must know their nutrition: DD Palmer
* Much more.

More info >>


6. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013

– now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

Here’s an excerpt discussing a mandated vaccine that 90% of people don’t even know what it’s for. Including most pediatricians.


Since its addition to the Schedule in 2002, the Prevnar (PCV) vaccine has been surrounded by controversy. Prevnar contains elements of Strep pneumoniae and diphtheria bacteria, and is marketed as protection for otitis media and bacterial meningitis.

The first and most striking problem with Prevnar is the claim that it protects against otitis media, which is usually a simple earache. Practically all babies get temporary earaches, which are mild and self-limiting and resolve in a day or two. Even the 2007 PDR cites 90% as the figure for infant earaches. [244]

It may be surprising to review the definition of otitis media: a visually abnormal tympanic membrane suggesting effusion [227] (p 3468) That means looking in the baby’s ear, the ear drum appears red. This can happen after crying. There’s no culture, no blood test, nothing besides looking in the ear necessary to diagnose the commonplace otitis. Inflammation, not infection.

So why would violating a child’s bloodstream with a vaccine be necessary to prevent such a mild condition?

Are there any side effects from such a marginally important vaccine? Here’s a partial list, according to the manufacturer:


anaphylactic shock



heart failure







otitis media

– 2007 PDR p 3468 [227]

Wait a minute. Otitis media as a side effect of the vaccine? Wasn’t that what the vaccine was for? And pneumonia? Is it a surprise that injecting healthy kids with Strep pneumoniae might cause pneumonia? And look at all the other serious side effects.

As we read through the manufacturer’s description of the original clinical trials, he states that the subjects were receiving all other standard vaccines at the same time. So how many of these other vaccines list otitis media as a side effect? Answer: 5.

Does that mean we needed this new vaccine to take care of a side effect from other vaccines? Looks like it. The only way this study would have been legitimate would have been if the control group were unvaccinated.

By the way, there were 12 deaths among the original subjects. [227]

The next amazing part of the sales job for Prevnar is the claim of protection against bacterial meningitis an extremely rare disease in the US. The 2007 PDR claims that the incidence is 7 per 100,000 ([227] p 3463) and cites a source from a study written up in the 2 Oct 1997 New England Journal of Medicine [160].

But looking at the actual figures cited in the NEJM study itself, one finds they are claiming less than 1 case per 100,000 of bacterial meningitis. ([160], page 970) Guess the PDR sales force figure no one would actually look up the sources they cite, which generally is true. We can learn two things here:

1. PDR sources can’t necessarily be trusted, and

2. the incidence of bacterial meningitis is 7x rarer than they claim.


Does the Prevnar vaccine work? This subject is addressed head-on by a very thoroughly researched article entitled Prevnar: a critical review of a new childhood vaccine, by British educator Michael Horwin. [161] The original clinical trials on Prevnar resulted in only a 7% reduction in earaches from the vaccine.

That’s the highest benefit they can claim for Prevnar a vaccine for simple childhood earache, with all the above dangerous side effects – may only work 7% of the time.


Horwin also goes into a detailed analysis of the financial entanglements between FDA advisory committees who approved Prevnar and WyethAyerst, the manufacturer. He shows how the most visible proponents of Prevnar, the doctors who do the world lecture tours and have huge research funding and get coverage in medical publications – the specifics of the financial incentives they reap. After a few minutes reading those sweetheart deals, the overall picture comes into focus quite nicely. [161]


The standard cancer disclaimer sentence appears in the manufacturer’s 2007 documentation for Prevnar: “has not been evaluated for carcinogenic potential or impairment of fertility” ([227] p 3467). Meaning that they don’t even know whether or not this unnecessary vaccine causes cancer or may render the child sterile or infertile in adulthood.

The final shocker is that the clinical trials done for Prevnar were for otitis media, not for meningitis. As far as meningitis is concerned, the PDR doesn’t even claim efficacy; and yet all the CDC’s promo literature recommends the vaccine for meningitis, in the absence of supporting science. All that misrepresenting of meningitis statistics cited above is smoke and mirrors.

So even though Prevnar is marketed by the pediatric sales force across the US as protection against otitis media and meningitis, the manufacturer never cites any studies actually performed for meningitis. It’s an unfounded claim, a marketing technique.

It is astounding that when Prevnar was first introduced into the Mandated Schedule, they started with 4 doses: at 2, 4, 6 and 12 months. And the two month dose is given on the same day along with 5 other vaccines! That remains the current Mandated Schedule dose.

Japanese are apparently a little less nonchalant about Prevnar than we are. In Mar 2011, both Prevnar and H. influenzae vaccines were banned in the entire country after 6 children died. [12] That story was barred from American media and only carried in Europe, Asia and Canada.

Try asking any American parent what either of those vaccines is for. Go ahead. Both are still on our Schedule: 22 shots.


The Prevnar vaccine marked a departure in the philosophy of vaccine mandating: now we have shots for theoretical diseases. In the past, vaccines were claimed to be necessary to prevent standard infectious diseases which were supposedly caused by known pathogens: MMR, DPT, hepatitis, smallpox. But in the post 9/11 world, it seems that diseases no longer have to be real to require a vaccine. All that is necessary now is to label and then market a threat. Any threat.

Like temporary redness of the eardrum.

Order the new book: Vaccination Is Not Immunization