That was fast – wasn’t it just 2010 a minute ago? Fukushima radiation spill …Obamacare .… Mostly all forgettable movies, except maybe Secretariat. Or Social Network

How about a quick recap here, just to pretend it’s not all getting past us.

Now if we start out with the Bad, at least we’ll end up on that literary positive note they’re always talking about. Let’s approach this from a historical perspective, as though someone 50 years on discovers this newsletter in some uncensored archive, or rusty old USB drive in the attic and is amused to find an eyewitness report…

Quite an ambitious subject – a whole decade – certainly enough for an entire novel or textbook. Limited as we are to one newsletter, we’ll confine ourselves to just a few examples of what promoted the decline of civilization during the past 10 years.

    forced vaccines
    the New Censorship
    growth of the Nanny State
    disregard for the Constitution
    environment assault
    programmed decline of general IQ,
    perpetual war

It won’t be painless, but it will be brief.

Certainly the most tragic event of the decade has been the relentless juggernaut of politics and media that has successfully convinced most people that the State now owns their children. Not the parents.

Mandatory vaccines is such an extravagant new insult that no other topic should even be discussed these days, with this elephant sitting in the middle of the room. It was bad enough that children were permitted to be injected with experimental deadly inoculations for the past century. But this is different. Now all at once, children are being forced to be inoculated, with no way out. With the kicker that discussion of any relevant science is being systematically banned, on a global scale.

What is there to talk about more important than the survival of our children?

Leading the pack, with its blitzkrieg of unprecedented, unopposed new laws, Vaxifornia will have de facto mandatory childhood vaccination by 1 Jan 2021. Either you know that or you don’t. There will be no alternative, except for homeschooling. Or else moving away, like half a million have already done.

For a summary of why we abolished vaccine exemptions this year, and how most other states are busy with their attempts at emulation, please see the October newsletter . And the previous.

But the most perfidious aspect about these events however, is not about vaccines at all. And it’s not even how meekly the invertebrate general public relinquished its Fourth Amendment right to be secure in their own person, and gave up control of their own children. No, it’s worse.

The real shocker here is the slippery slope we’ve just created – how easily we’ll allow the most venal, unschooled legislators, those with no scientific or medical education whatsoever, to make laws that force people to undergo virtually any drug injection, surgery, medical suggestion, etc. All under the pretense of the Greater Good.

Compulsory vaccination was a breeze – almost no opposition was raised. Why will it be any harder to bring in mandatory chemo, fake insulin, heart drugs, surgeries, prophylactic mastectomy, sterilization, thyroid medicine, AI implants….?

Most people believe in these things right now. Why would we expect much opposition when they become required by law? Today we can no longer say “Aw, they’d never do that…”

The Greater Good. How’d that phrase work out for the SS at Nuremberg?

That’s what the Nazi defense lawyers used to try and justify the Final Solution to the court – the excuse that Adolf’s team was always acting for the Greater Good.

So the judges came back with the idea of Informed Consent, which is now part of international law. Unfortunately, most Americans no longer think it’s important to be informed of what drugs are being forced on them and their children. This has certainly been the decade where the majority has accepted Uninformed Consent.


Second, the New Censorship.

We introduced this topic in the August and September newsletters

and also in the videos:

Suddenly in 2019, everything changed. After the fake measles “outbreak” in Seattle last January, both corporate and social media felt pressure from the vested interests. Online news, FB, YT, Amazon, etc were threatened directly and indirectly by Congress, and other advertisers who had no authority to demand censorship.

But all these media rolled over without a whimper, just at the suggestion. It was a business decision. Suddenly media would no longer permit any discussion of vaccine science. That whole dialog was abruptly expunged from the public narrative. Thousands of videos, thousands of articles and books – gone in a few weeks, like they never existed.

No longer are parents allowed to question the ingredients or the science behind injections being forced into their children. And now, nobody even talks about it any more. Except for the few tiny antivax groups doing what they’ve always done – talking to each other.

Such a successful program of censorship in just a few months, effectively erasing the vaccine issue from public memory…

No one was more surprised by its success than media itself. Wow, if we can eliminate dissension so easily on a life-threatening issue like this, what else can we do?

Indeed. What else have they done?


Third, lack of regard for the US Constitution.

The vaccine issue brought to light at least three direct violations of the Bill of Rights – against Article I and Article IV. Direct attacks on freedom of speech, religion, and one’s person.

Throughout world history there has never been any system of government that even comes close to guaranteeing rights for the individual like this masterpiece from Jefferson and Adams. But socially and politically we’ve been chipping away at the Document for many years, with the greatest disrespect. Never before 2019 have the attacks been so overt and annihilating. And nobody objects.

With the mandatory revisionist technique, so pervasive throughout “educational” books, articles, and films, there seems to be no mention of the Founding Fathers today without characterizing them as “slaveowners” within the first 3 sentences or so. And so the young reader learns to discount their sublime contribution to world government, and devalues it, never learning to appreciate it.

Revisionist: that means judging a period of history by superimposing our current customs and values upon the people of those times, however irrelevant.

Pop Quiz, kids: exactly what document of Jefferson’s was the XIIIth Amendment tacked onto? We’ve conveniently forgotten that. Honest Abe’s Emancipation Proclamation, written on the back of an envelope, did not carry the force of law.

Every country on earth envies our republic, our unparalleled defense of personal freedoms, if only on paper. But the ice cream is melting. Freedoms we don’t value, those we don’t defend, will certainly disappear – the universal ‘use it or lose it’ principle.


Fourth, the environment. Bigtime losses this past decade. Air, food, water, land.

Chemtrails are more extensive than ever before. Nanoparticulate aluminum oxide. Many areas, including southern California, are obscured almost every day, for several years now.

Any place can be a locus for frequent dispersions – Tahoe, Paris, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix – doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it. Of course there is no published list of the most targeted locations because the mainstream (Google, US Air Force, EPA, etc) position is that chemtrails don’t exist, and what people are seeing is just condensation… you know the dodge.

The newest technology in the past 2 years has been to switch from single streaks trailing high flying aircraft, and move to dispersing wide swaths several miles across, parallel to each other. In the early morning. These swaths merge together in a few minutes and can effectively carpet an entire metropolitan area for most of the day. Very common in OC.

How can you tell it’s manmade and not just urban smog or regular overcast? Four criteria: it’s always the same silvery hue, it’s always at the same altitude, it’s always 2 dimensional with no texturing or depth, and the margins are manmade – too regular for nature.

Best news for the overlords: nobody looks up. Most people don’t believe dispersions exist and couldn’t tell the difference between manmade and natural even if they did. See Newsletters and Dane Wigington.

Do you doubt it? Look up!


Processed food, which determines our internal environment, is reasonably estimated as 80% of the diet for 80% of the population. It is contributory to 9 of the top 10 causes of death in the US.

In the past decade the technology for producing processed foods became even more sophisticated, as the industry learned to save on ingredients. More inert fillers, more GMOs, more chemicals, more air, more HFCS, more unnatural and unmetabolizable components… It all contributes to the exponential growth of degenerative disease, especially among young people. See Chapters.

The proliferation of new medical junk science, supposed to cure all this disease: the biotech religion, genetic predisposition, Artificial Intelligence threads for the brain, loads of new TV and online drugs, off-label chemo, robotic surgeries, etc. – the eternal delusion that we will benefit from new technology that is based on the same erroneous allopathic premise, unchanged for the past century

Crude oil continues to gush forth from Louisiana’s 2004 Deepwater Horizon disaster. Any mention of it is all but banned from corporate media today, even though as much as 700 barrels per day continue to pollute the Gulf waters, 15 years on. But we’re much too busy to try and plug it any more.

Fukushima radiation spillover is another present catastrophe of unparalleled magnitude. The amount of ongoing damage to the biosphere may have been exceeded only by the size of the cover-up.

Enormous gyres of floating plastic are present in every ocean today. There are two such floats in the Pacific bigger than the state of Texas. Most recycling is a scam, a profitable new industry for local city governments. For a stupefying intro to that subject, see the film Bag It. [trailer]


Fifth, dumbing down – the deliberate, programmed decline of intelligence across the board, from virtually all epistemological sources. Academic, literary, journalistic, entertainment, legal, political, environmental, etc. This regimented, one-dimensional world view is in force everywhere you look.

Since 2010, Obama’s Common Core has imposed its limitations on children, right out of the gate. It is proving to be the most dramatic failure of any educational philosophy in history, as most educators will admit. But we’re still using the textbooks. No Child Left Behind, no more IQ tests, no encouragement for excellent performance, lowest common denominator levels rewarded, overall anti-intellectual atmosphere – that’s the new standard. [2]

History, geography, fine arts are marginalized, if present at all. Science is reduced to “fun projects” that parents end up doing at night, instead of spending class time in school explaining actual principles of natural phenomena.

Mathematics competence is generally abysmal throughout the country. In an international assessment test (PISA) given every 3 years to 15 year olds all over the world, the US recently ranked # 30. And falling. [1] That was behind Estonia, Finland, and Australia. No improvement since 1992. [2] [3]

Easy to see this deficiency. Watch a store clerk try to give you change for a purchase. Unless the register tells them, they can’t figure out the change without whipping out an Iphone.

Less than half of our 4th, 8th, and 12th grade students can read, or do math at their own levels. [3] This means that half of high school graduates can hardly read. Or add.

Anybody want to argue with that?

This is why there are learning centers in virtually every little strip mall in California. And elsewhere. They are packed. And it’s almost impossible to find a private tutor in math or reading. They’re all booked up – at $50 – $90 per hour. Why? Grade schools simply do not teach enough math to prepare kids to enter high school. And high schools definitely don’t prepare kids for college, especially in math and reading. So the only solution for college hopefuls is – a private tutor.

On and on. Look at the data. All this is not even controversial. No educators are claiming that kids are doing anywhere near as well academically as they were 10 years ago.

Literary and journalistic indicators? Where do you want to start? Children’s books? Go into any Barnes & Noble and spend some time in the children’s section. The books have beautiful bindings and fancy graphics. But no content. You won’t find any story lines. Generally just the most banal, inane dialog.

Look at them! No themes, no classical premises, no adventures, no character development, no moral compass – almost never. Why? The education of the authors, obviously.

Disconcerting that our culture can no longer produce authors like Dr Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Milne, E.B. White, the Brontes, Lewis Carroll, Jane Austen, etc. But even if it could, how many school teachers even know classic children’s literature? A bright 7th grader could possibly absorb The Count of Monte Cristo. But who’s going to show it to him?

Who reads real books to their kids today? Who listens to their kids read out loud? Ever.

Adults – what do they read? The market knows. For that intellectual index, just check out the paperback section in any airport store. Mind-numbing, interchangeably vapid subject matter, at the reptilian brain level. Mandatory that it be synced with the digitized daily ration from CNN, NBC, FB, NY Times, Washington Post, and Yahoo news…. Conde Nast’s goal is for everybody to think the same, same vocabulary, same slang, same idioms, same values, same jokes, same politics, same life motivators.

Mission accomplished, for the most part…

Journalism? That’s a funny word. It’s over. For an explanation of what happened to the news industry check out the brilliant first season of Aaron Sorkin’s The Network miniseries – Jeff Daniels. No more investigative reporting permitted. Just find some gossip, and then skew it into the common mold, garnished with the requisite innuendoes – sexism, racism, name-calling, junk science, political polarizing, LGBTQ prurience – you know, the day-to-day bread and butter.

Keep it short – no image longer than 2 seconds, just churn it out and voilá – it’s news! Just enough smoke and mirrors till tomorrow.

The goal of modern media is no longer to inform. Today its 3 primary objectives are to polarize, to deceive, and to control.

High marks for all three.

Funny thing, it’s not always like that in the rest of the world. When you go to Europe, they may have TV news commentators who actually have credentials in political science, economics, world affairs, history, etc. And they are often capable of making erudite, thoughtful assessments of the day’s events. Shocking!

That’s simply not permitted in the US. We’re limited to the bleached blonde magpies or neutered males with their GEDs, rotely reading their teleprompters, or spewing forth their nonstop quacking opinions that they got from their friends years ago in high school…


Entertainment – now we’re really descending into the Ninth Circle. For a fair overview, start out just by browsing Netflix, or Cinema HD. Notice how over 95% of movies, TV series, and videos have been masterfully homogenized at an extremely low vibrational level. Just scroll through them.

The characters seem to be stamped from the same mold, graduates of the same schools described above. Same 10 predictable premises over and over, cheesy sci-fi monsters, all leads must be clever, re-mastered female doctors, lawyers, or geniuses, replete with fake sex, fake martial arts, gratuitous violence, no story, no surprises, no resolution. Preferably with explosions – lots of explosions.

A prime example: the History Channel. Many actual events of the past which have long been authoritatively documented are suddenly now being arbitrarily re-written in the trendy revisionist religion. Self-styled experts like mythBusters, Penn &Teller, National Geographic, etc., always diving for that bottom, the absolute nadir of human cognition. How Columbus really was an alien, or Davy Crockett was actually born in Africa and got his knife from Sharper Image, or Julius Caesar was a closet gay, or the Mona Lisa is actually Leonardo himself in drag, or what’s really been going on in Area 51 all this time, etc.

Or the recent unsuccessful attempt to arbitrarily change the 2000 year old BC /AD designation for years to “Common Era…” Idiocy….it’s endless.

Traditional history has got to be wrong – well, we’re not sure why but it has to be…

Wasn’t history our richest treasure trove – the hope of humanity’s future? Look how Netflix, YT, and Common Core have abased it. Aided and abetted by Wiki/ google – advocacy media at its finest.


Another area that deserves honorable mention in any discussion of the evils of the past decade is certainly Politics.

Since nobody ever complains they don’t hear enough politics, we’ll forbear any longwinded political harangues here. But that’s the main pre-occupation of all media, isn’t it? Ninety three percent of which are controlled by just 6 corporations, as we all know.

Why doesn’t anybody’s mother teach them that it is impolite to discuss religion or politics any more?

In our inexorable slide toward The Singularity – the tipping point where the machines take over – the corporate lords seem to feel that it’s to their economic advantage if one political point of view is always portrayed as upstanding and virtuous, and the other ill-intentioned and demonic. Just two options are available – there’s no middle ground. At least 93% of the time – they admit it – that’s their figure.

Long forgotten is the traditional democratic idea about agreeing to disagree. No, no. Now it’s more like – you’re wrong and I’m going to kill you. This behavior is not only reported by the media – it’s created and encouraged.

Not since the Civil War has our population been so polarized, to its current pitch of emotional frenzy. The worst of it is, it’s never based on legitimate reporting of evidence and fact. Look how much of video and printed news today consists entirely of name-calling. Almost no investigation, no facts, no evidence. Just so-and-so said that so-and-so was a such-and-such. And that’s national news, a big story.

Are we all in 6th grade? Where are the credentials – the authority? The objectivity, the dialog? It’s all Barnum&Bailey and Edward L Bernays now. There’s so much more going on in today’s world! When will we ever hear about it?

Again, it’s not always like this outside the US. Look at RT or Epoch Times, or even Al Jazeera some time for a reminder what journalism used to look like.

Barely scratched the surface here, but enough of the Bad. At least they didn’t get away clean, right? Not from our dear readers anyway.

Let’s turn for a moment now to what emerged of the noble, the glorious, and the optimistic during the past decade.



The salvation of mankind, calling upon the innate wisdom of the body to have the first shot at restoring balance before more drastic, unnatural measures are employed. If only this beleaguered profession could get out of its own way and deliver the service. Not just biomechanically, but metabolically as well, this low tech, high-vibration approach to health is the missing piece of the puzzle for so many chronic illnesses and indispositions that plague people for years on end.

It’s what everybody is looking for – the genuine article. All you have to do is find that one-in-ten capable practitioner.

The scientific documentation is present as well, abundant and undisputed. Buried under all that negative conditioning, both within and without the profession, chiropractic is waiting there to restore people to their rightful potential. The pre-eminent first resort for acute and chronic injury, and for most physical limitations – arguably the best kept health secret in history.

See video section for several clips on technique, philosophy, neurology, casework…


Health and Diet

It is one of today’s broadest paradoxes – that at no time in history has there been such an extensive variety of the best, most nutritious foods readily available every day to most people – foods from far and wide – while at the same time diet is the major culprit in 9 out of the top 10 causes of death in this country.

How can that be?

Same answer as always – conditioning and advertising. Most of us don’t choose what is healthy – we choose what tastes good, and what looks good. But the information for optimum nutrition and detox is out there – in fact, it’s one of the main purposes of thedoctorwithin

Diet doesn’t just affect our health – it determines it.

See Chapters and Videos.

The transformation to electric within the automotive industry. Long suppressed, the changeover is now at momentum, due to the indomitable spirit of Tesla. In the Bay Area it seems like one car is 3 is a Tesla, now that the Model 3’s are rolling out like hotcakes. If you have the slightest interest in the future of the air you breathe, this video is a must: Tesla Motors Documentary 2019


The Visionaries

By that term we mean those rare individuals who are motivated by the best interests for human potential, not just self-promotion. Obvious example: Elon Musk. Watch all his interviews on YT, fast-forwarding when his benighted interviewers hold forth… You’ll learn his history, from nothing to PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, etc. And his mission – to get enough satellites in orbit to provide streaming internet to the world, eliminating all the obsolete wire technology of Xfinity, etc.

Then with the revenues from that service, to accelerate the realization of his Mars colony. Learn why that venture is vital to our species, and completely possible, and learn how far along he is now. The most realistic, informed, and optimistic guy you’re likely to find anywhere today.

Then Elon’s clarion call about Artificial Intelligence , for thought control, data mining, and life regulation. He thinks his work with Neuralink and neural lace – the digital cortical interface tech they’re developing – he estimates this may have at best a 5% chance to inhibit and humanize the totalitarian effect of what the vested interests already have in the AI pipeline. Billions in development right now. And I’m not talking about laser-flush toilets and Fedex customer service either.

Of course there are other visionaries – Tony Robbins, Patrick Flanagan, Edward Snowden, Leonardo Di., Tim Young, RFK, Andy Wakefield, Adrian Wenban, Benny The Boot Mathew, plus a few others we can’t discuss. But no space for them here. Check the Newsletter archive.

Encouraging that in this jaded, counterfeit world there can still exist some genuinely altruistic individuals who have struggled against all odds to come up with transcendent notions for the betterment of the species, who then make their ideas known, in spite of years being told their ideas were unworkable.

Yes, there are certainly dozens of circus barkers out there who also claim this visionary status, but don’t be fooled again – they never paid their dues. Except maybe to Google and YT ad words.

Can you think of any? All hat, no cowboy…


Despite their initial handicaps right out of the gate from vaccines, Common Core, processed foods, indoctrination by unschooled schoolteachers, absent parents, programmed obesity, obsession with electronics, lack of exercise – all the baggage forced on today’s kids – still they do have one precious, evolutionary gift which may serve to protect them – resilience.

Sometimes, they just don’t buy all the programming. They recoil by instinct. Sometimes they just set it all aside and look for a path of their own, something a little more authentic, more personal. Not often – sometimes. The possibility is always there.

Because, remember – they just got here. They don’t have to be dismayed about the environmental, political, and social decline of the past 20 years. They have no emotional connection with the past. The past is just something reported to them – it’s academic. They’re not really that interested – it’s not their life. Their life is right now.

For example, they don’t care about how great music was 25 years ago – they’re just hearing music for the first time now. And good or bad, corporate leveling or not, it’s their music and they decide whether they like it or not.

Even though music virtuosity – or knowledge for that matter – is absent from today’s pop music, what’s astonishing is to find several videos of very young girls who have taken up classic electric rock lead guitar and have mastered it at a very high level. One obvious example is Tina S, but there are others. These virtuosos are restricted to the classics because there is nothing contemporary requiring that degree of articulation. With rare exception.

The point here is – the capability for masterful digital speed and expression is still extant in the young, even though there’s little avenue for development. What’s amusing is that when young people see these videos, they generally won’t get it, because they’ve never seen virtuosity before – it doesn’t occur in their music. It is truly uplifting how the enduring potential for musical perfection, however rare, preserves hope for future generations to explore the immensity of the human spirit.

Also noteworthy from this decade is extreme sports – snowboarding, skateboarding, kitesurfing, cliff jumping, motorcycle stunts, etc. Though sometimes idiotic, we have to admire the highly developed strength, flexibility, and proprioception necessary to survive these sports long enough to become proficient. Some of these athletes are at an evolutionary level, doing things that humans were not capable of a couple of decades ago. Partly because no one had thought of them yet. But we have to acknowledge the advance in this small, fit demographic, with all its Darwinian aspects.

Then there’s graphic arts, embracing the new and old technologies available today. Animé, active screens, electronic stylus, color and shading menus, charcoal sketch, Lucida machine, acrylics, water color, acetate, on and on … Even the younger ones appreciate the trailblazers like Stan Lee, etc. But Stan would be astounded to see some of the art coming from very young teenagers today. It’s not only the technology – some of them are just using colored pencils. And they’re as good artists as have ever been. Right now.

Entertainment and Education

Despite the rampant censorship manifested by YouTube today, we certainly can’t ignore it as one of the most evolved repositories in history for legitimate instruction and research. At least the potential. The challenge is in one’s discrimination – the seeker must have some idea what he is looking for, and be smart enough to differentiate between the valid and the corporate-conditioned.

To that end, we offer the chapter Essential Films to Inhibit Cerebral Atrophy and De-Evolution. This follows after the list of books of that same description.

Let’s suppose the same general notion may be applied to websites. Millions of websites. Their chance of reliability must correspond with the proportion of clear-thinking folks in the population – quite negligible indeed So most websites will likely reflect the selfsame programming of the 93% of global media, and the 6 corporations.

That said however, the gold does still exist. We are the new Conquistadors, still searching for El Dorado. Fortunately we don’t have to sail across the Atlantic and kill a bunch of natives to find it. All we require are keyboard, mouse, and the insight that most of what we find will be dross. But the gold is still there, buried deeper now than ever before.

A few options to protect yourself and your family for the coming decade, probably as worthy of your consideration as anything else:


    Homeschool if you can. Many excellent online curricula are available that will place the child years ahead of conventional schools in just 3 hours a day.

    Educate before vaccinating. Then do what you must, even if it means leaving the state.

    With medical advice always get a second and third opinion. If you discover they are completely contradictory or illogical, consider a solution that places more trust in the healing power of your own body first.

    Look to the care of your spine.

    Learn about electric automobiles. The sooner the better. It’s inevitable now.

    Carefully screen YT and movie channels. 95% of it is designed to steal your precious life

    Never watch scripted corporate TV news. What can you learn from people dumber than you?

    Hike in the outdoors. Take your kids to the park at least once a week. Dogs yes, Iphones no.

    Watch the sky every day. Learn to distinguish manmade from natural.

    Never discuss politics or religion, especially if you’re asked. It’s just bad manners.

    Learn the difference between foods that clog and foods that cleanse.

    Read a book every month or so – no best-sellers. Classics.

    Only believe 5% of what you read about Artificial Intelligence


That will do!. Still just the briefest overview of the decade – we really skipped a great deal of the best and the worst, of course. Perhaps you might use it as a template – see what you can add.

Best holidays and success in all your good work for the coming decade!


1. U.S. Students Show No Improvement in Math, Reading, Science on International Exam

US News 3 Dec 2019

2. The Federalist 10 May 2019


3. Science and Engineering Indicators 2018 National Science Board





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