Here at thedoctorwithin we are sometimes accused of being anti-medical, anti-vax, anti-science etc. Mostly by those who never get past the title headings.

That’s the risk of demanding transparency in science.

But this month we have a rare case where a life was actually saved by antibiotics. That’s so unusual because most of the time antibiotics are overprescribed for the slightest little sniffle, as best-guess treatment, and ultimately weaken the immune system.

During the past 80 years, this has caused a true epidemic – antibiotic resistance from the Superbugs. No wonder kids are so sick. This phenomenon is described at length in the chapter The Post-Antibiotic Age.

But sometimes medicine actually works. Let’s look at a real antibiotic success story.

This is the case of a patient who had an unremitting cough for a year and a half. He never went to an MD because the cough was intermittent and often seemed like it would go away. But it never did. The patient just attributed the aggravations to stress and careless diet, etc.

Then a few months ago he noticed that one of the major triggers of the cough was inhaling dust from a local field where he would go hiking every few days. And even though he began to wear a mask while hiking, it was too late. The infection was too deeply entrenched.

The cough had worsened to the point where it was keeping him up every night, coughing up discharges from the throat. That’s where the problem always seemed to be located – in the throat. He never had any respiratory problems and always maintained his daily stairmaster workouts. It was just that persistent, localized throat infection.

The patient was by nature distrustful of medicine, especially with all the ridiculous COVID circus antics parading by in the last 2 years. So he tried to clean up his lifestyle naturally, with the 60 Day Program – by the book. That had some effect on the cough, but it didn’t resolve.

So as a last resort, he finally went to an ENT specialist, half expecting a diagnosis of throat cancer or something like that. The doc pushed a little camera down one nostril and lowered it to the throat area. Took a very good look all around. Result: perfectly normal throat – no obstructions, no inflammation.

Diagnosis: Persistent cough. Penetrating observation. That’s what the patient told him when he walked in the door.

So at this point the ENT went to his default recommendation of antibiotics, and wrote a prescription for Amoxicillin. As good a guess as any, right? Who cares? It’s a 5 minute visit.

But this patient was educated. He had read the Post Antibiotic Age chapter and was a little better informed than most. He realized that if you take the wrong antibiotics, not only is it a waste of time, but it will increase your resistance to antibiotics for the future.

So the patient demanded that the doc order a sputum culture for him in order to try and specify the bacteria before just guessing about some generic antibiotic. Reluctantly the doc did so, since the 5 minute window was running out, and off the patient went to the local lab for the sample cups.

Long story short – after six separate sputum samples were rejected by the lab as “not done,” the patient demanded to be sent to a different lab. Seventh try. Next day the results came in. The patient had to make another appointment with the ENT, of course, to find out what it said.

The sample came back positive for MRSA and pseudomonas.

In case you forgot, MRSA can be one of the most deadly of all bacterial infections. It can be fatal and there are no antibiotics proven to kill it. It can go deep into the tissues and last for years if undiagnosed. Slowly, it can take over certain organs, and eventually they may fail. Over 100,000 deaths per year from MRSA in the US.

MRSA stands for methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. That means it’s the mutation of staph aureus that doesn’t respond to methicillin – a standard antibiotic.

Since there are no antibiotics proven effective for MRSA, the ENT went to his best guess: Levaquin.

Just so happens that Levaquin is one of the most “powerful’ antibiotics, usually prescribed as a last resort for infections that are resistant to most antibiotics – serious diseases, including bubonic plague, etc.

The big red flag with this Levaquin is the side effects. Look it up. The majority of what you will find in the best medical sources, including the PDR, Medscape, webmd, FDA, JAMA, etc. discusses the dangerous side effects from Levaquin. These include

    permanent side effects involving tendon destruction (especially Achilles ) muscles, joints, nerves and the central nervous system
    irreversible peripheral neuropathy
    hemolytic anemia
    bone marrow failure
    muscle paralysis
    hearing loss
    liver damage
    kidney damage
    lung damage

[1, 2, 3 ]

These effects can be worse than the original disease. No surprise that the FDA recommends “other options” to Levaquin if at all possible.

In researching for best treatments for MRSA, you’ll find there are no antibiotics that have ever proven effective for it in clinical trials.

But what they are quite sure of is the above side effects for Levaquin.

Besides the untested Levaquin, Vancomycin III is commonly recommended for MRSA, even though it has never been proven effective for it in clinical trials either. Moreover, the side effects for Vancomycin III are even worse than those for Levaquin!

So back to our patient. On reading the diagnosis of MRSA, without hesitation the ENT recommended Levaquin. Never said one word about all those side effects. The patient now had some confidence in the antibiotic since at least the bacteria had been identified in the lab. But that’s because he hadn’t done any research yet.

That night he found all the sources mentioned above about Levaquin – side effects, lack of clinical trials, etc. Pretty shocking. But this was as close as he had ever come to understanding what was wrong with him. He was just at that point – ready to take a chance. He knew what the bacteria were. And even though he had a prescription from a specialist for a drug that might kill him or cause permanent damage, he figured, well I guess that’s why they call it the practice of medicine, right?

So off he goes to Walgreens for his 10 day supply of 500 mg Levaquin.

By now I think you’ve probably guessed the end of the story right? After 10 days, the persistent cough and nightly discharge of exudate was completely gone. No more coughing. Weeks later – still 100% cured.

So what happened here? Back to Alexander Fleming and penicillin in the 1940s. For once in their history the medics really did pull the rabbit out of the hat. The right antibiotic for the right bacteria killed all the pathogens, or at least enough to allow the patient’s innate immune system to take over again and re-equilibrate his normal systemic flora.

So what if there are no clinical trials for Levaquin and MRSA? This was the trial – for one subject.

Any side effects for our hero – any avulsed Achilles tendons or suicide attempts, etc? Nothing – not even one.

There was no gastric distress whatsoever because the patient had also read the chapter Journey to The Center of Your Colon and had taken 9 Florabiotics every day. As you know, many people on antibiotics develop major problems with the digestive tract since antibiotics can kill most of the good bacteria in the colon.

So was this guy just lucky? With the lack of clinical knowledge behind Levaquin and the list of possible serious complications, he was certainly fortunate. He had an advantage in that he was well read, in good health, normal weight, daily exercise, no history of disease, and had a pretty good overall lifestyle. All this boosted his chances.

All those months of inhaling dust every couple of days had created a hospitable environment for the proliferation of opportunistic microbes. Just unlucky that the predominant one happened to be MRSA.

But it was more than luck that made him insist on the sputum culture. Think about it. That was personal research. Without that insight, he would have gone down the usual rabbit hole with the Amoxicillin, which would have had no effect on the MRSA and would have weakened him that much more.

Now to be fair, we cannot undervalue the 50 years of clinical experience of the ENT in this case. Can the guy in the trenches know more than all the textbooks? Of course. Especially when you consider that what ends up in medical texts these days is determined more by politics than by science. Example: just look at the ludicrous COVID vaccine sitcom ….

What most people don’t understand is that if antibiotics don’t work in the few few weeks, they’re not going to work. Try something else. Like the 60 Day Program. By definition antibiotics are immunosuppressive.

People who have been taking antibiotics for years are usually pretty debilitated, and have probably developed some co-morbidities along the way. Plus they’re way off the reservation as far as legitimate physiological science is concerned. If you haven’t recovered after all this time, the longer you keep taking random antibiotics, the weaker and sicker you are becoming.

A big red flag is if the the genius keeps changing your prescription as the months go by but never does any cultures – that means he’s out of ideas. You’d be better off with a Ouija board. This is the type of malpractice that has become commonplace in our dystopian world.

So the lesson here is don’t take antibiotics without a sputum culture. Otherwise it’s just guesswork, but guesswork that weakens your immune system longterm. Insist on sputum culture before getting any antibiotic prescription. It works – they’ll do it.

Further proof, please check out Post Antibiotic Age.


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After YouTube deleted one of our channels last year, we lost about 70 videos. Still in the process of finding them in the archives and re-publishing them.

One of those that is back up now is Chiropractic Technique – Paris France. This was done in the office of Dr Anais Badon, who has since become one of the premier pediatric chiropractors in Europe.

We had a great group of French DCs and students who were extremely interested in some essentials of technique, against a backdrop of traditional BJ insights.

If you’re a DC or a student, you’ll certainly enjoy this short but intensive lecture on some for the fundamental ideas of the profession.

Also new on the list is Only You Can Clear Your Arteries: Enzymes and Oral Chelation

Plaque in the arteries is the prime contributor to the #1 cause of death in the US: heart disease. There are no drugs that can remove plaque. Medicine is interested only in the expensive stents and bypass procedures, which eventually fail. Especially if there is no lifestyle change. Find out what you can do. Scroll down to #4 for description.



When it comes to the COVID pageant, we have been drowning in the information spewing forth from every media orifice, all day long for the past two years. Many of us have learned to just block it out. We have decided that we believe what we believe, and we’re not interested in any more facts. Just like any religion worth its salt, right?

But as we watch COVID slowly melt away into the sunset, corporate media is doing everything it can to prop up the eternal marketing of vaccines, masks, drugs, etc. in a desperate attempt to maintain government control of pop attitudes towards health and germaphobia.

To that end, one of the most effective media devices for domination is certainly Controlled Opposition.

Exactly what is Controlled Opposition?

You already know – you see it every day. In order to give the appearance that we’re looking at “both sides” of an issue, Controlled Opposition pretends to disagree with the mainstream narrative. But all it really does is just criticize minor details of the corporate scripture, accepting its major premises, in order to make it look like an open dialogue is taking place. Of course, any real opposition is censored. And we still have the requisite 93% of all media presenting the same single point of view.

A good example is the ridiculous Ivermectin / Hydroxychloroquine “controversy” of recent months.

The accepted narrative now criticizes the two drugs as worthless remedies for COVID. The controlled opposition voices on the other hand claim that these drugs are effective cures for COVID. This gives the illusion that fake news is real news because it’s presenting both sides of an issue.

But in reality, both views wholeheartedly accept the Three Commandments :

    There is a global pandemic of COVID
    COVID is a novel virus that has suddenly emerged in the last 2 years
    The real cures are masks and vaccines

As such, both views are just slightly nuanced versions of the exact same illusion.

Both opinions agree on these fundamental myths, which are the primary axioms which have driven government control of the global population for the past two years. Yes, sure, let them go ahead and argue about stupid non-issues like Ivermectin, etc, or masking between bites when eating at a restaurant – just as long as they don’t stray from the vital Commandments which we have inculcated into the universal hard drive …

It’s now really easy to spot a Controlled Opposition demagogue in the COVID pageant. Any pop speaker with a big YT following who constantly uses the phrase “the Virus.” That’s controlled opposition.

What virus? All the authentic scientists in the world present abundant evidence that there is no novel COVID virus, since it’s never been isolated from a human outside of a laboratory, and never been shown to be transmissible from one mammal to another. And since that’s true, all the COVID tests are utterly undiagnostic fraudulent little tricks that have created a global billion dollar industry.

Even CDC has always admitted that none of the tests for COVID is diagnostic.

Many feel that one of the most inept of the controlled op soapbox orators today is certainly Peter McCullough. Now we don’t mind liars per se – God knows we’ve seen enough of them. But give us good liars at least – urbane, well spoken, evenly cadenced Obama-type liars – please. Not some condescending pedant with the price tag still hanging from his nose who can’t stop reminding us of his credentials. Who has long forgotten the most fundamental axioms of biological science, as he barks on and on for his supper, bankrolled by Pfizer, J&J, Merck, etc..

Now Malone isn’t quite that offensive. He’s slightly more professional. But he still knows which side his bread is buttered on and he’s not going to let us forget that Washington with the help of the vax companies have saved us from the bubonic plague of the 21st century, etc. … With Controlled Opposition virtually stamped across his forehead, Malone dutifully recites his mantras and platitudes just the way he’s been taught.

Upgrading now several steps in sophistication, there’s Ben Shapiro. Much more articulate and educated by far than any of these docs for hire, Ben is about as close to free speech and open dialogue as is allowed by YouTube and the rest today.

But when it comes to COVID, Ben is still going to tell us why he was vaccinated and how important it is for everyone, etc. Where his controlled opposition role comes in is that he supports the truckers and anyone else who is opposed to mandatory vaccines. Which are obviously totally unreasonable, by any metric. But that’s all we’re allowed to hear of the “other side” of the story. Which isn’t substantially different from the mainstream side.

The same is true to a lesser extent with Joe Rogan. We all got a real lesson in controlled opposition recently when Joe was almost fired from his $100M gig at Spotify.

Why was that? Because being left wasn’t good enough – he had to be far left – which is now the yardstick for all pop media. Joe had committed the unforgivable sin of interviewing other liberals who weren’t liberal enough – even though Joe’s show isn’t primarily political. He’ll invite anyone he personally thinks is interesting.

But Joe still fits the controlled opposition profile with COVID because he supports vaccines, but is simply opposed to mandatory enforcement. And also is not formally educated in science. And Joe always uses the phrase “the Virus.”

Russell Brandt also qualifies as Controlled Opposition for about the same reasons as Joe, deliberately equivocating as much as possible.

Remember, the principal qualification for Controlled Opp speakers is that they can chatter all around the subject as long as they don’t disagree with the requisite Three Commandments:

    There is a global pandemic of COVID

    COVID is a novel virus that has suddenly emerged in the last 2 years

    The real cures are masks and vaccines

Where’s the real opposition? Most legitimate authorities have proven beyond any doubt that all three of the above presumptions are patently false, completely unsupported by the best science.

But the majority of these authentic experts on virology, epidemiology, and vaccine science have been censored from mainstream media for the past two years. Examples would include

    Wolfgang Wodarg, MD
    Andrew Kaufman, MD
    Scott Atlas MD
    Dr Wu ZunYou
    Russell Blaylock PhD
    Torsten Engelbrecht
    Dr Stefano Scoglio
    Konstantin Demeter
    Rashid Buttar, DO
    Del Bigtree’s High Wire

This is just a very few of the dozens of doctors and experts who are citing the top academic science behind COVID that is forbidden by the mainstream narrative.

To summarize those findings, it’s simple:

    What we’ve seen in the past 2 years is just a re-categorization of cases of the regular seasonal flu

    In the second year we began to see atypical cases of that flu due to the collective immunosuppressive effects of lockdown, masks, and untested vaccines

    The only way any disease resolves is the burn its way through the population, just like every flu season in history

    The result is true natural immunity (herd immunity) which has nothing to do with vaccines or authoritarian intervention

We’re not going to go through the real COVID science arguments that prove these phenomena here again. That discussion is explored thoroughly in the Newsletters and Videos at thedoctorwithin. A good start is the August Newsletter, #1 in the References below. As well as the rest of the references below.

After some familiarity with the classical science behind the “pandemic,” the whole ruse of Controlled Opposition will become very clear. Once you know what it looks like, be vigilant so you can begin to discriminate between the real scholars and the rug merchants who dominate corporate media.



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Do you have high blood pressure? Or angina?

In our 60 Day Program, available throughout the world, there are 7 supplements. Plus a clean diet. Recently we tried to make one of those supplements available on Amazon, through a re-seller. First Amazon accepted it, and later rejected for the most arbitrary and nonsensical reason. Very suspicious, the way they did it.

What was the competition that was threatened? Read on.

What is oral chelation?

Early on, we learned that the enzyme supplement Digestazyme would be very effective for water soluble debris, within the digestive tract and arterial system.

But what else needs to be cleared? Two very common accumulating poisons, responsible for many of the Top Ten causes of death, are

    heavy metal ions

    arterial plaque

Enzyme supplements cannot mobilize either one. Plaque is not water soluble; it’s trapped within the arteries and the tissues. For decades, certain herbs have been known to have the capability for binding toxins, metal ions, and arterial plaque.

Heart patients who are trying to restore normal blood pressure without medication must strive to unclog the arteries of that accumulated plaque. No diet, drug, or exercise program can do that. See (Death By Treadmill)

As for heavy metals, anyone who has ever been vaccinated, or had a mercury filling — there is virtually no one who hasn’t been exposed to aluminum, lead, mercury, etc. They’re omnipresent – in the air, the food, the water, etc.

These metals are bioaccumulative in the tissues. That means they’ll accompany you to your grave, unless they are chelated out. Heavy metal ions can interfere with virtually any of the essential pathways for normal cell life. Cancer is just one of their consequences.

The whole focus of the autism industry has been to chelate mercury out of the child’s brain tissue. See Autism Detox Protocol

In the rest of the body, oxidized oils and trans fats from fried foods and snack foods are attracted to inflamed arteries. They stick to the inflamed arteries and form a complex. Gradually, inflammation becomes fibrotic, then scar tissue. Finally, infiltration with calcium creates the arterial plaque. Like rubberized plastic.

Atherosclerosis grows worse year by year unless it is directly addressed. Drugs cannot clear it, as the manufacturers themselves admit. Besides, they don’t want to challenge the bypass industry.

Even for those adults with no apparent diseases doing a detox for the first time, anyone who has lived in this country any amount of time has accumulated a significant toxic load by age 35.

So in the 60 Day Program we use a safe, traditional oral chelation formula with individual ingredients that have years of success behind them. It’s called Phase2. It can be taken by a child of 18 months or a patient in his 90s. Heavy metal toxicity can be the hidden cause of so many misdiagnosed labels that we simply cannot afford to overlook it in any legitimate detox.

It took years of research and advice from many experts, like David Sandoval and David Wolfe, to come up with this formula. But even though it is unique, all the ingredients have decades of success in performing the precise functions required by chelation.

Some of the ingredients in the new formula:

    Alpha Lipoic Acid

– all classic chelators of heavy metals and toxins with a proven track record. Very popular in the autism industry, which focuses on mercury removal from the child’s neurology.


– for cleaning out the microvillae spaces within the colon, this superfine clay has few equals. Inert, therefore 100% safe

    Na Alginate

– a food industry product, Na alginate has the ability to form a gel in the presence of calcium, precisely the mechanism we’re looking for in an attempt to infiltrate calcific arterial plaque, soften it, and then clear it.

    Raw cacao

– In addition to its antioxidant and mineral properties, cacao is one of the purest sources for food-bound magnesium and chromium – both critical for heart health.

Three caps a day
is the dosage for Phase2.

For those who wish to accomplish a detoxification more quickly, it is safe to take more than that.

But be advised: As in any effective enzyme, colon or oral chelation supplement, healing crises may occur, usually transient, as toxins are pulled out. This Phase2 chelation really will pull accumulated drugs, food additives, environmental poisons, etc. out of the blood and tissues. It can break them down and transport them out of the body via the blood.

This may sometimes result in temporary symptoms, including

    Gut pain



    Indigestion, etc

Curiously enough, a healing crisis is actually good news. It means two things:

    1. It’s really working

    2. You really needed to detox

What’s the alternative? All that poison remains inside you.

So, if some of these healing symptoms occur while taking Phase2, stop for 3 days. Also stop with Expel. After 3 days, start back with 1 capsule Phase2 daily. Gradually increase until you’re back to normal dosage. If symptoms recur, you started back too soon. Stop again and take less, more gradually. You’re not reacting to the supplements. That’s impossible – they’re completely natural. You’re reacting to the toxic sludge that’s finally coming out of you.

The notion here is self-calibration. You’ve been accumulating poisons for years. Chelation is really pulling them out. You can’t expect to be clear in a week. This is the holistic model. It removes the cause of the dis-ease instead of covering it up, like pharmaceuticals do.

This is the likely reason Amazon banned Phase2. If something natural can actually clear arteries and heavy metals with no adverse organic side effects, would corporate media want you to know that? If atherosclerotic plaque is cleared from your coronary arteries, does high blood pressure go up or down? Will angina resolve? Can you do that with blood pressure medication?

That is a longer answer and can found in the chapter To The Heart Patient.

The dark underside of this issue is that organized medicine has no drug substitute for oral chelation. They’re not trying to cure heart disease. Never were. The only way they make money is if heart disease thrives.

Read the chapter and learn what the scientists who make heart drugs say about their effects.

Exactly how long did you want to hang on to the plaque and heavy metals in your tissues? Cremation?

See Oral Chelation chapter.