Dr O’Shea is one of the few proficients in the science of Live Cell Analysis – a classical European technique of blood assessment that has been developed and employed during the past 100 years. The essentials of darkfield microscopy were systematized in the early 1900s by the German scientist Gunter Enderlein in order to look at blood imbalances and toxicity.

Dr Tim O’Shea has performed thousands of live cell blood tests in Asia and America during the past 15 years. He was trained by Dr Stan Bynum, the protege of the late Edward Howell, MD, who was generally regarded as the world’s foremost enzymologist.

The technology involves a microscope with a special camera attached, which feeds into a monitor. In effect, the patient may see his blood on the screen. From one drop of blood a whole world unfolds: the condition of the rest of the patient’s five liters may be inferred with great accuracy.

The standard processed North American diet causes most people to go through life with the red blood cells clumped together. Such clumping makes circulation much more difficult, and obviously puts greater stress on the heart. Since red cells are responsible for oxygen transport throughout the whole body, this aggregated condition reduces the amount of oxygen that gets delivered to the individual’s cells and tissues and organs. All day, every day.

The results can be diminished function, premature aging, chronic fatigue, or eventual breakdown of that particular part of the body.

Other aspects of the blood are also visible with this technology: cholesterol crystals, plaque, iron deficiency, free radical damage, excess white cells, undigested fats, undigested proteins, undigested carbohydrates, indications of abnormal intestinal flora, indications of Candida albicans, etc.

After the first sample is drawn, patients are given a whole food enzyme and an antioxidant. After 30 minutes a second sample is taken. Usually the results are dramatic: the red cells separate, free radical damage is reduced, and much of the debris that may have been present in the serum is gone.

Seeing such obvious results, most patients want to know how to keep their blood the way it appears on the AFTER test. The answer to that is a simple 60-Day Program

The results from this simple program can be more valuable than undergoing dozens of complicated, expensive mainstream protocols.

Because of the prevalence of prepared, processed, dead foods, blood toxicity has now reached epidemic proportions throughout the world. In the US fully 80% of the population eats a diet consisting 80% of processed foods. Many of the specifics of this trend are outlined in chapters on www.thedoctorwithin.com

The endless contamination of the human bloodstream may be seen as a controlled poisoning process whereby most people are unaware that they are gradually losing their health and their immune system until some system of the body breaks down. By that time, the individual has been sick on the inside for a year or more.

Live cell analysis in the “healthy” patient works as an early warning system. Generally, the body is sick on the inside long before any signs of illness appear.

Unlike with prescription drugs, the blood detox program requires full participation of a very motivated patient. If that can be secured, there is virtually no physiological imbalance that cannot benefit significantly from the 60 Day Program.

Blood detoxification can be the missing component in the resolution of many persistent conditions:

    • heart disease
    • lupus
    • migraines
    • colitis
    • liver dysfunction
    • thyroid disease
    • Crohn’s Disease
    • asthma
    • arthritis
    • psoriasis
    • MS
    • allergies
    • gastric reflux
    • chronic fatigue
    • Candida albicans
    • Cancer
    • Type II diabetes
    • inaccurately diagnosed autoimmune diseases

To read actual accounts of patients who have completed the Bioterrain Analysis program please look at the Feedback/Testimonials section at www.thedoctorwithin.com

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