vaccination is not immunization
The parent’s definitive book on vaccines.
210 pages, 314 references


The last edition has sold out and will never be re-printed. Thanks to everyone who read it!

The new vaccine book for 2017 – Vaccination Is Not Immunization, The War On Children – is a complete re-write. If you have read any of the previous editions, don’t think you know this book. The new book covers so much that has happened since the fourth edition, vital intel that is being kept out of everyday media:

  • the global agenda to force vaccines and remove exemptions
  • the breakthrough film Vaxxed documenting CDC’s 14-year coverup of their own science that proved vaccines cause autism
  • why California is the most dangerous state for infants, with the four new laws ending vaccine exemptions
  • world statistics on infant survival
  • the end of the science debate, with the new policy of Legislate Don’t Educate
  • the persecution of MDs who sign exemptions
  • what the future holds for US children

This is not an anti-vaccine textbook. Like all the research on our website, it is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven tbe absolutely safe, effective, and necessary by legitimate, verifiable third party science – research that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers and their satellites. the book is written for everyone concerned about the health and well-being of their children and of themselves.

How much do you really know about what you’re allowing to be injected into your child: the ingredients of vaccines; vaccine side effects, the dangers of vaccines, autism and vaccines, HPV vaccine. This book is for parents, educators, those in the medical profession, midwives, nurses, those working in government and practitioners of alternative medicine as well – a rare vaccination book that is meticulously documented, and is not the usual parroting of special interest narratives.

Easy to read — not the med-speak found in medical journals and everyday media.

Among the other topics covered are:

– vaccines and the peanut allergy epidemic
– the rising number of parents opting out, and why
– doctors who don’t vaccinate
– new evidence of deaths from the HPV vaccine – from VAERS files
– vaccine side effects

Did you know that vaccines are the only class of drugs that do not have to be rigidly tested by controlled clinical trials for safety and effectiveness before they’re approved? It’s true. Know how they rationalize this dangerous practice? Medspeak puts it: it’s so important to “get the immunity out” we can’t wait to make sure vaccines are safe…

Not kidding. That sentiment is rife within vaccine literature.

It’s not that vaccines don’t work, or that vaccines don’t do anything. Vaccines certainly do have an effect on the immune system. And they might temporarily delay the onset of some diseases. But why would we want to delay traditional, mild childhood diseases that have always been part of human immune development?

As for vaccine side effects, these occur in a random, unpredictable, haphazard, inconsistent fashion. Vaccines simply do not do what they are said to do. Experimental as they are, loaded with toxic adjuvants and manmade viruses, the primary effect of vaccines on the immune system must be described as immunomodulatory or immuno-suppressive.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization is 200 pages of fully documented information along with over 300 references that will open your eyes. Whether or not to vaccinate your child is arguably the most important decision you will ever make for your child. The nervous system only forms once, and most of it happens before age 2.

Just look at kids around you. Which are the healthiest – the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

Since there are so many doctors who don’t vaccinate their own kids, and legitimate objections from some of the most educated people, perhaps it isn’t a good idea to get all your information about vaccines from advertising, or from the people selling them. Let’s look at what the scientists who make the vaccines have to say. Only then will you have what you need to make an informed decision about how to best care for your child. That responsibility is yours. Not your doctor’s. Not the FDA’s. And definitely not any lawmakers’.

So if you’re having the slightest doubts about the safety of the vaccines you’re about to give your child, get the facts, from the most reliable vaccine book available today.