The Products

Hydrolyzed Collagen
World’s most bioavailable 100% bovine collagen. Grassfed, no hormones. Blend in juice, once or twice per day.
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Broad spectrum, most effective digestive enzyme, clearing the tract and blood.
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Classic herbal formulation for clearing the colon. 60 Day Program.
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Oral Chelation
Plaque in the arteries and heavy metals lead to heart disease and premature aging.
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Total Complete Chelated Minerals
Most people eat insufficient fruits and vegetables. Even organic produce is mostly mineral deficient because of our topsoil.
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Total Florabiotics
The colon is the center of the immune system, but only if it is vital. A blend of the best probiotics is necessary for optimum colon health.
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Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War on Children
The most reliable vaccine manual for parents making the most important decision of the child’s life – whether to vaccinate. 200 pages. 300 references.
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