Dr Tim O’Shea




This course will focus on the following topics:

    – the history of sound healing since Pythagoras
    – frequency, vibration, wavelength
    – sacred geometry
    – the physics of music
    – entrainment: psychological and physiological effects of therapeutic sound
    – the Sound Current, sacred geometry of the Golden Mean
    – neurological effects of sound : pathological and therapeutic
    – light vs sound waves
    – the Tomatis effect
    – the tonal techniques of chiropractic


The purpose of this course is to explore the physics of sound, vibration and frequency and their application to the healing process. We will look offer a review of the literature in this exciting new field of study, comparing the evolution of sound healing from the time of Pythagoras right up to DD Palmer. Relate the concepts of homeostasis, tone, integral healing, and harmonic balance. Mathematic proportions: violin, cello, guitar, mandolin, viola, bass.

This lecture is an introduction to the exploding field of sound healing. Beginning with the classical history of music and the theory of sound and color, then progressing to the fundamentals of sound physics, this multimedia lecture discusses the mathematics, art, and science of music. Why can music have such a profound effect on us? It’s in our DNA, and in the history of our species.

CE-accredited for health professionals, the presentation is a solid resource for anyone considering a career in music, music education, or sound healing and therapy.


    DD Palmer’s notions of Tone and sympathetic resonance, corroborated with modern science

    The classical basis of the holistic model

    The unbroken legacy of the vibrational nature of cellular communication

    Spiritual and emotional components of music elicited through the physical and physiological

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