(Excerpted from the 13th ed. of The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization)


Vaccine for AIDS is now being tested. Considering the market value, with 40 million people in the world supposedly infected [1], and billions more who are not, the motivation is obvious.

Dr Leonard Horowitz in his book Emerging Viruses traces a history of AIDS not found in the popular press. [2]

In the early 1990s, Horowitz was sent by a large medical supplies company to investigate the bizarre case of Dr. David Acer, a Florida dentist. Acer, an AIDS victim, was said to have infected six of his patients with AIDS, perhaps intentionally, in the style of a serial killer. Horowitz was sent to check on the validity of these claims.

Acer was angry because he believed:

– US government medical researchers had created the AIDS virus because the Department of Defense wanted a biological weapon that could destroy an enemy’s immune system

– after the AIDS virus had been developed, it was intentionally deployed into test populations in Africa, New York, and San Francisco, both in humans and in monkeys

– huge economic interests were involved – in federal research grants, animal testing, virus engineering, vaccine development, vaccine production, as well as drugs to treat diseases caused by all this experimentation.

At first Horowitz wanted to prove that all this was some kind of conspiracy fantasy, but the more research he did, the more he found that corroborated Acer’s charges.

Horowitz found the 1988 videotape known as The Strecker Memorandum – a three-hour video by Robert Strecker, MD, PhD. [3] Strecker corroborated what Acer had claimed – that the AIDS virus had been requested, ordered, invented, and finally ‘deployed’ into the population, by government agencies together with big drug interests. Strecker’s reports were not only ignored, they were completely suppressed, by the very people who had hired him to find the truth, and then by all the media.

Strecker unearthed a 1970 document, later verified by Horowitz, wherein the Department of Defense provided $10 million to US government scientists to develop a “synthetic biological agent” from which there could be no natural immunity. (Horowitz, p.14) [2]

Strecker: “In 1972 the [World Health Organization] said, let’s make a T-cell destroyer… The same year, they said let’s test it, and then let’s inject it. And then they published their test sites which is a map of Africa…that corresponds exactly to the outbreak of AIDS.” (Horowitz, p.99)

“AIDS …was constructed”
Strecker Memorandum [3]

The Strecker Memorandum offers evidence that:

– AIDS is not a homosexual disease
– AIDS is not a venereal disease
– AIDS did not come from African monkeys
– AIDS came out of a laboratory, not the
jungles of Africa

As Ayn Rand long ago pointed out, man will spend any amount of money to have the most modern, most efficient weapon for annihilating his enemies. Finding a virus that could disrupt the DNA of our immune cells, and which would run wild through the body, unchecked by the immune system – this was to be the Holy Grail of bioweapons research during the late 60s and early 70s.

In overwhelming detail, Horowitz proceeds to list the players in the research community, the World Health Organization, the drug empire, the Executive Office, the CDC, the CIA, the military, and the media who all played their parts in bringing AIDS to the world.

Yes, yes, at first the story seems like a premise for the next season of 24, and the reader is muttering things like ‘gimme a break’ or ‘preposterous’ or ‘I don’t want to hear this stuff.’ But soon you realize that Horowitz’s book is a solid enumeration of government documents and scientific references. The data is so conscientiously referenced that the reader will be hard-pressed to refute Horowitz’s basic discoveries:

– that monkey viruses are harmless to man unless they contaminate human vaccines, which were then injected into both monkeys and people. (p 450, 461, also Strecker Memo) Edward Jenner revisited

– that monkey viruses would have never crossed the species barrier without Gallo and others altering the viruses, then reinjecting them into humans via vaccines (p. 118, 130) [2]

– that in the late 1960s, National Cancer Institute’s senior researcher Robert Gallo and his colleagues created several AIDS-like viruses long before the discovery of HIV (p 75, 402 [2])

– that AIDS didn’t come from someone having sex with an African green monkey or from being bitten by one, or from one Patient Zero who spread it to the rest of the world (p.95) or from ‘bat guano’ on the floor of some cave in Kenya (Preston) [2]

– that the CIA stockpiled dozens of biological weapons, including smallpox, in storage facilities in Fort Detrick, Maryland, for decades after they were ordered to be destroyed (p.495)

– that Merck, the US Army, Litton Bionetics, and The National Cancer Institute were developing cancer-causing viruses for vaccines that were transported back and forth between the U.S. and Africa during the 1970s (p. 248) [2]

Once the reader is shown the amount of genetically altered blood samples and engineered viruses and experimental vaccines and infected animals that were shipped back and forth between the U.S. and Africa during the 1970s, it seems a wonder that it took so long for an epidemic to emerge.

Checking all this information out is a lot of work. Most people won’t do it. Most won’t even read the book. Easier to say – that’s ridiculous, because I never read anything like that in Time magazine or the Washington Post.
Exactly. And that’s just why most people’s attitudes toward vaccines don’t change – all their information comes from the monodimensional cookie-cutter “news” world of newspapers, magazines, and TV.

Whether the spread of AIDS was a scientific experiment that got out of control, or whether AIDS was intentionally deployed into the population, the obvious response of the drug companies must be to take advantage of the present situation and offer a vaccine, which will mean billion$ for them. That’s exactly what has been taking place.


Want a totally refreshing outlook on the whole AIDS thing? Most people missed the pivotal research article appearing in the Jun and Jul 00 issues of the Townsend Letter. Dr. Gary Null ties up a lot of loose ends in the confusion that has always surrounded HIV and AIDS. [4] Null is relentless in demanding proof for the programmed Conventional Wisdom that has been endlessly drummed into our digitized brains for the past 15 years:

– HIV is a virus that came from Africa which causes a distinct new disease called AIDS

– AIDS is a sexually-transmitted global epidemic for which there is no cure, a novel pathology never before seen in the human race, which threatens our survival, etc.

The HIV/AIDS mythology got started back on 23 Apr 84, when HHS secretary Heckler bumbled through her TV announcement that Robert Gallo had discovered a virus that was the “probable cause of AIDS.” [5] The media immediately dropped the word ‘probable,’ and never looked back. Even though it was soon proven that Luc Montagnier was actually the discoverer of HIV, and even though HIV itself has still never been definitively sequenced and photographed, the original story stuck. Even today, 99% of Americans over 5 years of age believe that there is a disease called AIDS and it’s caused by a distinct virus called HIV.

Null pulls together dozens of the world’s top researchers who disagree with the majority of the 300,000 studies that have been published on HIV/AIDS since 1984. These doctors are saying that HIV has never been isolated, and therefore cannot be the cause of AIDS. Null also wonders why AIDS is a different disease depending on where it is diagnosed. This fact raises serious doubts about whether AIDS is a disease at all. Not that people who manifest a similar group of symptoms aren’t dying in many countries. But that’s not enough to make AIDS a separate verifiable disease entity. Doesn’t a disease require a single isolated pathogen, causing AIDS the same way in Atlanta as it does in Zimbabwe or London?

Null explains that for every other viral disease that has ever been named, the causative virus has been isolated, identified, sequenced, distinguished from other viruses, and photographed. None of this has ever happened with HIV.

With HIV, no exact genetic duplicates of the virus have ever been identified from two different patients, or even within the SAME patient, for that matter! HIV virus has never been found in a human being!


Many doctors feel that the symptoms of AIDS, which vary from
country to country, may simply be the result of “extreme oxidative stress” – that is to say, massive free radical damage to cells, which effects a dangerously depressed immune system. Remember, people can die of chronically lowered immune function, however that happens. No specific vector or disease is necessary.

Null explains that it is just as likely that AIDS causes HIV as vice versa. He cites many credible sources who show that what researchers are calling HIV is just a collection of some nonspecific cellular particles that are generally present in some form or other in the blood of AIDS patients. These particles are all that the original researchers – Montagnier and Robert Gallo – ever found. There is no distinct identifiable HIV virus! (Mullis [5]) In their original papers, there is no work that proves that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

Classical pathology shows that all other infectious diseases are dependent upon a certain number of isolated microbes being present. AIDS is the only disease for which the microbe has never been identified and the number never established. (Duesberg, [6] ) Science becomes religion.

Furthermore, AIDS testing varies widely from country to country. The numbers of people diagnosed with AIDS are greatly inflated because at least 25% of cases are diagnosed by symptoms only – no blood work at all. Taken like that, AIDS has the identical symptoms of at least seven other diseases, including TB, malaria, CMV, and traveler’s diarrhea! (Hodgkinson) [2]

This explains why the predicted spread of the AIDS epidemic into the general population has never occurred the way that the media was shrieking it would in 1987. [7] AIDS is still confined to the same risk groups as before: severe immune depression, including indiscriminate gay sex, IV drugs users, and starving people in overcrowded conditions.

There is also something fundamentally shaky about AIDS testing. AIDS is supposedly imminent if antibodies to some proteins created by Abbott Labs are present. (Maggiore [5]) For other diseases, the presence of antibodies means that the disease has been conquered and now the person has immunity. With AIDS, the presence of HIV antibodies is a test used to diagnose the disease. This is contrary to decades of scientific immunology. HIV is the only virus that supposedly causes a disease after the HIV has been neutralized by antibodies.

Kary Mullis PhD won the Nobel Prize in 1993 for inventing one of the principal diagnostic tests for AIDS: the polymerase chain reactor test. Dr. Mullis doubts that AIDS is an infectious disease at all. He notes that we made this mistake before, in the last century, with pellagra. This niacin deficiency disease was originally thought to be caused by a microbe. The difference with AIDS is we are no longer seeking the cause. That has been ruled upon with the force of a religious edict.

Mullis marvels that the arrival of AIDS on the scientific scene was unlike the advent of any other disorder in history, with the possible exception of possession by the devil. This whimsical remark is occasioned by the so-called ‘indicator diseases’ with which AIDS has been associated: pneumonia, tuberculosis, Epstein Barr, mono, etc. Suddenly we have this whole family of diseases which if they appear in an HIV positive person are automatically assumed to be caused by AIDS. [5]

Why go to all this trouble to create a disease complex? Could it be the huge AIDS industry?

“Everybody in the field of AIDS works for AIDS. Think of it as a big corporation.” (Mullis –Maggiore [7])

A really big corporation. Since 1985 the federal government has spent $90 billion on AIDS research. ([7]) According to the WHO, HIV is now found in 42 million people worldwide. That figure has not changed in 6 years. No need; imaginary numbers are tools of marketing, not science.

Null astutely predicted the forthcoming bait-and-switch that we will soon see with the advent of AIDS vaccines. Suddenly the presence of antibodies (HIV positive) will again be seen as a sign of cure, the way they have always been with other diseases. So which is it? Are antibodies a test for the presence of the disease or are they a sign that a cure has happened? Depends what they’re selling that particular week. [4]

Null debunks another media myth: the Centers for Disease Control have never proven the theory of transmission: they have never found one person who had passed AIDS from someone on to a third party. [4] This is the theory – the Conventional Wisdom that everybody supposedly knows, underlying the millions of media references to HIV/AIDS for the past 15 years, which has haunted the sexuality of Americans for the past two decades.

So if HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, then what does?

The conventional wisdom is that HIV causes AIDS which causes death. This notion is maintained in the public mind by incessant media and highly controlled publication of only those studies supporting this model. The problem is, scientifically it is insupportable.

First of all, what we refer to as AIDS may not be one specific disease. It may be that risk groups who destroy their immune systems by common lifestyle abuses just seem to die in a similar fashion.

As Laurie Garrett noted, many gay men in San Francisco and New York have had a lifestyle that has not significantly changed since AIDS was “discovered” in the early 80s. [8] Multiple sex partners, without protection, poor diet, mass intake of amyl nitrate and other party drugs, continuous antibiotic and prescription drug intake, dehydration, nutritional deficiency – any of these alone causes serious immune suppression. Taken together, they can annihilate the immune system – and this is what AIDS really is. The body is so confused and starved and toxic that it can no longer distinguish between a foreign invader and its own toxified cells. So it starts attacking itself.

Same story with other high risk groups. Poverty, IV drug users, toxifying lifestyle – pathologically depressed immune system. Sayonara.

In the 80s, AIDS was mainly caused by lifestyle. But in the 90s, Null shows that AIDS was caused just as often by drugs like AZT.

HIV itself could never cause the physical damage caused from AIDS drugs. But since AIDS is expected to be a progressive fatal disease, there is no attempt to distinguish the side effects of the drugs from the disease itself! [4] A marketing dream.

More people die from AZT than from AIDS itself. The largest cause of death among AIDS patients today is liver failure as a result of AIDS drugs like AZT. (World AIDS Conference, [5])

With continual pressure from the drug companies, and their agents in the FDA and the NIH, AZT is now enshrined in a position that is not permitted to be challenged. (Mullis–video) [5] But researchers who challenge the solemn dogma of AIDS/HIV/AZT soon find themselves with no funding and no avenues for publishing their findings. (Duesberg) [6]

AZT was originally a cancer chemo drug in the 60s that was abandoned because it was so toxic. It is a cytotoxic agent (cell-killer) which works by terminating DNA synthesis. When AIDS came along, AZT was brought out of storage, given a new PR package as the savior of AIDS, and that was it. It was never re-tested! Null points out that AZT is “highly poisonous” to anyone taking it long-term, so there must be some logical explanation for its exalted position in the AIDS religion. [4]


Peter Duesberg PhD of UC Berkeley, the first scientist to isolate the genetics of a retrovirus, was also one of the first to take a stand against the monstrous information steamroller that would level any opposition to the new AIDS/HIV religion. [6]

Duesberg is chagrined that the real crime is that immune-suppressed patients are distracted from courses of therapy that might actually cure them, because they buy into the idea that being HIV positive is a death sentence without AZT.
No one seemed to notice that AZT and its ilk never cured one patient of AIDS. [4] But now that fact is being acknowledged publicly, even by NIH director Dr Anthony Fauci. [9]

the AIDS vaccine

The AIDS vaccine has been in the developmental pipeline for many years. It has been tested in Uganda, Trinidad, Thailand, and the US. In 1999, a Silicon Valley biotech firm named VaxGen began testing an AIDS vaccine on 5000 high-risk volunteers. (www.jasmyn.org/vaxgen/ , Washington Post [10, 11] ) By Jan 2003, over 12 million doses of AIDS vaccine had been dispensed by the Thai FDA, licensed as a food supplement, and given to some 60,000 patients. (journal Vaccine [12])


An article in JAMA in Mar 2002 sort of ends the discussion on how scientific vaccine research really is. The article reported that the safety of “canarypox” as a culture medium for vaccines had now been established! (Vastag) [13] Infected canary tissue is now the preferred medium for growing AIDS vaccine.

At first reading, the above section will probably sound mad to the average reader, who has derived all his information about AIDS from years of the popular press. Again, don’t believe any of this – check the sources cited.


There was a press conference held in Washington DC on 20 June 2001. Presentations were given by several researchers, including Barbara Loe Fisher and attorneys Walter Kyle and Jim Turner. The purpose of the conference was to draw attention to the millions that had been spent developing an AIDS vaccine. [14] At that time, four times as much money had been spent developing AIDS vaccine as for any other vaccine.

Much of the original money promoting the vaccine came from Bill Gates, who understands its global potential. Bush then proposed a 25% increase in AIDS vaccine research spending: to $367 million in 2002. (Garrett) [15]

The idea was to make an AIDS vaccine available to every 12 year old on the planet at some undisclosed time in the future. [14]

A few little wrinkles brought out in the 2001 conference:

– the new vaccine is for HIV, which has never been proven to be the cause of AIDS

recipients of the vaccine become HIV positive [16]

– though scientifically untenable, the advance PR promotes the illusion that the vaccine will provide immunity to AIDS

– the vaccine is targeted for all 12 year olds

– the AIDS vaccine is likely being tested on US military personnel without their knowledge.

Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo, the two scientists who ‘discovered’ HIV both maintain that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.


The global AIDS program went ballistic in July 2003 when

“President Bush named a former pharmaceutical executive as director of a new $15 billion program to battle the disease in Africa and the Caribbean.

The president said Randall Tobias would have the rank of ambassador. The former CEO for Eli Lilly & Co…” [17] Eli Lilly, the vaccine manufacturer.

$15 billion? That’s 100x more than has ever been spent bringing a vaccine to market. Again, it’s simple economics: the AIDS vaccine is for the global market.

A websearch on AIDS vaccine turns up hundreds of empty, illusory articles, which make no substantial sense, in light of the chimerical unsequenced never-isolated HIV virus.


Ever notice how the furor surrounding AIDS vaccine development has become much less urgent as time goes by? In 2007 Bill Gates predicted it will be another 10 years before the vaccine is out. [18] With a $90 billion dollar R&D industry happily rolling along, what’s the rush? As with most objectives in the world of vaccines, we have to keep reminding ourselves that the AIDS vaccine program has never been about saving the world from the ravages of a terrible disease, but rather marketing the saving of the world from the ravages of a terrible disease. That involves a huge annual global outlay, colossal funding for research which never has to produce an actual result, and the careers of tens of thousands of research scientists.


It is becoming more and more difficult to sustain the momentum of the AIDS illusion in the face of recent failed human trials. At least 9 different AIDS vaccine trials were cancelled in 2008, not only because they couldn’t deliver the promised immunity, but worse – the subjects were getting increased susceptibility to AIDS from the vaccine. [11] After 25 years and billions in research every year, more of the leading scientists are admitting publicly that we still have no idea how to construct an AIDS vaccine.

Not surprising since no HIV virus has ever been identified.

In one of the 2008 African studies, the recipients of the test vaccine were actually more like to get AIDS because of the vaccine. Just like with smallpox, polio, and pertussis.

So although HIV has never been proven as a cause of AIDS, the AIDS vaccine has.

Scientifically on the same sinking ship with SARS, Avian flu, and anthrax, the AIDS vaccine program has been artificially shorn up all these years by its high global political profile, and the money that goes with all that. No industry in history has survived as long as the AIDS vaccine business without ever having to create an actual product. It’s 100% theoretical; and the theories were flawed from the outset. And now even the major proponents in the global scientific world are beginning to see that no matter how much money they pour into a false scientific premise, they simply can’t change the physical nature of nature. Many have suspected that truth for years, but what is different now is that they see they can’t keep up the pretense indefinitely.

The program is nowhere near over yet, but the faint tones of the AIDS vaccine’s death knell have been heard at the highest levels.

It will most likely die a very slow and very quiet death, as with smallpox vaccine. Perhaps after a decade or so, it’ll be like it never existed. So remember you read it here.




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