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After experiencing the catastrophe that was AB2109 three years ago in Sacramento and seeing the way day to day politics unfolds, I had resolved never to go up there again, for any reason. What changed my mind was Andy Wakefield at CalJam. And the urgency that he conveyed – it’s not about me, etc. – that there has never been a time when direct communication with the individuals who by default have the power to make laws in this state. So once again, I charged up and cruised up there for the SB277 hearings on 8 Apr 2015.

Instead of only 200 people on the steps of the Capitol like last time, now there were 7 or 800. Who seems to have taken over is a dedicated group called Our Kids Our Choice out of Santa Barbara. They had several speakers, the best by far of whom was Bobby Kennedy Jr. He laid out some of the material in his new book about how mercury is still in many vaccines today, and the way it is being covered up, in greater detail than I have in my book.

I was a little late and heard parts of what the other speakers were saying, when I met 2 DCs from Newport Beach who were at CalJam. They had just made the rounds of the committee members’ offices upstairs. I asked them to show me those offices and we made our way back up there, for a little déjà vu from last time.

The upstairs offices have the names of the representatives on the doors, and anyone can actually walk into their offices during the day. If you happen to catch the senator or representative you might actually get an interview. So I’m like, let’s go right to the dragon’s lair – where’s Pan’s office? Next thing I knew the 3 of us were standing in front of Pan’s door. And there were several women engaged in a spirited argument with Pan’s chief of staff – Crystal. This is in the hall now, outside the door. We sidled up close enough to hear but not to intrude.

It had devolved to the point where they were interrupting each other and the staff member was being called names, but doing her best to hold her ground with standard corporate politically correct, scientifically incorrect brush-offs. I did derive some snippets of information from that exchange, all of which will bear further investigation of course, since that office is well known for its often casual relationship with the truth. But hey – this is Sacramento.


One thing Crystal said very clearly was that if SB277 passed, the vaccine exemptions that currently existed would still be valid. In other words, the law would not be retroactive to invalidate previous signed exemptions. I’m very sure that’s exactly what she said because she repeated it. Not saying it’s true, of course – just that it’s today’s portion. Needs verification. Very magnanimous gesture indeed to state law, if it’s true.

She also talked in some detail about the issue of home school and exemptions, and repeated several times that there were to be “amendments” added to the current form of SB277 that would protect the right of parents of homeschooled kids to exempt them from vaccines. This is a hotly contested issue, and two of the expert witnesses who testified at the hearing itself were of the opposite opinion – that SB277 would include the homeschooled, and force them to be vaccinated. I suspect this may actually be their present tack, because the same thing was stated in the LA Times that day. But that issue still bears watching, since this is just the type of deflection and dismissal to which these hallowed halls must bear daily witness. That much I have learned.

But Crystal’s position, representing Pan’s, was very clear on this issue as well. In fact I wrote down her exact words, because they were so egregiously condescending – “We will allow you to home school and still have your exemptions…” Can you imagine? We will allow you? Get a grip, Crystal. But this is very instructive of how these ivory tower people see themselves – servants to the Schwarzenegger legacy – “The people want to be told what to do.”

After this, it was my turn to talk with Crystal myself. I wanted to talk with Pan and ask him why he had ignored my challenge to debate the science of vaccines, which I had sent by certified mail. But he was busy setting up for a taped interview for TV.

I toned down my usual Attila the Hun charm school conversational style, and tried to actually have a dialog with this individual who had drunk all the KoolAid ever offered her, both metaphorical and liquid apparently, in order to see what I could learn. She reiterated her position about home school exemptions being assured.

Another shocking insight into the mentality of the militant Vaccinators was Crystal’s condescending and supercilious statement “unfortunately people are over-using their personal beliefs exemptions ever since Wakefield…”

This was by way of explaining the reasonableness of their new law, obviously a stock phrase they use.

Wow. How’s that again? Even I couldn’t keep quiet at that one. How do you overuse a right? A right guaranteed by law, both in California and in every other state? Overuse? In whose opinion? And now you’re going to legislate that opinion and impose it on anyone who doesn’t agree? And she’s obviously a practiced hand at using the Wakefield Button, in utter disregard for the facts – her ridiculous assertion that Andrew Wakefield spearheaded the rise of personal beliefs exemptions in California.

It’s ludicrous – he was gag ordered for all intents and purposes, until recently. They don’t want to admit the rise of personal beliefs exemptions was a grassroots phenomenon. Much as they would like it, there was no Pied Piper involved.

Desperate for any convenient scapegoat, Pan now trades on years of carefully scripted Wakefield propaganda, as though all the thousands of people who went to all that trouble educating themselves enough to make a truly informed consent, as though Wakefield had anything to do with that tiny blip on the exemptions screen.

We then went back downstairs and outside the Capitol, by which time the meeting on the front steps had broken up. It was replaced by another demonstration group — this one protesting the proposed outlawing of smoking liquid nicotine through vaporizers, if I understood them correctly. Some stunning women in that group, that’s certain.

But what struck me even more was remembering something that I had seen 3 years before. With the state frequently claiming bankruptcy, and all the real environmental, educational, economic, and corruption issues systematically being ignored by the state government year after year, it is appalling the frivolous issues the legislature actually spends their day to day time addressing. Don’t even get me started on that theme.

But here we have this huge outpouring of popular resentment against legislated forced vaccines, and the enormous expense of deflecting all that. And then you find out the real statistics:

What percentage of California children are actually claiming exemption from vaccines? Answer: 2.5 percent. That’s it! All this furor, all this hysteria, all this media generated hype, proposal of new legislation, creating an entire nonexistent outbreak and nonexistent threat of epidemic – all over 2.5% of California’s children.

Not content with 97.5% of California’s children buying 69 vaccines during childhood, they want it all. They won’t stop until 100% are vaccinated.

In my lectures I have always used the CDC’s standard national figure of 15% unvaccinated across the nation and applied it to California. But that’s wrong. The true figure is 2.5%, as one of our experts testified to the committee. So this is the true measure then of the drug industry’s desperation to force vaccines on 100% of children. No exceptions, no exemptions. That’s their very clear agenda.

It’s precisely the way I stated it at CalJam – they really do want to force their unlettered opinion on everyone, no matter what. The antithesis of democracy and Fourth Amendment, hiding behind a mantra of science, which they refuse to elaborate on, or cite any actual sources. All they have is rhetoric, slogans, and fake statistics.

When it was time for the actual hearing to start, I never made it into the hearing room itself because it was full. We had to stand out in the hall or else upstairs in the overflow room, both of which places had TV screens so you could see the testimony.

Pan’s side was predictable – no science, strong on rhetoric, slogans and fake statistics. They had 30 minutes to make their point. Then the opposition was allowed 5 speakers, who were allowed a total of about 19 minutes. You can see some of that on you tube at

Our first expert was the brilliant Tetyana Obukhanych MD, of both Harvard and Stanford. I can’t find any record of her speech on YouTube, or anywhere. She gave a very factual, systematic rundown on the absence of any true science whatsoever behind the new bill. It was bulletproof. But she had a very heavy Russian accent — and I’m sure I’m one of the very few people in the room who could follow her at all, and then who could understand what she was talking about. She was great, but a terrible choice for these limited spots. You can look at a dazzling lecture by her here–

The second medical doctor was better. She had a vaccine injured child. YouTube cut her speech in half but it was very good, and well organized. Again, it exposed the lack of any legitimate science whatsoever behind the proposed bill.

The best of these opposition witnesses was certainly Steve Rubin PhD. He’s the guy who made the search engine for the VAERS system, the only really usable program for categorizing vaccine injuries in the past 25 years. With an admitted under-reporting factor at 10-100x, Rubin documents about 3500 deaths from vaccines and over 36,000 serious vaccine injuries since 1991. You can see his whole short speech at

There were many other shenanigans going on both behind the scenes and on that stage. As with AB2109, the members of the “Committee” who were supposed to be considering the one and only chance the people of the state had to voice their opposition to the proposed bill, didn’t really seem that attentive.

They freely wandered in and out of the room right during the testimony. It was clear they weren’t really interested in any testimony, and that they had already made up their mind long before this day dawned. So as usual there was a lot of the bread-and-circuses thing about it.

What was extremely instructive, perhaps more than anything else, were the loud, derisive, and abusive comments made by the general public in that outside hallway where the overflow was standing. It was difficult to hear the TV sets because many of the people in that hallway were there for something else and had no interest whatsoever in vaccines. Except to state very loudly that the opposition were a bunch of lunatics who had no science and should be forced to accept their fair share of responsibility for herd immunity, etc.

Here you could see firsthand the illiterate, unschooled, propagandized substitute for thinking that is the triumph of years of media control and conditioning. This mentality can also be viewed in most of the comments following any of the YouTube footage on the hearings, and also after pertinent articles on Yahoo, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

It soon become abundantly clear that 80 % of the US population is not only in favor of forced vaccines and an end to all exemptions, but would probably vote for a law that would allow babies to be taken from their mothers and forcibly vaccinated. And if anyone would object, they would be forcibly vaccinated as well.

That’s the California we’re living in now. The progressive, free thinking, innovative, tolerant, humanistic, holistic point of view is all ancient history in today’s California. Alabama and West Virginia are probably ahead of us now, in that regard.

So of course it came as no surprise at the end of the day that the Committee returned a 6-3 vote in favor of SB277.
There are several other steps in the process that must be achieved before Brown would sign the bill into law. At the earliest it would be September.

But there are several places where these coercive unconstitutional tactics still could be foiled.


One that nobody has yet brought up is at the economic level. If homeschoolers truly would be exempt, it is likely that we would see thousands of desertions from public school, in order to escape forced vaccines. People would re-discover the many advantages of educating their kids at home. A trend like this could very possibly upset the delicately balanced demographics of state and local funding to California education.

That would trump all these “concerned” militant vaccinators as they worry about the physical well being of the 2.5%… suddenly the schools are in worse trouble than they are now because funds would be cut off to match decreased enrollment. Something like this would very instructive for everyone, and demonstrate the only real driving force behind any proposed new legislation – economics.

Soon enough we’ll know. But if SB277 passes, California just got a little colder, a little darker, and a lot sicker.

–Tim O’Shea