Recently I had the good fortune to be invited as a panel member to the Autism Conference in upper Michigan, along with Dr Ed Yazbak and Dr Boyd Haley. The conference was a grassroots event, organized by a local group of parents of autistic kids. It was promoted to the general public.

What brought these people together was the growing suspicion that the local medical authorities might be trying to cover up the reasons why an enormous percentage of their local children were turning out autistic – a proportion obviously far higher even than the estimated national average of 1 child in 150.

As I took the stage to begin my presentation and looked out into the audience, it suddenly occurred to me to ask for a show of hands: how many of you people in this room have an autistic child? I was momentarily speechless when I saw almost every hand go up. It took me so off guard that I did not realize until several days later what I was looking at – the significance of all those hands being raised.

The first thing that dawned on me was the likelihood that what this community was experiencing was the living consequence of one or more hot lots.

As I explain in the new edition of The Sanctity of Human Blood, vaccines are produced in batches, called lots. A lot may comprise anywhere from 20,000 to 700,000 doses, or more. Certain lots cause an unusual number of reactions and deaths. These are called hot lots. Some sources define hot as a lot which has more than 2 deaths or 10 serious adverse reactions, but others assign no set number.

So what we were looking at here in this small backwoods community was very likely the textbook example of hot lot damage. Of course it will never be investigated – there is no government agency responsible for following up on the consequences of even those lots that have been verified as contaminated. In this case no one is even suggesting it, because the locals never heard of hot lots.

The other thing that will never happen is the calculation of the actual ratio of autistics to normal children in this community. With 1 child in 150 as the accepted national average, in this community the true number could really be 1 in 50 or even 1 in 25. No one’s tracking it. No reason to, because even if it were proven, there is no law that would force the manufacturer to withdraw the hot lot. No manufacturer has ever withdrawn a hot lot, even a verified one.

But my second realization was even sadder: vaccines are recommended for the entire childhood population. Overwhelming scientific evidence now exists of their potential for permanent neurological and developmental damage – these sources are carefully evaluated in my new book. Yet the only parents who are interested in learning about their kids’ chances of vaccine injury seem to be those whose lives have already been directly affected, usually as the result of permanent damage to their own child. When it’s too late, they study it. Or as Sascha Sarnov says, the child goes to sleep as the parent wakes up.

This is certainly the case for most of the researchers and activists in the vaccine awareness arena – personal tragedy in their own family motivated them to research and publish. Just like Congressman Dan Burton, the organizer of the Congressional hearings into vaccine damage – he has an autistic grandson. But that’s how humans are – why should we worry about something that doesn’t affect us?

The answer to that question is that today your chances being affected by vaccine damage are too high for parents to simply ignore. As Mark Geier has shown, 1 child in six today in the US has a neurodevelopmental disorder. That is an astounding indictment: 1 child in six.

As far as autism is concerned, no one really knows how extensive that epidemic is. What is known is that between 1993 and 2004 there was an average increase in autism of 1300% across the US. At present there are at least 1 million autistic children in the US, but it is completely possible that the actual number might be over 2 million. Not only is no government office making an effort to find an accurate count, but on the contrary, there is a systematic effort to cover up the actual figures and data and to publish only those studies which confirm the approved mantra, namely that there can be no possible connection with vaccines, etc.

Upon discovering that their child is autistic, parents often go through five psychological phases:

1. Denial
2. Dawning awareness
3. Anger
4. Guilt
5. Acceptance

These phases are not universal, nor are they always separate and distinct, but most parents experience them in some form or other.

Phase One, the Not My Kid phase, is characterized by a disbelief either in the disease itself, or that the condition will be permanent in their child.

Phase Two, awareness begins to dawn that the child will not learn any more words, and will gradually withdraw and deteriorate mentally.

Phase Three, anger that no one told them about the dangers of vaccines.

Phase Four, the parents blame themselves for not taking the trouble to inform themselves about a defect that has taken away their child’s chances of a normal life, a tragedy that they could have avoided.

Phase Five, the inevitable acceptance that the child is truly autistic, which is not necessarily followed by a lifetime commitment to daily care, due to the enormous forces now at work to destroy the family because of the amount of time and money that autistics require.

As we look more closely at vaccines, we find that autism is not the only danger. The shocking increase in the number of vaccines since 9/11, the ingredients, culturing techniques, the sharp increase in childhood cancer and diabetes, the rising percentage of state moneys now devoted to learning disabilities and other defects, the nature of the economic motivators behind the scenes – these are some of the issues that the responsible parent should know about before blindly submitting to the Well Baby Program. To obtain all one’s information about vaccines from the same people who make a living selling them may not be the best idea to keep the child out of harm’s way.

Parents today must protect their child from all threats, from any quarter. And the only way to do that is to do a little homework.

The Sanctity of Human Blood is a careful collection of the best science available today that looks very objectively at this issue. Every fact, every statistic that is stated in each paragraph is meticulously documented and referenced. The book focuses more on what the scientists who manufacture vaccines say about them rather than what the sales personnel claims.

This new book is the easiest way for the parent to begin to find out what the real issues are behind all the controversy over vaccines today.