Plaque in arteries.

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Plaque in arteries. Start with these 2 videos:

Only You Can Clear Your Arteries – Without Drugs

Foods that Clog – Foods That Clear

What is the #1 killer of Americans, for the past 30 years – the most likely event that’s going to end your life? Heart Disease. Blocked arteries.

If drugs could clear the arteries, wouldn’t these statistics improve?

The philosophy behind the 60 Day Program is simple, as far as food supplements are concerned:

We want the patient to be taking the least number of food supplements possible, spending the least amount of money possible, but still getting everything necessary for a complete detoxification of the tract and blood.

Early on, I learned that the food enzyme supplement Digestazyme could support heart and arterial health.

But it couldn’t remove all accumulated poisons from the body. So it was necessary to add just one more supplement to the program.

Enzyme supplements can remove water soluble debris from the tract and blood. But they are not particularly effective at mobilizing debris that is not water soluble, trapped within the arteries and the tissues. Such as plaque. And heavy metals.

For decades, we’ve known that certain food herbs are able to bind toxins, metal ions, and arterial deposits. The ingredients in Phase 2 may have this special ability to complex with these toxic agents, break them up, and escort them across tissue barriers they were stuck behind.

Even for those adults in apparent good health doing a detox for the first time, anyone who has lived in this country any amount of time has likely accumulated a measurable toxic load by age 21. By age 40 even the healthiest are well served to do a complete 60 Day detox.

Recently we had to change the name of this very successful food product. The new name is Phase 2, but the supplement itself has not changed at all – same formula. Why argue with decades of success? It took a long time to discover this unique formula. Individually the ingredients are traditional food supplements used in the field of detox, but this is the only formulation in which they all appear together.

Some of the food ingredients in the new formula:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

    – traditional binding agents commonly seen in detox formulas.


    – targeting the microvillae spaces within the colon, this superfine clay has few equals. Inert, therefore safe and nonreactive

Na Alginate

    – a food industry product, Na alginate can permeate and soften plaque, making it easier to break down.

Raw cacao

    – Well known for antioxidant and mineral properties, cacao is one of the purest food sources of magnesium and chromium – both important for heart health.

Dosage: Three caps a day

As with any effective detox food supplement, healing crises may occur as buildups leave the body. Headaches, disorientation, gut pain, etc, usually transient. That usually means the individual really needed to detox. It also means that the program is working. If this happens, just stop for a day or two, or reduce dosage. Remember these supplements are foods, not drugs. You can calibrate dosage to your tolerance..

It is true that some detox agents may inadvertently remove nutrient mineral ions in the clearing process. For this reason it is always a good idea to be taking the best Complete Mineral supplement together with Phase 2. This will promote sufficient nutrient mineral intake during detox.

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