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Childhood Immunology & Vaccines

Course Description:

An 8 hour online video course: the basic science covering the development of the immune system from the fetal state onward into adulthood. Elements of the formative immune system. A look at classical biologicals beginning with the historical development of vaccines since the time of Edward Jenner. We will discuss the history of individual vaccines and their documented effects on disease rates in this country during the past century. There will be a focus on the original science behind the current Immunization Schedule, along with a discussion of ingredients and adjuvants.

In this course we will define many terms and concepts commonly misused and misperceived in media and everyday conversation. Typical slogans and phrases that comprise the majority of public awareness on vaccines – these will be carefully analyzed and documented in this seminar.

8 one-hour Sections:

    Section 1 – The Emergent Immune System
    Section 2 – Adjuvants, Attenuation, Excipients; Peanut Anaphylaxis
    Section 3 – Human Papilloma Virus: The First Cancer Vaccine
    Section 4 – Polio and DPT vaccines
    Section 5 – Shaken Baby Syndrome 2012
    Section 6 – Measles Mumps Rubella Vaccine since 1978
    Section 7 – Hemophilus Influenzae Vaccine, Rotateq Vaccine
    Section 8 – Thimerosal and Neuroimmunology


    To summarize the history of immunology
    To define the components of modern vaccines, their role in child immunity
    2012 US Mandated Schedule, global comparison
    A look at Thimerosal: Mode of action, history, disclosure
    Chiropractic and other non-drug protocols for vaccine damaged children
    A discussion of HPV as an STD
    Recent changes in state and local vaccine laws
    To understand the emergence of autism in the US since the 1990s


Section 1 – Antibody Production: the Emergent Immune System

A look at mammalian IgE manufacture as it evolved. Immune strength in the fetus and the newborn. Elements of immunity. Reactivity vs. immune development. Herd Immunity. Natural immunity vs acquired immunity. Pasteur and the Germ Theory of Disease.

Section 2 – Adjuvants, Attenuation, Excipients

Vaccines and child immunity. The US Vaccine Schedule since the 1960s. Global comparison. Vaccine research: the FDA approval process prior to being added to the Mandated Schedule. New vaccines in development. Definition of adjuvants, attenuation, excipients. Peanut anaphylaxis.

Section 3 – Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine

The underlying virology. HPV and its history of disease. Cancer of the cervix: etiology and incidence. The 2006 vaccine: the first cancer vaccine – development and peer review, road to approval. The new theory of viral particles. Introduction into Texas. Issues of carcinogenicity. HPV vaccine for boys. HPV and STDs. AB 499: 2011 law for California children.

Section 4 – Polio and DPT vaccines

Polio vaccine since 1954. What is poliomyelitis? Diphtheria and tetanus since 1945. Pathophysiology and incidence. Cornebacteria and Clostridium. Vaccine development for the DPT shot. Risk/benefit studies and efficacy. Continued necessity for triple shot trivalent. The re-emergence of whooping cough since 1945. The pertussis component of DPT. Injury compensation and the VAERS program since 1991.

Section 5 – Shaken Baby Syndrome

History and defined mechanism. The classic triad of criminal culpability: subdural hematoma, intracranial hemorrhage, and cerebral edema. Ethics and jurisprudence of SBS case history. The science, epistemology, and the expert witnesses. Alternate theories of causation. Incidence and detection.

Section 6 – Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine since 1978

Incidence and severity. Measles virus and autism. Autistic enterocolitis, Wakefield, and TAQMAN sequencing. Side effects of measles. Side effects of measles vaccine. The principle of Viral Interference. Prevnar vaccine.

Section 7 – Hemophilus Influenzae Vaccine; Rotateq

Mandated since 1985. Early Finnish research. Dissenting views. H. Influenzae vaccine and infant diabetes. Hemophilus influenza vaccine and the meningitis research. Rotateq vaccine 2007: history and relation to infant colic. Patents and side effects. Risk to benefit studies.

Section 8 – Thimerosal and Neuroimmunology

Thimerosal since 1930. Neuroimmune effects on myelination in the newborn. Other physical effects. Stated purpose of thimerosal as a biological preservative. Dr Boyd Haley on mercury. Congressional Hearings and thimerosal. Institutes of Medicine and thimerosal. RF Kennedy Report on thimerosal. Mercury in today’s vaccines.

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