No disease in history has gone on for this long, completely unchanged. That is immunologically impossible.

COVID defies the universal scientific principle of Herd Immunity: our ability to adapt to any biological menace. How can a disease last for 9 months without changing? How can a population be subjected to a disease for 9 months without adapting? They can’t – both are impossible.

The only explanation then is that the whole thing must be contrived. Managed. Which can only mean — Manmade.

There’s no such thing as a permanent disease threat.

In this video we will take a quick look at the political maneuvering required to maintain a false epidemic for this long, and the 4 groups who directly benefit from its perpetuation:

    Vaccine Industry

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One of the darkest consequences has recently emerged from the refusal of teachers to return to school, and the online substitute that our poor children are now being forced to endure.

Required to come up with online curricula practically overnight, many teachers have discovered that they can fill in time by showing films. Any films – whatever they feel like. The problem is – many of these films are not the least bit educational and are likely to be highly politicized indoctrination, most often of the revisionist radical left.

For all the Common Core grads out there:

    Revisionism – judging other periods in history by the values of the present.

Films and discussions of an anti-American or Marxist nature, films about tearing down historical monuments, or subjecting preteens to shocking confrontations about sexually charged issues of LGBT, or one-sided political harangues, etc…

These are just a few of the unapproved, noneducational subjects being forced on today’s newest captive audience, just to fill in time.

Many teachers will insert CNN10 to use up time. Some of the science on that channel is actually informative, but the programming is so random that you never know what you’re going to get. And there’s always a chance that they’re going to be airing the latest brainwashing from whatever the pharmaceutical industry happens to be selling this week.

And even though the radical politics are toned down considerably compared with the regular CNN channel, the point is – this is not education. It’s daytime TV. If teachers are going to waste time with this filler material, why aren’t the kids doing their homework instead ?

And that’s the real question. So now kids are forced to sit in front of a computer screen for 4 hours a day for pretend school, and yet they still bring home another 2 hours of homework? What a colossal waste of time!

No wonder so many thousands of parents are switching to masterful curricula developed by Homeschools during the past few decades. These programs respect the child’s time by focusing on traditional academics. It is undisputed that Homeschool graduates score much higher on SAT’s than regular high school kids – everybody knows that..

And here’s the best news: homeschool is only 3 hours a day! No homework.

Thinking about switching?

So the recent radical politics of teachers unions may have let a cat out of the bag that they might have preferred to keep hidden: if kids are going to be forced to attend online school, who’s better at it – the dilettantes who just showed up last month, trying to re-invent the wheel, or the professionals who have been perfecting it for the past 20 years?

Keep pointing that gun at your feet, teachers.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we do not send our kids to school to be indoctrinated into random systems of religion, or the unpredictable politics of any given teacher. We send them to school for one reason: to receive a traditional, conventional education. That means reading, writing, and mathematics. That’s the teacher’s only job.

If extras such as art, music, sports, etc can be included, so much the better. But that’s where we draw the line. Under no circumstances should educators feel free to expose children to whatever arbitrary topics they feel like pulling from the inbred, amoral daily corporate media. Or presuming to inject their personal political opinions about current events into the minds of their innocent young captives.

What’s the difference between that and trying to push kids into Scientology? Where are the boundaries?

Here they are: Rule number one is: no politics and no religion. Many schools today have forgotten that most fundamental axiom of simple good manners. And professionalism.

At the end of the school year, no children should be able to identify their teacher’s religion or political party. That’s the beginning of professional behavior, right there. The bare minimum.

Hey teacher! Leave those kids alone!

One of the inadvertent benefits of the COVID campaign may be that for the first time, parents are being provided with an inside look at what has been going on behind closed doors all these years.

Many of them are beginning to understand why kids have 2 or 3 hours of homework every night – no wonder. Look what they’re doing all day – all the time they’re wasting. Very little reading, writing, and math. Which is what all that homework is.

And that’s another thing – the 2-3 hours of homework kids bring home every night. For all these years, why have parents been expected to do the teachers’ job, after a long day of working themselves? Why do they accept it? No reason for that at all. But now, we’re getting a little window into exactly why that happens.

With all the time kids spend in school, there should never be homework. Seven hours a day is enough to fit in 3 hours of academics somewhere. And that holds true as well for the ersatz online school going on today during the Hoax. Is it asking too much that kids do their homework then? Definitely wouldn’t be cutting into instruction time.

Maybe it will suddenly begin to dawn on us why American kids have been near the bottom of the list in reading, writing, and math among all the industrialized nations for the past 2 decades, in every single index and academic evaluation study ever complied. Below the third world countries.

Don’t take my word for it, parents. Drop in and see for yourself what your kids are being subjected to. Get ready to be shocked. And then inform your school that your kids aren’t doing any more homework! That’s what school’s for.

That’s what you’ve been paying all those taxes for all these years.



Earlier this month, an event of unprecedented breakthroughs in COVID awareness swept through central Kansas. In a little town outside Wichita, more than 850 people showed up for a full day of powerful presentations by some of the world’s most renowned figures in the field of vaccine science. Bobby Kennedy, Andy Wakefield, and Del Bigtree were the headliners. I was batting cleanup, with a summary of our recent videos on the COVID hoax.

Bobby gave a brilliant summary of his career in environmental law, starting with a riveting account of how his team saved the Hudson River from runaway pollution back in the 80s and 90s. And then the story of how he became aware that vaccines were 1000x times more toxic to children than any environmental poisons, with some highlights of his tumultuous journey exposing the dark world of corporate vaccine politics.

Del was a powerhouse of messianic energy, exposing the corruption of the vaccine industry and the bureaucratic decision makers, how they rarely have the slightest inkling regarding the vaccine science they are making laws about. The only reason these individuals are able to continue to oppress the population is the general lack of awareness about the toxicity and dangers of all vaccines.

Bureaucrats are not taking away our freedom as much as we are giving it away.

Andy’s new movie The Act, 1986 describes the quantum shift in vaccine mandates that took place in 1986. With the Vaccine Injury Act, two game changers opened the floodgates to triple the number of vaccines forced on children, and also brought about the autism epidemic:

    Indemnification of manufacturers – cannot be sued for injuries or deaths

    No safety testing required

All in all, Wichita was a rare event filled with encouragement and hope— showing that not everyone in the country has become masked zombie sheep, militantly uninformed, willing to roll over and obey whatever new nazi rules local bureaucrats come up with regarding vaccines, or protection against new fake diseases. As evidenced today on both coasts of the US.

As a visitor from a totalitarian state, it was gratifying to see many of the people were armed — going about their daily lives. No one gives it a second thought. When I asked them about it and wondered if they’d had much social unrest, tearing down monuments and downtown riots, etc. – they all laughed. This is America.

The event was a refreshing temporary flashback to normal, with no germaphobic distancing, or masks, or gestapo monitoring. Local fake news was not allowed entrance – perhaps a harbinger of things to come. Are we going to have to hold secret meetings to learn about true science from now on?

The event was videoed and a link will soon appear at https://thedoctorwithin.com/videos/