1. New Radio Show – thedoctorwithin Radio Network
2. New Chelated Minerals
4. Havana Cruise March 2019


1. thedoctorwithin RADIO NETWORK

Eventually, anything at all can happen – like someone telling you there’s a radio station who’s giving you a show once a month for an hour, and you can say anything you want to the whole world, no commercials. Your ideas on any topic you choose, and interview anyone you wish. Imagine that.

Looking at broadcasters, newsreaders of the sort we see every day on local and national programs, with the bar set so low, the challenge doesn’t really seem that daunting. My first 2 shows on KSCO radio out of Santa Cruz, went smoothly enough. Actually ran out of material – the time flew by so fast.

But not brilliant. The challenge of course is to prepare material that has some chance of being valuable to the few potential listeners still capable of abstract thought. That would be the true objective, wouldn’t it? But in real life doesn’t it it seem that the longer a talking program has been on the air, the less likely it becomes that the hosts will think of anything to say?

Look at the genepool from which media always draws – the likes of Stephen Colbert, Bill Mahr, Jimmy Fallon, Conan, etc. and the hundreds of lesser idealogues and marionettes from local arenas … All cut from the same cloth, low vibrational level, spouting their programmed slogans kneejerk rapidfire, the way they have been trained … I mean, could somebody step forward please who hasn’t been stamped from this same cookiecutter?

Opinions without preparation and study are predictable. Predictable, lacking imagination and conviction. Like TV. So that’s the pledge one must make for interviewees. Don’t have guests based on popularity, fashion, or FB network size. Find somebody who has done the work, lived the life, been dragged through the mud of self doubt and mass rejection, and yet has somehow come up with the goods.

If this sounds like you, call me and we’ll try and get banned..

Tony Robbins used to say ‘massive success requires massive rejection.’

Anyway, please check KSCO.com Saturdays at noon for thedoctorwithin Radio Network. This place has live entertainment!



We have just re-formulated Immunition’s Chelated Minerals, for the first time in 10 years. What was already the leading mineral supplement on the market just got a little better.

We have replaced the caplets with standard capsules now, which make for easier swallowing.

Here is the new formula:

    . . . . .Milligrams per cap:……% Daily Value

    Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) .82 mg 99%

    Calcium (Di-calcium malate 307 mg 30%

    and Calcium bisglycinate) 5.6 mg 10%

    Iron (Ferrous bisglycinate) 10 mg 80%

    Magnesium (diMagnesium malate 495 mg 86%

    and Magnesium bisglycinate) 10 mg 4%

    Zinc (Zinc bisglycinate) 16.7 mg 94%

    Selenium (Selenium glycinate) 1.5 mg 90%

    Copper (Copper bisglycinate) 3.4 mg 90%

    Manganese (Manganese glycinate) 6.3 mg 150%

    Chromium (Chromium nicotinate glycinate) 8.8 mg 99%

    Molybdenum (Molybdenum glycinate) 6.7 mg 99%

    Phosphorus (diCalcium phosphate) 45 mg 19%

    Iodine ( Potassium iodide) 2.5 mg 150%

    Silicon (Silicon dioxide) 3.34 mg 90%

    Vanadium (Vanadium Nicotinate) 6.67 mg 90%

    Nickel (0.2% tituration) .67 mg 90%

Calcium and phosphorus are present in most foods. Few people have deficiencies, no matter what your MD says about osteoporosis. That is a disease of excess, not deficiency. All the refined processed foods requires calcium to buffer blood values all day long. So the body must steal calcium from the bones. So the solution to osteoporosis is not more calcium – just less soft drinks, alcohol, and sugar.

Trace amounts of nickel are necessary for bone formation and cell energy. You will find almost no mineral supplements available anywhere that contain nickel.

As you know from the Minerals chapter, there are 21 minerals which have nutrient value for humans. Not 99, not 150. Besides these 21, other minerals are toxic – like mercury, lead, aluminum, strontium, etc – and may require chelation for removal.

Why take minerals? What do patients say – what benefits do they derive? Since minerals are required for all systems, the improvements are across the board: more energy is the most common. Especially evident among Silicon Valley desk jockeys – can’t understand why they would be so exhausted after 12 hours in front of the screen…

Clearer mental acuity, lean muscle gain,, thicker hair, stronger nails, better skin, improved heart, improved digestion – all these systems require nutrient minerals. Consult any physiology text anywhere – vitamins, minerals, enzymes – the eternal triangle for human cell physiology.

And then remember why most of us are mineral deficient: even if we eat all organic produce, that is no guarantee that it has any mineral content whatsoever, because of the dead topsoil across most of the country for the past 50 years. See Minerals chapter.

Bottom line is – we really have no choice in today’s world. Three caps every morning, for optimum longevity and immune health. Not a theory, not even controversial.



More like Glendale, but who ever heard of Glendale?

For a couple of decades there’s been an annual convention of a group called the Cancer Control Society. Not the best name certainly, because at one in three deaths, cancer is anything but in control. But they bring together a diverse array of insight into this otherwise dark, monolithic industry. This year I was asked to do 30 minutes on the Carcinogenicity of Vaccines.

There were several dozen booths in the Exhibit hall with the usual selection of healers, practitioners, tin hat people, cancer cures, and various approaches to immune building. Fairly good cross section of what you’d expect at an event like this, some good some bad.

There was a doctor speaking about the dangers of the coming 5G technology, supposedly an expert in the field. You may have heard that there are supposed to be 18,000 new cell towers across the US in the next 2 years, for delivering 5G bandwidth to cellphones. And the FCC has just approved Elon Musk’s plan for putting satellites in orbit to deliver the same service. That much is actually true.

I figured OK, this guys’s thesis is that 5G EMF is harmful to humans. So he’ll present the relevant science so we’ll be aware of the coming challenge, right? Wrong. It was the lamest, most disorganized and poorly documented presentation ever. Talked about some unspecified studies proving how pernicious 5G EMF was, but never actually cited any. Maybe it all came to him in a vision.

The few studies he mentioned were done on mice and lab animals, and he didn’t elaborate on any of them. But human physiology and that of lab animals are miles apart. For all we know, they placed some high voltage EMF 2 feet away from a group of mice and recorded their malaise, etc. What does that have to do with human response to cell towers? Or more remotely, from outer space satellites? Any evidence showing actual human neurological damage from the exact frequencies and voltages of 5G that humans will be exposed to from the new towers and satellites? Seems like there is none because here is a top expert in the field and all he does is make dire predictions about some vague, imminent threat with no facts to back it up.

With all the real problems facing the world today, it seems doubtful that 5G is one of them. It fits the Bernays news criteria of being topical and deadly, with no evidence to speak of.

I mean, here we are actually killing and handicapping our children every day with vaccines. That is undisputed. We are actually killing adults with chemotherapy and radiation every day for cancers they may or may not have. Yet managing editors of corporate media are forbidden to do features on these true epidemics. No, they’d rather jangle the public’s nerve endings with mythic threats du jour – like 5G EMF.

Looks like this dog don’t hunt.

Next, there were two Mexican MDs who had famous cancer hospitals in Tijuana. Both seemed to have some fairly credible survival statistics for programs that excluded conventional poison-and-burn procedures. They each had an array of remedies that weren’t quite holistic – synthetic vitamins, drugs, cleanses, etc, – but at least didn’t directly suppress the immune system. Except of course for their curious “cancer vaccines” which would be an oxymoron, by definition. It was still an allopathic approach to treating disease, though with positive results.

But it just goes to show that any protocol that can get a patient to simply stop killing himself with toxic food and drugs, no matter what the supposed diagnosis, no matter what other remedies are applied, has a greater chance of survival than with the guy who undergoes the conventional approach. This is by mainstream oncology’s own statistics. See To The Cancer Patient.

When it came time for me to take the stage for my 30 minutes on The Carcinogenesis of Vaccines, I shifted to a new tack, on the spot. After 5 minutes showing evidence from the PDR that the formulators of all vaccines admit to carcinogenic ingredients, and then state that no vaccine is tested for carcinogenicity, I went to the Testimonials section of thedoctorwithin and started reading from the many recoveries for metastatic situations where the patients recovered completely using the simple cleansing protocols of the 60 Day Program. And how I would put this simple immune-building program of detox and cell restoration up against any of the high profile protocols in the entire room, on a case by case basis.

Looking out on the audience of 500 or so, it suddenly hit me—- these different approaches to cancer represented in the various booths and lectures — all of us must be aware that we are not in competition with each other. No, we’re all on the same bus.

Competition? The only competition is mainstream oncology – the purveyors of chemo/ radiation/ surgery. Their failure rates are appalling. And yet their inhumane and intimidating marketing and sales techniques are wildly successful.

How can that be?

Control of information. Wiki/google. Academia and TV. Lack of diligent research when the diagnosis comes in – people think there is no alternative. .

Being overwhelmed by fear, intimidation, and pressure from their equally uninformed family and friends, they cave. And most die on schedule, not of cancer but of cancer treatment.

For the informed, we must affirm the obvious: that the only cure for any disease takes place if the innate immune system is allowed to marshal its own formidable powers and create a perfect inner milieu that simply does not allow a cancerous condition to co-exist.

Sooner or later, all cancer patients find out that the only thing that can save them is the power that created them in the first place – their innate participation in universal intelligence. To the degree to which that power is facilitated by their own choices, they will tend toward recovery.

Mother Nature Bats Last.



Almost sold out already? It’s 6 months away! Only 2 more cabins left in our block – don’t know if we can get any more at this price. The point is if you have any notions about you might like to make this life event, decision time is now. They always sell out.

This is from last month:

Dr John Bergman has announced the next in his series of chiropractic seminars aboard AzamaraCruise lines: 15 March 2019, leaving from Florida to Cozumel and then coming back through Havana for 2 days. Total: seven day cruise. I have been on the last two cruises Alaska and the Mediterranean They were both life events– experiences you’d never otherwise have, that you’ll never forget.

This next one can’t fail to be of the same calibre. Cuba alone would make it worthwhile – I was there several years ago before there were any US flights at all. Anyway, this may be your last chance to see Havana before the Vegas corporate mafia turns it into another cheesy Atlantic City. Which is fairly inevitable.

But the seminar itself will be an affirmation that chiropractic is the solution to the de-evolution and decomposition of American culture, so evident today at every turn. Not just the solution but the inspiration, the redemption, the Avatar of survival.

If that sounds hyperbolic to you, well then you didn’t get the memo, Citizen. What other profession can be the lightning rod, the conduit, the extension cord for the power than creates the living universe? Tell me. Name one.

What do we see every minute all around us — increasingly desperate attempts to maintain the charade, the pageantry, the illusions that pretend

    that the 45% of the world’s drugs we consume drugs can improve the quality of life
    the legitimacy of our casual approach to surgery
    nearly 1/3 of the population needs fake insulin for its self-imposed Type II diabetes
    vaccines confer immunity
    vaccines are tested safe and effective
    American kids need 2x as many vaccines as any other country
    that cortisone will cure arthritis and chronic organ degeneration
    that rods and pins and drugs can fix scoliosis and foraminal encroachment

But the lid is off the box – even the unenlightened can see the wires, the bait and switch. Everybody’s got family members who have died because they believed the medical hooks like:

    you need exploratory surgery
    this experimental drug will cure your cancer even though none of the current 10,000 can do it
    immunosuppressors and steroidal antiinflamatories will affect only the intended tissues, leaving the rest of the body unaffected
    someone taking 10 powerful medications needs 5 more
    your Type II diabetes has nothing to do with your lifestyle — it’s genetic
    fake insulin will permit you to continue the diet that made you diabetic

It’s astounding they’ve been able to pull it off for this long. Defies the most elementary common sense, even among the sheeplike. Their only hope is to keep the flocks buried under the same old hypnopedic slogans.

But not us. No, we DCs can’t be complacent. The knowledge of chiropractic’s supremacy is not going to knock on your door. Generally, you won’t get it at the schools – name one. Just the opposite – seems every effort is being made to keep the truth hidden.

Most DCs these days seem to be falling for the medical narrative, lacking confidence in the illimitable power of their owns skills at curing people. But fortunately, you don’t really have to understand chiropractic to save people’s lives — you just have to do it.

Do the analysis you should have been trained to do — find the subluxation, and fix it. Look at the online technique seminars, or go to Tim Young and discover where you’re weak in adjusting, so you can fix it. The resources are actually there. Hidden perhaps, but discoverable.

Adjustment is not rocket science, but you have to know that it’s worth going after, and worth being bad at for a long time before achieving modest proficiency. Same as any physical skill – artistic, musical, neuromodulatory – whatever. Do the work – create the neural pathways that will be reinforced over the years in practice.

If you never initiate them at the start, never lay them down, how can they develop? How can you develop? Time is flowing like a river. How can our profession become anything but small and funny? Like it is now.

This is the subject matter for Bergman’s chiro cruise – the universal, the infinite, the enduring, the philosophical underlayment. Can you really afford to miss it?

So plan your vacation time now. March 2019. You can take a week off – come on – – look at the stupid stuff you’ve taken weeks off for in recent years. What did they affirm? Other than that your bank account was just drained.

This seminar will cost money too, yes, but in addition you’ll get CE credit. That’s why it’s a writeoff — Professional Development. If you don’t know what that category is, fire your accountant immediately.

Further information please call 915.307.1055