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2. King George and AB2109

The loss of the personal beliefs exemption in California is all but a fait accompli. I have nothing but admiration for anyone who continues to send Jerry Brown ‘more information.’ But if there’s one thing we all have learned in the past 6 months: most politicos are not interested in any information except that which proceeds from political expediency.

We faxed and sent and delivered boatloads of ‘information’ into their offices. A few of them looked at it, but most did not. Why would they? I think of all those trees – the Lorax is most disconsolate.

Jerry Brown has about as much chance of vetoing this bill as he has of getting another date with Linda Ronstadt. This is the guy who signed AB499 2 weeks after he took office. Remember? Do we really expect him to say, yes, children should be vaccinated in schools without their parent’s knowledge or permission, but this thing about making an MD co-sign the exemption form…hmm, I don’t know… Think I’ll veto it on principle even though it goes against $10s of millions in Attendance-Based Funding….

We made a showing from the moral high ground. But clearly that is hostile territory to the majority of those in public office in this state. Like the patriots in 1775 appealing to King George – they exhausted the recourse of words and diplomacy. What’s left for us? — either votes, or storming the capitol. Good luck finding a General Washington today.

Here is an email I sent Dawn last week:

“This is a different world now. A world where one valiant warrior can be crushed by a gaggle of mangy dogs.

“For me the most valuable lesson of this whole experience has been to realize that there are still people of your calibre out there. But the world has changed – has taken a turn here. We are now living in the age of the Survival of the Correctly Informed. Those few will always find a way to protect their children and will not vaccinate.

“But the masses have spoken. The masses do not want to travel the path to health and self determination. They are voluntarily choosing slavery over responsibility.

“You and your team did everything humanly possible to fight the tide. The people you fought aren’t fit to tie your shoelaces. But now we have to get on with our lives.”

So getting on with our lives now in a post-AB2109 world, what steps can the informed take to safeguard the formative immune systems of their children?

Intelligent new parents who still have the ability to read and think will look at the literature and decide not to vaccinate, no matter what. So they’ll actually get an appointment with one of the few MDs who will even entertain the possibility of vaccine choice. And the parent goes into the office and let’s say the doctor launches into his canned spiel about the importance of vaccines, etc.

So. A couple of ground rules here, for the parent:

1. Have the form in your hand, which you’ve already signed. This will dispel any illusion that you’re still in the decision phase.

2. Never go into any office unless you know for certain that if you insist, they’ll sign.

3. Under no circumstances, never ever bring the child to the appointment.

4. Do not sit there and be patronized by someone who knows one tenth of what you know about vaccines. As soon as the doctor starts his condescending rap, you stand up, hold out the form and say the following words: “I’m sorry doc. I didn’t come in here for your opinion. I came in for your signature. And I paid for it. So if you’ll just sign here, we’ll be on our way.”

Take control. Remember, the only thing that really matters here is that your infant’s immune system is allowed to develop naturally and unmodified, without the toxic assault of experimental vaccines.

There will be a list of MDs who will be disposed to sign off on exemptions at thedoctorwithin.com

Last word: See excerpt in Section 4 below


3. Chiropractic Always Works

Just had a new patient who is 80 years old and never been to a chiropractor. Had multiple surgeries, joint replacement, diffuse DJD – 40 miles of bad road. You know the one. Chronic severe mid and low back pain. Said she had low expectations because of her age. I told her I had patients older than her who were pain free, full function. Seems like a lot of this old age stuff is between the ears. As long as they’re still breathing they have to follow the same rules of physiology as the rest of us, am I right?

So, as you might guess, after 2 visits she’s 40% improved. 80 years old. Just think if she’d come in when she was a 70 year old spring chicken. Or how about 30?

This is where the expectations of the doctor will vary with experience. The new guys might think, wow, this old lady is pretty far gone. I’ll be happy with some symptomatic relief – can’t unboil a hardboiled egg, and all that. But the veterans in the trenches know better, have much higher expectations. Hell, I can fix that. Another 2 visits and she’ll be 80%. Why I remember the patient who…

And here is where the power of intent again invokes the innate source. Who would put a limit on tapping into the universal pool that organized this carbon unit in the first place? Not the experienced DC. Point five seconds before the adjustment, the affirmation – I will get out of the way, I will intend for the connection to be made, her innate will be plugged back in. Something like that. Anything you say in this regard sounds both stupid as well as common sense, because it’s so self-ordering, self calibrating, self-evident.

And this is how new docs become experienced docs, isn’t it? Surprise – the results are 10x better than they expected. The dumb ones will say (for awhile) Jesus, I didn’t think I was that good. Then as time goes by, they don’t have to go to rah rah meetings to hear about the abundance and illimitable applications of chiropractic, because they see it and they see it and they see it.

Chiropractic always works. The only exception is at the morgue.


4. Excerpt from the new textbook –
Vaccination Is Not Immunization:


In 2012 the most radical proposal in US history to end a parent’s right to make medical decisions for the child was introduced into the California state legislature. Masterfully disguised as a measure to better inform parents about the value of vaccines, AB2109 requires co-signature by an MD for the time-honored Personal Beliefs vaccine exemption – the philosophical exemption.

For the past 60 years, CA parents who didn’t want their children vaccinated simply signed an exemption form, and that was that. One form, no shots. But despite the schools’ best efforts to keep the forms a secret, and $12 billion in marketing by the pharma industry, the number of parents opting out had quietly increased year by year. Nationwide.

As the first incursion into California of Offit’s agenda to end vaccine exemptions in the US [335], AB2109 was the most powerful response Medicine-As-Government could come up with. Insisting that all medical doctors would sign the new form, and that the new law was no big deal, CA state legislators pushed the bill through, magisterially ignoring all opposition.

All MDs will sign? The opposite is true: almost no MDs will ever sign the exemption forms. Worse yet, most parents who inform their pediatrician that they want out of vaccines are dismissed from the practice. Everybody knows that.

The sordid details of the machinations that made this bill a law in CA are beyond the scope of this book. But they are easily accessed [1-6, ]

If you don’t live in CA, you need to read about what is likely coming to your town very soon. How this proposal plays out in your state will gauge how much residual democracy is still left there, as we saw in Vermont and Arizona.


In one fell AB2109 swoop, we entered a whole new era in government intervention. If the state can come in and say that suddenly after all these decades parents now need permission to have a personal belief about a medical procedure for their own children, what other doors does that open? Permission to opt out of a controversial, unproven medical procedure. What’s next? Permission not to euthanize? Permission not to get chemotherapy if one is diagnosed with cancer? It’s all possible.


“They did it in California” is the slick new sales hook. Now that all the bugs are worked out, this legal trick to end vaccine exemptions will certainly appear in every state within the next 2 years. Just as the last edition of this book predicted, the spread of this disease is right on schedule. Get ready to see it up close and personal very soon at your school. Not exaggerating, not even a little. [335]

Vaccination Is Not Immunization