1. Enzymes: Your Holiday Stuffing Alternative

2. Antibiotic Risks: Are They Worth It?

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4. MDs: COVID Brings Permanent Loss of Credibility



All set to overeat for the holidays? About ready to excuse yourself once again for holiday trough feeding?

Do you already have reflux, heartburn, IBS, stomach cancer, obesity, Crohns, or other digestive disorders? Are you older than your age?  Consider this:

Of the CDC’s Top 10 Causes of Death, nine of them are the direct result of chronic overeating.

In their struggle for survival, mammals have evolved two types of enzymes: digestive and metabolic.


       Digestive enzymes – like amylase, protease, and lipase – change food into usable forms. Fats, proteins, carbohydrates.

        Metabolic enzymes have to do with operating the body’s specific systems. Cell life, nerve transmission, brain signals, hormone distribution, oxygen exchange, liver function, acid-base balance in the blood, stuff like that. Longevity issues.
    Over 5000 metabolic enzymes have been identified in the human body.

The premier authority on enzymes was of course, Edward Howell MD, founder of National Enzyme Company.    His book Enzyme Nutrition is the starting point for any awareness of human nutrition.

In our chapter Enzymes: The Key to Longevity, Howell explains that one of the main causes of aging – as well as any digestive disorder – is the decrease in enzyme production in all systems of the body, including digestive.

After age 50 for example, salivary amylase may be only 30% as strong as it was at age 20. Amylase digests carbohydrates. The point is, all enzymes in the body – digestive and metabolic – become weaker and less efficient as we age.

This is why Howell spent his entire life developing the most effective supplemental enzymes. Or as he called them – exogenous enzymes – those that are taken daily in capsule form.

No other scientist of his day was more immersed in the literature of enzymes. Howell documents every word he writes with multiple references. From a lifetime of clinical study, here are just some of his conclusions:


    80% of Americans eat an 80% processed diet – enzyme deficient

        the less enzymes in the diet, the more the body is forced to make its own

        the more energy spent on producing digestive enzymes, the less available

               for metabolic enzymes for all other systems

        high-end enzyme supplements take the burden off the body, promoting longer life

What does all this have to do with the holidays? Overeating at family gatherings is practically a tradition in most homes, is it not?  More than the turkey gets stuffed.  Obesity – a euphemism for gluttony.  

Some of the food will be nutrient-dense, some will not. But all of it needs to be digested – broken down by enzymes, taken up in the blood, and the wastes expelled through the colon. See chapters on Enzymes and Colon Detox.

The more natural foods have intact enzymes: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lightly cooked meat and fish, etc.

The overcooked, processed foods with the fake flavors and sweeteners – have no enzymes. Gravy, over-done meats, salad dressings, pumpkin pies, cakes and ice cream, pasteurized dairy, etc. – no enzymes. Chips and cookies may taste great, but stress the body that is trying desperately to produce enough enzymes to break them down and pass them through the tract.

An immense burden on metabolic reserves. Any existing disease conditions will be aggravated as the body struggles to keep up.

The shopworn excuse — well, it’s the holidays – may not be well understood by your poor stomach, gall bladder, colon, or pancreas. Or ongoing disease.


         Eat less, opting for a non-porcine mode.

         Stop eating before you’re full

         Choose enzyme-rich natural foods over processed, fake food and drink

         Take 3 capsules of Digestazyme, with each meal as well as Expel for
                    the colon during the holidays

See if that doesn’t help make the Yuletide gay. Or hetero, as your preference dictates. Whatever.

Best holidays to all.  May the coming year advance your every good design!



You can read the whole story of Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin at The Post-Antibiotic Age – Collapse of the Germ Theory.

In the late 1930s, for once in their history the medical profession really did pull the rabbit out of the hat.  Just in time for the millions injured in WWII.

Before that, from time immemorial bacterial infection from an injury could easily develop into a fatal situation.  Down through history, untold millions died.  So with the first antibiotic, humanity achieved a major milestone in evolution – a cure for bacterial infection.  Alexander was the darling boy.

Unfortunately, the overprescription of these Miracle Drugs has killed even more people since then.  HHS tells us how over 75,000 Americans die every year of infections they caught in the hospital that are resistant to all known antibiotics.  Exactly as predicted by Fleming himself. 

The rise of the Superbugs –  antibiotic resistance – created ever stronger and stronger species of bacteria by teaching them to survive the challenge of unnecessary antibiotics.

Up until recently, most MDs were at least a little cautious about overprescription – like in the first few days of the slightest sniffle, they’d counsel waiting a week or so to give the body a chance to marshal its own immune system.   Unless of course the patient insists, demanding that the doctor “do something.”  And then he usually caves, and out comes the pad, right?

Inappropriate prescription is especially common with respiratory conditions.  After a five minute visit, the patient typically will walk out with Amoxicillin. Or maybe a Z-pack.  Without the slightest attempt to diagnose the type of bacteria within the vast array of species floating around today. This Russian roulette approach only works about half the time.  If you guess wrong you’re just adding to your own resistance to antibiotics and doing nothing for the present infection.

By now there are many varieties of antibiotics used against dozens of different bacterial infections.  There are a few criteria to increase the chances of success in guessing the right antibiotic.  Easiest would be sputum culture.   It is not routinely suggested because it might add an extra minute to the visit.  Most patients don’t even know what it is.  Let alone the idea that they can request it.

The sputum culture to identify the bacteria adds an extra step – a trip to the lab, and then waiting a few days until the results come back.  These days, many labs are too lazy to even run the sputum and don’t perform the test. They’ll blame the sample itself.   But if the patient continues to return to the lab until they actually run the sample, that diagnosis can point the doctor in the right direction.  If he’s paying attention.

Another example of misapplied science is the case where the patients decide to stop taking the antibiotic halfway through the prescription, because they “feel better.”  The real science is clear.  If it is the right antibiotic, symptoms may resolve after a few days.  But stopping halfway through the course will not kill those bacteria which mutated fast enough to survive.  Now they will be the predominant strain and will be resistant to the antibiotic in the future. Real scientists know this as attenuation.

The other possibility is that it’s the wrong antibiotic. Doesn’t matter.  Once you start a course of antibiotics you have to finish it.  Otherwise you’re creating resistant strains for that particular antibiotic, even if it is the wrong one for your current infection.

Think of it this way: the oldest living things on earth are bacteria and viruses. They have been around for billions of years. They have persisted through myriads of changeful environments – hot, cold, wet, dry, with oxygen, without oxygen, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers – you name it. They’re still around. Thousands of species of plants and animals have come and gone because they couldn’t adapt. So it’s pretty safe to say that on this planet, the masters of adapting are bacteria and viruses.

Then suddenly in the 1940s, we introduced a new discovery into the human population: penicillin, a substance which kills bacteria.  Do you think bacteria might have run into some other stresses in the past 10 billion years? Probably have.  How did they survive? They changed – doctors say ‘mutated.’ The ones that mutated survived and continued replicating.

Best advice:  if you get a persistent cough or a suspected infection, do nothing, for a month. Or two.  Unless it’s life threatening, of course.  Give the body a chance to summon its own immune system.  That will include perfect lifestyle [60 Day Program] and diet – no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco, no processed foods, no stress, etc. 

This is the only real immunity there is –  your body’s own immune system. 

For the rest of relevant antibiotics science please see chapter:


2.  New Videos from thedoctorwithin

The COVID Pageant – – video series

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Their professional reputation wasn’t all that sterling even before the COVID pageant appeared on the scene, was it?  Just look at the skyrocketing number of unproven vaccines they’ve been hawking for the previous 2 decades – American children now up to 72 injections.   

Or the trove of Boutique Epidemics  they’ve sent down the pike – imaginary diseases with imaginary pathogens, and even more imaginary solutions.  Or the exponential increase of autistic kids year after year, along with the steadfast refusal to spend one dime to research its etiology.  Or Americans as the fattest, sickest, and dumbest people of any industrialized nation – the patients of their precious organized medicine. . .

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, let’s take a brief look at a few of the impossibly unscientific myths MDs have been forced to endorse these past two years:

    A novel virus appeared across the world in less than 2 months

    Even though the virus was never isolated or identified, it caused a new global


    The COVID vaccine was the only cure, even though manufacturers and HHS

       now admit it was never tested

    The mandatory COVID vaccine was released with temporary EUA status

            a year ago

    There is no plan to continue testing to get full approval


    Masks were necessary even though WHO and CDC have admitted they

           do nothing to protect against any viral infection

But these egregious lies weren’t enough for our high priests of corporate medicine.  Now the final insult has been levied.  CDC and FDA Advisory Committees have just voted unanimously to add the untested COVID vaccine to the regular Childhood Immunization Schedule throughout the country.


It takes only the slightest bit of research (thedoctorwithin, childrens health defense, etc) for any lucid individual to see that this lethal, untested, ineffective injection has killed well over a million Americans so far.  And there is no plan to test it ever, now that the masses have accepted its phony EUA status. 

Why bother?

Ask any MD and he will endorse and fully proselytize these toxics frauds, his only evidence being the platitudes and cliches of corporate media which he has carefully memorized as “science.”  Actual science discussion is no longer  permitted – only these few slogans.

In California there is a new law now that doctors may lose their licenses for openly discussing vaccine dogma. That’s the full extent of the MD’s ability to understand, and to hold forth about.  

This preposterous state of professional bankruptcy then impugns their veracity for practically anything else they say, doesn’t it?  I mean more and more people are beginning to mistrust these guys who have lied so glibly about all the COVID fantasies.  So then why should MDs be afforded any more credence for their advice on heart disease,  cancer, diabetes, psych disorders, infections, sprains and broken bones, or any other health problem? 

Do they care about the patient?  Obviously patients are regarded merely as walking ATM machines, right? 

Typically, MDs only want to know two things – how fast can I get the patient out the door, and 2. –  how many drugs and procedures can we sell him?  99% of the time, that’s it.

It seems that this sum total of deception and malevolence served up in the past 2 years cannot endure without some correction of the karmic pendulum.  In the natural order of things there’s a limit even to what the flocks of sheep will accept.