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We’re about to see whether there are still any deities or good spirits watching over this country.

The main thing we learned from this 3rd debate is that we Americans are no longer citizens, but subjects. Subjects to those who can perpetuate the mass psychosis of a completely fake pandemic, that has now pervaded every aspect of our lives, no matter how small. A psychosis that includes its own promoters.

The first half hour of this show was wasted by our two salesmen competing with each other about who could fit the most germaphobic junk science slogans about COVID into the shortest amount of time. Both candidates persisted nonstop in making the most outrageous and at the same time fundamental errors of scientific fact about immunity, infectious disease, testing, vaccines, drugs, and pandemics – errors that slavishly parroted the propaganda of everyday media.

Obviously they both felt that this was not the time to be educating the unwashed electorate – or themselves – into the true science of infectious disease.

It is truly frightening that we now live in a world where scientific decisions that have a direct effect on every aspect of our lives, have been placed in the hands of common politicians who haven’t the remotest notions what they’re talking about. Who are reduced to quoting the endless slogans coined by the pharmaceutical industry, as a substitute for argument.

Their position on the “pandemic” now boils down to nothing more than their own personal religion and mantras, based upon their very limited knowledge of the essential issues.

When it comes to science discussion, neither candidate is bright enough to be embarrassed.

A few of the superstitious myths they both presumed:

    Germs cause disease
    This is the first pandemic in history to which we cannot adapt
    Masks and Plexiglas prevent viral infection, and must continue
    There is a need for social distancing among the healthy population
    Lockdown of a healthy population can cure an epidemic
    COVID is a real disease
    COVID is a serious disease
    A vaccine will cure the epidemic
    Positive tests are cases of COVID
    200,000 deaths
    Government can have any effect on an epidemic

All of these are manifestly erroneous, as proven in hundreds of actual science sources, summarized in our videos: Many of which sources are being daily expunged from social media, as well as from legitimate academic databases.

The American people have just traded freedom of religion and medical freedom in exchange for these screwball myths. We no longer have the right to make the most basic medical decisions for ourselves and our children. The delusions listed above are mandatory tenets of the new State Religion. And our 2 candidates are the high priests, who suddenly are in a position to enforce them.

Unquestionably, this is the most dangerous and vicious period in American history. Right now. Worse than the Revolutionary War, worse than the Civil War, worse even than 9/11. Why? Because people are so alienated, so polarized, so utterly programmed that they’re too overwhelmed to notice that that the collapse of personal freedom lies now in the balance.

And it is this spurious epidemic – with lockdown and toxic masks so easily accepted, with no objection – that has so quickly transformed and brought low our entire culture.

Facemasks are nothing more than religious totems, badges of ritual humiliation that signify obedience to a new cult. See video.

Quarantines were never intended for healthy populations. All of this was orchestrated by the same sequence of lies, listed above.

With all the yapping about non-issues that we had to endure throughout this “debate,” perhaps our only task as viewers was to try and get some kind of an impression about which of these candidates will do everything he can to try and put an end to the fake epidemic and lockdown, which have brought this country to its knees.

That is the #1 issue of this election. All other issues are peripheral – mere distractions. A country held hostage by a computer screen, with people blithely accepting ersatz living – virtual living – as a logical substitute for actual life – well my friends, that is no country at all. And that’s what we have today. A living, breathing never-ending Rod Serling movie.

In all fairness, the President made some weak attempt at common sense when he said that we should open up our schools because children are immune to COVID. He’s correct of course, but doesn’t know why. Even with the fake numbers of the fake epidemic, less than a fraction of 1% of cases were ever under 18 years old. And of those few, all had pre-existing conditions. See video

Children are simply not susceptible to the disease attributed to this fake pandemic. Kids don’t get it. Shutting down the schools was just another political maneuver of the cancel culture. Our poor children are mere pawns in the game, the overall losers, both now and in their future. Politicians don’t care, teachers certainly don’t care, and parents feel powerless.

And all the while, kids must sit in their rooms month after month staring at screens, while self-serving “teachers” try and kill the time dishing out pathetic helpings of “online education” that they threw together in two weeks because they saw the opportunity to stay home and still collect their salaries. Kids are getting dumber and dumber, as their academic, social, and spiritual progress are all moving in reverse.

And that’s why thousands are now fleeing to the booming homeschool industry, where real professional educators have spent the last 25 years perfecting truly excellent curricula of online academics.

Don’t believe me? Do this: sit next to your child for one entire morning and listen to their online “lessons.” There’s no way to prepare for what you’re about to witness.

For children, their natural life vibration for growth, joy, and discovery has been dimmed way down, like with a giant rheostat or something. We’re all going to pay the price at some point for what we’ve done to them – that’s just a law of the universe

The weird thing is though – nobody ever talks about any of this – the devastating effect of the lockdown on kids … Banned from media. They don’t vote, right?

So anyway, back to the candidates ending the lockdown – unfortunately that’s not a federal decision. It’s the states who have that power – governors and legislatures – many representing the lowest common denominator of human intelligence, personal ethics, education, and allegiance to their forgotten oaths to support and defend the constitution of the United States.

Remember that, guys? How about you forget the power grab, just for 5 minutes, and do your original job like you promised.

But even though ending lockdown is less a federal issue, a president still has many indirect avenues of persuasion in influencing the country toward liberation. While both candidates make occasional vague references to “re-opening” there is little evidence that one candidate has done anything substantive in that direction, or that the other candidate has any intentions to try.

With an electorate who seem mostly like masked zombies lacking apposable thumbs, how can the country make any move toward recovery, when most people are still invested in the preposterous viral cult and all its trappings, reinforced by a year of E.L. Bernays’ masterful programming?

First things first – before they’ll think it’s safe to return to their old lives, the brainwashed population must be shriven of their superstitions in one of two ways:


    It was never real


    It was real but now it’s gone.

Restricted as the candidates are to the intelligence level of an uninformed electorate, which they both helped to create, both have done everything they can to maintain the indefinite lockdown that continues to devastate the global economy and annihilate the Bill of Rights.

To that end, both feel they must compete with each other to be the best at repeating the silly rhetoric about being safe, beating the disease, obsessively idiotic handwashing, distancing , masking, etc. – all the remedies that the past year have proven to be 100% worthless at halting any disease – let alone one never proven to exist.

The rest of the debate wasn’t quite so abysmal as this first section. Although at least half of it was wasted on the candidates accusing each other of saying or doing something in the past for which the one offered no proof, and the other would then deny… Too much of it was this pointless ad personam dogfight, which had no relevance whatever for the beleaguered American people.

Real issues – vital issues that have arisen during this most perilous and vicious time in American history, affecting our life liberty and pursuit of happiness, etc. – were ignored completely or else just got an honorable mention.

No indication of any awareness that

    Manhattan is now a ghost town

    Las Vegas is dead

    The cruise ship industry has retired

    Amusement parks are vacant

    There is no international travel

    57% of restaurants are gone

    There’s no proof of novel disease

    There’s no proof of continuing threat requiring masks

    No healthy population in history has been quarantined

No question – this is the most important election in our history, right now. For several reasons:

    Not since the Civil War have Americans been so polarized

    Never in history has government taken away personal freedom so completely and so suddenly

    Never before has censorship been so monopolistically effective in all media

    Children are being retarded by online schools, isolated from friends and peers

    The stock market is not the critical economic indicator — it’s the 16 million unemployed

    Never before in our history has there been such a cancerous disregard for the Bill of Rights

No matter who wins, he won’t have absolute power. No matter what his ideas, he’ll have to contend with a legislature controlled by corporate advocacy.

With the candidates themselves as polar opposites on so many other critical issues, it’s unlikely either one represents 100% of your opinions. So it’s a choice of percentages. If one candidate represents 45% of your best informed opinions, and the other only 30%, well then … you make your choice.

Actually it’s even simpler than that – using your best resources, which one do you think seems the most interested in ending lockdown the soonest? Like they did in South Dakota. And Sweden. All other issues are secondary to that. Because without a country, without American freedom, nothing else matters. Including life itself.

Abraham Lincoln and JFK are never going to return. Looking at how we’ve betrayed the legacy for which they gave their lives, why would they even want to?



Censorship is verification of truth. If it’s an outright lie, that will never be censored. There’s no need to delete lies, because they don’t challenge any corporate narrative. Only something true can do that.

If you ever want to learn who has power over you, just look at who you’re not allowed to criticize.

Beginning with Shiff’s letter to Zuckerberg and YouTube last year, in a very short time we have seen a growing eradication of opinions that even slightly oppose a very narrow range of views. Throughout all social media, as well as in the majority of information media, open discussion is suppressed, on pharmaceutical or certain political issues. The corporate conventional wisdom is significantly favored by the new secret search algorithms. All else is suddenly subject to deletion without notice.

I just got a reality check on all this when after 5 months and almost 40K views, our video The Germ Theory: The New State Religion – was pulled off YouTube, because of some imaginary “Community standards.” Which are a closely guarded trade secret, obviously.

What was so offensive about this video that the public needed to be protected from it?

As you can see, the video explores the traditional science of the past 150 years concerning the Germ Theory of disease. It starts out with the original debate between Pasteur and Bechamp, which actually defined the theory.

If you don’t know even that much, then how can you evaluate a news story that claims that suddenly a novel virus has appeared that threatens the entire world? And how will you pretend to understand new rules that are having a devastating effect on your life, if you can’t define terms like




    Infection and transmission

    Positive Testing


The video then reviews the opinions of the world’s top scientists since that time, many Nobel Prize winners, who discuss the pathology, habitats, and behavior of microbial life forms in and around the human organism.

Does this sound like racy, incendiary, salacious material that the public needs to be shielded from? Apparently our meddling overseers at YT thought so, and in the blink of an eye it was pinged out of existence.

So then I put the video up on Vimeo – one of the obscure platforms, that touts itself as “uncensored.”

After 2 days, I get a notice from Vimeo that not only did they delete that video, but they expunged my entire channel, which was mostly clips on nutrition and detox.

That was really no big loss, because nobody uses Vimeo anyway – it’s kind of a joke – most people never even heard of it. But it was shocking to learn how metastasizing the cancer of censorship has become.

After receiving the notice from YouTube that my Germ Theory video was tossed out because it didn’t fit Community Standards, I wanted to find out what sort of videos would better meet their standards of public morality.

So here is a list of just a few of the videos that YouTube is perfectly happy to display as shining examples of their idea of Community Standards:

    Top Nazis Everyday Voices

    Lesbian pornography: behind the scenes

    Bondage with a Western Girl

    Taking Your Masochism to the NEXT LEVEL: Advanced Pain Play

    A History of Sexual Perversion

    Project direct: 6 ways to kill your parents

    How to Make a Pipe Bomb

    How to build a Pressure Cooker Bomb

    See the Difference Between Pipe Bombs and Pressure Cooker Bombs (7M views)

    BONDAGE LIFE- Putting Many Restraints and Chains On

    10 Most Brutal Torture Methods

    Can Porn Improve Your Sex Life?

    Top 10 Reasons Ancient Rome was a Perverts Paradise

    How to Set Your House on Fire

    Rainbow Camp offers LGBT teens chance to connect

    The Secret World of Hit Men for Hire

    Breaking & Entering for Dummies

    I Killed 36 People

    The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

These are just a few actual YT videos you can easily find. There are hundreds more of this calibre. So obviously we can understand how a video that describes the history of the science behind the Germ Theory of Disease just doesn’t measure up to such a high moral benchmark as these.

Now in all fairness, we must acknowledge what a valuable resource and brilliant achievement YouTube really has been. It’s been a true Renaissance in human information for almost two decades. Millions of videos are now posted, in the area of music, music instruction on virtually any instrument, the arts, home design, mechanics of all sorts, mathematics, literature, sports, graphic design, graphic arts, cinema, theater, microelectronics, yard sales, real estate, geography, etc.

All these areas and more are now instantly accessible in a format that was simply not possible a decade or so ago. It is indisputable that epistemology of these particular areas has made a quantum leap in just a few years because of YouTube..

For all its limitations, YT is at least professional, and as long as you conform to their politics your video can still have a reach.

But it is also incontrovertible that YT is now a de facto monopoly, fitting all definitions of Sherman AntiTrust. As I discovered, if your video gets deleted off YT, there is simply nowhere else to go. All the so-called uncensored platforms like Bitchute, Brighteon, Vimeo, etc are generally backwoods mom and pop experiments by dilettantes. Pretty much a joke. Compared with YT, nobody’s ever heard of them.

Where the trouble in paradise has begun during this past year is in a few chosen areas






Last year, in these specific areas, free access of information was suddenly perceived as a threat to the largest monopoly in history: the pharmaceutical industry. Biggest lobby in Washington, bigger than guns, bigger than defense.

What happened was YouTube was warned by some busybodies in Congress, who were acting completely outside their scope, that YouTube was now responsible for public perception on issues of medicine and science. Which they certainly were not – there were no laws and contracts that bound them to suddenly be the arbiters of all human information.

But sheep that they were, social media were intimidated by the veiled threat from an officious congressman, and YT began to draw up these very arbitrary, socialist type of ‘community guidelines,’ not dissimilar to Chairman Mao’s Rule of the Many Voices.

And overnight, certain videos started quietly disappearing from YouTube. But in a very capricious and random way.

Videos that were susceptible to being deleted without notice included clips that explored

    the science behind vaccines

    the science behind COVID

    the science behind facemasks

    open discussions of leftist politics

    side effects of popular drugs

    alternative and natural medicine remedies


to name just a few.

What did all these have in common? What makes a clip a candidate for removal?

The remotest suggestion that mainstream medicine might not have infallible knowledge of all science. Or that open discussion of all science is necessary. Anything that could even vaguely hint at undermining the promotion of drugs, vaccines, and organized medicine. No matter how peripheral or theoretical the connection.

Why was any criticism of the COVID campaign targeted? Two reasons:

    1. Because the COVID myth is the most successful trick for political control in history

    2. Because of the huge economic implications associated with the whole mythology:

      Facemask sales

      New vaccines

      A world of new entitlements

      Drug sales

      Hospital and office visits, etc.

    OK, why were videos on moderate and conservative politics suddenly targeted? Because by media’s own admission 93% of all printed and visual media leans left. Plus the leftist view fully supports the new COVID religion in every detail, without the slightest objection.

    So then what about science videos? Why are they now subject to censorship?

    Because the new State Religion maintains that there is no longer any need for scientific research or discussion because we now understand everything there is to know about vaccines, infection and viral disease. So only the science that agrees with the very narrow view will be tolerated.

    This is in defiance of all historical scientific methodology. In the traditional scientific method, no issue is ever completely solved. Every legitimate peer reviewed study concludes by listing its own limitations and errors. No true scientist ever claims his discoveries are now the final word in any area of inquiry. By its very definition, science cannot be dogmatic.

    The consequence of this new dogmatism enforced on science videos is that honest researcher trying to find the truth can no longer trust any YT videos that discuss issues of science as valid sources in and of themselves.

    Even though not every legitimate science video has been deleted, there are loads of science videos whose content has been censored in their making. So you can’t tell which are true..

    Once politics took over YouTube, true research has become that much more difficult in any area that involves science. You can get some general ideas, but then it’s back to the library for verification.

    Next – what about history videos?

    In the past several years, even before COVID was being marketed, YouTube became afflicted with a new global trend in choosing, publishing, and making history videos:


    Revisionist: that means re-writing history to reflect the social and political values of the present day. Judging history by our present “morality.” It’s a very Marxist/ communist idea that we were warned about in no uncertain terms in both Brave New World and 1984.

    Revisionism is an insidious disease. By rewriting history we erase it. Especially by superimposing our own questionable value system upon it, which will be completely changed after another few years. And then future readers will have lost all that history because they’ll only see it through our distorted veneer.

    The worst culprit of this crime is probably the History Channel, most of whose videos have become untrustworthy in their portrayal of actual historical events. As well as sublimely shallow and oversimplified.

    Disrespectful of decades of established historical scholarship, the new fad in “history” videos is usually that everyone has been wrong up until now because we just discovered this …. Really pathetic, trashy beyond conception. Academia goes trailer park. Whiskey Tango.

    By censoring out thousands of accurate history videos then, this will make it easier for revisionists to create a blank page on which to rewrite history in their own image and likeness. Their objective is for everybody to think the same and have the same social values that reflect the permitted mold.

    OK next – what about health and medicine videos? Historical figures like Antoine Bechamp and JH Tilden, Andy Wakefield, Royal Lee, E. D Hume, and BJ Palmer, etc. have been vilified or simply expunged from the historical record. No more open scientific debate on allopathic vs. natural medicine. No more dialogue. No more opposition.

    So the bottom line here is this: YouTube can be a useful research tool in areas other than science and history.

    It can also be helpful for science and history, but your default assumption is that these videos are untrustworthy and must be carefully verified by corroborating research in order to get a sound and objective point of view.

    What a trajectory the internet has traced since the mid 90s, don’t you think?

    Remember when it started back then as this Information Superhighway? A phenomenal new resource for organizing human knowledge. Then social media came along, and actually respected the First Amendment for several years – the golden years of human epistemology, in most areas. Until it occurred to the dark puppet masters that the internet could be an instrument more for control, rather than to inform.

    Then in early 2019, backroom deals about censorship were made with Google/YT, FB, etc. And their new policies gradually impugned the reliability of the entire online medium, as information began disappearing. Lots of information.

    And then that fateful day dawned – 16 Mar 2020 – when that dowdy, bespectacled Santa Clara county bureaucrat bumbled through her prepared statement from her handlers, commanding us to stay at home until they said to come out.

    And all the sheep believed it. And stayed in.

    And then we found out what real control was.