1. Black Salve – Ancient Cure Skin Cancers
2. Mineral Deficiency Epidemic

3. Havana Chiro Cruise March 2019


Organized medicine has a vested interest in hiding or maligning any treatment which is safe, effective, inexpensive, and natural. Especially if it interferes with one of their risky, expensive, ineffective manmade ones. Black salve is a perfect example.

For millennia, humans have experienced a broad spectrum of annoying skin growths and cancers. Some are infectious, or parasitic in nature. Others are abnormal proliferations of skin cells. This latter group includes skin cancers like melanoma, as well as benign growths, like keratoses.

Sometimes a group of cells may begin to grow by altering a small area of normal skin. The tissue is changed, without killing it. The word is dedifferentiation. A group of cells has lost its ability to specialize but not to proliferate. Normal tissue becomes abnormal, and starts getting larger. But there is no infection, because the tissue came from the individual’s own stem cells. It’s not foreign,

Turns out, there is a very safe and effective herbal cure that has been used on this continent for a thousand years that painlessly removes skin growths. It’s called American bloodroot, traditionally made into a black salve.

Now a quick search for black salve will turn up hundreds of pages which share the same message: beware, danger, fatal, red alert etc. For the unmotivated, this will be the end of the investigation, subjecting themselves then to the whims of the nearest dermatologist.

The more diligent may discover some of the hundreds of accounts of total resolution by the use of the salve.

So. Last month, a patient came in with the following history:

About 10 years ago he had a small blemish on his wrist the size of a freckle. Not raised, not a mole, not growing, just a freckle. His therapist had just bought a new laser with which she was less than familiar, and she was looking for test cases. She talked the guy into letting her laser the freckle.

The spot became a little red for a few weeks, and then turned white, and stabilized. Again, it wasn’t raised or rough or infected – the only difference: the spot was now white. And no longer looked like skin cells.

This situation remained unchanged for 10 years. Then one day about 8 months ago the patient noticed that the white spot had become a little rough, and had begun to exfoliate. This continued for several months until it began to grow. Soon it became the size of a kernel of corn. No pain, no inflammation.

Putting it off as long as possible, the patient finally went to a local dermatologist in Mountain View. After a 5 second exam, the doctor picked up a little spray tank with liquid nitrogen and gave the area a quick fogging. The dermatologist guessed that it was probably a common skin defect, like an actino keratosis.

Said he sees them all the time and this would probably do the trick.. But if it comes back, don’t worry. We’ll slice it down.

Many sources class actino keratosis as pre-cancer – a trendy new marketing term. But such a complication is very rare.

In this case, the patient said that after the NO2, the top of the growth sloughed off. But then 2 weeks later the Rebound Phenomenon kicked in and now the growth became twice as large as before.

This is when the patient remembered a conversation he’d had years before with a doctor who told him about how this black salve had gotten rid of a melanoma in the doctor’s own leg, and had healed it up perfectly.

So the patient began to research, plowing past the typical Bernays wiki/google horror stories, and found many people who had the same successful resolution using bloodroot.

There are even some useful medical sites, like that of Sloan Kettering, in their Integrative Medicine section:

We learn the Latin name for bloodroot: Sanguinaria canadensis

Even though this site states that bloodroot has

    antimicrobial (8), tumoricidal (22) (23), and anticancer (25) (27) properties,

it also states that it hasn’t been formally tested on humans. Which of course is clinically true. But it ignores untold thousands of anecdotal cures over the centuries. Natural medicine.

Of course it’s never been ‘proven’ by controlled clinical trials, because only the for-profit pharmaceutical industry can afford to do that. They only promote the sale of drugs, of course. Which bloodroot research would certainly not support because it’s an inexpensive, natural plant.

Back to the patient, who was ready now to give the salve a try. The patient’s next problem was to find it. He was referred to a company in Missouri called Larson something who advertised a bloodroot salve formula used for centuries by American Indians, etc. But no one there would return calls.

Another trade name is Virxscan. See Dr Lawrence Wilson’s site:

The patient then found that Amazon sold the black salve, and he ordered some from them.

Now that’s intriguing – wiki /google is screaming death and danger, and Amazon is selling it. Go, Jeff. Frickin’ globalist.

Anyway, the Larson guy finally called back, so the patient ordered that salve as well. Both products arrived. They both looked the same and both came with the same directions on a little piece of paper. He decided on the Larson salve.

The directions said to first take a needle and make little holes into the growth to make it porous for absorbing the salve. Also the area became porous after a shower, so that seemed like the right time.

Then with a Q tip, he put a little dab of the bloodroot salve on the growth. Then the directions said to cover it over with petroleum jelly and a bandaid and leave it alone for 24-48 hours.

Expecting a little pain or burning, the patient experienced none. After 2 days, he cleaned the area with hydrogen peroxide and covered it with petroleum jelly and a bandaid, as directed. He then followed the directions to change the dressing every day. That’s it.

The instructions indicated that in a few weeks the growth would begin to be extruded out. That was about all they said because of the dangers of promising cures, etc. (See Rutherford vs US)

But from his contacts, the guy learned to expect that the growth would gradually be expelled through the skin and drop off by itself. Besides that, just be patient for up to 7 weeks.

The only way you can bungle the process is to try and pull the extruding pieces out forcefully before they’re completely detached and ready to drop off on their own. That might result in scarring. Or incomplete extrusion, which means you’d have to do the whole thing all over again.

Also allowing the lesion to dry out could result in bleeding, as the expulsion could be blocked by a hard scab. But as long as the dressing was changed every day and the area was kept from drying out by the petroleum jelly, everything would be fine. A hole would be left in the skin after the material had sloughed off. Then new tissue would fill in the hole and finish by forming new skin without leaving a scar.

Now all this seemed a bit much to believe at first, especially with all the negative press about Black Salve, etc. The medical websites don’t provide a detailed description of a typical case either. But the patient found that everything happened exactly as predicted. He changed the dressing and didn’t pull on the extruding material prematurely. The tumor eventually fell out intact on its own. The hole then filled in and new skin replaced the old, with no scar.

The patient admitted he was really surprised that during the entire 7 weeks he never experienced any pain whatsoever. He had heard that there could be some pain or burning during the healing process. But in his particular case, there was none.

I have since heard of many other bloodroot stories from people, the majority of which were similarly successful. Safe, no pain, no side effects.

Looking at all this histologically, what is going on here?

This patient’s original problem happened when the laser hit the normal skin cells. This created a group of altered cells, that could reproduce themselves but could no longer specialize as skin cells. After 10 years this became a growth of abnormal tissue, proliferating out of control.

Growths like this are not foreign because they began as the human’s own cells. That’s why the body does not trigger the immune response, and why there’s no inflammation. As with all cancers.

But the cellular matrix between normal and abnormal tissue is inextricably intertwined, because they both were originally the same body’s own tissue. Very difficult to separate.

That’s where bloodroot comes in. Somehow this herb has the ability to differentiate between normal and abnormal tissue; it only penetrates into abnormal tissue. Applying the salve to normal skin has no effect – no pain, no resorption.

Having been soaked up by the entire mass of the growth, the bloodroot somehow causes the abnormal tissue then to detach itself from the normal tissue, and finally to be extruded entire and expelled through the skin.

Like magic. Actually one of the old commercial names for the salve was Black Magic.

What’s the medical approach to skin growths that don’t drop off after nitrous oxide vapor? What’s their next step? Anesthetize and slice off layers down to the ‘good’ tissue, making sure to “get it all.” Which requires weeks or months to heal, risking infection, and certainly resulting in disfiguring scarring.

This is a perfect example of the unbridgeable chasm between the holistic and allopathic approaches. First do no harm. Remember? Work with the natural healing processes of the body instead of carelessly invading it and violating it.

Despite all the self-promotion touting their supposed triumph over biochemistry, Medicine has no weapon in its arsenal so sophisticated that it can detach normal tissue from abnormal, in the absence of inflammation. Only nature can do that – 100% herbal. Grows in the ground, for free.

It’s probable that there are some disaster stories with the use of bloodroot. But a careful medical history would probably reveal that

    the patient had not followed the directions in every detail for the full 2 months

    there were some simultaneous pharmaceutical drugs or procedures

Bloodroot illuminates the essential philosophical divergence between allopathic and holistic medicine: no adverse effects, no surgery, no drugs, no pain.

With its focus always on the billing department’s bottom line, modern oncology has an abysmal track record for the past 30 years. It certainly shows no signs of improvement any time soon. For those specifics, please see the chapter To The Cancer Patient

First Do No Harm seems to claim a natural moral high ground over First Miss No Billing Code.

Modern medicine certainly deserves all the credit for its advances in acute trauma and ER technology. That science has never been better in history. They really do save lives, every day. No question. But for chronic degenerative disease, which is the majority of illness in this country, they will continue to fail and to make many patients worse, wasting trillions in the process. Why? Because most of their drugs and surgery are disrespectful of nature’s own evolutionary processes of recovery, blithely overpowering the normal immune defenses of the hiuman body. .

Which of course is a consequence of the Prime Directive we must never forget: corporate medicine is first, last and always a for-profit industry, run not by doctors, but by MBAs.



Almost sold out already? It’s 5 months away! The cabins we reserved at the initial price are almost gone–– won’t get any more at this price. If you have any notions about going, decision time is now. They always sell out.

Dr John Bergman announces the next in his series of chiropractic seminars aboard AzamaraCruise lines: 15 March 2019, leaving from Miami to Cozumel and then coming back through Havana for 2 days. Total: seven day cruise. 12 hours CE. Deductible.

For some idea of what you’ll be in for, read these accounts of our last 2 cruises: to Alaska and the Mediterranean .

This cruise will certainly be a life experience – not the typical floating Denny’s elephant tour you get with the standard Caribbean cattle call liners. . Cuba alone would make it worthwhile. This may be your last chance to see Havana before the Vegas corporate mafia turns it into another plastic Atlantic City.

But the seminar itself will be an affirmation that chiropractic is the solution to the de-evolution and decomposition of American culture, so evident today at every turn. Not just the solution but the inspiration, the redemption, the Avatar of survival.

If that sounds hyperbolic to you, well then you didn’t get the memo, Citizen. What other profession can be the lightning rod, the conduit, the extension cord for the power than creates the living universe? Tell me. Name one.

What do we see every minute all around us — increasingly desperate attempts to maintain the charade, the pageantry, the illusions that pretend

    the 45% of the world’s drugs we consume can improve the quality of life
    our cavalier approach to surgery
    nearly 1/3 of the population needs fake insulin for its self-imposed Type II diabetes
    vaccines confer immunity
    vaccines are tested safe and effective
    American kids need 2x as many vaccines as any other country
    that cortisone will cure arthritis and chronic organ degeneration
    that rods and pins and drugs can fix scoliosis and foraminal encroachment

But the lid is off the box – even the unenlightened can see the wires, the bait and switch. Everybody’s got family members who have died because they believed the medical hooks

    you need exploratory surgery
    this experimental drug will cure your cancer
    immunosuppressors and steroidal antiinflamatories will affect only the intended tissues, leaving the rest of the body unaffected
    someone taking 10 powerful medications needs 5 more
    your Type II diabetes has nothing to do with your lifestyle — it’s genetic
    fake insulin will permit you to continue the diet that made you diabetic

It’s astounding they’ve been able to pull it off for this long. Defies the most elementary common sense, even among sheeplike Americans. Their only hope is to keep the flocks mesmerized by the same old hypnopedic slogans.

But not us. No, we DCs can’t be complacent. The knowledge of chiropractic’s supremacy is not going to knock on your door. Generally, you won’t get it at the schools – name one. Just the opposite – seems every effort is being made to keep the truth hidden.

Most DCs these days seem to be falling for the medical narrative, lacking confidence in the illimitable power of their owns skills at curing people.

But fortunately, you don’t really have to understand chiropractic to save people’s lives — you just have to do it. Do the analysis you should have been trained to do — find the subluxation, and fix it. Look at the online technique seminars, or go to Tim Young and discover where you’re weak in adjusting, so you can fix it. The resources are actually there. Hidden perhaps, but discoverable.

Adjustment is not rocket science, but you have to know that it’s worth going after, and worth being bad at for a long time before achieving modest proficiency. Same as any physical skill – artistic, musical, neuromodulatory – whatever. Do the work – create the neural pathways that will be reinforced over the years in practice.

This is just some of the subject matter for Bergman’s chiro cruise – the universal, the infinite, the enduring, the philosophical underlayment. Can you really afford to miss it?

So plan your vacation time now. March 2019. You can take a week off – come on – – look at the stupid stuff you’ve taken weeks off for in recent years. What did they affirm? Other than that your bank account was just drained.

This seminar will cost money too, yes, but in addition you’ll get CE credit. That’s why it’s a writeoff — Professional Development. If you don’t know what that category is, fire your accountant immediately.

Further information please call 915.307.1055

Don’t wait much longer to sign up.



We have just re-formulated Immunition’s Chelated Minerals, for the first time in 10 years. What was already the leading mineral supplement on the market just got a little better.

We have replaced the caplets with standard capsules now, which make for easier swallowing.

Here is the new formula:

………………………………………Amount per 3 capsules ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,% Daily value

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin ……… 2.4 mcg ……………………………100%
Calcium (DiCalcium malate / …………300 mg…. . . ……………………..30%
Magnesium (diMagnesium malate/ ) …..300 mg……………………………….75%
Iron (Ferrous bisglycinate)………….6 mg……………………………….33%
Zinc (Zinc bisglycinate) …………..10 mg……………………………….91%
Selenium (Albion Selenium glycinate)…45 mcg……………………………..90%
Copper (Copper bisglycinate)……….. 1 mg……………………………..111%
Manganese (Manganese glycinate) …….. 3 mg …………………………….131%
Phosphorus (diCalcium phosphate) …….11 mg ……………………………..1%
Chromium (Chromium glycinate)………..66 mcg ……………………………188%
Molybdenum (Molybdenum bisglycinate).,,,50 mcg…………………………….111%
Iodine (Potassium iodide) ………….225 mcg ……………………………150%
Silicon (Silicon dioxide…………… 10 mg …………………………….–
Vanadium( nicotinate glycinate) …….200 mcg …………………………….—
Nickel (Nickel sulfate) ……………. 4 mcg……………………………. ––

This is probably the best mineral supplement available anywhere. Three capsules in the morning, plus a nutrient-rich diet will approximate our mineral requirements and minimize the chances for the epidemic deficiencies commonly seen today.

Remember why most of us are mineral deficient: even if we eat all organic produce, that is no guarantee that it has any mineral content whatsoever. Dead topsoil across most of the country for the past 50 years. See Minerals chapter.