1. New Beginnings Rocks
2. CA Religious Exemption? Believe it when you see it!
3. Asia / AU / NZ Seminars November
4. Today’s Excerpt: Vaccination Is Not Immunization


New Beginnings Rocks!

The spirit of DD and BJ was alive and kicking this weekend on the Jersey shore.

New Beginnings is showing the indomitable power of traditional chiropractic principles, and is pointing the direction for the future of the profession. Everybody doesn’t agree on everything, of course, but it’s close enough when it comes to what really defines the essence of chiropractic. Wide variety of topics, a room overflowing with commitment and passion to deliver the chiropractic story and to adjust the world.

New Beginnings is here to stay – building bridges, not walls.

And yes, there is proof that subluxation exists. No matter what your non-practicing teacher may have told you. See:
Seminars: Chiropractic Philosophy and Neurology


2. What Religious Exemption?

Don’t be thinking that AB2109 had any kind of redeeming upside, any silver lining. It was an unmitigated disaster.

You probably heard that AB2109 came to its predictable resolution on 1 Oct when Jerry Brown signed it into law. As a last minute distractor from this unprecedented violation of the rights of CA parents, Brown threw the dogs a bone – a mention of a religious exemption. ‘Don’t dismay, we’re taking away this, but we’re going to give you this…’

But no matter what you may read, be very clear about this: there is no religious exemption for vaccines in California. All we have is a vague and undefined promise of a religious exemption at some undetermined time in the future. From a politician – a politician who surreptitiously signed the bill that allowed schools to vaccinate kids without their parents’ knowledge or permission.


No one has any idea of the nature of this alleged future religious exemption – its restrictions, its content, its enforcement – nothing. No assurance it will ever happen at all. So don’t be taken in by any false adulation or consolation-prize-type sentiments you might read on facebook or any other irresponsible source of hearsay.

There is unequivocally no upside to the passage of AB2109. It was and is a quantum step backward in American pediatrics, in American life. The world just got a little worse. See Articles AB2109.

Now even though this law is passed and will never be revoked, it doesn’t go into effect until some time in 2014, at the earliest. It will take the luminaries in Sacramento that long to write the new medical cosignature form. So until that time, the old exemption forms are still good, still law in California. So don’t let any school tell you they’re not. Some might try that trick.

As we said in earlier newsletters and on the site, AB2109 didn’t just randomly happen. It is the culmination of years of planning, beginning with the 2007 meeting in Washington DC by the engineers of the program to demonize and eliminate vaccine exemptions. CA was the test state – the guinea pig. Now the template is set. It’s a foregone conclusion the same law will be introduced into every other state in the next 2 years.

TheDoctorWithin has been saying that ever since AB2109 was introduced. Now watch it come true.


3. Upcoming Lecture Tour Asia/ Kuala Lumpur/ NZ

Full-day CE Seminars:

The new Vaccine Seminar

26 Oct – Bangkok, Thailand

3 Nov – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10 Nov – Sydney, AU

Chiropractic Neurology and Philosophy

11 Nov – Sydney, AU



Chiropractic Neurology and Philosophy

4 Oct – New Beginnings, NJ

2 Nov – Kuala Lumpur : International Medical University

14 Nov – Charlestown, AU

15 Nov – Sydney, AU

17 Nov – Auckland, NZ


To register please call:
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4. Excerpts from the most reliable text available to parents who want to make an informed choice:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2012

“Certainly one of Medicine’s best kept secrets today is that unvaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated, by any parameter one may choose.

“Such a notion may seem shocking to the uninitiated, to the individual who has never learned anything about vaccines other than what is endlessly repeated in mainstream media, in the promotional sections of the CDC and FDA websites, and from the clinics selling vaccines. This empirical, day to day reality is something that will never be evaluated in formal clinical studies, because of the immutable rule against having an unvaccinated population as a control group in any double blind controlled study.

“For that reason, the advantage of not vaccinating will never be ‘proven’ – in the strict peer-reviewed sense. Rather, it’s in the category of things that everybody knows – that is, everyone who cares to look beneath the surface just a little, and do some actual investigating. And certainly, it’s what everyone who has an unvaccinated child knows very well. Ask them.

“The topic of vaccines is likely the only field of study wherein the extent of formal inquiry is confined to the promotion and validation of vaccines, and prohibited from looking in any direction where the true data might possibly malign or even question the fundamental, assigned thesis: that vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary.

“Since the time of Galileo, we have seen how truth and science have been conditional, impermanent companions.

“…In today’s dangerous and toxic world, with so many assaults on human brain neurology, the newborn certainly needs every possible advantage.

“Millions of parents learned the score too late: their children are permanently vaccine-damaged. The $2 billion paid out in vaccine injury compensation does not even begin to square the account. And the vast majority of injuries are never reported.

“What is the common mantra of those horrified parents? ‘I wish I’d known.’ That’s what they all say, once they find out, once it’s too late.

“This book is your chance to know.”

Other topics in the new book:

– History of vaccines

– Ingredients

– Individual vaccines: HPV, Polio, DPT, Flu shots, etc

– Today’s agenda to end exemptions

– Affidavit of Exemption

– Doctors who don’t vaccinate