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Early western civilization, dating back to Hippocrates and beyond, had definite ideas about the connection between longevity and the digestive system. All through Shakespeare, indeed throughout all Western literature, constant references relating the stomach and the colon to a character’s mental and physical state… Hamlet, Macbeth, etc. Sound mind, sound body. The colon as the immune center of the body, etc. Unquiet meals make ill digestions…

Such obvious associations were part of natural, common sense medical practices that prevailed in Europe and America, even to the present day. Except for the radical departure from science in the early 1900s when pharmaceutical philosophy became predominant, supported by self-serving economic forces. And then today of course it’s all politics, no more science permitted.

In our chapter Journey To The Center of Your Colon, we summarize the structure and physiology of the large intestine, focusing on its vital importance in maintaining the healthy condition of the blood. The role of Leaky Gut Syndrome as the cause of virtually any disease cannot be overemphasized.

Foods that cleanse – foods that clog. We’re constantly making these decisions every day of our lives, which determine how well the colon will be able to perform its two main tasks:

    resorbing water and electrolytes
    clearing waste.

In the long run, the cumulative total of one’s everyday lifestyle choices will create either a healthy colon or a toxic, debris-ridden colon. The healthy colon clears itself out completely, every day. The toxic colon matrixes layer upon layer of undigested festering sludge, every day. Your choice. Little to do with genetics or random chance or fate or evil spirits.

For the most part people get the diseases they earn. Look around.

In the chapter, we explain exactly how the colon determines the state of one’s immune system – for better or for worse – that persists throughout the entire lifespan. And how it relates directly to two primary factors

    Enzyme content of the diet

    Intestinal flora

We then review how chronic disease processes are promoted by the standard American diet of inert, indigestible comfort foods – chips, fries, donuts, hydrogenated snacks, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, etc. Sludge material gradually forms in layers on the inside of the colon, which may potentially balloon out from its normal diameter of 2 inches to as much as 12 inches, as seen in many chronically obstructed individuals. Notably truck drivers, for some reason it seems…

Over the years, blockage can be the cause of any particular disease of the colon, including

    Leaky Gut
    Irritable Bowel
    Regional Ileitis

Drugs and surgery have a deplorable track record for all these.

Another factor that contributes to colon health involves musculature. We forget that the colon is primarily a muscular organ. Its normal process of elimination – peristalsis – is accomplished through wavelike contractions of muscles which ultimately expel wastes.

Like all skeletal muscles, internal muscles lose collagen and weaken as time goes by. This weakness is accelerated with a diet of soft, processed foods which cling to the colon wall as part of the sludge buildup.

These dead foods with no fiber or enzymes do not trigger the muscular contractions necessary to expel the wastes. The colon muscles cannot squeeze out the processed buildup very well. As years go by, they weaken, and eventually atrophy.

In youth, elimination is effortless. Later on, the weakened colon must strain very hard to produce rabbit pellets. Consequently, the indigestible waste just sits there month after month, poisoning the system.

The results are sludge layers, ballooning, blockage of pores in the colon wall, Leaky Gut, florabiotic depletion, obstruction, etc. – the prelude for any colon disease you can name, including cancer.

It is well documented that 80% of Americans eat a diet of 80% processed foods. This sets the stage for a pre-eminence of colon diseases, with colon cancer holding steady for the past 50 years as the #3 cancer.

What’s the solution? Four steps:

Step 1 – Stop Eating Trash Once again the chapter Journey to the Center of Your Colon discusses the New West Diet. Obviously it does little good to clear the colon out if you continue to load it up with the same indigestible sludge that has blocked it up in the first place. So Step 1 is indispensable.

Step 2 – Expel: An herbal formula centuries old which will chip away little by little at the layers of impacted sludge that have built up for months or years. All natural, no drugs, no side effects. We always say it’s not a question of will Expel work for you, but how long will it take. It always works.

Step 3 – Florabiotics. A dead colon has destroyed all the normal gut probiotics necessary for a healthy immune system. The good bacteria. It’s not just a slogan that the colon is the center of the immune system. More in the chapter.

Step 4 – Hydration. Obviously it does little good to try and clear the colon if you are dehydrated. Try to increase water intake to 2 litres a day.

Organized medicine wants everybody to have a colonoscopy every year or so. This is marketing. They make up words like pre-cancerous, and Crohns disease and IBS and a dozen other labels for which they have a whole array of drugs and surgeries that don’t work. None of which was intended to restore the colon to its original state of health in the first place.

A cure was never their objective. Their agenda is to keep everyone sick all the time, always needing more drugs and vaccines. Fairly obvious by now, isn’t it?

They want to have lifetime patients with diseased and resected colons, which hopefully will eventually lead to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – chemo and radiation for real or imaginary cancer.

Most of this is unnecessary. Including the yearly checkups. But to avoid all these horrors, we have to take responsibility for our own health, first of all by learning how the organ works – the basic anatomy and physiology. And then follow through with care and feeding. It’s not that difficult. The chapter gives a thorough introduction.

This information will be particularly useful during the coming holiday season!



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