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  • Chiropractic as the pre-eminent first resort
  • Your true health potential
  • Why heath care has nothing to do with health
  • Medical failures: drugs as the #1 cause of death in the US
  • Biomechanical, neurological, endocrine, nutritional, and circulatory components of any health imbalance
  • The real cause of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer
  • Disease as normal adaptation to abnormal lifestyle
  • Without knowing the cause, how can there be a cure?
  • Athletic performance
  • Enzymes as the key to longevity
  • Somatovisceral pathways of disease and healing
  • Much more…

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                                       HAVANA CRUISE




How many children really die from vaccines?  How many are injured?  Various guesses are floated as fact  – 3500, thousands, 35,000, more . …

But the truth is, no one knows for sure.   All that is certain is that the numbers are increasing rapidly, year by year.

How many autistics? Don’t most of us, in our immediate circle of family and friends, know at least one autistic? Especially within the urban population.  At the very least, it’s undeniable that the emergent autism demographic of the past 2 decades now numbers in the millions.

Marginalized by the federal government and the medical profession, parents are left to fend for themselves.  Whether they accept responsibility for their mistake or not, the problem lives in their house every day, as a permanent reminder.

Unable to sell yet another vaccine as the cure for this epidemic, organized medicine has decided it’s safer just to back off and pretend the whole demographic doesn’t exist.  Never draw attention to your own errors, right?

This stance has paved the way for the rise of the Autism Industry, now hawking billions in cures, magic bullets, and remedies.  And a boatload of online marketing.

As you might expect, the industry runs the whole gamut, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some are actually quite effective, with remarkable results.   More are not.

But with all the theories of autism’s causes, belief in any particular cure comes down to how good a particular vendor is at persuasion.  Lucky for them, autism has a multifactorial etiology.

Autism is a sales dream come true.  The more things that cause it, the more opportunities for marketers to claim the cure.


Here is a partial list of the true contributors to the autism phenomenon since 1998:


     MMR vaccine

     Other vaccine adjuvants and ingredients

     Increases in vaccine mandated schedules

     Contaminated foods

     Aluminum nanoparticulate dispersions in the atmosphere

     Chemical sprays on GMO crops

     Chemical sprays on non-organic crops

     Pasteurized dairy

     Drugs in the mother

     Drugs for babies

     Inadequate nutrition of mothers and infants

     Newborn’s exposure to immunosuppressive environmentals


All have certainly ramped up in the past 25 years.

Some comments on a few of them:

Inadequate infant nutrition – in formulas (Infamil), baby foods, processed foods, pasteurized dairy,  snack foods

Chemical sprays of corporate-confined cattle feeds, contaminating both dairy and meat end-products. Even the organic label does not always mean 100% protection, what with the wind drift, cross-contamination, etc.

The chief component of RoundUp,  Glyphosate is in the billions of gallons: 1.8 million tons sprayed since 1974 in the US. (Newsweek Feb 2016)   Skyrocketing since 1987:

     1987      11 million pounds

     2016     300 million pounds per year

Deficient minerals in topsoil, even with organic produce.  Nutrient minerals are essential for the formative immune system and neurology of the newborn (Minerals)

With pregnancy and childbirth now successfully characterized as medical emergencies, the mother is assaulted with buckets of drugs claimed to be essential for the infant’s transition into this world.  Rare indeed is the pediatrician who considers the pharmacological effect of their sum total upon the immune system of the mother or child.  The final invoice  – that seems to be everybody’s bottom line.

But the principal contributor, with the most evidence as the cause of the  autism phenomenon, is certainly vaccines.  Mandated vaccines have tripled, aided now by laws forcing inoculation on the unwilling.

Manufacturers are no longer required to disclose all vaccine ingredients, now protected by “proprietary” secrecy laws.  Radically limited disclosures of each vaccine’s constituents in the PDR, starting in 2016.

For more details of the causal connection with vaccines refer to the 300 references cited in Vaccination Is Not Immunization.         [2]


There was a lecture last week in San Francisco by a prominent author in the field of GMOs.  His books on genetically modified foods have been considered seminal works in that area for years.  

But many of the attendees at the lecture were disappointed to discover the lecture to be little more than a commercial for the author’s newest collection of DVDs hawking autism cures, specifically by detoxing from glyphosate.  One of them was asparagus.  Yes.

Apparently he’d discovered that the golden goose of the Autism Industry held much greater market appeal than just informing people of the perils of GM foods.

Gradually it became apparent that the speaker was working an angle – one little corner of the autism threat.  Although it’s probably a contributor, glyphosate has never been proven to be a cause of the autism epidemic that came out of nowhere in the late 90s.  Irrespective of the quantities dispersed into the ecosystem,

Simply no comparison with the obvious universal toxicity of mass vaccination.  Not even close.

When one of the audience pointed out this obvious disparity between vaccines and glyphosate as causal to autism, the speaker gave him a rude brushoff with 3 words :  “Glyphosate is in vaccines” and took the next question.

Many were surprised by this uncharacteristic outburst of fear.  What’s he afraid of?  What is he trying to cover up?  That’s the impression people got.

On reflection, it came into focus:   a whole new market sector is suddenly claiming that glyphosate is the prime cause of autism, and has been all along.   He was saying – If  only we can remove glyphosate from the equation, the autism epidemic will be over  …   glyphosate is what makes vaccines toxic.

Would that it were that simple.


Let’s not get carried away here – It’s not even certain that glyphosate is in vaccines at all.  It’s never been listed as an ingredient by any of the PDR‘s for the past 50 years.

When you search for real proof of glyphosate in vaccines, the first thing you notice is the Babel Effect.  Most superficial narratives begin by pointing back to the same source – Honeycutt’s claims about their “independent lab” findings.  Then everybody quotes that unreferenced pop blog, presumably after speedscanning it, and then draws their own conclusions. The typical wiki/google once-over.

Pretty soon we’ve got the general public who just read headlines thinking it’s a proven fact – glyphosate is in vaccines.  Case closed.

But if you investigate a little further, you find it’s only a hypothesis.

Going one level deeper, a more authoritative study of glyphosate is Samsel and Seneff’s Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases  [1]

Very long, in the classic publish-or-perish journal format, the paper theorizes about the pervasiveness of this modern poison throughout the world today.

Through RoundUp, traces of glyphosate may exist in most crops, commercial animal products, bone broths, GMO produce, vaccines, gummy candies, vitamins, bee honey, etc.

How much?   Well, that’s a different foxhunt altogether.

Far more scientific than the Honeycutt essay, Samsel takes with a thorough look at many foods, drugs, plants, and animals, etc., searching for evidence of glyphosate. The few who actually read the paper will see that its claims are tentative, indefinite, as they should be, couched within the scientific vernacular:

  • May be associated with
  • May correlate with
  • May indicate
  • Suggests
  • Likely
  • Could explain
  • May be expected
  • Corresponds to
  • A possible connexion    …

However it sometimes overreaches its own evidence and lets fly a few

     is causal

     is verified, etc.

Some individuals then overstate the effects of glysophate, and will use the Samsel/Seneff article as a reference, claiming them as fact.  Even though the article generally characterizes its findings as  possible correlations. 


That’s the principal criterion separating classical science from junk science .

Ask any first year law student.  It’s a fundamental fallacy in textbook logic:  post hoc, ergo propter hoc (after this therefore because of this).

Samsel demonstrates many correlations with glyphosate, but proves few consequences.

Unfortunately, measuring glyphosate is nothing like calculating how much sugar is in a glass of lemonade.   More like guessing how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

We’re certainly not suggesting that glyphosate is not pervasive throughout the global ecosystem, or challenging the fundamental value of Samsel’s work.  It’s just that let’s not break out the champagne quite yet.  At present there’s no available science has categorically demonstrated

  •     How much glyphosate is in vaccines
  •     How much glyphosate could be transferred to the vaccinated child
  •     How much glyphosate would be necessary to cause a neurological disorder
  •     How pervasive that transfer would have to be to cause an entire epidemic like autism


Here’s an example:  how much glyphosate in vaccines.

One of the standard tests researchers use to try and calculate glyphosate in a compound is the ELISA test.

Like Kerry Mullis’ polymerase chain reactor test – (The AIDS Mythology) [2]

the ELISA test is in the category of indirect testing.   Standard now within the pop forensics of the pharmaceutical industry for things like  HIV, Ebola, West Nile, etc.,  we find that that these tests are little more than abstract mathematical constructs.   Hypothetical.   Any scientist admits that much .

Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis:

    “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers.”

    ” … a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV. ”    –  NIH  [4].

At best, the results are inaccurate theoretical guesstimates of how much of something might or might not be present in a compound.

ELISA works by identifying specific enzymes and antibodies associated with a specific antigen (like glyphosate).   Or a virus (like Ebola).


The next problem is that there are more than 5000 metabolic enzymes in the human body.  They are not necessarily specific to any given antigen.  The same enzymes may be attracted to many different antigens.   Or, different enzymes might be attracted to glyphosate in different conditions – like, pH, type of vaccine, batch, location, etc.

So many different variables among samples tested.  [3]

PROBLEM #3    

Same with antibodies.  Samsel explains that ELISA also is measuring  antibody content within vaccines.  Specific antibodies for glyphosate.  And from that they’ll extrapolate how much glyphosate.

But wait – they’re assaying vaccines here, right?   What’s the whole intent of vaccines – to provoke the formation of what?  Antibodies.  See the contradiction?

Most scientists are aware that ELISA testing for HIV, for example. cannot distinguish between leprosy, malaria and HIV, since these three share cross reactivity with the same antibodies.  Yet ELISA remains a gold standard throughout the global AIDS testing industry. [1]

For this reason, the ELISA test might not be a true measure of anything, but merely an artefact within a vaccine sample.

Any study’s reliability is only as good as the quality of the evidence the testing provides.  Ten tests can be interpreted 10 different ways, with completely different outcomes.

“Results of ELISA tests may be interpreted differently within a single    laboratory, between laboratories within one country, and between countries.”  [3]

There’s little intra-professional standardization for interpreting ELISA  findings throughout the world.  It’s not a simple, objective, reproducible measuring device, by any means. More like a best guess, among dozens.

Ten tests can be interpreted 10 different ways, with completely different outcomes.

“Results of ELISA tests may be interpreted differently within a single laboratory, between laboratories within one country, and between countries.”[3]

Conclusion: indirect tests like ELISA and PCR don’t really work.  Every scientist knows it.  But they’re all they have, and the issue  here is job security.   Benefits for human health and childhood immune system? Not really interested.  Not our department. This is big business – corporate behemoth territory.


Next comes the obvious question  – how did glyphosate get in the vaccines in the first place?

This is where the wheels really seem to come off, with all the theories of animal cell culture media, and cows eating Roundup-sprayed feed, etc.    Ignores facts like

  •  all vaccines aren’t cultured on cells of animals who eat GM crops
  • all vaccines aren’t cultured on cells of animals
  • lack of any evidence whatsoever that an herbicide could withstand the elaborate manufacturing process of vaccines and survive intact in any measurable amount.


  • lack of any research quantifying the requisite amount of  glyphosate necessary to cause neurological damage to a newborn


It’s all theoretical.  Laudable that a few are studying it, but laypeople get carried away, quoting facts not in evidence.

At least they’re not claiming that Merck is spraying glyphosate directly onto the vaccine formula itself.  Though that’s certainly an impression this new glyphosate hysteria has successfully made.

Glyphosate in Roundup has been around for 25 years.  But suddenly seems like it’s the flavor if the month in the parade of demonic environmental neurotoxins conjuring up the autism spectre.   Why the suddenly popularity?   Where have these guys been all this time?

It’s the cure du jour for the Autism Market  – the big push to detox glyphosate from the body, the glyphosate that was supposedly put there by vaccination.  Because suddenly after 100 years of vaccination,  these researchers have finally found out vaccines were toxic.


What, and then vaccines will be fine, as soon as we get the glyphosate out? That was the fly in the ointment all along?

In the publish-or-perish universe of peer review, one of the inherent handicaps is a deference to organized medicine’s  dogma on all issues  on which the  pharmaceutical monolith is founded.  No matter how unscientific or how unsafe.  These would include unswerving obeisance to notions like:

  •        vaccines as the necessary vehicle for childhood immunity
  •        HIV and AIDS have a proven causal association
  •        HIV testing is reliable and accurate
  •        vaccines have been tested to be safe and effective
  •        vaccines really confer specific immunity by exposing children to lab mutations of natural viruses and bacteria   
  •         the same scientific method prevails for vaccines as for any peer reviewed study


If Samsel did not acquiesce to these requisite axioms, his paper would never has been published.  Indeed there is not one sentence in the article that challenges any of these statements, even though the jury is still out, for all of them.

Still out?  Actually, never got as far as voir dire.

Anyone who has been studying vaccines with the least diligence doesn’t really need to look for any exotic new reasons why vaccines are so neurotoxic.  We’ve had sufficient evidence for years, from The Reality Behind the Myth, down to the current books.

Lab mutations of viral and bacterial pathogens, aluminum, thimerosal, formaldehyde, glycols, plus the sheer amount of vaccines injected on one day, and collectively throughout the entire Mandated Schedule…etc.  We’ve got all the evidence we need to explain the rise of autism with any one of these, irrespective of new pop theories.

Of course autism is a multifactorial phenomenon, as we saw above.  But none of the contributors is as clearly responsible as the vaccine mandates of the last 20 years.

Seems prudent then to beware of parvenus who recently discovered the toxicity of glyphosate in RoundUp, and then found out a little about vaccines, trying to pretend like they’ve discovered the Holy Grail, which they’re now going to share with a grateful readership. .  Or those like Mr. Smith who seem to be trying to capitalize on the Autism Market by pretending the entire epidemic was caused by glyphosate.

Even the little evidence that suggests possible traces of glyphosate in vaccines cannot reasonably be compared with what we have known for certain for the last 3 decades about the etiology of this dark blight upon American children – Autism.

In sum, the unvarnished truth is that there is insufficient science proving glyphosate as a cause of autism in an individual.  Let alone that its potential presence in vaccines could singlehandedly account for the extent of autism throughout the world.



1 Samsel and Seneff  Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases    Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry 17 (2017) 8–32

2. The AIDS Mythology                           thedoctorwithin.com

3. PRESIDENTIAL AIDS ADVISORY PANEL REPORT     http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/hiv/panel/chapter4.htm

4. Goodson, P     Questioning the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis    2014 Sep 23. [10.3389/fpubh.2014.00154]   PMCID: PMC4172096 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4172096/




 Consider the appalling diet of many people you know, or perhaps yourself in younger days.  Plasticized, overprocessed, indigestible dead foods.  Made delicious with sophisticated chemical flavoring.  Fast foods, snack foods, comfort foods;  deficient in enzymes, vitamins, minerals.  80% of the American diet.

Only in the past century has the variety of foods increased exponentially.  Double aisles of soft drinks and breakfast cereals, for example, pretending to be the necessities of life in any modern grocery store.  Another double aisle of hundreds of different kinds of chips and cookies.  On and on, loads of hydrogenated , deep fried, enriched and refined foods fill the shopping carts of most customers.

So where’s the miracle?

The miracle is the survivability, the resilience of the digestive tract to operate at all, to derive some little nutrition for the body’s systems in the face of this avalanche of sweet, hydrogenated sludge that daily pours down the throats of most Americans.  Astounding that people aren’t much sicker than they are, and that the digestive tract is able to derive some tiny amount of nutrients for the human metabolism, and to  expel most of the debris.  That is a miracle..

Yes of course our diet eventually kills most of us, the primary contributor to 9 of the Top Ten Causes of Death in the US.  Heart disease, stroke, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, etc…  But again it’s nothing short of miraculous that despite what they’re eating, so many of us are walking around, driving our cars to work, living our lives, with the colon managing to achieve baseline levels of its main responsibilities:

  • Resorbing water
  • Resorbing electrolytes
  • Peristalsis for waste expulsion
  • Providing an immune center

Elimination?  Well, that’s not always great. A lot of straining sometimes, with minimal results.

Diseases of the digestive tract don’t happen overnight.  After several years of worse and worse,  conditions develop that we have labels for

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Spastic Colon
    Crohn’s Disease
    Chronic Colitis
  • Chronic Gastritis
    Leaky Gut
    Regional Ileitis
    Esophageal Reflux
    Malabsorption Syndrome
    Candida albicans
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Let’s not forget the #3 cancer of Americans: colon cancer.  Almost always preceded by one of the diseases on the above list that was ignored for a long time.  Ever notice how medicine has no cure for these conditions?  How they go unresolved year after year?

All the diseases above may be traced to years of dietary negligence promoting the inhibition of a colon that is striving to remain motile and vital.

Why does blocked elimination cause so many diseases?

Elimination must first occur at the cellular level, every second of your life. Nutrients and oxygen in, solutes and CO2 out. All day every day.  Anything that interferes with this vital  cycle promotes blockage disease, death. Cells malfunction, tissues become inflamed, organs break down and systems fail.  The patient  expires.

Consider the colon epithelium , or inner lining.  On of the most rapidly dividing tissues of the body, the cells of the microvilli within the colon have many essential tasks.  Culturing of probiotic  bacteria, keeping the selective membranes operational for the uptake of water and electrolytes, policing all the little alcoves and crannies in the gut wall from stuck debris, preventing buildup and layering – it’s a  daily struggle  – hourly really.

Because once the sludge gets the upper hand, only a fast, or a serious detox will restore full hygiene and motility.

That’s just it – in the US, full hygiene and colon motility is only about as common as its absence.  That’s why the epidemic incidence of all those disease on that list above, not just in adults but in children as well.    No mystery too it – look what they’re eating, all day every day.  Look what they need to eat.  No enzymes in all those treat foods.

As the colon accumulates more and more sludge over time, people slow down. No energy.  Immune suppressed.  Chronic fatigue – the #1 symptom of Americans.

So what’s the solution?   Clear and revitalize the tract.  Restore its normal function.  How to do that?  Make 4 simple corrections:

  1. Remove subluxations from the lumbar spine, by adjustments.
  2. Chip away and remove the layered debris from the entire length of the colon, with herbal supplement.
  3. Jumpstart the probiotic activity, long absent, with Florabiotics
  4. Stop adding to the daily sludge


Easy, right?  Seeing the problem is simple enough.  Following through takes a bit of resolution.  A life threatening crisis  may be helpful, as a wake up call.

This approach is successful.  Virtually the only time it doesn’t work, the patient has not followed through, as they will admit upon questioning.

This was the introduction.  For the complete explanation click for Journey to The Center of Your Colon.

Here’s the secret the drug sellers don’t want you to know:  Most of the time people get the diseases they earn.

But if that’s true, then why we can’t we also earn our good health back?