1. Recent Seminars – outcomes
2. New! Kansas City – Technique seminar 15 Jan 2014
3. A Dog Bit Me
5. Mechanism vs Vitalism – not that simple.
6. New Online Nutrition Seminar
7. THE UNDYING MYTHOLOGY OF TETANUS – Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013



Returning back from the Far East (New Jersey), things happened faster than I could keep track of. A mini whirlwind tour Atlanta, Ohio, New Jersey – talking about neurology, philosophy, technique, nutrition.

DCs in both Atlanta and Akron attended the full day Patterns of Injury, Patterns of Healing seminar. It provoked some discussion and valuation of current events, attitudes, and proficiency in technique. Such a wide range of awareness levels, as well as skill in adjusting – from 1 to 10, it’s all out there.

Some folks were totally in phase with the original notions of the Palmers, absorbing discussion on subluxation assessment and correction in a very matter-of-fact way, obviously something that was part of their everyday conversation. Others stared ahead like they had married their cousins, caught up in some misty chiropractic Nether-world, confused products of the various institutions purveying virtual chiropractic.

Nobody talks about how we’re at war today – but let’s not forget it. We are at war and in general we are not winning. Even though the original ideas of DD and BJ are being validated by the best neuroscience of the day, the profession overall is contracting, on a global level, no matter what you may hear at the faith-healing rallies.

Why? Because so few take the time to learn even a little about the real science and art of chiropractic, and instead are subsumed by the waves of chattering ignorance and uninspired yammering coming from some of the regulators, faculties, and other unanchored sources.

No matter what you hear at the rah-rah events or in the daily spewing forth on FB, the real road warriors know the brutal truth.

Fortunately, there is good news — pockets of excellence and intelligence, scattered here and there across the globe. Havens of sanity and insight, born of diligence and focus, where the limitations of chiropractic are not the primary topic, but rather the abundance of its potential. This comes from living the chiropractic model, not rhapsodizing about its transformation, or marketing it to the idealistic young people as this respected and lucrative profession they should join as soon as possible, where anybody can make a million dollars working 3 days a week, without too much inconvenience.

Now of course you can make a million dollars working 3 days a week, but it is very inconvenient to get to that point and requires several years of inspired instruction, adherence to a program, laser-like focus, and mastery of technique. The less of these you develop, the less the service, and obviously the less the return.

As with so many areas in today’s global carousel, the present state of chiropractic may be seen in a template of Best of All Worlds/ Worst of All Worlds. Things have never before in our history looked so bleak, with BJ’s spark so threatened with extinction. Yet at the same time never has the potential of chiropractic stood as so limitless when viewed from the evidence of modern neuroscience, available for broadcast by the most sophisticated systems of communications in history. Good and bad, best and worst, yin and yang.

In New Jersey the quick presentation on holistic nutrition met with enthusiastic response from the three hundred people in the room at Jim Dubel’s New Beginnings.

First a short review of the traditional unprocessed natural diet, with a brief intro to the confusing world of supplementation. As representatives of the holistic model in general, who is in a better position than the DC to inform people about the dangers of today’s increasingly toxic food choices? That is, provided of course that some effort is made to learn at least the fundamentals of classic nutritional requirements and principles, most of which have been elaborated and clinically tested by some of the most brilliant doctors during the past century.

Again, it is a little inconvenient to do the extra study, especially when trying to learn as much as possible about chiropractic. But only a fanatic thinks that chiropractic adjustments can alone cure all diseases and illnesses. Look at the 300 pound diabetics who come in for adjustments for evidence to the contrary. Or patients dying on multiple drug regimens. Health is a complex issue, and while removing nerve interference is certainly primary, it’s not a panacea for any possible physical imbalance. Even DD didn’t believe that.


2. The Fading Art of Traditional Chiropractic Adjusting:
A Hands-On Symposium

This was our first attempt – Dr Tim Young and I did our Denver event in early Oct.

It was sold out, half doctors and half students. Since we strive to make sure each attendee gets personal critiquing, we don’t really want to take on large numbers at any one seminar. Not the usual nod-off seminar, this event’s focus is to contribute to the profession’s overall ability to deliver chiropractic to the population. For the students, many were thrilled to have made their first actual adjustment, since so many are discouraged from doing so at school these days. For the doctors, they were happy to tune up their skills, get new ideas, and be evaluated for mastery of this fading art: osseous adjusting.

Feedback averaged 9 out of 10, with most grateful for the lack of rah-rah, self promotion, vendor noise, or any of the other distractions that are so annoying in many events. We are not complacent with this however and gained many ideas for improving the next one. It’s good now, but it’s going to be great.

See flyer below:

The Fading Art of Traditional Chiropractic Adjusting:
A Hands-On Symposium

Dr Tim O’Shea / Dr Tim Young

Traditional osseous adjusting is becoming rarer each year, for many reasons. Travelling all over the globe as we do, the expectation for a decent adjustment in any given location has become less and less hopeful.

If the student is not exposed to the essentials of adjusting before graduation, there may be limited opportunities in the years afterward to see exactly how it’s done, up close and personal, by an experienced proficient. Many simply give up.

Any art worth mastering requires suffering through our mistakes, and never giving up. This course will accelerate that learning curve exponentially. This is the fast track for those who know they can do it better, whether you just graduated or have practiced for20 years. Success in this profession requires mastery of a specialized skill, unique to the chiropractic profession – our legacy for the past 100 years.

Osseous adjusting is the legacy of the chiropractic profession. Can you do it? Have you ever been trained to adjust by teachers who had mastered it? Or were you just shown some old videos, or maybe some lame discussions on core strengthening, or something even more esoteric – virtual chiropractic…?

How did moving bones suddenly become this big secret? It’s no mystery at all for anyone with a really successful practice.

Want in on it? See Attendee comments.

More info: (408) 753-9830
doc[ @ ]thedoctorwithin.com


watch for new dates



The neighbor’s beagle, Rocky – actually he knows me very well and is usually a very happy and playful dog. This day was different – shoulda known better. He looked a bit disconsolate and was walking very slowly, with a slight limp. Wanting to check for a thorn in his paw, without even thinking, I reached down and took hold of his front right. Big mistake. He caught my thumb in his teeth, and held it fast. But instead of releasing it, he then proceeded to sink his canines very deep in to it, as though he would bite the thing off. I jerked back, my hand dripping blood, like something from the first season of Dexter.

Good thing for the innate intelligence of the fibrinogen cascade, right?

OK Mr Sanctity of Human Blood, what’s the conventional wisdom in such a case? Doc in the Box, stat! Isn’t that what most people would do?

And what would the meds do there, after a 3 hour wait? Freak out, check insurance, start talking about rabies and tetanus, try to talk you into beaucoup vaccines, as well as boatloads of antibiotics, most likely… Antibiotics? Where’s the infection? None? No matter– these are just-in-case pills– prophylactic. You can’t get better without your medicine…

And let’s get a blood sample from that rabid dog. And get the county Dog Nazis alerted. He may have to be put down…

Vaccines? Load up the syringes – all of them. Doesn’t matter that there’s no time to initiate any artificial immunity wherein a man-made vaccine is supposedly going to stimulate production of specific antibodies … That would take weeks. You know the story. They always forget the singular fact that there is no such thing as a curative vaccine.

If someone actually has a disease, (which I did not) no vaccine can cure a present illness. Since Edward Jenner’s time, the highest benefit the vax makers have ever claimed is some mythic future immunity. But no time for reason and logic when we have a billable customer in the waiting room, especially one who is exsanguinating. Anthem Blue Cross? Ka-ching!

Rabies? Never mind that the vaccine is a rare and experimental injection, historically often fatal. The disease itself is a virtual chimera – when was the last time any doc-in-the-box doc ever saw a case of rabies? Well, it was in the textbook. And we can’t be too careful – better to give a ton of powerful dangerous drugs than have anyone say they were remiss in our high priesthood of distributing injectable (and billable) sacraments.

Look it up in the history books for an account of how many people Louis Pasteur killed with his unproven rabies concoction. (Bechamp or Pasteur?) But then, what can we reasonably expect from a chemist who had no credentials in medicine?

The author of Vaccination is Not immunization is not most people. By the time I went into the house to run water over the wound, the clotting plug was already half formed. Dried off, put a band-aid on it, and went to the park to play with the kids. End of story. A non-event of notable insignificance. The body generally heals itself, if free from interference. Remember? A week later it was fine. No rabies, no tetanus, no infections, no injections, no doctors, no Lou Gehrig’s disease, no drugs, no emergency room exposures to diseases resistant to all known antibiotics, no OTC wound dressings from Walgreens, no bills or insurance forms, no Obamacare, etc.

Water and a band-aid.

Two days later Rocky came up to me, all happy and ebullient – broadcasting his customary beagle aura, maximum tail wagging. Came up and was unmistakably very apologetic. Sorry, dude.

All my fault, really, for not respecting his injury, which I wrongly assumed was a burr in a paw instead of the shoulder injury.

How often our scars are living records of momentary lapses in judgment. One of those life lessons: repeat until learned.



He’s just a frontman, in case you just came out of a coma. Just like all of them, since the 60s anyway. No real leadership is allowed or expected from a president any more.

Most of us have probably given up digging through the miasma of media sludge to try and understand the elusive, indefinable entity we call Obamacare. What is it? Who knows, except that my premium just doubled. Almost none of the legislators who voted it in ever even read the 2700 pages. And implementation is proving to be as about easy as finding the Boeing that struck the Pentagon.

Dirty Wars is a movie that brings Obama’s role into a certain focus. Intriguing and insightful, this movie is available on Netflix (astoundingly) and reframes the whole paradigm of power and control in a most cold-blooded, non-conspiratorial way. I thought investigative journalism was dead till I saw this thing. Put together by Jeremy Scahill, the guy who wrote the book about Blackwater, this film brings up source after source that very patiently instruct the viewer about the rise of one of the darkest, most powerful paramilitary groups in history: J-SOC. No checks, no accountability, above all law.

This movie is so much better than your formulaic Hollywood spook-a-thon, because it doesn’t have to be realistic. It’s real. You see how a president is marginalized in any actual decisions on global policy. Especially a weak one, with no leadership principles in the first place. I won’t ruin it for you. But the bottom line here is that blaming Obama for the abortion formerly known as Obamacare makes about as much sense as blaming Craig Ferguson’s dummy Jeff for not being Scottish enough.

Check it out, before they ban it. Commander-in-chief? Yeah, right. Command this.



Chiropractic is often distinguished from medicine by putting them on opposite sides of the mechanism/vitalism fence. Mechanism being the allopathic medical model, wherein the body is merely the sum of its parts. Like a car. Or a watch. The task of medicine then becomes pretending to know all the disparate parts, including the biochemical components, in the theatrics of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

And of course vitalism is the opposite view – that the body is more than its mere components, and that there is some additional intangible, indefinable Life Force which animates all the pieces and binds them together into a functional living breathing mammalian form. And the task facing vitalistic therapeutics then becomes contributing in every way possible to supporting the natural regenerative living systems the body uses for growth and repair. Something like that.

But I was thinking recently that this might be an oversimplified way of looking at it. Too black and white. In our seminar on philosophy and neurology, we start with a discussion of today’s new global agenda to dilute and marginalize chiropractic, striving to transform it into something other than what it has been all these hundred years. And this new politics seeks generally to divest us of our traditional values, specifically the detection of subluxation, and its correction by specific adjustment.

In this way, they would have us revert from the vitalist to the mechanist team. To become like real doctors.

These simple-minded revisionists within the profession have this very disconcerting impulse to expunge various embarrassing phrases like subluxation, ‘without drugs and surgery’ and anything pertaining to philosophy, and to distance themselves as much as possible from the very things that define the chiropractic profession.

Cast adrift in this hapless world without an anchor, what about the possible effects on organs that are controlled by the autonomic nerves, effects that would or would not accrue from a chiropractic adjustment? Their new dogma now is very clear and consistent: chiropractic adjustments can have no possible effect on any medical condition or disease, no possible effect on anything other than the spine. Their only concession to the benefit of chiropractic adjustment would be the unlocking of vertebral facets. That’s it — possible increased intervertebral motion. Nothing more.

This is where the mechanistic model of medicine would like to leave chiropractic, confining it to this limited area.

But hold on. They forgot something. This type of medical thinking is now being rendered obsolete by medicine’s own current literature. The newest research in neuroscience is becoming vitalistic by its very nature. What about the enormous new field in neurology that quantifies afferent and efferent information, flowing to and from the cortex every second of life? And the elaborate discussion of neuroplasticity we go through in the full day seminar.

With the work of Neal Sivula, Carl DeStefano, Heidi Haavik and others, the physical fact of mechanoreceptor input is found to be the largest proportion of afferent info. And sorry to bring it up, but where do 80% of these mechanoreceptors occur? In the spinal and paraspinal area. This knowledge is fairly recent, in the whole scheme of things neuro.

So what about the vertebral adjustment? Remember in school when we had to memorize all the intrinsic muscles of the spine — those tiny little muscle pairs like the rotatores and the interspinales and intertransversarii, and stuff like that? Well check this out.

A primary researcher in New Zealand, Dr Heidi Haavik, has recently shown that these intrinsic muscles of the spine are not primarily movers of the vertebrae! What would be their main purpose then? The muscles spindles are richly innervated with mechanoreceptors, thus acting as a principal source of peripheral afferent input, which plays a fundamental part in the second-by-second reordering of brain architecture by constantly setting up and dismantling neurological patterns.

Facilitation and inhibition of patterns. Neuroplasticity. And the vitalistic nature of its operation.

And this is not even mentioning other vitalistic aspects of modern neurology, like extra-synaptic input from intra-membrane proteins, as discussed by Lipton and others.

This is getting too long here. To continue the discussion, attend the live seminar Patterns of Injury, Patterns of Healing or look at it online. The point here is, the old dichotomy between mechanism vs. vitalism is not longer able to explain all the physical benefits that can result from the well-placed chiropractic adjustment.


6. New online Nutrition Video Seminar

Just finished Part II of our online Nutrition video series: another 8 hours now CE accredited. For practice, and for life.

We will go into greater depth in the areas of

* Enzymes: the end of reflux – the end of fatigue
* The legacy of my mentors – historical science behind – thedoctorwithin
* Stan Bynum, Richard Anderson, Alexis Carrel
* Chronic inflammation: Sugar the Sweet Thief
* Inside of the colon is still the outside of the body
* The Last Resort: drugs or surgery failed- now what?
* To the Heart Patient; To the Cancer Patient
* Why DCs must know their nutrition: DD Palmer
Much more.

More info >>


7. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013

– now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.


This disease is said to be caused by an anaerobic bacillus called Clostridium tetani. Puncture wounds favor anaerobics – no oxygen in there. Here again, the disease seeks out those with the weakest immune systems – the starving, druggies, those in unhygienic surroundings… (Merck Manual p 1176). [239]

Merck puts the death rate at 50% for those who actually get the disease, although where that figure came from is anybody’s guess. Death from tetanus is not that much fun, however – the muscles of the jaw, the back, and the diaphragm may go into unremitting spasm, choking the person, after a few days.

The thing is, it’s gone. Referring again to Figure 2 above, we see the incidence of tetanus had almost completely disappeared by the time vaccines became popular. Tetanus vaccine has been a part of mass inoculation since the 1940s. It’s the T of DPT. Since the 1950s, a child received DPT shots by the time he is 18 months old. Ever after that for life any time anyone steps on a nail or gets a minor cut, tetanus “boosters” are routinely given. But what sense does it make to pretend to cure a disease that is caused by a puncture wound which may have the remotest possibility of containing Clostridium by giving the person another puncture wound that definitely contains Clostridium, or its byproducts?


It’s one thing to claim that the vaccine could confer immunity before the injury happened. But to pretend a shot could immunize someone after the infection has occurred trespasses into the realm of superstition. No manufacturer has ever claimed curative power for any vaccine. They’re preventatives, remember? That’s the whole basis of immunology.

As for tetanus boosters, Mendelsohn doubts the necessity any more often than every 40 years. (How To, p 195) [224]


A brilliant article was written by disease expert Dr Alec Burton in 1995. [275] Citing all his references, Burton discloses one hidden fact after another about the tetanus mythology:

Clostridium is everywhere: in the mouth, GI tract, and skin of healthy people, on clothing, in house dust. And yet tetanus is a rare disease. The bacilli were found in 20% of war wounds without any tetanus resulting. In 50% of actual tetanus cases no bacilli were found. Clostridium was shown to be harmless in pure culture. There is no evidence that tetanus vaccine prevents tetanus, nor has there ever been. But the vaccine has been shown to cause severe reactions, including death. [275]

Again, no scientists claim curative value after being infected with Clostridium. Nor do any suggest that a subsequent vaccine would prevent the development of tetanus. Think about it: if you have a disease process already going on, how could adding more of the pathogen or its toxoids to your blood possibly help you? That dog don’t hunt. Pure science fiction. Only the clinics who actually give the shots would dare such a pretense. Point-of-sale closing technique.

We must violate the human bloodstream only when overwhelming proof indicates the necessity, instead of shooting kids up with a vaccine whose value has not been determined. Especially when the very act of vaccination is a puncture wound!

“Although not in the vaccine itself, this organism is an opportunist in any wound, and tetanus following vaccination is always to be feared.” (S. Thomas) [302]

How did the conventional wisdom of tetanus shots from a dirty rusty nail outdoors where Clostridium may be harbored in animal spoors – how did that idea get transformed to needing tetanus shots after the slightest most antiseptic nick around the house?

Ask your doctor about the last case of tetanus he saw.”

Order the new book:

Vaccination Is Not Immunization