Thanks to everyone for participating in thedoctorwithin activities during 2008.

All that airport time was worthwhile, I guess.

The longer I do this, the more that I realize needs to be done. In the area of vaccines, it

seems like there should be 100 of me out here trying to give seminars that keep pace with new developments in required vaccines for US children. But there aren’t.

Never before has the vaccine issue been as serious and as consequential in determining the immune system strength of our children as it is today. 68 vaccines? My view is that informed consent for vaccination must be pre-eminent.

If parents get all their information about vaccines from those who make their living selling vaccines, the result may not be in the best interests of the children. Which is exactly what we’re seeing today, with skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, illness, allergies, asthma, cancers, and academic failure. We can pretend like all this is not happening, like most media does, but that doesn’t affect the fact that it is happening.

More forceful pharmacological and biological invasion of the child’s immune system has never worked in the past; why would we think it would work now,
or in the future?

The second onslaught against health is of course nutritional. The illusion that kids can eat anything they want because they are young and it won’t adversely affect them is one of the most malevolent programs of systematic misdirection violence ever perpetrated on any group.

Complicity of the parents is required, because they are actually the ones carrying the groceries into the house, aren’t they?

Ultimately all that matters in health is what nutritive molecules are taken up at the cellular level, not how amused we are by the process of food selection and gustation.

The power of incessant advertising is so profound – its crowning achievement may be that they make us think that nutrition is

merely an adjunctive detail in the overall health of the child, rather than the second most determining factor.

These are some of the most vital decisions facing us today, far more important than which carbon copy candidate we choose for president, what SUV we buy, what city we choose to live in, the price of gas, the price of gold, what HDTV we choose, etc. Our life priorities are determined principally by the inexorable agenda of corporate media, instead of by our inner spirit, family values, or traditional mores.

There is a way out. Guarding carefully the access to just any information, which control is what we throw away every time we casually surf the TV channels and allow all that reptilian drivel free access to our mind and spirit – the doors of perception left ajar. Some level of discrimination, some criteria have to be brought in to prevent one’s reduction to the lowest common denominator of internet mental and spiritual entropy.

For some, it is still possible to read.
To explore the world outside the corporate imperative. Takes a little thought in choosing materials, that’s all. Just a little thought.

To that end, thedoctorwithin makes its humble suggestions. In the area of vaccines, there is a full day seminar, The Sanctity of Human Blood, available on both DVD and audio CD, as well as a live version in many cities. Or the textbook of the same name, 12th edition, available on the website

In addition, there are several chapters on child immunology on the website.

As far as holistic nutrition, detoxification, and autism protocols, there is also a complete full day Nutrition Seminar – Module II, either live or on DVD or audio CD. There is one more chance to see the live version in 2008:
Saturday Nov 15 in San Jose CA.

The 2009 seminar itinerary is in the pipeline at present. There will be more emphasis on genetically modified foods in the world market, on the 60 Day shock treatment back to a normal life, on chiropractic philosophy, and on integrating the information from the entire website into a workable drugfree lifestyle, geared at optimum health, free of disease and illness.

For those of you who have gone to great lengths to detoxify this year, no use taking a quantum leap backwards in a holiday pigfest. It’s almost embarrassing to look at

the party foods of today compared with the party foods of 25 years ago. At least there was some kind of sensory reward for overindulgence years ago– today’s hydrogenated snacks and pastries are so monodimensional, so corporate cattle produced, so not worth becoming diabetic over. Alcoholism almost seems a much more respectable vice than gluttony in today’s world, if you absolutely must destroy yourself, given the available weapons.

If I had to sum up the whole year in three sentences it would be this:

give the child’s immune system a fighting chance to develop unassaulted by experimentals


the foods you choose every day are not just an influence on your health; they fashion your health and hand it to you on a plate.


the same power that made the universe and fashioned your body wants to be expressed in its undiluted undimmed form, from above down inside out

Dr Tim O’Shea