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Advanced Clinical Nutrition Seminar –

    San Jose – 21 May
    Orange County – 4 June
    Alaska Glacier Cruise – 19 Aug
    Paris, France – 17 Sept

Vaccine Lecture –

Chiropractic Philosophy/ Technique –

    Wales UK – 23 Sept


2. VAXXED REVIEW: The Film They Don’t Want You To See




6. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 4th ed.



Advanced Clinical Nutrition

    FitExpo San Jose – 21 May
    Orange County – 4 June
    Alaska Glacier Cruise – 19 Aug
    Paris, France – 17 Sept





To summarize the essential principles of cellular nutrition for the practicing chiropractor, defining the roles of diet and lifestyle in the patient’s overall clinical picture. To provide the practicing chiropractor with a complete nutrition program, based on classical ideas of arterial and tract detoxification.

    Toxic Load: total human exposure
    60 Day Program
    Leaky Gut
    Collagen Production: organ integrity
    Free radicals and antioxidants
    DNA alteration and metaplasia
    Bioterrain analysis and cancer
    Processed vs. nutritive: Enzymes
    Complete Autism detox protocol
    Genetic Modification defined
    Immunity and Probiotics
    Joint reconstruction
    Mineral deficiency epidemic
    Heavy metals and arterial plaque

“This program literally saved my life – so glad Dr Tim was there for me” — Dr W. Herstad, Seattle
“Very helpful – delivered at a very fast pace – the day seems to fly by” — Dr Alice Nelson, Santa Barbara
“Great content, new information, astutely researched – Steve Alff, DC
“Very useful for personal and professional life.” Dr Serena Singer
“Love O’Shea’s seminar – a walking wealth of knowledge..” – Dr Michael Smith, Torrance
“Excellent course! Needs to be shouted from the mountain tops!” Dr John Wall, Seattle
“Dr O’Shea’s research on both vaccination and on nutrition is unparalleled.” Dr M. Cheung
“Thank you for making our profession better and risking your life speaking on the sensitive subjects”
– Dr S Blanchard
“Wow – a CE seminar where you actually learn something – what a concept! Not only useful, but life-saving.” – Dr Aaron Khem, NYC
“No nonsense nutrition!” – Dr Onkels, Burbank
“Very fast-paced — a goldmine of information..” Dr J Jones, Morgan Hill
“No fluff – scientific but not medical” Dr C Medl, Manhattan Beach
“Nothing hyped or undocumented – the perfect complement to chiropractic” JC Milrod, DC
“Phenomenal job explaining intricate details of nutrition, health, and disease – The BEST CE seminar!”
– Dr Faith, Manhattan Beach
“Backs up everything he says with the research..thorough, entertaining, superbly delivered.” – J Golditch


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2. VAXXED – The Film They Don’t Want You to See

High expectations. Had to see it, but it was not yet scheduled in northern California. So that Sunday morning I flew down to Burbank for its debut weekend in California. The indie theatre in downtown Pasadena – Playhouse 7 – a 200 seat venue, was packed.

There has never been another vaccine film that even comes close to the power and authority of Vaxxed. The audience was riveted to their seats from the very first scene. All the recent negative press trying to keep the public away from this movie has been focused on Wakefield.

But he’s not even the main character in Vaxxed. That would be Brian Hooker, Wm Thompson, et al., with the real star being the data itself – the CDC data on MMR vaccines that was destroyed back in 2003. And now is brought into the light of day for the whole world to see.

Now it can never be suppressed again.

When you go to this movie, don’t sit by whomever you came with. Sit by yourself so you don’t miss a word. It goes by fast. The masterful editing process provides enough technical material to satisfy the doctors and professionals in the audience, woven in with enough tragic stories of people whose family lives were shredded by the autism epidemic, plainly obvious to all.

Del Bigtree, Andy Wakefield, and staff have wrought a provocative and superbly enlightening end result from the hundreds of hours of raw footage they must have shot in order to produce such a masterpiece. Attempts like Trace Amounts, or more amateur outings like Doctored, etc. are quickly put into perspective, not even in the same league with Vaxxed. Many in the audience were sobbing through parts of it, with a standing ovation at the end.

When was the last time you went to a movie like that?

Brilliant as well the way they have framed the shocking confession of Thompson and this new proof, that shows undeniably the causal connection between vaccines and autism – just the way that story is put into the context of the pop media narrative, with all the mantras and scripted denials we know so well.

Drug industry frontmen like Paul Offit, Richard Pan, Colleen Boyle, Julie Gerberding, Sanjay Gupta, Frank DeStefano, etc. are all featured, rotely singing for their supper. Now their decades of lies are made public. No backtracking is possible.

Since the veil has now been pierced, only the militantly uninformed will still fall for the old lie. Vaxxed will soon bring the lowest common denominator of conventional wisdom about vaccine injuries up a couple of notches.

One of the discredited mantras will certainly be “there’s no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism.” Ever hear that? Like every day? No more – here’s the scientific evidence that proves the connection unequivocally, with a senior CDC scientist admitting his complicity when he was ordered to destroy the evidence 13 years go.

Luckily Thompson kept a hard copy locked away all these years, which he has now turned over to Congress. With a demand to Congress that he be deposed, and get his testimony on the record.

That was two years ago. Congress has studiously ignored him – not a word. The vaccine industry is frightened to death about the implications if this cover-up is outted. They have directed their main voice – pop media – not to go near the story.

And if not for Vaxxed, that silence would probably have lasted forever.

Vaxxed shows the hard evidence, taking us step by step through the buried data – how it was collected, what it means, who evaluated it, who decided to delete it from the study design, and who actually did bury it. All the pieces of the puzzle slowly and deliberately clunk into place, right in front of our eyes. And the viewer is left gasping, “No, they couldn’t have done that!”

But they did.

There’s never been a movie like this, with the power to shift the whole medlegal/ pharma /immunological paradigm. Definitely playing with live ammo here.

For starters, just consider some of the more obvious implications becoming public knowledge.

All the millions of parents of autistic children for the past 20 years who have been told “no possible connection” between the vaccines their child got and the permanent neurological damage to the child – they will now have a cause of action. If not against the vaccine manufacturers, then against the US government, for whom the CDC is responsible for national vaccine policy.

Think of the billions in potential liability, once competent representation figures out how to litigate these injury cases.

Next, consider the individual states who have recently passed draconian new laws outlawing vaccine exemptions, based on this discredited science. Now those irresponsible laws can easily be challenged.

The film offers spellbinding new data:

    at present 1 child in 45 is autistic
    if the current rate continues, by 2032, HALF of all US children will be autistic
    80% of boys will be autistic

We are not on schedule for such an eventuality, but AHEAD of schedule

After what went on with DeNiro the next week, I thought Vaxxed might be silenced and quickly fade away, like all the other lesser vax films. But after seeing it, you realize its unimpeachable authority and credibility. And then seeing the sellout crowds and how the theatres are all doubling their show dates, it’s obvious that the dozens of other cities who are demanding a showing – it’s crystallizing nationwide.

The next step will be the multiplexes in every US city, with whom the promoter is already negotiating.

If that happens, this movie could possibly be the prybar that opens the whole Pandora’s box of secrets by which the medical hegemony has enslaved the US, for the past century.
It’s possible.

So do whatever you have to do to see this film at your earliest inconvenience! You’ll learn that this review is underselling it.

Don’t buy your tickets at Fandango! Or from any of the big online vendors. Organized medicine has somehow gotten to them and they may show SOLD OUT the very first day. This happened to people I know both in San Francisco and in Orange County. Fandango said sold out and they walked into theatres that were practically empty.

LIkely it’s typical of the general effort to do everything possible to keep people from seeing this vital, powerful film.

Don’t miss it!


    “Can you understand why a little creature, who can’t even understand what’s done to her, should beat her little aching heart with her tiny fist in the dark and the cold, and weep her meek unresentful tears to dear, kind God to protect her? Do you understand why this infamy must be and is permitted? Without it, man could not have existed on earth, for he could not have known good and evil. Why should he know that diabolical good and evil when it costs so much? Why, the whole world of knowledge is not worth that child’s prayer to dear, kind God! I say nothing of the sufferings of grown-up people, they have eaten the apple, damn them, and the devil take them all! But these little ones!” – F. Dostoyevski



Changes are made by those who show up. This axiom was demonstrated very clearly this past weekend at a very large health expo in northern California. About 12,000 people showed up during the 3 day event.

This was one of these alternative, New Age-y type of events where the scent of incense and lavender is pervasive – you know the kind. With various and sundry spirits and astral projections flitting about…

Amid all the cosmic debris however, could be found some legitimate healing protocols and disciplines. Just a few. Booths for vaccine risk, high end water filtration, classical bioterrain analysis, and a few other valuable health tips were in evidence. The problem was that these few treasures were sprinkled among the common mass of questionable magic bullets and wonder cures, many of which were downright spurious.

Where were the DCs representing classical chiropractic? Over 500 booths, and only one guy telling BJ’s story. Dozens of DCs within 10 miles of the event – probably hundreds. Where were they? Are all of them at capacity, can’t take any more patients, business bursting at the seams, right? – many of them paying thousands of dollars to management firms to teach them how to “be successful” ?

The real value of the event of course was the general public, milling past the booths, shopping for cures for their ills, or looking for the missing key to optimum health. Most folks were more than willing to be told something as simple and sublime as the Big Idea – that the body can usually restore itself to health if free from interference, etc.. You may have heard something about this somewhere… Nervous system, subluxation, adjustments, spinal X-ray, etc. … anything?

But there was no one telling the story.

The hunger for health information was so tangible at this event, a fact not lost on the merchants. Drifting through the throng past the booths, it was impossible not to overhear shreds of conversations:

    “I’ve tried everything…”
    “This will absolutely clear all the uranium out of your body…”
    “We have to channel your past lives and see what the obstacles are …”
    “Two drops of this tree sap under your tongue and your cancer will be gone…”
    “My horses have imbued me with the power to heal all disease…”
    “I’ve heard that…”
    “Look at your cards here, it’s so clear… your future is here…”
    “All your evil spirits are going to exit through your feet, and you will be reborn…”
    “Wait, I’m getting a pre-cognition about your fiancee’…”
    “I have just come from beta-Centauri last night, yet I made it to the show because I knew you would be here…”
    “This filter removes everything from the water, including the hydrogen…”
    “Well, let’s contact your dead mother and see what she says…”
    “So sorry, bad moon rising, see there?…”
    “Your chronic fatigue and endometriosis are mainly emotional…”
    “The tone from these sound bowls will re-tune your heart strings and regenerate your liver…”
    “You’ve lost your feminine side, and this is why you’re dying…”
    “The moon walk was all CGI of course — we never went…”
    “Do you think these herbal pills will cure my Lyme disease and Restless Leg?”
    “This deep vibration will literally shake the 20 year sciatica out of your spirit…”

Just a sampling of actual comments. One of those kind of events. Sound familiar? For the receptive brain, after a short stroll it became apparent that that you had been transported to the Panacea Pavilion, a mythical palace where indeed Everything Cures Everything.

Many of the presentations in the lecture rooms seemed equally sensationalized and content-poor, with emphasis on unverifiable intuition, affected emotion, southern-fried ‘spiritualism,’ and extravagant claims by the militantly uncredentialled and unschooled. Barnum and Bailey meets medieval folk remedies, à la late night infomercial.

Picking up this room vibe after a short time, I changed the title of my afternoon lecture to The Cure For All Disease and taped the new flyer to the door of the lecture room. I figured any less than the ultimate panacea would be ignored in this carnival atmosphere where every Tom, Dick, and Mary was claiming to cure cancer and worse, with ease.

It worked. The lecture was packed.

And that was the thing about chiropractic, the tragedy. I mean, here is a legitimate scientific profession, practiced by those with real academic credentials, training, and license. At the highest level, many DCs can actually deliver the cures all these midway barkers were hawking. The crowd, the general public, is literally dying to hear such a vitalistic, biomechanically verifiable message. And yet…. and yet…

Who showed up? Where is the Sacred Trust? Who is carrying the torch?

Where are all the chiropractors?



Happens all the time. People who feel they were rushed into the decision to opt for joint replacement surgery get an idea. A natural healing process whereby the damaged joint structures are rebuilt.

Is that even possible?

Tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, menisci, etc. – they’re all made of collagen. Production of collagen falls off sharply as we age, and is accelerated further by injury.

There is a nutritional supplement called Hydrolyzed Collagen powder, which when added to the breakfast drink, provides the building blocks of the body’s own new collagen. True, it may take a few months sometimes to reconstruct the affected joint, but it can happen. And there is no danger, no pain, no surgical trauma, no side effects, no risk, no long recovery period – none of that. Also no sky high hospital bills.

It doesn’t work completely 100% of the time, of course. But there is almost always a significant improvement, if not full recovery. Very inexpensive, compared with the alternative. So many people are fast talked into the idea that joint replacement surgery is as routine as getting new brakes or spark plugs for your car. But surgical failures can be risky, with permanent damage to the affected joints.

The body is not a car — it’s a vital, living, growing organism which responds to conservative, non-invasive healing protocols, like adjustments and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

Seems prudent to try the ones with no side effects first. You may be astounded to learn they work most of the time.

Read chapter: Hydrolyzed Collagen



Met a patient in Ventura last week who’s been having almost constant lower neck pain for the past 6 months. She noticed it after an intense workout.

Tried “everything.” Right.

Adjusted her very easily and everything exploded into place. Immediate relief, never before experienced. You know the story.

Needed a follow up, of course, since I don’t live there. So 20 minutes away is the most saturated town in the world for DCs. Literally.

I know many docs in this area, but couldn’t remember having been adjusted by any of them. This patient needed a traditional osseous adjustment – light, quick, specific.

Took me a week of calling every DC in the area to find someone who would even try to attempt something as fundamental as this basic adjustment.

What are they putting out there in the field for $250K? What do the grads think their job is?

What’s the point of the story? That it only took a week to find someone who knew the word subluxation? In today’s clueless world, that’s not bad.

With the skill set and training of most of today’s DCs, looking for any reason not to adjust, what chance did this poor patient really have on her own? Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me where these skills are taught and where patients can find a traditional chiropractor who respects the legacy of the past century. Oh you know a guy? Alert the media.

These traditional principles of our Lost Art are the subject matter of the our UK workshops
coming up in England this Fall. More info here.

Two kinds of doctors might benefit from such an event.

First, recent graduates who were told that subluxation suddenly no longer exists because the schools forgot what it was since 2010, when they all signed an agreement defining subluxation as the common purpose of the profession. Now it’s the best kept secret in Europe.

Then they suddenly changed their mind somehow. It’s no longer OK to have the original insight and knowledge about chiropractic that has enabled the profession to survive for the past century.

So the new students are very confused. They know they should be learning to do something, but they don’t know what. They knew they should have learned some unique professional skill in school, but somehow they never got around to it. So now here they are in practice, out there practicing… what? Not sure.

Second, are the experienced DCs who by some twist of fate have discovered the power of the adjustment, and realize their place in the health professions, exactly what service chiropractors are supposed to be offering people. And they can adjust, some of them very well.

But the concept of mastery has occurred to them and they want to refine their adjusting skills, willing to go anywhere just to learn one more move or to make one little correction in a move they already know, or perhaps to have a new technique demonstrated.

The idea of hands-on in a technique seminar is an alien concept today. I have a friend who teaches technique in a California school who was fired for adjusting a student in class! Posology. Is that all you get for 4 years of your life these days? And all that money?

Come to Wales in September for a look at actual, day-to-day, clinical chiropractic adjusting that you’re going to start using the following Monday in your office!


6. The most reliable source for parents:
fourth edition of
Vaccination Is Not Immunization

cover-four -FRONT

With all the attention on MMR vaccine because of the new movie Vaxxed, we tend to forget that there are many other problems with vaccines that are just as serious in themselves:

Some of the topics covered in the new edition:

    – the fundamentals of the new measles marketing explosion
    – why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
    – what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
    – the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
    – evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
    – reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
    – motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
    – the science behind individual vaccines
    – much more

210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

Excerpt from fourth edition:


No relation to H. influenzae vaccine, flu vaccines are a fairly recent development, and also very big business.

A little research in the area of influenza vaccine reveals a wasteland of disinformation and political maneuvering.

Influenza is a virus that has the ability to be constantly reinventing itself throughout the population during a single season.

The vaccine supposedly contains some versions of the causative agents, in a weakened form. With influenza, by the time the virus is isolated, cultured for manufacture, and distributed to the population, the current strain of virus within the population has usually changed to a form completely unaffected by the vaccine! Michael Decker MD of Aventis, the flu vaccine manufacturer, laments: “By the time you know what’s the right strain, you can’t do anything about it.” [127]

Penetrating observation. The sicker the individual, or the greater the number of people with the virus, the faster it mutates. Scientists refer to such a trend as gene amplification. (Garrett, p 578, 580, 614) [195]

This doesn’t even take into account the unique form influenza virus takes within each person, or each city. Yet with flu shots, it’s One Size Fits All – everyone gets the same vaccine. If it really worked, you wouldn’t have to come back next year. Real immunity is for life.


On 7 Feb 05, after 20 years of lobbying, influenza finally made it to the regular Mandated Schedule. Suddenly it was recommended at 6 months and yearly thereafter until age 18.
That raised the total number of mandated vaccines for an American child from 40 to 58 in one fell swoop.

No media covered the event.


There are literally hundreds of strains of influenza virus present at any given time across the US. During any flu season, the virus mutates several times, not only in any given locale, but even within individuals. This simple fact explains why the flu vaccine has never been effective at reducing either deaths or incidence of influenza in this country during the past 20 years.

Ever notice that people who get flu shots all the time keep getting the flu? Could that have anything to do with not giving the body a chance to put immunity together for itself?
One problem might be that flu vaccine has always contained mercury. ( PDR, 2010) And also formaldehyde and ethylene glycol. [213]

With such a composition, it is not surprising that the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu. Even the CDC only claims a 44% ‘success rate’ for flu vaccine. [84] In truth, it’s much lower.

Taking a closer look at the ‘research’ from which CDC is making its claims, it begins to dawn on you that there are no real clinical trials, no actual risk-to-benefit studies: the ‘testing’ is done by giving the best-guess vaccine to the live population and then following up with unfounded editorializing from epidemiological data.

Echoing the same sentiments towards flu shots, England’s top medical publication British Medical Journal found that when it comes to influenza vaccine, [121]

“Evidence from systematic reviews shows that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect… Most studies are of poor methodological quality and the impact of confounders is high. Little comparative evidence exists on the safety of these vaccines.”

Such de-evolution of scientific policy makes perfect sense, considering the way flu vaccines are funded and manufactured.

In Oct 2008, one of the world’s largest flu vax companies, the Belgian conglomerate Solvay Pharmaceuticals, cancelled their plans to build a new flu vaccine plant in Marietta GA, even though they were getting 60% of construction costs from the US government to build the plant, and even though they had already received $300 million two years earlier to develop flu vaccines! [85]

Solvay’s reason for backing out: the flu vaccine market is ‘uncertain and weakening.’

They’re referring to the declining confidence of people in flu shots, as more and more people are seeing the vaccinated come down with the flu:

Unsold doses of flu vaccine:

    2006 – 18 million of 121 million doses
    2007 – 27 million of 140 million doses [85]

Such figures did not bode well for venture capital. Solvay is a business – this isn’t about health or the well being of the American people or any such happy nonsense as that.
There are only 5 companies in the world who make flu vaccine; Solvay makes only flu vaccine. It can’t be taking the same risks as the recipients of its vaccine…

This was the dejected economic climate in the flu vax business when swine flu popped up out of nowhere in 2009.


An astonishing new study of the VAERS data (vaccine injury) came out in late 2012 [280] that revealed two facts:

1. the common practice of talking mothers into in utero flu vaccines for the unborn child
2. the appalling 4,250% increase in fetal deaths

The study, from the Journal of Human Environmental Toxicology, compared fetal deaths over 3 consecutive flu seasons. Not surprising when you realize that a flu shot contains 25 mcg of thimerosal, which is 30x the EPA safe dose for an adult. [138]


Does it seem like Alzheimer’s is getting more common in recent decades? Almost 15% of the US population can expect it. Hugh Fudenburg MD, a leading immunogeneticist, with some 850 papers peer-reviewed, tells us why: [245]

“If an individual had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980, the chances of Alzheimer’s Disease was 10 times greater than for those getting… no shots.”

Think that might have anything to do with the aluminum? The current Adult Schedule recommends yearly shots until 60. “[40]


    “The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach
    “This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD
    “The only book more important than this one is the Bible.”
    – Dr Tim Young

Vaccination Is Not Immunization
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