1. Sacrificial Virgins: New HPV movie
2. Technocracy #2: The Next Shooting
3. New YouTube channel
4. New vaccine book: Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children


1. Sacrificial Virgins New HPV movie from Australia

If you look at the new website thedoctorwithin you’ll see a chapter called Human Papilloma Virus: The First Cancer Vaccine. This is a summary of the fundamental research and politics behind the creation of this peculiar vaccine, delivered onto the Mandated Schedule in 2007.

One leap of faith of faith after another, contradicting the scientific method every step of the way:

imaginary immunity from viral particles

HPV, a harmless ubiquitous virus, never proven to cause any disease

association with cervical cancer, and the attempt to cast it as an STD

immunity for boys

cancer from the vaccine that was claimed to prevent cancer

Gardasil – Merck’s billion dollar baby, foisted on innocent 12 year old girls, when the disease it claims to prevent occurs in women in their 50s.

In 2014, they lowered the age to 9. An insult to the intelligence of anyone who really takes a look at the vaccine. Which unfortunately is a very small number indeed, in today’s a-literate flock of the easily-shepherded.

Next came the injuries and deaths, scrupulously kept out of everyday media, initially detailed in our next chapter: HPV Vaccine: 26 US Girls Dead – Cancer Repackaged As An STD.

This was in 2011 when crowd-chaser Jerry Brown passed a law allowing 7th graders to be vaccinated without parents’ knowledge or permission. Remember? And there was no outcry, no opposition…?

Later, when girls started dying from the vaccine -first, the 26 in the US, and the 14 in the UK – a few people started looking back at the admitted side effects we’d known about all along:

    • fever
    • nausea
    • pharyngitis
    • dizziness
    • NVD
    • bronchospasm
    • gastroenteritis
    • appendicitis
    • PID
    • loss of consciousness
    • loss of vision
    • seizures.
    • paralysis. – [2] 2007

Physicians Desk Reference [213] p 1987

You can review all this science in these two chapters at thedoctorwithin.com, as well as in the new text The War On Children.

So now we have a new movie which just won best film award at the Australian Film festival: Sacrificial Virgins, created by Joan Shenton. Obviously that event must be run by someone with a little more backbone than deNiro, right? Certainly surprising coming from Australia, with its usual jackboot approach to anything that even suggests opposition to the doctrinaire.

Anyway, the 3 part film, available on YouTube, brings us up to date on the sinister global industry that forces the unproven HPV vaccine on all children, in more than 120 countries. Some very useful statistics: the W.H.O.’s stat on total deaths from HPV vaccine: 280.

It also documents the logarithmic number of adverse reactions reported from HPV vaccine, banned from most media.

Shenton interviews 3 of the world’s top immunological scientists:

  • Christopher Exley
  • Hirokuni Beppu
  • Berkeley’s Peter Duesberg

All are appalled that we continue to mandate the HPV vaccine in the absence of standard pharmaceutical requirements for approval. Which they document thoroughly.

While Sacrificial Virgins is not quite the calibre of Wakefield’s Vaxxed by any means, it is certainly a valuable slap across the face to any of us who have forgotten what a life and death issue we are confronting here.

All across America, and especially in California the idea that parents even have the right to demand that vaccine makers follow the normal metrics for clinical standards of safety, necessity, risk/benefit, etc. – this notion is quietly disappearing from general flock awareness.

Children continue to grow dumber, fatter, and sicker and the industries that support these 3 trends – well, take a guess how they’re faring year by year……

In any event, don’t miss this short film Sacrificial Virgins – especially if you have kids under 9 years old who are soon to be victimized by our unrelenting flock behavior regarding this capricious vaccine.



Natural Selection is the principle that small changes in DNA variation throughout a species become reinforced across the millennia if they give those life forms even the smallest advantage for survival.

We all remember how Charles Darwin first gathered the data that led to this revelation on his 5 year voyage to the Galapagos in the 1830s. He made a meticulous study of finches that had diverged from a common species, and eventually differentiated into completely different species on different islands.

A new species is defined when members can no longer mate with the original species. The traits that provide a survival advantage are ‘selected for,’ reinforced over generations, until an entirely novel species evolves.

It’s not a theory. Ninety percent of today’s biologists, anthropologists, and geneticists have created libraries of documentation proving Natural Selection. Religious opposition to the idea of evolution has quietly acquiesced by this time to the floodtide of unassailable scientific and DNA clinical science.

Once the human genome was decoded, there was no longer any other explanation for the 98.5% equivalence between the DNA of humans and chimpanzees. Even the Catholic church formally recognized the science of Natural Selection many years ago. Their objection was eventually withdrawn once they figured out that they could say ‘God made it happen.’ Everybody was happy again.

The only vestige of an attempt to reverse the direction of modern science back to the southern -fried mob psyche of a Gregory Peck movie — the only place you’ll see this today comes in ‘news stories’ written by some new AA junior ‘science editor’ in a corporate news source, who never heard of Natural Selection and thinks there’s still some controversy about the “theory of evolution” and how man is descended from apes, etc.

There isn’t. That ship sailed. Darwin and modern science won. As long as new changes can give humans the slightest edge, our species, like all species, would continue to evolve.

OK – guess we can all agree on that. But recently a new premise has been proposed, by many cultural anthropologists and others – for the first time in our history, this present generation will not live as long as their parents. This suggests that mankind has reached the limits of improvement – that this is about as far as we’re going to evolve. And from here on out, our species has begun to devolve.

Like viruses or bacteria crowded into a lab culture, there are manifest signs that we’re approaching population limitations of air, food, and water. (for documentation, see Al Gore’s new follow up: An Inconvenient Sequel : Truth to Power)

Perhaps Nature has begun to cull the herd.

Such a notion is forbidden by corporate media – you won’t be watching any Netflix documentaries about de-evolution. Or seeing any op-ed coverage in the cookiecutter fluff narrative – The New Yorker, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, New York Times, Science, NEJM, HuffPost, Yahoo news, etc.

No, it will be buried deep, under miles of self-perpetuating ‘science’ publications, perhaps on a few maverick sites, or in even fewer expertly written books.

Think of it – the present generation will be the first not expected to live as long as their parents. Human longevity has started to regress. For the first time.

Are these prophets correct? What evidence is there? That’s easy. It’s everywhere. Body, Mind, Spirit.

A few hints:

– the general physical deterioration of the human race. If you need to go beyond a photo safari to your local WalMart, let’s start with the post -agrarian, post -industrial virtually inert members of today’s Technocracy humanity. What are their physiques like? Generally pear-shaped. Less than 4% of all ages get any exercise whatsoever. At least 60% overweight, 40% clinically obese.

Very few farmers and athletes. Even today’s soldiers only have to get in shape for a few weeks. Then it’s back to pizza and Doritos. Half the population employed as sedentary bean counters to monitor the output of the half that actually works.


Where to begin…? Approaching 20% of the population now with self-created Type II diabetes. The cases of heart disease, strokes, and cancer increasing logarithmically in the past 30 years – top 3 causes of death. Plus dozens of other diseases, infectious and degenerative, on the rise.

Increasing numbers of those addicted to immune-annihilating illegal and pharmaceutical drugs. Inhalation and ingestion of thousands of xenobiotic chemicals in the air, food, and water.

What proportion of modern life involves “health” insurance, doctor visits, hospitals, Walgreens, rehab, medical tests, procedures, diagnosis, etc.? For many people, all this defines their existence. They have no other life.

There are some exceptions of course, but in general the trend is downward. Individuals like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, John Lassiter, YoYo Ma, Gary Moore, Bobby Kennedy, DD Palmer, and Andy Wakefield are in short supply. Trapped in our tiny little self-reflecting worlds of texting, video games, Facebook, and selfies, people rarely use the internet to deepen their knowledge of the world. Nearly 90% of bandwidth today is occupied by four activities:

  • email
  • videos
  • games
  • porn

While the new technology certainly provides the opportunity for human advancement and enhanced communication hitherto undreamed of, are we witnessing the upward evolution of the human race as a direct consequence?

Where are the modern versions of Mozart, John Lennon, Vermeer, Michelangelo, JFK, JS Bach, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Frederic Chopin, Jefferson, Alexandre Dumas, Joe Satriani, Lincoln, Freddy Mercury, Walt Disney, the Wrecking Crew, Charles Dickens, Clint Eastwood, Robert Johnson, Alan Turing, Ayn Rand, Robin Williams, etc. Or any approximations thereof?

What, today we get Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Wolff, JK Rowling, Carrie Underwood, Bill Mahr, the US Congress, Adam Sandler, Puff Daddy, Sarah Palin, Steve Carrell, Netflix, cable TV, all the posers in the pop music Billboard, the authors of 90% of the banal children’s books in Barnes & Noble, and …..? Mission Incapable.

That’s it? That’s all we get? What a gyp. Inspiring indeed. No limits to human achievement now…

What do we eat? Eighty percent of people live on an 80% processed diet, nutrient deficient – pasteurized, hydrogenated, refined. Not just in the South, but everywhere. WalMart, Little Caesar’s, Wendy’s, Popeyes, Pizza Hut, — on and on – these provide the American diet. Who has time to cook? I’m on FB. Let’s go out. Let’s see – what’s cheap , and close, and fast….?

Nutritionally, the big issue is EFA’s – no DHA or APA in the diet.. This is bad for everyone’s brains, but especially detrimental to pregnancy, and to the fetus. The direct effect is on brain neurology – the new neuronal membranes must include DHA. Essential fatty acids – essential means required in the diet, because the body can’t synthesize it.

So for those pregnant who eat no fish or DHA sources, but get loads of barbecue chips and frozen burritos — their child’s neurons will be made of the closest thing available to DHA- hydrogenated oils. And right there is the primary reason for declining childhood IQ, across the board.

Once the child matures, it’s almost impossible to make up for all those years of DHA deficiency. This may explain the overall calibre of 90% of films on Netflix, etc — look at their target demographic! Or why 50% of high school graduates cannot read, write or do math, according to US Dept of Education.

Mind drugs? What % of the population is on opioids and SSRIs? Studies are everywhere – even the bad ones are appalling.

Not religion, but the higher self or anything having to do with the inner life, altruistic aspirations for the betterment of mankind, academic and artistic advance, etc, all that. Where is it today? Instead we see abundant marketing and sales, bait-and-switch hooks and branding for these domains of the esthetic, the sublime. We see tons of ads for mediators willing to introduce us to the higher life – at a discount – but less and less first hand evidence anyone’s actually working on it..


  • – stock political promises to bring ‘peace, security, and freedom’ to the world, all the while spending most of the budget for projects which have the polar opposite effects
  • – the perpetuation of the ancient practice of subcontracting any given deity to sanction our various wars and military incursions – a multinational phenomenon, still very effective at recruiting mindless warriors. Unchanged since before the Crusades. (Seems like any certified, bonafide god would be both amused and exasperated by all the claims of loyalty from both sides of a conflict, both proclaiming that hey, we’re acting in your name… He’s got to be like — I created this? Wow. What was I thinking?)
  • – the arts, representing the human spirit – performing arts, literature, any music genre, films, fine arts, teaching arts, etc. an honest assessment would indicate a trend in which direction in the last 15 years?
  • – journalism – do we really need to say anything at all?

Now of course there are isolated cases of very high achievement in each of these areas in recent years, many of which have been featured in past Newsletters in this archive. Unfortunately it’s a very small percentage of the total output.

But the point is, with our inexorable enslavement by Technocracy – the increasing control of technology in our daily lives – is it necessarily advancing the human race toward a higher evolution? Were the people who remember when there was no internet, no email, no cellphones – were their lives of less value, lower quality?

Sensitization. That’s the word that means we’re getting used to something, that it’s not a such a shock as it was at first – something has now become part of the normal landscape. The shootings. We’ve become sensitized to it -(a synonym is de-sensitized).


By March 2018, it’s easy to predict that there will be another incident fairly soon where some unbalanced individual on psych drugs will carry an automatic weapon into some crowded scene and just begin shooting. The human genome has acquired that trait now in the last 20 years, and it’s becoming stronger all the time.


So we have a new template in our Technocratic consciousness where the media will just fill in the blanks of the next shooting for us: city, venue, type of weapon, how many dead, how many wounded, race of the perp, captured or suicide, … It’s pre-ordained now – a virtual certainty. And we’re inured to it, immune. No reaction, no outrage, paying it no more attention than yesterday’s football score. And we’re like oh yeah, I heard about that, hey is it time for The Office yet?

Body, Mind, Spirit. Peak evolution and now regression? It’s the new conversation.

What actual effect does the new Technocracy phenomenon have on the human trajectory?


3. New YouTube Videos – thedoctorwithin

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Finally have been focusing on building up the video library. Had no idea some of them would be so popular.

Check these videos out when you get a moment:

Hydrolyzed Collagen
The War on Children – the new immune system
Autism Detox Protocol – Minneapolis
Food Enzymes – Key To Longevity
New West Diet – 60 Day Program
The Undying Mythology of Tetanus
Philadelphia Lecture – Problems with Vaccines
Total Florabiotics
Oral Chelation
Colon Detox: Expel
Full Day Detox Seminar: videos 1-8
Journey to the Center of Your Colon: (Detox Seminar #6)
Jeff Rense & Dr Tim O’Shea: Vaccine Science

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Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children

The last edition sold out and will never be re-printed. Thanks to everyone who read it!

Vaccination Is Not Immunization, The War On Children – is a complete re-write. If you have read any of the previous editions, this isn’t it.

The book covers so much that has happened since the last edition, vital intel that is being kept out of everyday media:

the global agenda to force vaccines and remove exemptions
the breakthrough film Vaxxed
why California is the most dangerous state for infants
world statistics on infant survival
the end of the science debate, with the new policy of Legislate Don’t Educate
the persecution of MDs who sign exemptions
what the future holds for US children
peer reviewed literature proving the autism connection
how many children really die from vaccines
much more

Certainly the new parent’s most reliable introduction to the subject.

An excerpt :

  • “Who could have predicted that the next war would be the War on Children? With vaccine injuries increasing over 3000% in the past 20 years, and again for the next 20, and with CDC’s steadfast refusal to study the autism epidemic, it’s terrifying that the worst of it all is likely decades away. The gradual degradation of the human genome, a proven consequence of vaccines, will be evident in the lives of today’s children, but much more so in the lives of their children. And on and on.
  • “The radical cultural shift occurring today is not primarily about vaccines, but about ownership. Who owns the land, the soil, the atmosphere, the water, the DNA of plants, and of animals, the DNA of humans, and now finally, who owns the people and their children. Policymakers along the Potomac have made it clear that the State knows better than parents how children should be raised, how they should think, and what manmade chemicals should be mandated into their bloodstreams. The trick is to get everyone to comply.
  • “The vaccine issue is just the first skirmish. If the majority of people will support the State’s takeover of personal vaccine choices that parents should be making for their children, where will they draw the line?
  • “The execution of this new agenda is a Machiavellian triumph. Slogans, clichés, and soundbytes now replace thoughtful reflection about life and death issues. Wiki and google are the new technocracy for fashioning reality itself in a mind no longer capable of independent judgment.
  • “Virtual life replaces real life.
  • “The rest is easy. With an electorate of this calibre, any assigned opinion can be installed onto the public hard drive. [258]
  • “Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.
  • “Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.”
  • “Shouldn’t the most important decision in your child’s life should be an informed decision?”

To order new book: 915.307.1055 or 408.753.9830 – doc@thedoctorwithin.com


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