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Cell Biology and Gender

At what precise moment is gender decided? What are chromosomes? What percentage of young teenagers are now doubting their gender? Whose idea was it? Why the sudden exponential rise? What are the medical side effects of synthetic testosterone? Why all the secrecy? Can you really change your gender? Why is all of media in such support of changing sides?

How Many People Have Really Died From COVID Vaccine As Of May 2022

Deaths as of May 2022. Censored from corporate media. Best CDC sources on closest estimates of actual COVID vaccine deaths in the US since 2020. 140K – 1.4 million. No discussion of this subject permitted anywhere. No dialog of experts permitted online. Full references.

Here are the audio and video links:

Cell Biology and Gender – Dr Tim O’Shea

Audio podcast

How Many Deaths From COVID Vaccine – May 2022

Audio podcast



With fully 60% of the population allergic to something, here we have an authentic epidemic. Do drugs and OTC meds cure chronic allergies? Of course not. They weren’t supposed to. Why would a $50 B business put itself out of business?

There’s only one cure: Stop taking in reactive foods. And clear the colon and the blood.

Easy to understand, a little harder to achieve. But still doable, as thousands have done.

Tired of the “allergy” you’ve had for the past decade? Still expect that the geniuses are going to cure you? Think you could follow directions, if it’s going to pay off?

Here they are: Allergies: The Threshold of Reactivity



You have to travel a lot to find the answer to this question. A reasonable index might be – what percent of people in other states and cities across the country are still wearing masks when they enter grocery stores, for example. A good starting point.

In most states and cities the figure is now 5% or lower, due to the inconsistent claims of any real biological threat from a disease that has never been clearly identified during the past two years.

Even less than that in Texas, Florida, etc.

The lower numbers of masks were supported by the federal court decision of 18 Apr 2022 ending mask mandates across the country. [CNN ]

The federal judge ruled that CDC never had the authority to force people to wear masks and that CDC exceeded their authority when they made an unlawful interpretation of an obscure 1941 law covering sanitation, brashly applying it to a pandemic.

To say nothing of the fact that CDC is not a legislative body.

CDC didn’t really care one way or another about forcing the country to wear masks for two years. That was media and the bureaucrats grasping at any authority, no matter how thin – to exaggerate and prolong the severity of their precious COVID pageant.

In any event, this court ruling immediately put an end to 1.5 years of masking aboard airlines. The airlines themselves had been against the illegal ruling all along because it devastated their business. (Ironic considering the Gestapo behavior assumed by flight attendants everywhere).

With the new ruling, local businesses nationwide followed suit and there was an immediate drop in masks, which has continued to fall off since then.

All except for California. Bay Area.

Since the very beginning in March 2020, the epicenter of the entire global COVID pageant was here in Santa Clara county. This is where it all started – Silicon Valley – home to all the VC billions controlling the global Metaverse. And also a nexus of the politics of global lockdown. The world’s central tech brain is all right here, right down the street.

Goebbels, Bernays, Adolf, etc all would have given their right arm for the tiniest fraction of the control exerted today by the most offhand tweet.

The past two years have seen the most extensive global censorship since the time of Gutenburg. Expunged from public view was not only information that challenged the shaky science behind COVID – but also anyone who expressed the slightest interest in even looking at any of that science. All this was forbidden by the corporate Metaverse, who immediately labeled the writer as Anti-vax.

Much of the contemporary Germ Theory cult was spawned, engineered and financed right here in Silicon Valley. And we all watched helplessly as it became the default media position for global policy and dogma.

So why are California people so particularly dumb?

In Silicon Valley it is not unusual to see 75% of grocery shoppers still wearing masks, despite no mask mandate for months. Although there are many other places in CA at the 50% mark after all this time, most other places in the state are similar to OC, which is closer to the national average of 5%,

Just a few reasons why that is so stupid at this point:

    Even if there were a new disease, it’s been over for months

    There was no new virus

    No confidence in the vaccine, which 90 % of Californians had

    If the vaccine worked, what’s the mask for?

    Masked people have done no research on their own besides the recycled CNN pablum

    There’s no more mask mandate

    It’s now 100% voluntary

Yet what do we still see every day in northern California?

    Young people walking or bicycling down quiet neighborhood streets BY THEMSELVES wearing masks

    Young mothers in the evening by themselves on quiet streets pushing tiny masked infants in carriages

    Large percentages of people all ages and races wearing masks anywhere they go, in any venue

    Age, race, gender, social standing – none seems to have any bearing on the inordinate number of masks.

{Except maybe the homeless. They never really bought COVID. Probably because it wasn’t a requirement for entrance.}

The primary determinant seems to be zip code.

Current masquerados are announcing themselves as lifetime germaphobes, ready to comply with any new fake threats that media may conjure up.

So we’ve got to ask ourselves – what must all these people be thinking?

Well obviously the ones wearing masks strolling down a quiet neighborhood street by themselves actually believe that there is a pathogenic virus floating free in the air, miles from any human vector, that has wafted its way across the Pacific Ocean, and has made its way down their street, and can infect them with a possibly fatal disease.

And they don’t know what droplet-borne means.

And they believe this virus – the first in history that can subsist on air as a culture medium – continues to come down their particular street every night for two years – all the way from China.

They also believe that it’s 12000 times bigger than any virus in history because their mask is going to block it when it can’t block a normal virus, which could march through their mask’s mesh 12000 abreast…

These folks believe the dim-witted CA doctors when they say that the COVID vaccine confers more natural immunity than actually getting the disease

And they believe the “COVID threat” is now eternal and will require masking from now till the end of time, even though Coronavirus is one of the mildest self – limiting diseases of mankind. Which confers lifetime natural immunity in the rare event that you get it.

And they believe they have a right to create their own junk science germaphobia for themselves and their children, contradicting all legitimate science

Most people in other states don’t suffer from these California dissociative phobias. They aren’t looking for excuses why they can’t work, or why they can’t go on with their own lives. They have gone on with their lives. Quite a while ago.

But not California – oh no. This state charges an extra $2 per gallon on top of The Lower Primate’s campaign to topple America. To pay folks for not working.

As one of only 6 states that outlaw vaccine exemptions, Sacramento needs all that extra money so they can pass even more new laws against the 1% who don’t choose to vaccinate. The newest law now being that 12 year olds should be allowed to have a vaccine presented to them in school, and be injected with it on the spot, without informing their parents.

And then, how much are you allowed to steal from a store in San Francisco these days, while a cop stands there watching? I forget… Keeps changing…

People in the Bay Area don’t go outside much any more. Just to the grocery store and gas station. Kids don’t play outside any more – too busy chatting online. They don’t ride their bikes. Very few outdoor sports activities with kids. Or adults. Hiking? Forget it – all those trails and parks are empty. Boats sit in their marinas. Horses linger, neglected in their stalls. Suburban streets are deadly quiet on weekends. And not much busier during the week, since most work at home. If they work at all.

The flocks are responding well to their training – they’re learning what is expected of them: be compliant, and obedient, don’t complain, stay inside, watch your screen night and day, especially the news because they will tell us what dangers there are out there, and who our enemies are. They’ll tell us what safety is. Yes, and bid for that house, no matter how high it goes…

Bay Area people mostly stay at home all summer, locked up safe in their golden cells. Amazon and DoorDash will bring everything you need right to your door. Most have made the Orwellian compromise: accepting a virtual life in favor of their real one. No uncertainty, no mystery, no passion, few options. Safe.

All those cheesy apartment complex boxes being built on every square inch of empty space in San Jose – a great investment. That’s what everybody wants – it‘s why everybody’s still moving here. Their own hermetically sealed little golden cages. No need to be in contact with the world at all.

And the weather! Room temperature 75% of the year!

Prison planet? Don’t tell me Alex was right – please.

Ask your doctor, take the experimental medicine, take you pills, don’t miss your appointment, get your shots, don’t ask questions you don’t understand. And don’t worry, we’re ready for any new biological crisis that might be coming down the pike. Even the ones we send. We’ll handle them with all the aplomb and scientific efficiency we managed with the last one. Gotcha covered.

Sure is good we’ve learned how to survive in the New World isn’t it? . Now we can send our children to public schools that teach them to think just like us. And live … safely. With no questions.

OK, want the last word on intelligence, IQ, smart and dumb? My opinion is that if you’re walking around anywhere in the US today without a mask, that makes you categorically smarter and more informed than anyone wearing a facemask in public these days, irrespective of degrees, education, or credentials. Because if that’s as far into the sciences of immunology and virology as they’ve gotten in two years, then there’s not much hope they have anything to teach you.

Quite the reverse, my friend. Quite the reverse.