1. The Immune Center of the Body

2. Exemption Form for Employee Vaccines

3. What Happens In Vegas… The End of the Hoax / 5K deaths / Manmade Drought

4. Vaccine Exemption Form for College Students (and High School)

5. New video: Chiropractic Demystified


Early western civilization, dating back to Hippocrates and beyond, had definite ideas about the connection between longevity and the digestive system. All through Shakespeare, indeed throughout all Western literature, constant references relating the stomach and the colon to a character’s mental and physical state… Hamlet, Macbeth, etc. Sound mind, sound body. The colon as the immune center of the body, etc. Unquiet meals make ill digestions…

Such obvious associations were part of natural, common sense medical practices that prevailed in Europe and America, even to the present day. Except for the radical departure from science in the early 1900s when pharmaceutical philosophy became predominant, supported by self-serving economic forces.

In our chapter Journey To The Center of Your Colon, we summarize the structure and physiology of the large intestine, focusing on its vital importance in maintaining the healthy condition of the blood. The role of Leaky Gut Syndrome as the cause or the antagonist of virtually any disease cannot be overemphasized.

Foods that cleanse – foods that clog. We’re constantly making these decisions every day of our lives, which determine how well the colon will be able to perform its two main tasks:

      resorbing water and electrolytes
      clearing waste.

    In the long run, the cumulative total of one’s everyday lifestyle will create either a healthy colon or a toxic, debris-ridden colon. The healthy colon clears itself out completely, every day. The toxic colon matrixes layer upon layer of undigested festering sludge, every day. Your choice. Little to do with genetics or random chance or fate or evil spirits.

    For the most part people get the diseases they earn. Look around.

    In the chapter, we explain exactly how the colon determines the state of one’s immune system – for better or for worse – that persists throughout the entire lifespan. And how it relates directly to two primary factors

      Enzyme content of the diet

      Intestinal flora

    We then review how chronic disease processes are promoted by the standard American diet of inert, indigestible comfort foods – chips, fries, donuts, hydrogenated snacks, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, etc. Sludge material gradually forms in layers on the inside of the colon, which may potentially balloon out from its normal diameter of 2 inches to as much as 12 inches, as seen in many chronically obstructed individuals.

    Over the years, blockage can be the cause of any particular disease of the colon, including

      Leaky Gut
      Irritable Bowel
      Regional Ileitis

    Another factor that contributes to colon health involves musculature. We forget that the colon is primarily a muscular organ. Its normal process of elimination – peristalsis – is accomplished through wavelike contractions of muscles which ultimately expel wastes.

    Like all skeletal muscles, internal muscles lose collagen and weaken as time goes by. This weakness is accelerated with a diet of soft, processed foods which cling to the colon wall as part of the sludge buildup.

    These dead foods with no fiber or enzymes do not trigger the muscular contractions necessary to expel the wastes. The colon muscles cannot squeeze out the processed buildup very well. As years go by, they weaken, and eventually atrophy.

    In youth elimination is effortless. Later on, the weakened colon must strain very hard to produce rabbit pellets. Consequently, the indigestible waste just sits there month after month, poisoning the system.

    You can see how it becomes a vicious circle: the muscles weaken, as they get less and less exercise every day, in addition to the normal collagen loss due to aging.

    The results are sludge layers, ballooning, blockage of pores in the colon wall, Leaky Gut, florabiotic depletion, obstruction, etc. – the prelude for any colon disease you can name, including cancer.

    It is well documented that 80% of Americans eat a diet of 80% processed foods. This sets the stage for a pre-eminence of colon diseases, with colon cancer holding steady for the past 40 years as the #3 cancer.

    What’s the solution? Four steps:

      1. Stop eating trash
      2. Expel
      3. Total Florabiotics
      4. Hydration

    Step 1 Stop Eating Trash Once again the chapter Journey to the Center of Your Colon discusses the New West Diet. Obviously it does little good to clear the colon out if you continue to load it up with the same indigestible sludge that has blocked it up in the first place. So Step 1 is indispensable.

    Step 2 Expel: An herbal formula centuries old which will chip away little by little at the layers of impacted sludge which have built up for months or years. We always says it’s not a question of will Expel work for you, but how long will it take. It always works.

    Step 3 Florabiotics. A dead colon has destroyed all the normal gut probiotics necessary for a healthy immune system. It’s not just a slogan that the colon is the center of the immune system. More in the chapter.

    Step 4 Hydration. Obviously it does little good to try and clear the colon if you are dehydrated. Try to increase water intake to 2 litres a day.

    Organized medicine wants everybody to have a colonoscopy every year or so. This is marketing. They make up words like pre-cancerous, and Crohns disease and IBS and a dozen other labels for which they have a whole array of drugs and surgeries. None of which are intended to restore the colon to its original state of health. A cure is never their objective.

    No, they want to have lifetime patients with diseased and resected colons, which hopefully will eventually lead to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – chemo and radiation for real or imaginary cancer.

    Most of this is unnecessary. Including the yearly checkups. But to avoid all these horrors, we have to take responsibility for our own health, first of all by learning how the organ works – the basic anatomy and physiology. And then follow through with care and feeding. It’s not that difficult. The chapter gives a thorough introduction.



    This form is self-explanatory. Despite the recent flood of illegal coercion trying to force the untested COVID vaccine on every employee, it is possible to avoid it. But you have to know the law and follow the directions. And send it by certified mail to your employer’s Legal Department. Most of the time that will be the last you hear about being forced to get a lethal vaccine you don’t want.

    Did you know that according to CDC more people have died from the COVID vaccine in the last 4 months than have died from all vaccines since 1991? This is according to VAERS. Look at the link.

    Here’s the form. Print it out and follow the directions.


    To all owners, CEOs, administrators, medical staff, employees, and legal department of ___________________________________ _________________
    This is to inform all parties that ____________________________ is now and forever exempt from all vaccines.

    We are aware that some businesses and agencies may be unilaterally attempting to coerce employees with an arbitrary new vaccine requirement. This is to inform all parties that such unlawful and unsupported regulation will not be tolerated.

    There are currently no laws, either state or federal, requiring mandatory vaccines for adults. No business, corporation, or agency can invent its own rules on vaccines that would have the force of law for their employees.

    The decision to vaccinate or not – is a matter of religious and medical freedom, specifically covered under federal, state, and international law.

    Any demand for disclosure of private medical records is a flagrant violation of federal HIPAA laws. Any attempt to force vaccines clearly violates the Fourth Amendment – the right of the people to be secure in their persons.

    Every state can mandate a recommended schedule for school children. All states but two have exemption forms – religious or philosophical. But no state has laws that can force vaccines on unwilling adults.

    In international law, defined at Nuremberg, the principle of Informed Consent protects everyone from experimental medical procedures. EUA status may be the very definition of experimental.

    No other forms are required in this matter.

    If these express instructions are violated at any time, this is Fair Warning that every available resource will be brought to prosecute the perpetrators for physical assault, Bill of Rights violations and any other charges counsel might deem applicable, to the fullest extent. This may include disclosure to social networks.

    No bullying or intimidation tactics against the unvaccinated will be tolerated. Furthermore the undersigned will not to be fired, harassed, insulted, assaulted, profiled, proscribed on any list – public or private, threatened or intimidated in any way, for their personal choice of medical treatment. The undersigned have thoroughly informed themselves about the issue and will not give way. They will not discuss it, debate it, or be questioned by anyone.

    As with all medical records, we expect this exemption to be kept strictly confidential from any personnel, parties, or databases. There are specified penalties for such federal HIPAA violations.

    Signed _______________________________________ print name ____________________________
    date ____________________________ Notary: _______________________________
    Sent by certified mail to the Legal Department of ___________________________________________

    cc: ____________________________________, Esq




    Just came back from a week in Las Vegas. Those of us from Vaxifornia, we forget that the rest of the country is not nearly so toxic and dystopian an environment as the one we live in.

    For the past 15 months, with their hysterical, authoritarian approach to the fake pandemic, New York and California have been the two worst states in the entire country to inhabit. But knowing that and seeing it firsthand are two different perceptions entirely.

    The first place I went after leaving McCarran airport was Albertson’s grocery store. What a shock that most of the shoppers were walking around with no masks on. Like normal humans. Wow. How fortunate Nevada people are, that the lethal virus is polite enough now to stop at the state line, just because their disingenuous governor suddenly decided one day to proclaim it so. Microbiological genius that he is. And that made sense to everybody. After 15 months of idiotic masking.

    Of course you do see that 20% of people still suffer the residuals of the mass psychosis and continue to wear their masks as defense against the nonexistent COVID virus, which has made its way across the Mohave desert to specifically target Albertson’s … Yeah, about 20% are like that.

    But wait, I buried the lead here. Las Vegas is mostly good news: what is truly exciting is to see Vegas’ economy re-sparking itself back to its original pre-Hoax level. Tourists are back, all businesses open, restaurants thriving, casinos bustling, all the shows are back, the four buffets open, water parks, sports arenas back to life – no socialist distancing anywhere. Like it … never happened.

    You mean the pandemic? Guess what. It never did.

    Business is so good that the airlines have tripled the fares to Vegas. But that’s no deterrent at all. Tourists are still flocking in, desperate to escape to normal.

    Now airlines and airports – that’s the most imbecilic thing of all. You’re flying from one safe city to another where the Hoax has been pronounced “over” and yet as soon as you get into the terminal you are beset by these disembodied corporate announcements about the nonexistent, unidentified “federal law” still requiring masks, etc.

    And then once you board the plane, the level of insult becomes even more 1984 with the incessant harping about exactly how long in between bites of your hydrogenated snacks you may keep your mask off your nose, etc… Nonstop, the whole flight. So now stewardesses are practicing medicine, is that it?

    What’s the deal? They’re telling us that the only contaminated places left in the whole country where there’s still a danger of the nonexistent virus are airports and planes …? And nobody says a word – the sheep get right into their pens.


    And then what about this supposed drought? Doesn’t it seem suspicious it’s this big a story? Aren’t you sick of hearing about it?

    I spent several days at Lake Mead and Lake Powell – two of the country’s largest manmade reservoirs.

    When you’re in the marinas, it’s certainly shocking to see how far the water level has dropped since last year – in both lakes. If you know what a boat launch ramp is, the water has receded so much that you may have to go as much as 400 yards further down the ramp now in order to launch.

    But here again is where Fake News has created yet another panic, using their favorite tool: junk science. Their newest Bernays illusion is that a sharp drop of 30-40 feet in both lakes is due to decreased snow pack last winter.

    This is utterly ridiculous and impossible as the result of a strictly seasonal weather variation, as everybody who lives at these lakes knows very well. The obvious and undeniable truth is that this new drought has nothing to do with natural causes, rainfall, snowfall, or cycles of the moon. It is 100% manmade.

    The only possible way those enormous lakes could have fallen 30 or 40 feet in a few months is that somebody deliberately opened the spigot, releasing all that water further downstream into the Colorado River system.

    Whether it went to agriculture in AZ or CA or ran all the way down to Mexico – who knows? The material point is that this ‘drought’ is a political phenomenon, not meteorological. As everybody in those areas is well aware.

    What would be their agenda – to waste all that water, so vital for the entire American southwest? Panic, disorder, food shortage, disruption of an entire culture, etc. – just another in the series of America Last programs conjured up by the radical clowns in Washington.

    As you can easily see from the graph of Lake Powell’s water level for the past 12 months, the rate of decline since January 2021 was steadily downward – linear.

    Taking into account the natural increase from snowmelt during those months (which was 66% of normal), such a decline cannot possibly be due to natural causes. Only a manmade explanation is plausible for such a drop – somebody had his hand on the faucet.

    With its usual flair for the chimerical, fake news exaggerates the seriousness of the drought, by a magnitude. For example, as you can see by the 50 year chart – these water losses are insignificant in the larger scope of things. Both lakes fluctuate over time. Both lakes have been lower than they are at present. Look at the chart.

    In addition, drops of 30-40 feet must be viewed in their historical context. Fake news never mentions that Lake Mead is over 1150 feet deep. Lake Powell is over 3700 feet deep!

    So much for the CNN articles about the Lakes drying up any time soon. Such an eventuality would require several more self-destructive clown regimes in Washington to follow each other in succession. Is that likely?

    So don’t waste your time studying any of the feather-headed CNN stories about the drought and the infernal heat plaguing the country, etc. It’s no hotter than the usual warming trend.

    Where all this nonsense really dissipates is when you’re boating or jetskiing out in the middle of Lake Powell or Lake Mead, with nobody in sight, looking at the steep walls and the sparkling turquoise/azure water – in awe and appreciation of FDR’s idea of working with nature to make something of lasting value. One is speechless in the face of sublime magnificence and transcendent natural beauty.


    With regret then, I returned to California. Now if you haven’t left here for the last 15 months you might forget that this is the most retrograde, imprisoned, Marxist environment in the entire country. Most other states aren’t nearly as brainwashed and befogged as people are here. The contrast is striking.

    My return was the very day that the mask-querade was scheduled to end in CA – June 15. Just because the terminally clueless governor finally made a decision, based on his “feelings.”

    Leaving the airport, the first place I went into was Safeway. I walked in with no mask, did my shopping, checked out and left. Nobody said a word to me. After 15 months of powertripping, the grocery clerk Nazis were now mute.

    But here’s the kicker – my prediction was that after the mask regs were lifted in California I had estimated that 50% of the sheep would voluntarily continue wearing them. How wrong I was. Turns out I was the only one in the entire store without a mask! Over 99% comatose zombies.

    Californians are empirically and unequivocally the most compliant, spineless, ill-informed robots ever to be programmed by a mass psychosis in the nation’s history. Just look at the bicyclists still pedaling through your neighborhood all alone, fully masked, in this state proclaimed to be free of the virus. Or driving in their cars – alone – fully masked.

    And ask yourself – what must these pre-hominids be believing at this point?

    Well, for starters they obviously believe:

      1. that an imaginary virus never found in nature, never isolated in a human being pervades the entire atmosphere and can infect people and kill them, even though there are no other humans within a mile, and even though the “disease” is droplet-borne

      2. Since Nevada is now free of the virus threat, this imaginary virus rampaging throughout the California stratosphere, obediently stops at the state line just because their governor said it was all over

      3. That their mask, whose mesh opening is 60,000 times larger than any known virus, actually protects them

      4. That this unsequenced, novel virus has defied all known principles of classical virology for a year and a half now and has actually increased in virulence, instead of adapting to the species by mutation and herd immunity, like every other virus in the past million years

      5. That any store owner, banana stacker, cashier, state bureaucrat, Uber driver, etc. without so much as a GED can correctly warn them of a biological threat and command them to mask up, at their slightest whim

      6. Though half of them have been jabbed with the most dangerous vaccine in history, they forgot about the promise to end the ‘pandemic’ once the vaccine was delivered. That was the bargain, remember? And here, they are still wearing masks 6 months after the vaccine is out.

    Now that’s the definition of religion, my friends. Belief in that for which there is no evidence.


    As far as the COVID vaccine is concerned, in our April newsletter we cited the CDC report that so far 1700 deaths had resulted from the new vaccines.

    Here’s a page from CDC website, forbidden by corporate media, that reports the current deaths:

    As of June 14, 2021 that figure had increased to 5343 deaths from COVID vaccine.

    Look at the link. The longer you wait the higher the number – CDC actually updates this page!

    This is more deaths than have been reported by the VAERS system for all vaccines put together since 1991!

    Again, don’t miss this fact: more people have died of COVID vaccine in the last 5 months than from all vaccines since the VAERS system began.

    And let’s not forget – CDC has always maintained that less than 1% of vaccine deaths and injuries are ever reported. This is because VAERS is a passive system, meaning that doctors do not report vaccine injuries.

    In order to be counted, the patient or family must report it. Usually it’s first reported to the doctor who gave the shot who always states there’s “no possible connection.” But 1% of the complainants persist and somehow find about the VAERS system and open a file. And those are the only stats they keep.

    So this means that according to CDC, it is likely that over half a million Americans have died from COVID vaccine in the past few months. This science is forbidden to appear in any corporate media.

    And yet like good sheep, over half the population has voluntarily got the COVID shot.

    Their favorite song: I Know I’ll Never Find Another Ewe.



    To all administrators, teachers, medical staff, and legal department of ___________________________________ _________________College (University):
    This is to inform all parties that _________________________ is now and forever exempt from all vaccines.

    We are aware that some colleges and universities may be unilaterally attempting to deprive applicants of admission, based on an arbitrary new vaccine requirement. This is to inform all parties that such extravagant and unsupported regulation will not be tolerated.
    There are currently no laws, either state or federal, requiring mandatory vaccines beyond the high school level. No college or university can pretend that its own arbitrary rules on matters of religious or medical freedom will have the force of law for their employees and students.
    The decision to vaccinate or not is a matter of religious and medical freedom, specifically covered under federal, state, and international law.
    Any demand for disclosure of private medical records is a flagrant violation of federal HIPAA laws. Any attempt to force vaccines clearly violates the Fourth Amendment – the right of the people to be secure in their persons.

    _____________________ will not receive any vaccines at any time, on school grounds or anywhere else so designated by your staff. There is no law requiring permission by a medical doctor for such an exercise of medical freedom by any adult in the US at this time. Therefore no other forms are required in this matter.

    If these express instructions are violated at any time, this is Fair Warning that we will use every available resource to prosecute the perpetrators for physical assault, Bill of Rights violations and any other charges our attorney might deem applicable, to the fullest extent.
    Neither will any related bullying or intimidation tactics be employed to invalidate scholarships – academic, athletic, or otherwise.

    Furthermore we are not to be harassed, insulted, assaulted, profiled, proscribed on any list – public or private, threatened or intimidated in any way, for our personal choice of medical treatment. We have thoroughly informed ourselves about the issue and will not give way. We will not discuss it, debate it, or be questioned by anyone.

    Any violation of this specific instruction will be vigorously defended; likewise if there is the slightest suggestion that the applicant has been profiled or excluded from admission or denied scholarships because of this letter.

    As with all medical records, we expect this exemption to be kept strictly confidential from any personnel, parties, lists, or databases. There are specified penalties for such federal HIPAA violations.

    Signed _______________________________________
    print name ____________________________________
    date ___________________________________ . . . Notary:

    Sent by certified mail on _________________________

    cc: __________________, Esq

    Explanation of Vaccine Exemption Letter:

    Send the above letter by certified return mail to the Legal Department of the college requiring vaccines. Not the office. Chances are, the student will be harassed no more after this.

    This letter was written in response to the flood of inquiries from parents who have not been paying attention and have suddenly noticed that in California they have lost virtually all medical freedom choices for their children.


    In the ongoing global program to put an end to medical freedom, a new contestant has entered the fray: colleges.
    Matriculating students and their parents have recently been surprised to discover an unexpected obstacle to Fall admission into many colleges: proof of vaccination.

    In today’s One World mindset, which accounts for the majority of the population, medical freedom has become a non-issue. Most people agree to whatever inoculations are presented to them, with no argument.

    In California only 1.5% of parents were ever interested in vaccine exemptions. All the furor and uproar of the past 4 years has been about one thing: forcing vaccines on 100% of the population. The 1.5 % of citizens who demanded medical freedom for their children could simply not be tolerated. Oh no, just think where something like that could lead…

    Once the Vaccinators realized they could never win the scientific debate, political forces, backed by the limitless support of Pharma, simply circumvented the whole dialog. They abolished the possibility of intelligent discussion of the topic, by just outlawing exemptions.
    How? By using the most powerful weapon available to legislators today: the low level of common human intelligence, evidenced by the majority of the bovine electorate.

    With today’s aggressively marketed and dangerous COVID vaccine, CDC admits on their site that more people have died of that vaccine in the last 4 months than have died from all vaccines since 1991. That’s using VAERS stats.

    Most folks vaccinate their kids because their doctor told them to. They don’t know what vaccines are or what they’re supposed to do. They’ve never read one book or one article on the subject – why should they? They believe in vaccines – just like people believe in Jesus, Buddha, Jaweh, the Easter Bunny, and the Boeing that struck the Pentagon. Blind faith. Religious faith – the type that doesn’t look for proof, doesn’t rely on scientific research.

    Ask any parent what HPV vaccine is. Or HiB. Or Prevnar – the vaccines given to every child. They don’t know and they don’t care. They’d rather put their own child in harm’s way than do the slightest bit of reading that challenges their belief system. Inertia. Religion. Of course unprincipled, ignorant parents always go along, but the tragedy here is that we have essentially good people, and “educated” people being caught up in the same unthinking belief system.

    Ignorance is certainly a right guaranteed by our Constitution. But now we have found a way to force an opinion based on ignorance upon everyone – 100%. To force one religious belief on everyone.

    That is power. Unquestioning obedience. The goal of the One World mind.

    Does it matter that hundreds of medical doctors have challenged the cover story behind most vaccines, with thousands of articles, letters, lectures, and now books. And what answer do the proponents of vaccines have to offer, what scientific arguments do they bring to the debate? Nothing. Silence. What debate?
    Their responses are limited to platitudes, slogans, scripted rhetoric, soundbytes reduced to grotesque oversimplification, which studiously ignore any effort to arrive at the truth through traditional inductive scientific method.

    Unrelenting, never-ending repetition of sound bytes will always triumph over rational discourse. All they need do is invent a threat, a danger, with no solid evidence, and repeat it endlessly through all media. And then offer a savior – like vaccines. Simple. Has worked for the last century.

    “… But after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” . — Hermann Goehring, SS

    In the past months, we have been inundated by parents who are confronted with this radical change in university admission policy. What can we do, they ask?

    Here it is. For the small percentage of you who still think that the responsibility for a child’s physical well-being should reside with the parent rather than government, below is a very effective defense.
    This letter works works. Follow the directions. . And let us know what schools we can add to the list where it was effective.


    5. NEWEST VIDEO: Chiropractic Demystified

    Germaphobe nation. Who owns your body – you or the State?

    Today there are limits to how healthy you’re allowed to be. Limits to how much oxygen you’re allowed to take in. New rules and laws against maintaining your own immune system intact. What if the present Hoax is only the beginning? Everybody’s buying it. Most want to force it on everyone else. Opposition is silenced.

    Against this subtext, how do you think a health care paradigm that prioritizes the integrity of the human nervous system before all else – before drugs, before laws, before doctors, before the courts – how do think that system is going to fare? Especially when half its representatives have doubts about its own power, its own capabilities as a healing science. And are unwilling to deepen their own knowledge of that vital connection between survival and the power that created the living universe.

    The Hoax didn’t just happen all of a sudden. The new censorship didn’t just drop out of the sky one day. It was years in the making. This video predates both by one year and predicted them very clearly.

    Please download and subscribe