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Just buy a ticket to OKC – what did Vonnegut say – “peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lesson from God…” something like that. Feeling trapped, no new ideas, spinning your wheels, or worse – in a downward spiral with your health? That means time to tap into the forces of your destiny – you may have forgotten you had one. Maybe you’re thinking – this can’t be it …!

These are precisely the sort of musings propelling one towards Focus OKC and Dr Tim Young. So much more than just the usual cliché of recharging your batteries, etc. How about Reconnecting with some of the original ideals you may have left behind, forgotten about, or given up on. They’re still there, still valid as ever.

Focus is the most authentic, valuable time investment for any convention left to our beleaguered profession. Buy the ticket!




Speaking with GoDaddy tech support today – the new censorship is creating quite a boom for them. Videos recently banned from YT, FB, etc. are now being transferred to Vimeo, Brighteon, Archive.org, etc as well as the websites of the individual video’s creators. Sites must expand their capacities to handle all those extra gigs.

thedoctorwithin sympathizes. Last month, we got a short text one morning from YT about one of our two YT channels. For years, that channel has held all the continuing education videos – about 70 hours – in 3 main categories: chiropractic, nutrition, and vaccine science. The text said that channel had been deleted. Not will be deleted – had been deleted. Not even one day warning for backup—poof! Gone. No apology, no explanation. YT is free, so of course there’s no recourse.

Back-ups? Maybe. Still looking.

So from the surviving YT channel we then voluntarily removed an additional 38 videos on vaccines, in order to protect that channel.

In the process of moving all this footage now to www.thebestvaccinebook.com as well as to the above 3 libraries. The problem is that none of them will have the massive reach of YT, the popularity, the familiarity, etc.

The result across the board is that in just these few months of 2019 it has suddenly become exponentially more difficult to learn about the true science behind vaccines. Most new parents will give up and just roll over. Precisely the orchestrated intent of the Overmind.

Most people think all this is a good thing. Their knowledge of vaccines is limited to a few soundbytes about safe effective necessary etc from everyday corporate media fluff. What they don’t grasp here is that this new tsunami of epistemological control has nothing to do with vaccines. That was just the opening skirmish. Now that the submissive, invertebrate owners of social media, desperately chasing any market, have so obediently caved under the mildest threats of a few legislators, they’re game for any assignment.

It’s the slippery slope from here on out.

Example: Adam Shiff’s preposterous letter to Mark Zuckerberg in March, pretending like Congress has some authority over private opinions published on social media. But the outcome was even more disconcerting. Use me – abuse me. By acquiescing without the slightest objection, Zuckerberg accepted his newly assigned role as lawnjockey for the politics of the highest bidder. On any subject – not just vaccines. The epitome of Advocacy media.

Everyday corporate media has been this way for over 100 years, of course. But with social media, at least we had a few golden years of actual public debate where both sides could present evidence on politically charged subjects, a true forum for freedom of speech. No more. Out, out brief candle. Finito. From here on out we can expect nothing more from social media besides the same obsequious, lowest IQ skewed point of view and censored information that we get from pop media every single day.

We are now witnessing a quantum paradigm shift in human communication – an Epistemological Apocalypse. If that seems like an overstatement, mark this newsletter for re-reading every year on its anniversary. Watch the ever-narrowing scope of opinions presented in all media, not just FB and CNN. All media.

It’s Edward L Bernays wildest dream fantasy come true. The engineered, orchestrated result of decades of de-conditioning, always reinforcing the lowest common index of human intelligence, ever downward. The dumber folks are, the less they’ll object. To anything.

Hitler’s go-to boy – propaganda minister Josef Goebbels – was an avid student of Edward L Bernays. Adolf also learned his lessons well, when he said:

                    “The new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself                             take over youth and give youth its own education and its                              own upbringing.

I will have no intellectual training.  Knowledge is ruin to my                          young men.”

Hitler predicted his Reich would last a thousand years. It was stomped out in 10.

Is this really the model we want to follow as a country – our country that was once the most evolved social experiment in history?

3. NEW YOUTUBE VIDEOS – thedoctorwithin

Recently we’ve added several new videos on the surviving YouTube channel:

Cleanest Protein, Best EFAs, Chelating Heavy Metals – Dr Tim O’Shea

What are the best dietary proteins? Why are EFAs important for everyone, especially newborns? How to remove Aluminum, Mercury, Lead, etc from the brain and tissues. Best program for the brain- injured child. Thirst vs hydration. 60 Day Program Detox.

Rebuilding Your Body’s Collagen From the Inside – Dr Tim O’Shea

The most effective solution for anti-aging, muscle performance, organ rebuilding, hair and skin improvement, etc. Summary of Hydrolyzed Collagen chapter at thedoctorwithin.com. Closest idea anywhere to an authentic fountain of youth. The epitome of the holistic model for repairing a weak heart, sagging muscles, damaged tract, herniated discs, post-op rehab, etc..

Tired of Your Diabetes? End It Once and For All – Dr Tim O’Shea

Today nearly one third of the population is Type II. It’s not something you catch – generally you have to earn it. The future is not bright, considering the demise of the typical diabetic. Are the drugs curing you? No reason for all this – you can have your life back simply by discontinuing your support of the imbalance. Easy to understand – a little harder to accomplish, but then– what’s the alternative?

How To Say Goodbye To Cavities Forever – Dr Tim O’Shea and Elyse

Where do people learn to brush their teeth? Dentist’s office? Rarely. Most never learn. A review of the anatomy and physiology of cavities. How to protect and keep your teeth beautiful – permanently.

Van Halen, Secretariat, Subluxation, and Non-Synaptic Transmission – Dr Tim O’Shea

Clip 6 of 8. Disease as a normal adaptation to the internal environment you create. Epigenetics and other effects on the brain and DNA besides afferent nerves. Modern epigenetic science reprises DD Palmer’s original notions of Tone, in the pursuit of optimum health.

Bones Out Of Place Pinching Nerves – Dr Tim O’Shea

Clip 5 of 8. Advanced studies in chiropractic prove that adjustments may have virtually unlimited healing effects, including restoration of autonomic NS function, correction of distorted cortical architecture, disruption of chronic pain patterns, normalization of efferent commands to organs, etc. The point here is, all this is IN ADDITION to resolving nerve compression from osseous structures – not instead of it. Common sense is no longer common today.

Injuries Create Permanent Patterns Unless … – Dr Tim O’Shea

Clip 4 of 8. Trauma creates new patterns of distortion within the spine and muscle groups. Uneven posture is one result. Subluxations are worse. They create new errors in brain patterning. Permanent if unrecognized and untreated. Mysterious pain and dysfunction may follow, which drugs don’t cure. A review of the science of chiropractic..

Chiropractic Mastery – Dr Tim O’Shea

Clip 3 of 8 from the Orange County Symposium. Adjusting mastery is analogous to any art or athletic skill – training and repetition. Also intent, visualization, and employing the tools of assessment. Why skilled adjustment is becoming rarer all the time. The path was laid out for us very clearly – less travelers making the attempt. Glowing health requires 100% unobstructed nerve transmission.

Havana Blood – Part 4 of 4 – Dr Tim O’Shea

The final section of the ChiroCruise detox lecture on Bioterrain. A whirlwind intro to the pertinent materials at thedoctorwithin.com. Historical and scientific evidence validating blood detox as a remedy for most health imbalances.

Feel free to download all videos and share on any website.


5 . Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children

For the past decade the most widely read vaccine manual for parents all over the world.

Now in 6 Languages.

This is not an anti-vaccine text. It is in favor of any vaccines that have been proven absolutely safe, effective, and necessary by legitimate, verifiable third party science wholly unconnected with the global vaccine industry..

The book is written for everyone concerned about the health and well-being of their children and of themselves.

Why is this the best vaccine book available today?

    • <ul>Easy to read

Doesn’t bury the reader in obscure science, but summarizes the relevant science into just what you need to know

Complete. Tells you what vaccines are. The money behind them. Discusses each individual vaccine, risks and dangers

Just long enough. Saves you time. Many parents make their informed decision relying on this book, and its references.

Up to date, with abundant references for those who wish to go deeper into the best research  </ul>

How much do you really know about what you’re allowing to be injected into your child: the ingredients of vaccines; vaccine side effects, the dangers of vaccines, autism and vaccines, HPV vaccine. This book is for parents, educators, those in the medical profession, midwives, nurses, those working in government and practitioners of alternative medicine as well – a rare vaccination book that is meticulously documented, and is not the usual parroting of special interest narratives.

Easy to read — not the med-speak found in medical journals and everyday media.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization is 200 pages of fully documented information along with over 300 references that will open your eyes. Whether or not to vaccinate your child is arguably the most important decision you will ever make for your child. The nervous system only forms once, and most of it happens before age 2.

Just look at kids around you. Who are the healthiest – the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

Since there are so many doctors who don’t vaccinate their own kids, and serious questions about vaccines from some of our most educated people, perhaps it isn’t such a good idea to get all your information from advertising, or from the people selling them.

Let’s look at what the scientists who make the vaccines have to say. Only then will you have what you need to make an informed decision about how to best care for your child.

So if you’re having the slightest doubts about the safety of the vaccines you’re about to give your child, get the facts, from the most reliable vaccine book available today.

Doesn’t your child deserve that much?

When a child becomes autistic or vaccine injured, most parents realize their bad decision too late. And that’s when they all say the same thing: “I wish I’d known.”

Well, this is your chance to know, right now.

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