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We know that vaccines kill children directly. It’s a taboo subject in media, but a little research can offer an approximation of real numbers.

Vaccine injuries and deaths went uncounted before 1991, when the VAERS system was initiated by Congress: Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System.

Steve Rubin, PhD testified at the Senate SB277 hearing in Sacramento in April 2015. [2] Rubin is the scientist who created the search engine for the VAERS system, the only really usable program for categorizing US vaccine injuries in the past 25 years.

In the 2500 page VAERS Excel pdf [5], Rubin documents 3437 deaths from vaccines between 1991 and 2014. [2] These are not estimates, but actual deaths – children with names and addresses.

Estimates come into play when comparing that figure with the actual number of deaths. Both CDC, and FDA Commissioner David Kessler (quoted in JAMA) [3] have stated that 1% is a reasonable estimate of the number of reported vaccine injuries, compared with the actual number of injuries and deaths.

That means it is likely that as many as 99% of vaccine injuries and deaths go unreported.

Extrapolating from these figures, it may not be unreasonable to assert then that some 340,000 children have died as a direct result of vaccines since 1991. That is completely possible.

With the high per cent of unvaccinated Somali children now autistic, as cited in the section below, (II) we see a rare opportunity for a legitimate clinical comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Until recently, comparative studies of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated have been all but nonexistent. The reasons were obvious.

Then three months ago a study was published, somehow making it through peer review, measuring exactly that risk factor: mortality and vaccines, with an unvaccinated control group.

In the Mar 2017 edition of EBiomed we have unambiguous proof of children dying as a direct result of the DTP and polio vaccine [1]

The new Morgensen study followed over 1000 children, after Polio and DTP vaccines. The findings were very clear – comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children: the vaccinated were dying 5x faster than the unvaccinated.

“…mortality was 5 times higher for DTP-vaccinated children.”

    (Curiously, the study was funded by the Danish Council, whose country has been vilified in the scientific community in recent years because of the Poul Thorsen scandal – the ill-fated Danish Study. You may remember Thorsen from when he was indicted for fraudulent publication, supporting CDC’s endorsement of MMR, as well absconding with over $1 million. [4] The Danish community may be trying to recover its credibility, as this new article is certainly above reproach as far as collusion with the vaccine industry.)

The statistical methods employed in the new Morgensen study are of the highest calibre and leave little room for doubt with regards the conclusions of the study. Their impeccable figures show a 95% Confidence Interval. Read the full text here.

As independent scientific discussion of vaccine research has no forum at this time, and the Industry has learned to obviate science altogether by simply passing laws that force vaccines on children, this new study is the type of critically important research that is being pushed aside as irrelevant.

Doctors and parents need to know that vaccines are proven to kill children, that there is a clear and present danger to the life of any child whose parents submit to whatever vaccines the pediatrician decides are on the current Schedule. That’s not anti-vaccine hysteria – it’s scientific fact.

The vital necessity for something like the Commission that was discussed by President Trump and RFK at the beginning of the year – never before has true science and the protection of US children so urgently demanded such an independent forum for the free exchange of opinions, evaluating all current research into childhood vaccines.


1. Morgensen, S, The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community – EbioMed Mar 2017 p 192


2. Steve Rubin, PhD Testimony, SB277 hearings on 8 Apr 201 – Sacramento Capitol Bldg

Click to access 2015-04-08CASenateHealthCommitteRubinTestimonyVAERS.pdf

3. Kessler, D MD A new approach to reporting adverse effects

Journal of the American Medical Assn vol.269, No.21, p.2785 2 Jun 1993

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5. VAERS DATA as of 2017 https://vaers.hhs.gov/data/data



When a manufacturer tests any drug, a randomized clinical trial is required in order to prove its safety and effectiveness. The study must have one group who gets the new drug, and another group who gets a placebo, or nothing at all. If neither the subjects nor the clinicians are allowed to know who got the drug and who didn’t, that’s called a double blind study.

The group who got the placebo (or nothing) is called the Control Group.

Obama brought 43,000 Somalis into this country, most of which were settled in Minnesota. [1]. As with all Third World aliens who enter the US with no vaccine records, these folks were required to receive the full mandated schedule – usually all vaccines at once.

About 2 years later, very high numbers of these Somalis are being diagnosed with autism, much higher than the 1 in 45 rate the CDC cites for the entire US. In a very short time the incidence of autism in this small Somali population was a whopping 1 in 32! [2] That’s the highest rate of autism in the world.

Keep in mind that autism is unknown in their native country. As are vaccines, generally.

The press has succeeded in burying this shocking autism epidemic behind a phony report about measles.

What’s the reason that the main story of the Minneapolis Somalis has gone unreported?

Here at last on a silver platter was an opportunity to have a real study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. Such a study has never been allowed to be conducted in the United States, ostensibly because it would be “dangerous and unfair” to deprive a group of the ‘benefits’ of the American vaccine schedule.

In this case however, that excuse no longer applies. Vaccines were simply not available in the native country of these people. And suddenly this group was flown over here and forced to be inoculated with massive numbers of vaccines.

To finalize such an extremely valuable study, all that would be required at this time is to formally count the autistics among the Somalis and compare the results with the same number of vaccinated Minneapolis kids. That ‘s it. The clinical work has already been done – the vaccines were given to the one group and not to the Control Group. We’d have an instant legitimate trial comparing the vaccinated with the unvaccinated, without having to deprive anybody of anything.

But this will never happen – such a study will never be written up.

Why not?

The reason is obvious: the results would suggest that vaccines are clearly linked to autism. There would be no way to dispute the association.

Here we see the usual eclipsing of science in favor of politics, which has traditionally controlled most aspects of the vaccine industry, since the beginning. [3] History of Vaccines]

In this case, true scientific considerations have been ignored even more blatantly by administering to these individuals the full schedule of vaccines all at once. Why? Has that combination of all those vaccines being injected all together at one time– has that combination ever been proven to be safe? It has not.

Is this the everyday inoculation procedure for immigrants getting Green Cards? Yes.

The standard dosages on Shot Day for American children demands that on certain days 7 or 8 vaccines be given all at once. [3]

Have those 7 or 8 ever been tested together to determine their additive toxicity in the body of the very young child? Never. Actually this danger has been pointed out by CDC committees, each one of whom recommended that these combinations of vaccines should indeed be tested together for safety. Such testing has never been done. Yet we go on injecting our kids with untested quantities, every day.

So we can see how false is the reasoning that has forbidden studies of unvaccinated American children, hiding behind the pretense that it would deprive them of immunization against diseases, etc. Such a danger is theoretical and presumptive – never proven. And nothing compared to the real danger of administering the full complement of vaccines to these Somalis – perhaps three or four times as many vaccines as are ever given on one day to American children.

Common sense would dictate that such a presumption of safety is unwarranted.

They can’t have it both ways– it can’t be absolutely safe both to administer untested combinations of vaccines and also to withhold untested combinations of vaccines. Both of these scenarios can’t be simultaneously true.

Responsible representatives of the people should demand that a formal study of the unvaccinated Somalis be finalized in order to provide scientific evidence, once and for all, of a likely link between vaccines and autism. Here is an opportunity once missed that will not come around again.


1. Bedard, P – 99% Muslim – 43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under Obama
28 Nov 16 Washington Examiner http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/99-muslim-43000-somali-refugees-settled-in-us-under-obama/article/2608316

2. Minneapolis Somali Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Project – University of Minnesota

3. The History of Vaccines – https://thedoctorwithin.com/history-of-vaccines/



During the past decade, Hydrolyzed Collagen has become very much in demand, going out all over the world. For best absorption, the label recommends that the collagen powder be blended in juice. Thousands of people seem to have achieved best results following this advice.

Occasionally someone will express concern about taking in too much sugar when using juice for the blend. “I can’t take the sugar” is what they always say.

Here are a few reasons why such concerns are groundless:

1. Any fruit or vegetable juice can be used, including celery juice, cucumber juice, cabbage, kale, or any other juice.

2. Orange juice is the most popular, being the most common breakfast beverage. Whatever juice you choose, we’re talking about 100% pure of course, no concentrates, nothing added, organic if possible.

Now fructose is the natural fruit sugar in juices. If pure, the juice will contain within it all the vitamins and enzymes necessary for its complete breakdown into its simplest carbohydrate components. That’s called digestion.

This metabolic process will not cause undue stress, abnormal insulin spiking, overtaxing the pancreas or any other adverse effect. No matter what you might read on google-pedia.

Blood glucose will always be temporarily elevated following a meal that includes carbohydrates. That is a necessary sign of the digestive process. But it soon returns to normal levels between meals. Pure natural juices are not a cause of diabetes in today’s world. Just visit any supermarket and look down the double aisle of Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, beer, etc. and see the real cause.

How much of that is in your kitchen?

You can actually mix the collagen powder in anything you want , and daily intake will eventually have a beneficial effect. The loading dose. But we have noticed over and over that pure organic juice seems to work best, for 2 likely reasons:

1. It is suspended in a most easily absorbable medium

2. whole food Vitamin C is an important factor in initiating the conversion of hydrolyzed collagen supplement into the body’s own new collagen.

So, yes you can dissolve the Hydrolyzed Collagen in water or applesauce or milk, or sprinkle it over oatmeal – or mix it into any wholesome food – all of that works. Except for coffee of course – which is a non food – no nutrient value, and will dilute the value of this excellent supplement. (Yes, yes, I read that too – it’s nonsense. ) But for optimum results, most people just use the best organic fruit or vegetable juice they can find. That’s what most of those success stories in the Feedback section did.

So just forget about any imaginary issues about too much sugar, etc. Fruit juice is not the reason why almost 30% of the US population is diabetic!

It would be intriguing to be able to look into the refrigerators and kitchen cupboards of some of these callers who are so worried about the ‘sugar’ in organic orange juice. Of course we’d find absolutely no Coke, soft drinks, cookies, donuts, liquor, beer, wine, cakes, pies, candy, chocolate, etc, just lying around…

I know, right? So please stop calling with this question!

Read full Collagen chapter

And also Sugar The Sweet Thief of Life




Yes, that’s true. The Vaccinators have actually given up trying to win the argument, realizing they can’t win. They refuse to debate vaccine science in any open academic forum. They found out they didn’t have to. Why should they? They’ve come up with something much more effective: new laws that would force vaccination on 100% of the population, completely irrespective of any science.

We described California’s 4 new vaccine laws in detail in the April Newsletter – the Four Horsemen. Despite considerable visible opposition, the momentum seems relentless in its trajectory to close every door to vaccine exemption. Other states are taking their cue – at present there are over 100 separate legal proposals to limit or end the parent’s right to vaccine exemption – all across the country.

Their methods of removing medical choice – successful as they may be – seem unworthy of a nation that came into existence as a democratic republic, based on principles of personal freedom. Whose children are they – the parents’ or the State’s ? This is the real issue today.

The de-evolution of American politics has come to worship at the altar of Lowest Common Denominator intelligence. That’s the demographic we target, and make every effort, through media and education, to discourage rational discourse, opposing any but the most superficial exploration into those topics which may require the least bit of study to understand. Making people dumber.

So now we can create any assigned LCD of awareness, and at the same time have most people think that they understand complex subjects – like vaccination – simply by absorbing the constant barrage of slogans and clichés. We then have cancelled the need for study, opinion, evaluation, and thoughtful consideration.

Instead, we will have a nation of kneejerk robots, conditioned by stimulus /response, enslaved by the most primitive word association, who have accepted all such programming as their total World, the sum of their Reality, all they need to know about their experience on this planet.

And right there we have the triumph of Statism over the individual – the antithesis of America.

Below are a few examples of that primitive word association. The first word is the stimulus that individuals will hear or read. The second word will be the instantaneous connection they have been habituated to make, through years of repetitive, unvarying media and school techniques:

stimulus . . . . response

Immunization / Vaccination

Childhood / Medical emergency

Pregnancy / Medical emergency

Vaccine exemptions / dangerous

Medical freedom / unimportant

Pediatrician / trustworthy, necessary

Self education/ nonessential

Healthy kids / doctor visits

Vaccines / disease prevention


Vaccine Exemption demonstrators / dangerous lunatics

Forcing vaccination / common good

HPV/ prevent cervical cancer

Health Care / health

Symptoms / visit doctor for drugs

Pain / visit doctor for drugs

Cancer / drugs, surgery

You get the idea. Add a few yourself. But there’s a problem here. Each of these Lowest Common Denominator responses is false – unscientific, dangerous, and collectively stupefying. But the robots don’t know that – they think they are sufficiently educated in all these areas. Merely by knowing these one word connectors!

It’s a beautiful thing.

One result of this false conditioning is the declining immune systems of most Americans – the US has the worst health of any industrialized nation, by any index you can use. The Vaccinators have learned to use Collective Ignorance now as political capital in passing any law they can imagine, as long as it involves more vaccines. So they have effectively sidelined the need for science, and the necessary dialog that validates any legitimate science.

And so scientific debate over vaccines has been marginalized as irrelevant. Our militantly ignorant society no longer needs science – all it needs is the majority popular opinion, no matter how badly uninformed.

And who is the #1 lobbyist, both in Washington and in the state legislatures? Right – the pharmaceutical industry. They control the laws that the legislators formulate.

And who is the #1 advertiser in all media? Right – same guys. They control the content of media stories and information sources.

But everybody knows all that. Let’s just stop using cliches like The Science is Clear, etc. Because it is clear – and the Vaccinators lost. But they’re not participating any more in the discussion.

Instead, they figured out how to win without science: by force of law.

Let’s not forget that over 95% of people already vaccinate. The tiny group of people who would opt out have no desire to stop the 95% from choosing vaccines, or any other medical selection. It’s the other way around — this entire national legal agenda is about the 95% forcing their opinion on the 5% . Again the antithesis of constitutional principles.

Our greatest president had something to say about situations like this:

    “Those who deny freedom for others do not deserve it for themselves.”

    – – – Abraham Lincoln


V. NEW CHAPTERS AT www.thedoctorwithin.com


Since 2000, the textbook Vaccination Is Not Immunization
has been intended for parents who are about to make the most important decision in the life of the child – whether or not to vaccinate.

As new editions came out, and vaccines became more and more political, so many new events were taking place that were filling up the textbook. The book was getting too large. So we began maintaining the historical section of that textbook here at this location.

To understand vaccines, it essential to have a basic introduction into how they appeared in the world in the first place. Here is a summary of the those historical events that you won’t be finding on the controlled websites which dominate the internet. The difference here is, these facts are all fully referenced at the end of the chapter.


If you use the term HIV/AIDS, it’s probable you don’t understand either one. They are just not connected. This chapter takes an unforgiving look at the real events that led up to this enormous, self-perpetuating industry. The religion of AZT.



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