1. Lectures: Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Focus OKC
2. Secrets of a New Technique Seminar
3. Vaccines 2014: Revisiting the Germ Theory
4. Eulogy for Aunt Peggy
5. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization



7 June – Seattle WA – The 60 Day Program

28 June – Dallas TX – Adjusting Seminar with Tim Young

23 July – DCS Clubhouse at Billy D’s
with Tim Shakespeare

8 Aug – Palmer Homecoming

22 Aug – Mile High Chiropractic – Denver

See Live Seminars for full details of times and venues.

My 2014 New Years resolution is only working out halfway. My goal was to have at least 40 hours of online CE video, which the site now has. The other half was that I would stop travelling so much. That hasn’t happened yet. Working on it.

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2. Secrets of a 2014 Technique Seminar

Try creating a new seminar in today’s market. Go ahead. Even with the virtual absence of approval criteria that we see for CE accreditation these days, opening the gates to literally hundreds of new seminars from anyone who wants to fill out the form and send in 50 bucks. No more training, no education or teaching requirements whatsoever, no more mentoring, no content requirement, for all that. Everybody knows what’s going on as far as overall quality for chiropractic CE seminars. And not just in California either.

With all this going on, our new adjusting seminar, which emerged from a 10 minute conversation in a Denver bar last year, was a colossal surprise. First, that it happened at all.

Tim Young and I couldn’t even think up a very hook-y name for it. Until we invent one, we’ll just call it what it is: The Fading Art of Osseous Chiropractic Adjusting. We just got tired of the rah rah part of chiropractic promo, the sloganeering – We’re Great, Medicine Sucks, We’re Taking Over, We’re Dominating the Planet…

Oh yeah? With what? Where is it? What is it? Where are all these DCs? Why is a simple definition of chiropractic conspicuously absent from the home pages of the majority of chiropractic schools in the world? Wonder what they think it is. Actually, I don’t wonder any longer. I know what they think it is: a market. The clever marketing of a mutation of the most sublime and profound paradigm of human health and well-being in history. Except without actually delivering it. Bait and switch.

Too harsh? You need to travel more. Try to find a chiropractor at random in a new city. Oh you wouldn’t do that because you don’t let anyone adjust you except your DC? Or – just as likely – you don’t let anyone adjust you? Ever.

Yes, yes, I know the thought sequence. I had a student put it to me most eloquently last week – “when I chose a school, I thought there was some kind of standardization of schools, as far as what I could expect to be taught – what body of useful knowledge I could expect to graduate with, the skill set needed for actual practice… As with any other profession you can name – medicine, veterinary, law, optometry, dentistry, barber college, chef school, etc. When you graduate from these colleges you can reasonably expect to have entry level proficiency – the tools to begin a career…”

The student went on – “I didn’t know chiropractic school would be so odd. Why is it so different? Why is this the only profession with no standardization? All this trying to trick you, and not giving you the basic skills you need to enter the profession. When I graduated it was finally clear that the school’s main goal had been making sure my tuition got paid. And they would say anything they had to to make that happen.

“Then you graduate, and you’re out here, and… What is it? What am I supposed to do now? What was I supposed to have learned? Why are so many of my classmates not going into practice? I never thought I would be cut off like this…”

Sound familiar?

So we knew there was a need for hands-on training in adjusting. We didn’t know it was like water in the desert.

Tim Young and I notice the same thing about students, especially the ones in their last year. Most can’t palpate, can’t check for subluxation, and they can’t even set up for an adjustment, let alone do it. The first astounding obstacle we discovered is most think subluxation is an illusion – that it doesn’t exist because they’re told “there’s no scientific evidence” to prove it.

Now even if that were true, what have they been doing all these years in school? If the one thing that defines the profession does not exist, then what are we? How could we spend 4 years in professional college without noticing there was nothing to it, no defined objective? No specialized identity at the end of the rainbow. Have the students of today lost circumspection, with all their texting and video games? The career offices can’t be that slick, can they?

These are the waters into which we’re casting our nets – The Fading Art, indeed. From an academic system like this, only a few get the picture, or even hear about The Path. Hidden in plain sight are the essential tools of survival, then maybe success.

The chosen few who do attend are finally attentive. This class is relevant. For some it’s a Last Resort mentality. For others it’s surmounting the insurmountable barrier of that First Adjustment, stocking up on ammunition, reinforcing the structure, refining the motor skills, or maybe just looking for a few new tricks of mastery. When the subject matter is the Universal, limitless effects and interpretations are possible. We’re in the river.

As instructors, we’ve figured out the mistakes of talking too much and telling too many stories. Or of saying nothing at all about what we’re palpating for and why. We have a pretty fair balance by now, with the prime objective to put more real DCs out into the world who can actually deliver a true adjustment, making just a small dent in that Great Wall of subluxation that plagues our world today.

We’ve been videoing all the seminars so far and have finally edited several hours. The first of these will soon be placed at thedoctorwithin.com as an ongoing resource for all attendees. There will be a password. That library will continue to grow, so that attendees will be able to view sections from all the seminar locations, not just the one they attended.

Dallas is the only confirmed venue right now – 28 June. Several possibilities, much interest. Keep tuned to this channel for the next ones.


3. Vaccines 2014: Revisiting the Germ Theory

A recurring theme on this site, you may have noticed, exposes the substitution of new marketing for new science in the boom industry of global vaccines. No new science for these same old same old vaccines continuing on the Schedule. So the only thing that will keep people coming back for them is new marketing. Bring on the doubletalk. On prime time.

Back in 1993, the world spent only $3 billion on vaccines. Today it’s approaching $60 billion. With sicker children to show for it. All we hear about are ‘outbreaks.’

Doesn’t take a genius to see the duplicity behind this argument: OK – they claim vaccines protect against disease. Even though the diseases were 95% gone by the time the vaccines came out. All that proof is in our vaccine text.

Then they say that we have to keep vaccinating so that the diseases won’t come back. This ridiculous mantra, for which they cannot offer proof, flies in the face of Natural Selection. Diseases don’t come back once they’re gone. Species eventually become immune to diseases, as the diseases burn their way through a population. The strong survive and contribute their DNA to the proceeding gene pool. Everybody knows that.

Now when the human genome was decoded more than a decade ago, scientists became aware of Inactivated Viruses in the mysterious 97% of the DNA helix that is no longer active. This is evidence of diseases the species has conquered. Jeffrey Smith talks about precisely the same phenomenon in his book Genetic Roulette, pointing out the unpredictable dangers that GM foods can have on these sections of the human genome that have been stable for eons. The danger being re-activation of the old viruses.

But it’s the same exact thing with vaccines. Our new policy of loading up the formative immune system of our children with 68 doses of experimental, lab-created microbial pathogens – new just within the past 2 centuries – what is that doing? Same opportunity for the random splicing of manmade microbial fragments into the individual and collective DNA, what with our 85% overall vaccination rate.

So what does this do for the chances of normal development of the newborn’s immune system? It handicaps it. In several ways

Possibility of DNA alteration from lab-mutated pathogens in vaccines

Susceptibility of cell membrane immune factors being damaged by poison preservatives and adjuvants, which scientists admit are in all vaccines

Prevention of normal immune development, which would rely on gentle, regular stimulation from mild environmental stressors in the normal course of life (unvaccinated)

So. Back to the ‘outbreaks.’ With CDC’s recent definition of outbreak as “more than 3 cases” in a given locale, outbreaks are an obvious sales technique to necessitate more shots of the vaccines the kids already got. But they can’t have it both ways.

If vaccines really work, and are supposedly preventing these extinct diseases from coming back, why are they coming back?

Which is it?

What we have instead now are what scientists call the Atypical Diseases, which are mutations of the original disease. Mutations that are caused by our policy of vaccinating all our children for disease which would have faded away had we not vaccinated.

So the “outbreaks” we’re always reading about are almost always exactly this: cases of atypical forms of old disease, which are now being kept alive by continuing with vaccines.

Examples: measles, whooping cough, mumps, etc. The outbreaks always occur among the vaccinated.

So why is the solution to every out break the same: another dose of the same vaccine that caused it.

Why else? Marketing. It’s what makes the best return on investment for the manufacturer.

More: See below Excerpts from vaccine book


4. Eulogy for Aunt Peggy

My Aunt Peggy O’Shea died earlier this month at 91. One of my best friends, and a role model.

She was rich and famous and lived in a high-rise flat on Sunset Blvd, the 22nd floor of Sierra Towers. I’ve crashed there almost every time I’ve lectured in LA for the past 10 years. During that time other tenants you might see on the elevator included people like Sidney Poitier, George Hamilton, Lindsey Lohan, Elton John, Joan Collins, Diahann Carroll, Matthew Perry, Pia Zadora’s mom, etc, to drop a few names.

Peggy had no formal education, came out of poverty, at a time when poverty wasn’t yet a career choice or an excuse to do nothing with your life. She ran away from home at 17 and never went back. Turning up in Hollywood in the 60s, she met the second of her 6 husbands, a guy named Lou Shaw. Lou could sell refrigerators to Eskimos but he couldn’t write very well. But he knew the big TV guys in Hollywood at the time.

Peggy woodshedded the writing part, and the screenwriting team was soon formed. Lou presented the treatments and sold the scripts. Peggy and Lou Shaw became feature writers for years on major TV series, including The Rebel, Ben Casey, Dr Kildare, Outer Limits, Peyton Place and many shows of the 70s we have forgotten. She finally won an Emmy in the 80s as head writer for one of the biggest soaps. I can’t even remember all the shows she created and co-authored.

I met her briefly in her beach house in Malibu when she was married to her third husband, a guy who wrote The Cardinal, with Tom Tryon. I played pool with the guy who wrote Cat Ballou, and he told me to stop wasting my time and get out and see the world on my own. Took that advice to heart.

After that, Peggy and I lost touch for a couple decades, only to reconnect when she was with boyfriend # whatever, her longest relationship. They showed me most of the restaurants in West Hollywood during my LA stopovers and had many stories of that most superficial, exciting, corrupt, silly, and vicious showbiz environment. Good thing I didn’t live there – would have really gotten into trouble.

What a life she had – I only heard fragments of it – she was close friends with Rita Hayworth, smoked hashish with Yul Brenner, married David Opatachou, knew all kinds of famous and almost famous spirits from that vanished era. Up in smoke, poof – a real shadow of a real age. Evanescent.

Like with all her doctors, she outlived that Hollywood boyfriend, and after a respectable mourning period hooked up with her 6th and final husband – Bob White, at age 82. He was the guy who invented My Favorite Martian, for all you history buffs. She told me later that he was her favorite husband and that they were actually in love during those last years. I sensed the effect of love at the cellular level – even though Peggy had progressive emphysema after a lifetime of smoking Kools, she never slowed down, was always bright and articulate. She went out all the time and took several cruises every year, even into her 80s.

This couple was like the song Love Will Keep Us Alive. Corny but empirical at the tonal, vibratory level. Because when Bob turned around one day 2 years ago with a cup of coffee in his hand and dropped to the floor, stone dead, Peggy’s life force was soon extinguished. A physical change – sprightly faded to cadaverous in a matter of weeks. Like the picture of Dorian Gray.

Peggy was also a living defiance of every principle of nutrition on my website. A fifth of Absolut was a mainstay in her freezer for decades. Big fan of pharmaceuticals. Her kitchen was a collection of expensive chocolates and biscotti, a refrigerator loaded with leftovers that would never be eaten. No fruits, no vegetables, no meals, tiny portions of this and that.

Going out for dinner with them was a bargain. The two of them would order one appetizer, and then take half of it home in a doggy bag. Talk about killer genetics – Peggy seemed to thrive on light and love. And perhaps a splash of Absolut, thank you.

Pithy last words from this career writer? Once I asked her: if she had her whole life to live over again would she change anything. She answered immediately: Nothing. Wouldn’t change a thing. No edited scripts for me.

Last thing she said to me was on the phone. A few months ago she was asking if I would be in LA very soon, and I said in a couple of months. She said well, I might be in heaven then. I asked if Southwest flew there.

Heaven … a true writer – literary premises to the end.

Will miss you Aunt Peggy. No more of you left on the shelf. Writers aren’t permitted to develop from experience any more, the way you lived it. Those days are gone, like the dew on the grass, fading in the morning sun.


5. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization 2013

– now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. . read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.” – Dr Tim Young


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy


Hepatitis B is an inflammatory liver disease, found most often among drug addicts. Most victims recover on their own within a few months, with no chronic liver disease. In 1991, however, the CDC and the AAP began including Hepatitis B vaccine for all infants. (p 172 [199]) Why?

Before 1991, hepatitis B vaccine was only given to high risk groups – health workers, drug users, those with multiple sex partners, and those with a history of the disease.

The disease is transmissible from mother to infant, but if the mother tests negative, it is very unlikely that the infant will have multiple sex partners or be an IV drug abuser, know what I’m saying?

Especially within the first day of life. This is the type of common sense notion that gets overlooked when fortunes are to be made.

Efficacy? No long-term studies had been done before the vaccine was forced on the general population. (Neustaedter, p125) [199] The insert itself says that the vaccine was only monitored for 5 days before it was released on the market! [38]

Merck had been developing the Hep B vaccine since the early 1970s, and testing it on live populations of monkeys and humans. (p.244) [231] Formaldehyde, a carcinogenic inactivator used in many vaccines, supposedly tones down the Hep B virus so that the vaccine hopefully doesn’t give the person hepatitis.

But the real horror of Hepatitis B vaccine comes into focus when you find out that this mercury-laden vaccine is given on the first day of life. The EPA safe level of mercury is .1 micrograms per kilogram per day. For an adult, that is.

As of 2004, one hepatitis B shot had 30 times that amount! – FDA Hepatitis Control, [246]

Side effects? The CDC failed to mention any side effects in 8 million people who received the vaccine before 1991. (p 175) [199] But a number of studies have documented the following adverse reactions to the Hepatitis B vaccine:


enlarged spleen

demyelinating disease

anaphylactic shock

autoimmune reactions

jaundice [38]

In a statement to Congress, Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Jane Orient, MD said that deaths and adverse reactions to hepatitis B vaccines are

“…vastly underreported, as formal long-term studies of vaccine safety have not been completed. [176]

“…for most children the risk of a serious vaccine reaction may be 100 times greater than the risk of Hepatitis B.”

By 1999, the number of reported severe adverse reactions to the Hep B vaccine became higher than the actual number of cases of the disease itself! (Townsend Letter, Sep 2000, p 148) [171]

Hepatitis B vaccination was dropped from the mandatory school program in France in Oct. 1998 after 15,000 citizens filed a class action suit against the government. The reason: hundreds of neurological and auto-immune disorders. (Belkin) [233]


There were at least 6 articles in the New York Times in 2008 in which the conclusion, always by some junior health writer, was that unvaccinated children pose a risk to the community at large, because they perpetuate disease.

On 1 Oct 08 the NYT ran a story titled “Study Links Hepatitis B And Cancer Of Pancreas.” [76]

There was no actual study, nor did the article definitely link anything to anything. In a cursory review of data with cancer patients, they noticed a higher than normal history of hepatitis B among one group of cancer patients. The authors themselves claim no definite causality between the two conditions – it’s just initially noteworthy. [77]

This was an epidemiological study, which means it’s not a study at all, just a first-draft data comparison. It’s an idea for a study; that’s all.

This confused essay made the unfounded statements:

“chronic hepatitis B … globally, is a major cause of liver cancer…”

“… A vaccine can prevent the infection and the cancer. But when an unvaccinated person develops a chronic infection, it cannot be cured, though antiviral drugs may help control it.”

First of all hepatitis B may only become chronic 5% of the time. [239] Merck p 382] It is chronic hepatitis that is associated with liver cancer, not the mild self-limiting variety, which is 90% of the cases with hep B. ([78] Jay Marks, MD)

Secondly, there is no proof of efficacy for a hepatitis B vaccine for any infection, as we have already seen above. Nor can any vaccine prevent cancer. Or any infection! Even the manufacturers of Hep B vaccine would never claim that it can prevent cancer – that is impossible. How then does a feature writer get away with making such a baroque claim in a national publication?

Third, when the unvaccinated contract any infection, they stand just as much chance of cure as anyone else. Being unvaccinated does not lower the immune system; in fact it’s just the opposite.

The vaccinated, especially infants, have a much more difficult time fighting off infections, because of the immuno-suppressive nature of experimental attenuated agents and toxic adjuvants. Remember, vaccines are not given for infections. They never were, and no scientist ever made such an absurd claim.

Never a bastion of fourth estate ethics or responsible reporting, it seems apparent in recent years that the NYT has become a repository for sensationalistic copy, with a decreasing level of accountability, if not an outright mouthpiece for the drug industry. A quick look at the ads in any issue will illuminate their allegiance.

In the business of casting aspersions and innuendo, things like reliability and fact checking tend to go quietly by the wayside.

Assuming readers are getting dumber all the time, editors figure they don’t really have to be accountable or verify what they say, since it’s only about creating an impression, an instant impression as people speedscan the article on their way to wherever.

When the topic of hepatitis B vaccine comes up, just remember one thing: it’s not a childhood disease. Never was.


There’s a related story every parent should read, especially those who think they’re doing the right thing to vaccinate a newborn with the dangerous Hepatitis B shot. If the baby has a reaction, the parents are now the prime target for accusations of Shaken Baby! Not kidding – this happens all the time. Look at [17] (Elber)

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