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Amsterdam 1 June

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2. Subluxation Nation: Celebrities Promote Auto-Mutilation?

You got the story, right? We’ve all heard it. Ad nauseum. Another glaring emblem of the Subluxation Nation – where else would something like this be generally condoned as rational behavior?

One reason this story is not really newsworthy is that it happens every day, and has been for years. Women routinely submitting to high pressure sales from the friendly surgical staff at the local hospital and opting for prophylactic surgery – just-in-case surgery. Most of them don’t even have cancer. Women are persuaded that a scientific breakthrough proves that they have some rare genetic propensity for cancer – which always has some exotic name – and that tragically, the best course of action would be to have body parts cut off – the ones with the highest statistical probability for future tumors. All this according to the best guesstimates of the profession who stands to profit most from convincing large numbers of women to submit to expensive and experimental programs of elective surgery, drugs, and mop-up procedures.

This new story ties into the American obsession with the minutiae of the lives of pop icons. A famous actress is doing it – therefore it’s logical and routine and nothing out of the ordinary for normal earthbound patients to consider it. … “Well, I’ve got what she had. And she did it, so….” And that’s literally the way the decision process works – in toto – in many cases today. That’s all it takes.

But it’s the story behind the story – condoning prophylactic mutilation – that makes this event notable. Unfortunately that’s the part that most people will never consider. It’s not going to be reported on google-pedia. You actually have to do a little independent reading to learn what this is all about.

How has something so patently outrageous been made to seem acceptable and normal?

The real story begins with a start-up in Utah called Myriad Genetics. Myriad has staked a claim to a piece of the human genome. They’ve got the patent to a certain genetic sequence that is supposedly linked to cancer in women, according to their hypothesis.

By coincidence, no one else may test the hypothesis, since Myriad owns the gene sequence.

Though not commonly known, at present 20% of the human genome has now been patented by biotech companies.

After studying the genetic sequence for a couple of years, and correlating their findings with a sample of women who fit their study protocol, Myriad is now claiming that they have a test which indicates the probability that women will get breast or ovarian cancer. Reliability: about 15%, according to their home page:

    “Approximately 7% of breast cancer and 11 – 15% of ovarian cancer cases are caused by mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. ” [1]

“Are caused by.” Already in the realm of junk science. The new correlation is hypothesis only. Their hypothesis.

Worse news, there is an 87% figure being bandied about, sometimes used as a closing device. This number is not from randomized clinical trials, but from epidemiological studies. That means it’s taken from a very select group of subjects that Myriad picked for their advertising and promotion text. Epidemiological studies have become the new standard within the pharmaceutical industry, because they’re cheaper, faster, and able to prove virtually any conclusion from any group of statistics.

Women being sold the BRAC test are not taught these subtleties. They are simply told their defective DNA gives them an 87% chance of cancer. Period. This is completely insupportable for the general population, even by Myriad’s own research.

In the stylized world of pharmaceutical marketing, they even came up with a name for the presumed new disease entity, complete with acronym: HBOC Syndrome – Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer.[1] This condition has never before been recognized by any other medical entity besides Myriad’s in-house group. It only exists because they say it exists

The test itself is expensive – over $3000. But this is nothing compared to the barrage of recommended treatment that will follow a positive ‘diagnosis’ – elective surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, drugs – and more.

All this for women who do not have cancer.

The new Orwellian dialogue is “predictive medicine” and ‘prognostic medicine.” [1] Armed with the lexicon to make the imaginary real, these guys have come to play. Even though it is a brand new field – less than 2 years old – Myriad is already making extravagant claims: “BRCA mutations are responsible for the majority of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.” [1] No way on earth could they know that at the outset of an entire new field. The majority? What happened to the 15% claim on their own homepage? [2]

That’s a little background – read the rest of it when you get a chance {1, 2]. Now back to the pop icon. According to all world media, she was told by her oncologist that her positive test meant that she has an 87% chance of getting either ovarian or breast cancer in her lifetime. Based on this point-of-sale closing, the icon made her decision – bilateral mastectomy.

Even though she had no evidence of cancer.

Most astonishing of all is that she bought their trendy story and consented to the elective mutilation. That’s the real news story – based on untested claims and theoretical genetics, they were able to talk her into a permanently disfiguring surgery. No chance of breast cancer now — they’re gone.

This new line of thinking has been a slippery slope for the past few years. Why couldn’t this same logic next be extended to suicide? Now you’ll never again be susceptible to any disease. Makes just as much sense. Population control?

Movie stars don’t have time to read. Most have no formal education. But they can afford the best medical advice money can buy. And in today’s world the best medical advice usually means engaging in the newest programs of treatment, even if they’re only in the theoretical phase.

Of course they have the best medical insurance. That is, the insurance which covers the most procedures and medicines. In the Wonderland of modern medicine, coverage has become a criterion for what treatment becomes indicated. I can afford it, therefore I should have it.

The BRAC test is medicine’s newest Golden Goose. The $3 – 4000 fee is only the beginning. The test is the gateway to surgery, chemotherapy, drugs – a cottage industry. The BRAC test will be covered in Obama’s new Affordable Care Plan. So Myriad’s stock just doubled.

But the blue sky for Myriad is even bigger: they’re a bright jewel, ripe for acquisition by the global health corporations. The only cloud on their horizon is the Supreme Court, who is scheduled to make a ruling about whether the ownership of human DNA sequences is legal at all. Considering the unlimited funds of the biotech industry however, an adverse decision is unlikely. Since the dawn of biotech in the 90s, not one law has ever been passed regulating it. [ GMO Foods: A Short Introduction} [3]

The unrelenting science of molding conventional wisdom [ Doors of Perception][4] ensures biotech a bright future. In classic Bernays fashion, complete with its masterful campaign of nonstop op-ed pieces throughout global media, the choice of elective mutilation has just become acceptable and reasonable among today’s militantly uninformed. Women who have no trace of cancer, many of whom are not in the high risk category for any other reason, will feel much more comfortable to have elective oophorectomies and bilateral mastectomies.

Is there a more intelligent way to look cancer?

First of all, if we’re going on pure statistics, there’s a one in three chance that any of us in America will die of cancer. (CDC, 5} Second leading cause of death, next to heart disease. So, irrespective of lifestyle, race, sex, BMI, zip code, we’re all coming out of the gate at 33%.

To be convinced that your own personal odds are going to be significantly ratcheted up from that already high figure just because of some pop theory of genetic predisposition, likely to be completely revised in 6 months – well, that requires a concerted effort against doing some quiet thinking on one’s own.

A summary of the real causes and pathophysiology of cancer may be seen in the
chapter To The Cancer Patient at www.thedoctorwithin.com [6] Most people don’t even know what they’re talking about when they use the word cancer. Likely they received their education from fleeting moments on wikipedia, or reading yahoo news bylines over the years. This innate ignorance makes them all the more susceptible to being taken in by someone spouting junk science, someone who represents a very motivated corporate agenda in the cancer industry.

The prime causes of cancer in today’s world are no mystery at all. Surprise – none of the major ones have anything to do with hereditary genetics. We don’t need to look very far for reasons that so many people get cancer. What causes a single cell to suddenly lose its ability to specialize but not its ability to replicate? De-differentiation. Then two cells become four, four become 8, 8 become 16, etc. and after a year or so there might be a detectable mass, diagnosable as cancer. The process of metaplasia – what triggers it, at the cellular level?

Short list: contaminants in the air, the food, and the water

    heavy metals (Hg, Al, Pb, etc)

    PCBs, THMs, CO, MeBenzene

    fluoride, chlorine

    GMO foods

    Hydrogenated foods


    dental amalgams

    pesticides and herbicides in produce

    processed foods

    household products

Not even mentioning the voluntary carcinogens – tobacco, overwork, stress, some pharmaceuticals, IGF-1 in pasteurized dairy, etc. [Nutrition Seminar][7]

These are incontrovertible as carcinogenic – anyone who studies them soon grasps how they may cause cancer – via DNA alteration. The DNA is mutated enough so that the cell is making damaged copies of the original, out of control.

That’s what cancer is.

Another carcinogen is free radical damage. Unstable molecules, missing an electron, which bounce around from cell to cell looking to steal that electron, in the process causing the donor molecule to become a new free radical. A game of electron musical chairs. Now we cannot avoid free radicals, since they are a consequence of normal daily metabolism. The problem occurs if there is a positive balance at the end of the day, because of insufficient antioxidants neutralizing the free radicals. Excess free radicals day after day causes a direct attack on the lipo-protein membrane of the cells, and thereby can invade and alter DNA sequence.

Besides normal metabolism, other common sources of free radicals include:

processed foods




Extreme exercise




Surgery? That’s what we’re talking about here – prophylactic, elective surgery. Yes, the body is assaulted by surgery as direct trauma – a primary engine for free radical production. So in this particular case where the ostensible objective is theoretically to ‘save’ the patient from cancer, we have the ironic certitude of the opposite effect: more free radicals. Which are unarguably carcinogenic, not theoretically.

There are so many uncontested causes of cancer that must be addressed if anyone is going to lower the chances of cancer occurring, or spreading. When all are addressed and acknowledged together in a regimented program of detox, we have a truly holistic approach to lower the odds. Eliminate the mostly likely carcinogens from the lifestyle. All of them. Doesn’t that make a lot more sense than lopping off body parts? What kind of culture requires such a question to be asked?

Alternative medicine has been making huge inroads in the past 25 years in approaches to cancer. Most of it is anecdotal of course, because peer reviewed literature is rigidly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, which is not likely to approve any solutions that compete with the cancer industry. But the unvarnished truth is that most people who die of cancer die as a result of the treatment. Most people eventually learn that. And if they survive, it is usually in spite of the treatment, not because of it.

The new field today is epigenetics – external influences on DNA action. The theory of genetic pre-destination – the religion that you can’t escape your genetic programming – unfortunately is being augmented and re-framed by today’s best science. Unfortunate that is, if you just invented a test based on your patent of a gene sequence, which you’re claiming is not influenced by epigenetic forces. Like everything else in human cell biology is influenced.

The Survival of the Correctly Informed. Any drug, any vaccine, any procedure you’re considering today should not be undertaken without a second opinion. An informed one, using sources who have no corporate interest in your decision.

Naïveté is a luxury we can no longer afford.


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3. Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.


Hepatitis B is an inflammatory liver disease, found most often among drug addicts. Most victims recover on their own within a few months, with no chronic liver disease. In 1991, however, the CDC and the AAP began including Hepatitis B vaccine for all infants. (p 172 [199]) Why?

Before 1991, hepatitis B vaccine was only given to high risk groups – health workers, drug users, those with multiple sex partners, and those with a history of the disease.

The disease is transmissible from mother to infant, but if the mother tests negative, it is very unlikely that the infant will have multiple sex partners or be an IV drug abuser, know what I’m saying?

Especially within the first day of life. This is the type of common sense notion that gets overlooked when fortunes are to be made.

Efficacy? No long-term studies had been done before the vaccine was forced on the general population. (Neustaedter, p125) [199] The insert itself says that the vaccine was only monitored for 5 days before it was released on the market! [38]

Merck had been developing the Hep B vaccine since the early 1970s, and testing it on live populations of monkeys and humans. (p.244) [231] Formaldehyde, a carcinogenic inactivator used in many vaccines, supposedly tones down the Hep B virus so that the vaccine hopefully doesn’t give the person hepatitis.

But the real horror of Hepatitis B vaccine comes into focus when you find out that this mercury-laden vaccine is given on the first day of life. The EPA safe level of mercury is .1 micrograms per kilogram per day. For an adult, that is.

As of 2004, one hepatitis B shot had 30 times that amount! – FDA Hepatitis Control, [246]

Side effects? The CDC failed to mention any side effects in 8 million people who received the vaccine before 1991. (p 175) [199] But a number of studies have documented the following adverse reactions to the Hepatitis B vaccine:

Guillain-Barre enlarged spleen

demyelinating disease anaphylactic shock

autoimmune reactions jaundice [38]

In a statement to Congress, Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Jane Orient, MD said that deaths and adverse reactions to hepatitis B vaccines are

“…vastly underreported, as formal long-term studies of vaccine safety have not been completed. [176]

“…for most children the risk of a serious vaccine reaction may be 100 times greater than the risk of Hepatitis B.”

By 1999, the number of reported severe adverse reactions to the Hep B vaccine became higher than the actual number of cases of the disease itself! ( Townsend Letter, Sep 2000, p 148) [171]

Hepatitis B vaccination was dropped from the mandatory school program in France in Oct. 1998 after 15,000 citizens filed a class action suit against the government. The reason: hundreds of neurological and auto-immune disorders. (Belkin) [233]


There’s a related story every parent should read, especially those who think they’re doing the right thing to vaccinate a newborn with the dangerous Hepatitis B shot. If the baby has a reaction, the parents are now the prime target for accusations of Shaken Baby! Not kidding – this happens all the time. Look at [17] (Elber)”

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

~ John F. Kennedy


4. Oral Chelation – New Formula

The philosophy behind the 60 Day Program is simple, as far as supplements are concerned:

We want the patient to be taking the least number of supplements possible, spending the least amount of money possible, but still getting everything necessary for a complete detox of the tract and blood.

Early on, I learned that the enzyme supplement Digestazyme would only be effective for water soluble debris, within the tract and blood.

What’s missing? Two very common accumulating poisons, responsible for many of the Top Ten diseases are heavy metal ions and arterial plaque. Enzyme supplements cannot mobilize either one – they’re trapped within the arteries and other tissues.So there have been herbal formulas available for a long time which have the capability for binding toxins, metal ions, and arterial plaque.

Heart patients who are trying to restore normal blood pressure without medication must strive to unclog the arteries of that accumulated plaque. No diet or exercise program can do that. As for heavy metals, anyone who has ever been vaccinated, or had a mercury filling — there is virtually no one who hasn’t been exposed to aluminum, lead, mercury, etc. These metals are bioaccumulative in the tissues. That means they last forever, unless they are chelated out. Heavy metal ions can interfere with virtually any of the essential pathways for normal cell life. Cancer is just one of their consequences.

Autistic children need to chelate mercury out of their brain tissue. Oxidized oils and trans fats from fried foods and snack foods are attracted to inflamed arteries. This condition grows worse year by year unless it is directly addressed. Drugs cannot clear it, as the manufacturers themselves admit. Also why challenge the bypass industry?

Even for those adults with no apparent diseases doing a detox for the first time, anyone who has lived in this country any amount of time has accumulated a measurable toxic load by age 21.

So in the 60 Day Program we use a safe, traditional oral chelation formula with ingredients that have years of success behind them. It can be taken by a child of 18 months or a patient in his 90s. Heavy metal toxicity can be the hidden cause of so many misdiagnosed labels that we simply cannot afford to overlook it in any legitimate detox.

This month we have upgraded the Oral Chelation. It is now a single bottle instead of a pair. No need to take additional minerals when you’re already taking the best Chelated Minerals. It took years of research and advice from many experts, like David Sandoval and David Wolfe, to come up with this formula. But even though it is new, all the ingredients have decades of success in performing the precise functions required by chelation.

Some of the ingredients in the new formula:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

– all classic chelators with a proven track record. Very popular in the autism industry, which focuses on mercury removal from the child’s neurology.


for cleaning out the microvillae spaces within the colon, this superfine clay has few equals.

Inert, therefore 100% safe

Na Alginate

– a food industry product, Na alginate has the ability to form a gel in the presence of Ca, precisely the mechanism we’re looking for in an attempt to change the composition of calcific arterial plaque, and then clear it.

Raw cacao

In addition to its many antioxidant and mineral properties, cacao is one of the purest sources for food-bound magnesium and chromium – both critical for heart health.

Three caps a day is the dosage for the 60 Day Program. But for those who wish to accomplish a detoxification more quickly, it is safe to take more than that. As in any effective oral chelation supplement, healing crises may occur, usually transient. That’s the signal to back off a little It also means that the program is working. So just stop for a day or two, or reduce dosage.

Very happy to finally introduce the new Oral Chelation. More good news is the price just dropped a little because it’s only one bottle.

Exactly how long did you want to hang on to the plaque and heavy metals in your tissues? Cremation?


5. Lyceum Success

Last week was my first visit to Sherman College. It exceeded all my expectations – this really looks like the fountainhead of something. These people aren’t equivocating, saying one thing today, another tomorrow. All the problems with our profession, wondering about the future, etc — one thing is certain – with the level of commitment this place is shot through with, the future of chiropractic is assured. The real chiropractic, that is.

Edwin Cordero was obviously the right guy at the right time. His reputation, his actions, – you can’t be fooling everybody, and everybody says he’s unstoppable. And Sherman’s board, with Liam and all the other greats – this place is in acceleration mode.

At least 200 attended my seminar in the big tent. It wasn’t like it often is for me – staring out at a bunch of people who looked like they all married their cousins – not like that at all. No, these people understood what I was saying, both the immunology and the philosophy. And that Q& A session at the end just went on and on and nobody left because of the astonishingly intelligent questions they were asking. Mostly about vaccines! Name me another school that could happen at. Go ahead.

Liam really nailed it when spoke to the students – you’ve committed to this, now believe me, your life has changed forever, from here on out. It was friggin’ inspiring!

This is a terrible job describing the explosion going on at Sherman Lyceum. Go there! Check it out!