1. Pulling Out The Claw: Wonder of Chiropractic
2. Upcoming Events
3. Mute DCs: Silence of the Lambs
4. Senators’ Letter AB2109: Live Ammo
5. Parents’ Most Reliable Vaccine Book For 2012:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization


1. Pulling Out The Claw

You know this patient: comes in bowed down, pain and disappointment all over his face. Low expectations. Soon as the first 3 sentences come out, you already know the rest. You even know what the X-rays are going to show.

Patient says “It feels like there’s a claw reaching in right here, at the base of my neck, going very deep, and squeezing, tightening, with a shooting pain down the upper arm….If I could just reach in there and pull it out…”

Ever hear that? And you’re thinking, oh the Claw Story – got it. Like from that old Jim Carrey movie.

After that you can do whatever dog and pony show you need to do, and of course you’ll need X-rays. But nothing really matters until you make that first adjustment, does it? You have to be really incompetent not to resolve these symptoms in a short time. Even bad chiropractors can fix this one. Correction may take longer of course.

After one, two, or a few adjustments, what do they say? “Wow, doc it feels like somebody just pulled out this wire cable that was wrapped around my spinal cord, strangling it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! …”

Sound familiar?

But think about this patient’s options, realistically. Where has he already been? What has he already been told? What has he already tried? The pain is real and constant and incapacitating. And the geniuses are just saying their lines “It’s just muscular, it’s just soft tissue, just put heat on it, try BenGay, take these muscle relaxors, aspirin should work, the MRI was negative……” like it’s some inconsequential little muscle soreness not worthy of their attention.

But a subluxation like this can be debilitating, especially once it gets established, where the patient never found about chiropractic. And in this situation chiropractic is the only thing that will work. So what percentage of these cases do you think ever find their way to the DC’s office? 1%? 5%? Nobody knows. Who would compile that data? But it’s a safe bet that problems like this are epidemic in US society.

Without chiropractic, this patient will eventually accept failure after failure and become resigned to a new and lower quality of life. As time goes by, range of motion decreases, pain is chronic, arthritic bone remodeling – the whole 9 yards. Epidemic.

All because no one told him about the power needing to get turned back on. Or else they told him that they could laser it or click it or core exercise it back in to place. Anything but adjust it.

Chiropractic: We Specialize in Claw Removal.

Whatever it takes. Chiropractic cures the cases that other doctors couldn’t cure.

All we have to do is say it. Tell them about it.

And then do it.

What a great profession!


2. Upcoming Events

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3. Mute DCs: Silence of the Lambs

BJ Palmer on AB2109:

“… there exists a breach between Innate people and ‘educated’ people. The smaller group are non-conformists; the larger group are conformists. When Innate flashes come to the smaller group, the larger group of educated people develop innumerable complex arguments endeavoring to prove the smaller group wrong. To deny contact between the smaller and larger groups was the chore undertaken by the larger group.”

– The Glory of Going On – p 58.

That’s what we have with AB2109 – denial of contact. Virtual blackout of media stories covering the true import of this bill. This is their most powerful tool – keep it quiet. Because if average semi-comatose Californians are explained en masse what AB2109 really portends for the future, the bill will be voted down. Who in their right mind would vote away basic medical freedom, like the right to choose care for your child? So the best way to get it passed is keep a lid on it – deny contact. Or pretend like it’s about something else.

Even after all these months, most Californians have never heard of AB2109. Except for a social media page, what other organized opposition is there to the single greatest attack on medical freedom in California’s history? 2000 out of 35 million? That’s denying contact. If AB2109 passes this will be why. The larger group has done a great job denying contact. Public debate? Right!

Even after all these months most DCs have heard about AB2109 but they have not taken a stand on it. Reason: too political. If we can attract attention for the moment to our oratory or website or page, we might talk about vaccine toxicity. But taking a stand? This is our one chance to actually do something. Right now. Hey, let’s advertise a meeting to come and ‘let your opposition be heard’ to AB2109. And you get there and, sorry it’s too controversial. We’re gonna talk about something else. Or more commonly, silence. We don’t know which way the wind will blow, so we’re mute. No comment.

So what I want to know is – for all you DCs suddenly struck dumb only on this one issue — who got to you? Whether you live in California or you don’t, AB2109 is coming to your town. It is the antithesis of everything BJ stood for.

Think he might have spoken up?

To get counted, please follow up on Californians Against AB2109 facebook page. Or else just send your state senator the Letter below.



For those who are contacting state senators offices about AB2109, the arguments about vaccine safety as outlined in my book Vaccination Is Not Immunization, are not something most of them are equipped to launch into. The following letter, however, they will understand. Feel free to use it:

“To the State Senators:

Let’s say that next week a law is passed in California that all state legislators must now get the new flu vaccine in order to take their seats for the next session. Not so hypothetical, because many companies and private organizations are requiring vaccines all the time for their employees.

And you’ve done your homework and come to realize the new flu vaccine contains the unproven H1N1 vaccine, which the American people rejected in 2010. {Which this year’s flu shot actually does contain.} So you decide you’d rather not get it. Because after all, vaccines are for kids, right?

No problem – there is a way out. There’s always been the Affidavit of Exemption form whereby you simply state that the vaccine may be harmful to your health and a threat to your immune system, so you are opting out. Sign the form, end of story.

But not so fast. There’s a rider to the new law. It states that any exemptions must be co-signed by an MD. You must get permission to refuse the recommended vaccine. And you just found out the MDs aren’t signing because they don’t want to get a reputation for being anti-vaccine. Even though they promised they would when the bill was being passed.

OK, now go back to top of this page. Read it again. That’s what AB2109 is proposing.

How do you like it?

Sounds a little different when it’s not only about forcing other people to get vaccines they choose not to get, but includes you as well.

Fair warning: that’s what you’re voting for here.

Consider the precedent.



5. Parents’ Most Reliable Vaccine Book For 2012:
Vaccination Is Not Immunization

This is the brand new 2012 Second Edition of the book, a complete re-write, not just a reprint of the old book. ??The most reliable book for parents who want to end the confusion once and for all on whether they should vaccinate or not.

If you’ve read an old version of this text, it’s out of date. So much has happened in this field this past year which has not been in media. Quick look:

The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: how vaccines have been found as the proven cause of over 1 million children hypersensitive to peanuts, now the #1 cause of child anaphylaxis ??-

The new Shaken Baby industry, which can be a cover-up for vaccine injury ??-

The ongoing Autism Epidemic, affecting between 2 -4 million children today and NIH’s refusal to look for the cause

This research is effectively banned from mainstream media. As always though, each fact, each statistic is meticulously documented from the best sources available. The solid references make this information bulletproof.

The vaccine industry today is in a panic. It can no longer keep these secrets hidden. More and more people are learning about the actual physical brain effects on their children, and they’re opting out, signing the exemptions. That’s what all the hysterical new law enforcement of school vaccines is really about. ?

With all the effort it takes to opt out, it’s not the lazy or the uninformed folks deciding not to vaccinate.

Do you even know what Prevnar or Human Papilloma Virus, or MCV4 or DPT – do you even know what these vaccines are?

And even if you do, wouldn’t you like to know what the scientists who make the vaccines have said about them, down through the decades? Or are you going to get all your information from the clinic that makes its living selling vaccines, just roll over, and vaccinate your kid?

Takes a little reading but it’s not that difficult to learn the story here. You can read this book in a day or so.

We are shocked to find that many medical doctors know the information in this book and do not vaccinate their own children. But they’ll vaccinate yours. The majority of the endorsements on the back cover of the book are from medical doctors. Here’s one of the most recent:

“It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced. ??”… O’Shea has once again blessed us with a resource that will allow parents to make an informed choice, and for medical professionals to take pause at what they had been indoctrinated to believe was valid science and good medicine.”

– David Ayoub, MD, Clinical Radiologist

??The definitive book on vaccines today. Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2nd Edition 2012