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6. Vaccine Text for New Parents
Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children


Dr John Bergman has just announced the next in his series of chiropractic seminars aboard CelebrityCruise lines: 15 March 2019, leaving from Florida to Cozumel and then coming through Havana for 2 days. Total: seven day cruise. Other ports of call will be added, though personally I’d as soon spend the whole time in Havana.

I have been on the last two cruises Alaska and the Mediterranean They were both life events– experiences you’d never otherwise have, that you’ll never forget.

This next one can’t fail to be of the same calibre. Cuba alone would make it worthwhile – I was there several years ago before there were any US flights at all. Long story. This may be your last chance to see Havana before the Vegas corporate mafia turns it into another cheesy Atlantic City. Now in the pipeline, a definite eventuality.

But the seminar itself will be — what’s the cliché? — empowering, right, but more than that. An affirmation that chiropractic is the solution to the de-evolution and decomposition of American culture, so evident today at every turn. Not just the solution but the inspiration, the redemption, the Avatar of survival.

If that sounds hyperbolic to you, well then you didn’t get the memo, Citizen. What other profession can be the lightning rod, the conduit, the extension cord for the power than creates the living universe? Tell me. Name one.

What do we see every minute all around us — increasingly desperate attempts to maintain the charade, the pageantry, the illusions that pretend

    that all these TV drugs can improve the quality of life

    the legitimacy of our casual approach to surgery

    nearly 1/3 of the population needs fake insulin for its
    self-imposed Type II diabetes

    vaccines confer immunity

    vaccines are tested safe and effective

    American kids need 2x as many vaccines as any other

    that cortisone will cure arthritis and chronic organ

    that rods and pins and drugs can fix scoliosis and
    foraminal encroachment

But the lid is off the box – even the unenlightened can see the wires, the bait and switch. Everybody’s got family members who have died because they believed the medical hooks

    you need exploratory surgery

    this experimental drug will cure your cancer even though none of the current 10,000 can do it

    immunosuppressors and steroidal antiinflamatories will affect only the intended tissues, leaving the rest of the body unaffected

    someone already taking 10 powerful medications needs 5 more

    your Type II diabetes has nothing to do with your lifestyle — it’s genetic

    fake insulin will permit you to continue the diet that made you diabetic

It’s astounding they’ve been able to pull it off for this long. Defies the most elementary common sense, even among gullible, nondiscriminating Americans. Their only hope is to keep the masses buried under the same old hypnopedic slogans.

But not us. No, we DCs can’t be lazy, or complacent. The knowledge of chiropractic’s supremacy is not going to knock on your door. Generally, you won’t get it at the schools – name one. Just the opposite – seems every effort is being made to keep the truth hidden.

Most DCs these days seem to be falling for the medical narrative, lacking confidence in the illimitable power of their owns skills at curing people. But fortunately, you don’t really have to understand chiropractic to save people’s lives — you just have to do it.

Do the analysis you should have been trained to do — find the subluxation, and fix it. Look at the online technique seminars, or go to Tim Young and discover where you’re weak in adjusting, so you can fix it. The resources are actually there. Hidden perhaps, but discoverable.

Adjustment is not rocket science, but you have to know that it’s worth going after, and worth being bad at for a long time before achieving modest proficiency. Same as any physical skill – artistic, musical, neuromodulatory – whatever. Do the work – create the neural pathways that will be reinforced over the years in practice.

If you never initiate them at the start, never lay them down, how can they develop? How can you develop? Time is flowing like a river. How can our profession become anything but small and funny? Like it is now.

This is the subject matter for Bergman’s chiro cruise – the universal, the infinite, the enduring, the philosophical underlayment. Can you really afford to miss it?

So plan your vacation time now. March 2019. You can take a week off – come on – – look at the stupid stuff you’ve taken weeks off for in recent years. What did they affirm? Other than that your bank account was just drained.

This seminar will cost money too, yes, but in addition you’ll get CE credit. That’s why it’s a writeoff — Professional Development. If you don’t know what that category is, fire your accountant immediately.

Further information please call 915.307.1055

Don’t wait till the end to sign up – Bergman’s cruises always sell out.



While we’re all glad that the trapped boys have finally been rescued, we’re even happier that we’ve been rescued from the stranglehold the story held on all media, obsessing over the tiniest details of the adventure every 5 minutes for 2 weeks.

Media fodder. Lunch for the masses – pick your metaphor. The story has yet another lesson about the mandates of the Bernays-trained managing editors worldwide.

They’d have us believe that nothing else of note was going on in the entire world for the past 2 weeks as important as the rescue – no tragedies, wars, genocides, environmental disasters, loss of human rights, medical freedom, trade agreements, invasions — all that was suspended and was of no significance whatever compared with getting these kids out of the cave.

Even after they were found. Sharks at feeding time – that’s how the media responds – everybody had to get into the act and take as much credit as possible. Their bubble-headed bleached blondes working overtime, manically presenting the Thai story as dire as possible, with the most tragic outcome likely.

All those thousands of hours of media coverage – notice one detail they always skipped: Exactly how far did the kids have to dive under water? A quarter mile? Ten feet?

But hands-down champions in the frenzied competition as Superheroes were – the Meds. After a week of starving, all these kids needed was food and water – simple food. We can do nutritional refinement later. They weren’t emaciated – that takes months. But here’s a typically ridiculous report from NBC on 10 July:

    “The initial eight who were freed are currently in good health, officials said

    “They were receiving medical treatment at a hospital”

    ” . . a public health official told reporters that the boys were given antibiotics, rabies vaccines, and vitamin B2 and showed no signs of fever

    “In an effort to control infection, doctors were not allowing visitors. Positive test results would mean face-to-face visits between the boys and their families at the hospital.

    “So far, only the first group of four boys —have been able to see their families through glass windows

    “….. they were given energy gels and baby food to help their bodies slowly adjust to solids.

    “The second group were hospitalized with low body temperatures, though they’d since stabilized.

    “It could be another week before the boys are released from the hospital”

How many hours of nutrition do MDs get in school? Zero. Ever go into a bypass post-op and see what’s on the patient’s tray? Ensure, jello, and pasteurized dairy: processed, refined carbohydrates with no enzymes, vitamins, or minerals. Almost no food value, inflammatory, an assault on the pancreas, sympathetics, and tract. That’s hospital nutrition worldwide.

So for the most part an MD giving nutritional advice would be like taking ballroom dancing instruction from a forklift driver.

Isolated? Did they find some waterproof strains of Ebola or MRSA down there?

These kids needed to restore electrolytes, gently nourish the digestive tract, and hydrate. That means initially vitamins, minerals, enzymes from complex carbohydrates: organic applesauce, oatmeal, organic fruit juices, e.g., limited a little on the first day. And as much water as they can tolerate. That’s it, for fastest recovery. 24 hours, no complications, and go home.

But no, organized medicine seizes desperately this rare windfall, spotlighted by the frenzy of global media. Oh, now we must talk about quarantine, exotic infections, isolation, loads of prophylactic medications, exploratory X-rays, long periods of confinement….

    “ effort to control infection…” ?

What infection?

Except for an emergency first aid situation, superfluous medications in a depressed immune system like these boys had, further handicap a body to recalibrate its own homeostasis. They don’t have the metabolic reserves necessary to process unnecessary drugs. Everybody knows that. Except the bottom line guys upstairs in the billing department – who set medical protocols in all situations.

Rabies vaccine is not only a completely unproven and ineffective superstition, prescribed only in actual cases of animal bites – it is the most dangerous vaccine ever invented, causing thousands of deaths. Guess who invented it. Louis Pasteur – who had no credentials at all in medicine or physiology. He was a chemist.

These senseless responses are typical of medical policy worldwide. In a for-profit industry, the prime objective is not restoring the patient to health as soon as possible, but always always padding that final invoice.

All any patient wants is: Save My Life But Not Too Much. Unfortunately in today’s world, that wish rarely syncs with the marching orders from the MBA’s upstairs – the puppeteers of the obedient marionettes below.

What an inept sideshow, for a club that has all the money in the world..



See the coming floodtide? If not, dream on.

Ever since the bills AB2109 and SB277 were passed, we have kept a list of Doctors Who May Sign Exemptions on the site. It has been very instructive, revealing some dark secrets of the California vaccine program.

First thing we found out: there are 2 types of doctors on our list of exemptors:

    Those who actually respected medical freedom and existing California law
    Those indiscriminate vaccinators who see the beleaguered parents as an exploitable new market

Recently a lot of docs are calling us to be taken them off the list of signers. They’re being threatened by insurance companies for signing exemptions.

Patients are also calling and saying that many of the doctors on the list are no longer signing exemptions.

That often has to do with what the patient says on that first call. They may ask if the doctor signs exemptions there. If that’s the first question, the office may be afraid it’s a witch-hunt and may say no even if they do sign. It’s better for parents to say they’d like to come in for an evaluation, and then when they get to the appointment ask What’s your policy on vaccines?

Some democracy, right?

It’s about the state’s refusal to ignore existing law and only enforce the ones they like. Can you think of any other issues today that are about following existing law, or not?

Without the rule of law, the corporate state takes over, indifferent to due process and statutory law. Benjamin Rush’s Undercover Dictatorship. A quote from Don Harte’s newsletter:

    “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

The loss of parents’ rights to protect their own children’s health has been carefully orchestrated. Beginning with AB2109 several years ago, the first attack required an MD to cosign the traditional Personal Beliefs Exemption. With little opposition, that was followed by SB277, which simply abolished the 75 year old Personal Beliefs form, leaving medical exemption as the only way a child could remain unvaccinated in California.

That was the beginning of our list of exemption signers. But even after the first year, MDs would tell me they were getting threatening letters from their insurance group informing them if they wanted to continue to participate, stop writing exemptions. The number of signers dropped off, and more and more parents caved in to the pressure and vaccinated their children.

But now with the Bob Sears story last week in the LA Times, the attack on medical freedom is coming from a new direction: the California medical board. Dr Sears has never been anti-vaccine and indeed has vaccinated thousands of children over the years.

But he knew SB277 wasn’t really about vaccines at all but about who controls children’s health – who has charge of the child – the parent or the state?

Sears simply respected any parent’s statutory right to choose health options for their own children. That’s it. That’s his crime. But now Medicine considers any doctor even mentioning the phrase medical freedom as a disloyal rebel, in need of severe discipline.

Sears saw clearly the slippery slope looming ahead. If one belief system can be forced on another by new laws, laws which completely ignore the relevant science, what does that suggest for the future? Mandatory chemotherapy for “pre-cancer” cases? Mandatory fake insulin for Type II diabetes, curable by lifestyle? Mandatory drugs and monitored blood tests for any diagnosis?

The state’s power to force drugs and procedures on the population – Where does it end?

Parents of the unvaccinated don’t care how many vaccines other parents choose. But what if they did? What if the unvaccinated were in the majority and gained enough political power to forbid everyone from getting vaccines? Same result – end of medical freedom.

But these days organized medicine wants more than money– they want their Loyalty Oath. That why they’re forcing patriots like Sears – worker bee that he is – to be penalized with all those hours of Re-education. How very Marxist.

Realizing years ago that they couldn’t win the scientific debate on vaccines, the Orchestrators noticed the flock’s declining intelligence and interest in the quality of scientific testing behind vaccines.

The vaccine debate disappeared completely. In truth, there never was one. A debate is a forum where both sides of a controversy are provided equal time to present evidence. That has never happened with vaccines.

Once medical exemption finally disappears from California, which will happen, all children must be vaccinated. No choice, no option, no debate, no freedom.

The mountain of science cited in books like Vaccination Is Not Immunization is read only by a very small and unchanging demographic – those few parents who are concerned about their child’s immune system enough to actually do the reading to learn for themselves about the safety vs. risk of vaccines for their children.

Think of these rare, bold people who insist on making up their own mind, not coerced by ubiquitous propaganda – think of them as though they were sitting in a circle in chairs facing each other. And they’re talking to each other, presenting the real science of vaccines.. And as time goes by, they pile up more and more of the best verifiable evidence that proves the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines.

Like in the movie Vaxxed.

But at the same time everyday media, bankrolled by The Industry, is spouting off an endless excrescence of slogans and cliches, which are their substitute for reading and learning. Advocacy Media. And the flocks are constantly imprinted with the buzzphrases, and vote for the panderer who best supports that mass conditioning.

And that’s why the room doesn’t get any bigger – same crowd same room, more educated with more science, but the public is not interested in science. And definitely not in reading. They’re interested in everyone being forced to think like they do.

Which isn’t thinking at all. Just Pavlovian response.



A few years ago, the chapter New Agendas In American Dentistry was added to this site. It came about after comparing the various philosophies regarding fillings, root canals, amalgams, and extractions among US dentists. Was fortunate to have Dr Hal Huggins show up for my detox seminar in Denver.

Huggins was the trailblazer who almost singlehandedly was responsible for bringing an awareness of the toxicity of mercury fillings to the American people. Before Huggins, nobody went in to have amalgams removed. He’s the reason that today everybody knows that amalgams are mercury.

Huggins also had his own opinion of root canals, which differed from the conventional philosophy of most dentists, and what they were taught at dental school.

So please look at that short chapter for some background.

Recently I became aware that the prevailing standards of everyday dentistry regarding extractions, implants and periodontics may not necessarily be in the best interests of the patient, long term.

So. Patient came in. 60s, fairly fit, but subluxated in the neck and low back. Like most people, right? That wasn’t much of a challenge, after a couple weeks of real chiropractic care. But then he started telling me about his dental problems, and thereby hangs a tale.

Turns out, in the previous decade the patient had had a lot of expensive root canals, porcelain crowns, and even one implant. Always followed his dentist’s advice for these costly procedures, but was remiss in one area. Cleaning. Kept putting it off.

The dental office would call to make the cleaning appointment but he’d always blow them off, giving some excuse.

This continued for a few years even though he had these expensive procedures done periodically, as the dentist recommended – crowns, root canals, etc. The dentist noticed the plaque building up year after year but would work around it. Not a priority – let’s just do the high priced work first.

Then last year, with intermittent bleeding gums, while in Europe the patient had a deep cleaning done by an excellent dentist. He said it took the conscientious doctor three hours to mine all that calcific plaque out of his mouth. She showed him the panoramic X-rays and the enormous extent of bone loss caused by going that long without deep cleaning.

The patient was horrified. This dentist then recommended that he come back to Europe in a few months for bone grafts, to shore up the deteriorated alveolar bone.

The patient returned to California and decided to consult his regular dentist, the guy who had made a fortune working around all that plaque. No surprise to the dentist– he’d taken new X-rays every year and could clearly see the buildup around the gums, and the resulting bone loss.

But now seeing that the patient had become aware of the seriousness of the periodontal disease, this dentist only saw more dollar signs. He made the standard recommendation: multiple extractions, followed by implants. Tens of thousands worth, right?

That’s when the patient had his come-to-Jesus moment: I’m not a patient to this dentist – I’m just a walking ATM machine.

Now this guy was on a mission. He doesn’t want to lose any teeth, if possible, not being a fan of implants, bridges or the spectre of eventual dentures. So he decided to shop his mouth around to several dentists in Silicon Valley and see if he can find anyone who still has the old-fashioned philosophy dentists used to have: do everything possible to keep the original teeth.

So he made appointments with 8 dentists and oral surgeons in the area to see what his options were.

Six out of 8 agreed with his regular dentist: at least 3 extractions, followed by implants or bridges, etc.

But he found 2 who had an alternative – one in San Francisco and one in Sunnyvale. It’s a procedure that has been around for decades called LANAP. L stands for laser. We’ll play Scrabble later.

Here’s the biology of it: the gums (gingiva) are what hold your teeth in place, along with the periodontal ligaments. Calcified plaque from years of negligence builds up – where? Between the gums and the teeth, and works to pry them loose.

After a time, the gums deteriorate, bleed, and begin to recede. The bone also starts to be resorbed because the plaque causes a constant, mild chemical reaction involving calcium and phosphorus.

Now, teeth can be filled, repaired, crowned etc. But gum deterioration and bone loss are more permanent, most of the time.

The reason for bleeding gums is that the plaque breeds special bacteria, resistant to all antibiotics. There is no longer a snug, clean fit between gums and teeth. The gums become ragged and torn, and can’t heal, and as a result, space forms between them and the teeth. Deep cleaning doesn’t repair the damaged bleeding gums, which now begin to recede.

Enter LANAP. Quietly used for decades, the procedure is a precise laser cautery of all the torn, ragged gum tissue surrounding each tooth. The laser frequency is able to distinguish between healthy gingiva and damaged, and zaps the damaged. After one week the bleeding stops because as the cauterized gum tissue heals, it can once more get closer to the teeth, with no more intervening plaque, blood, or bacteria.

Now for the good news. Six months to a year after LANAP, new alveolar bone begins to form around the roots of the teeth, locking them back in. Turns out that the cleaning and sterilization of that periodontal space stimulates osteoblastic activity and growth factors. Not just a possibility – it happens most of the time, verified by pre and post Xrays, which any LANAP doctor can show you.

Dentists unfamiliar with LANAP will tell you bone regeneration is not possible.

Which for them is true.

Then, after the new bone begins to return, there are additional procedures to further augment bone and gum restoration. The first of these is L-PRF – the Leucocyte and Platelet Rich Fibrin method.

It’s a periodontic version of PRP therapy – discussed in our May Newsletter. But LPRF is much faster and more effective.

The short version is that 50 ml of the patient’s blood is centrifuged down and then injected and sewn into the gums. This stimulates growth factor, which accelerates osteoblastic reconstruction in the area – new bone to anchor the exposed roots of the teeth. Works almost every time. You can read about it in these articles.

L-PRF has been around for a long time but very few dentists offer it.

There’s also the Pinhole Technique for gum restoration, whereby little rolls of collagen are inserted into the gums to reinforce them. Again, very effective, but difficult to find a dentist.

Finally, there’s a another effective procedure called Emdogain, used by a few conscientious oral surgeons. This application has been proven to stimulate all the periodontal tissues, including gingiva, cementum and alveolar bone. Emdogain has actually been around for over 20 years and used on more than 2 million patients! Why has nobody heard of it?

Here’s some more of the science:

Why are these excellent procedures so unknown? Why don’t most dentists offer them? Answer : big houses and sports cars. Much easier and more lucrative to just pull teeth, place an implant and a cap, charge $10k and move on. Even though many implants will fail because there wasn’t enough alveolar bone in the first place, or else the patient won’t change the lifestyle that created the ongoing disease processes.

But these lesser-known procedures take many months, and require a lot of follow up. Most dentists won’t go to all that trouble.

Like chiropractic, like any profession, the vital element is philosophy. Any old school dentist will tell you they were taught to do everything possible to try and keep a patient’s teeth in his head. There are many direct and indirect advantages to maintaining the original integrity of the human oral cavity. That’s another discussion altogether.

These days it’s mostly about money – so easy to pull teeth and sell people on implants and bridges, adopting the medical paradigm that the body is just a car. Things wear out and you replace them and they’ll be good as new.

This lie is easy to understand, and even easier to sell people. They want to believe it because it takes the responsibility away from them — they don’t have to take care of their teeth. If they wear out, the dentist will just pop in some more – that’s the sheep mindset.

It’s quite dark if you think about it – the new system of dental care in America today. The dentists know that often what they’re doing isn’t necessarily in the best longterm interests of the patient. But most just focus on the end-of-day balance sheets in the office . And that’s why the above procedures are so unknown.

Perhaps all this will be helpful in choosing a dentist. Don’t go for the one with the nicest office or the cutest staff. You want the dentist who takes all the advanced courses, and is up to date on the above protocols. Once you find that, get a feel for how much time is spent presenting options. Are you being rushed to go for something you don’t understand or something that seems short term? Ask your self – am I being hustled here?

It’s clear that much of the time, the recommended procedures prioritize profits for the dentist rather than what is best for the patient. Don’t believe me – find out for yourself. Get several opinions before you make your next dental decision.


Another patient story. News to me, but tell me I’m wrong if this is not really taking place.

My patient’s brother was recently diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer, metastasized everywhere. Rushing to get in as much chemotherapy as possible before this open account expires, the Kaiser oncologists explained that there was no chance of its success. Astounding, with that type of sales pitch that the brother, like most folks, went for it anyway.

After that, now the patient is in intractable pain, untouched by any opioids known to man. Then they came up with one desperate final trick to withdraw funds from this poor bastard’s account — assisted suicide.

But here’s the peculiar way they sold it: Mr Jones, we’ve done everything possible, and like we told you, there’s nothing that can save you now. You’re going to be constant severe pain until you die. But for only $15,000 we can make it all go away in a few minutes. No, sorry your insurance won’t cover it. You have to pay the $15,000 yourself up front. Yes, we’ll take a check. So just let us know when you want that to happen. Have a nice day.

The story gets better.

After the mark, I mean the patient, writes the check for them, they tell him they can’t do it intravenously. The only way is for them to give him enough sedatives and pain drugs to kill a horse, and in tablet form that he has to take with drinking water. Which he agrees to, and then complies by expiring, without further inconveniencing them.

Now this is the first I have heard of all this so I haven’t researched it all yet. Here are a few questions I’ll be looking to answer:

    1. Who was the check made out to – Kaiser or the doctor?

    2. Why couldn’t they do it intravenously? Would have been much simpler and more certain.

    3. Did this final procedure appear in his medical records? As what?

    4. Any reason to keep it a secret? Liability, etc?

    5. How common is this last ditch banking heist option? Is it standard at Kaiser and other hospitals now?

    6. If so, why has there been nothing in general media about it?

One thing my patient found out was that even though the doctors said chemotherapy had a zero chance of abating the cancer in the least, they weren’t allowed to kill the guy until he he’d had the full course of chemo first. That’s lest anyone forget that oncology – like all medicine – is first and last a for-profit enterprise. And the Golden Rule is that no recommended procedure can ever interfere with another procedure being billed for first.

With a little research you will find that pentobarbital is the customary injection used in the six states that allow some form of assisted suicide.

Hospitals vary widely of course in the individual application of the law, ethically and professionally. This accounts for the possibility everything my patient told me might well be true, especially since it took place in California – one of the six states where the procedure is perfectly legal.

But as with the vaccine controversy, mandatory chemotherapy, the de facto disregard of exemption laws in California, or any case where medical ethics may be involved, all decisions must always always defer in favor of maximum charges billed to the patient.

Any other consideration – such as respect for a patient’s person, the cumulative effect of simultaneous drugs and tests, the total physical risk vs benefit of the procedure in question — all these come in dead last.

Just like with that other serious disease condition we call childbirth, the Medical Religion requires that their high priest have absolute power over a human’s entry into the world, and his departure from it. The hapless participant only receives passage in or out by their leave — permission to live, permission to die.

Of course all this V for Vendetta statism is perfectly acceptable to the common flock in the fascinating, modern world we live in.



Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children

The previous edition has sold out and will never be re-printed. Thanks to everyone who read it!

Vaccination Is Not Immunization, The War On Children – is a complete re-write. If you have read any of the previous editions, this isn’t it.

The book covers so much that has happened since the last edition, vital intel that is being kept out of everyday media:

    the global agenda to force vaccines and remove exemptions
    the breakthrough film Vaxxed
    why California is the most dangerous state for infants
    world statistics on infant survival
    the end of the science debate, with the new policy of Legislate Don’t Educate
    the persecution of MDs who sign exemptions
    what the future holds for US children
    peer reviewed literature proving the autism connection
    how many children really die from vaccines
    much more

Certainly the new parent’s most reliable introduction to the subject.

Some excerpts:

    “Who could have predicted that the next war would be the War on Children? With vaccine injuries increasing over 3000% in the past 20 years, and again for the next 20, and with CDC’s steadfast refusal to study the autism epidemic, it’s terrifying that the worst of it all is likely decades away. The gradual degradation of the human genome, a proven consequence of vaccines, will be evident in the lives of today’s children, but much more so in the lives of their children. And on and on.

    “The radical cultural shift occurring today is not primarily about vaccines, but about ownership. Who owns the land, the soil, the atmosphere, the water, the DNA of plants, and of animals, the DNA of humans, and now finally, who owns the people and their children. Policymakers along the Potomac have made it clear that the State knows better than parents how children should be raised, how they should think, and what manmade chemicals should be mandated into their bloodstreams. The trick is to get everyone to comply.

    “The vaccine issue is just the first skirmish. If the majority of people will support the State’s takeover of personal vaccine choices that parents should be making for their children, where will they draw the line?

    “The execution of this new agenda is a Machiavellian triumph. Slogans, clichés, and soundbytes now replace thoughtful reflection about life and death issues. Wiki and google are the new technocracy for fashioning reality itself in a mind no longer capable of independent judgment.

    “Virtual life replaces real life.

    “The rest is easy. With an electorate of this calibre, any assigned opinion can be installed onto the public hard drive. [258]

    “Human health does not come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance company. A healthy baby needs no outside assistance, no tampering with the blood. The mysteries of health lie within the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of law.

    “Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred commodity. We will arrive at a position of profound gratitude when we finally come to appreciate the identity, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.”

Shouldn’t the most important decision in your child’s life should be an informed decision?

To order new book: 915.307.1055 or 408.753.9830 –