1. Events: July 17-18 Focus OKC; July 17 Oklahoma City, Evening Vaccine Lecture; Sept 18-19 ChiroFest – Seattle; 3 Oct – Edinburgh; 10 Oct – Windsor UK
2. New Patient Dilemma
3. SB277 Signed and Sealed – California Auschwitz?
4. Colombian Interlude
5. Tesla -The Invisible Paradigm Shift
6. New 4th Edition for 2015: Vaccination Is Not Immunization



July 17-18 Focus, Oklahoma City

July 17 Oklahoma City — Evening Vaccine Lecture: FORCED VACCINATIONS IN OKLAHOMA?

Sept 18-19 ChiroFest – Seattle

October 3 Edinburgh, Scotland
The Fading Art of Osseous Chiropractic Adjusting

October 10 Windsor UK
The Fading Art of Osseous Chiropractic Adjusting

FOCUS OKC – You really have no choice. Just show up, if you have any ideas at all about chiropractic being in your future. This is the one you can’t miss, the one that is undistracted, unambiguous, anchored into the past and future. Doubts about chiropractic abundance? Not at this event! Click above for the whole story.


Dr Tim O’Shea Friday night, 17 July Oklahoma City
Cox Center – 1 Myriad Gardens –
Focus OKC – center stage . . . 7-10 pm

Don’t let what just happened in California happen to Oklahoma! Keep your Medical freedom. And Religious freedom. Parents must have the right to make all medical choices for their children, not the state.

This threat is real. Nothing like it ever before in the US.
Be ready. Be informed.

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Met a guy in San Antonio last week who’s been having almost constant sciatic pain for the past 6 months. He noticed it after an intense workout.

He finally went to an orthopedist who MRI’d his low back and came up with the genius diagnosis of “inflammation around the discs.” Sent him to acupuncture and shake and bake which had no effect. Same with Vicodin.

Out of desperation, he went to a chiropractoid who did a two minute exam, no X-rays, and told him he needed these vitamins right here…. Fix you right up. Didn’t know the word subluxation.

Just so happens one of the best DCs from SoCal has just retired to San Antonio, good friend of mine. Called him up, scheduled an X-ray, this real doc examined the patient and found obvious foraminal encroachment of L4 and L5 that a blind podiatrist could see from across the room.

Think you know how this is gonna end. Right. Two adjustments and he was completely out of pain.

So what’s the point of the story? That it only took 6 months to find someone who knew the word subluxation. In today’s clueless world, that’s not bad at all. Six months?

With the skill set and training of most of today’s DCs, looking for any reason not to adjust, what chance did this poor guy really have? Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me where these skills are taught and where patients can find a traditional chiropractor who respects the legacy of the past century. Oh you know a guy? Alert the media.

These traditional principles of our Lost Art are the subject matter of the two workshops Dr Tim Young and I are giving in Scotland and in England in this Fall. More info here. Two kinds of doctors see value in such an event.

First, the recent graduates who were told that subluxation suddenly no longer exists because the schools forgot what it was since 2010 when they all signed an agreement defining subluxation as the common purpose of the profession. All that’s over now in Europe.

They suddenly changed their mind somehow, just this May. It’s no longer OK to have the original insight and knowledge about the value of chiropractic that has enabled the profession to survive for the past century.

So the new students are very confused. They know they should be learning to do something, but they don’t know what. They knew they should have learned some unique professional skill in school, but somehow the teachers never got around to it. So now here they are in practice, out there practicing… what? No idea.

Second are the experienced DCs who by some twist of fate have discovered the power of the adjustment, and realize their place in the health professions, exactly what service chiropractors are supposed to be offering people. And they can adjust, some of them very well.

But the concept of mastery has occurred to them and they want to refine their adjusting skills, willing to go anywhere just to learn one more move or to make one little correction in a move they already know, or perhaps to have a new technique demonstrated.

The idea of hands-on in a technique seminar is an alien concept today. I have a friend who teaches technique in a California school who was fired for adjusting a student in class! Posology. Is that all you get for $200K these days?

Exactly how did you expect to pay that debt off?

For comments from attendees click here.



It finally happened. As predicted in the last 2 newsletters, Brown fetched the stick like a good dog and signed the unprecedented SB277 into law only 2 days after the Senate placed it on his desk.

Really agonized over it.

Which means that after January 1, for the first time in any jurisdiction since Nazi Germany, vaccinations will be de facto compulsory in California, with no way out.

Libertarians, not to mention anybody who has ever even glanced at the US Constitution, or for that matter, has an IQ above room temperature, were shocked and stunned to realize that what they have been watching unfold for the last 3 years has actually come to pass. In America.

Forced vaccinations in the land that is always shouting about freedom and democracy to the rest of the world. Yeah, look at us now.

Yes, yes, medical exemptions technically still exist. But as we described in the last newsletter, they’ll be harder to get than a black Visa card.

After all that theatrical posturing in Sacramento by all those white-costumed, stethoscope-toting MDs parading themselves in that first AB2109 hearing, promising that they would happily sign exemptions for anyone, watch now the calculated hypocrisy as they suddenly can’t be bothered.

The motivating determinant will be the insurance companies threatening to drop them from the group if they see any more of those weird exemptions coming across their desk. That’s already taking place right now, without the law even in effect yet.

But the noose will tighten quickly, now that all the opposition has been neutralized. Then watch the next step: specific blood values as requirements for medical exemptions from vaccines. Junk science substantiating jackboot democracy.

By controlling informed consent in this way, the California legislature has effectively eliminated informed consent. That’s right. The doctrine of Nuremberg has just been sidestepped, finessed, trampled into the mud.

In that historic trial, the Nazi lawyers argued that all the unspeakable medical “experiments” in the death camps had been ‘for the greater good.’ Remember? But the judges said, Hold on there, Josef. If you want to conduct medical experiments on a population you need informed consent. Otherwise, it’s just … genocide.

Of course that could never happen here, in the land of freedom. Or could it? With no possible exemptions, what will happen to the number of deaths from vaccines? Up or down? Where’s it at now?

According to the NIH’s own VAERS data, there have been 33,000 deaths from vaccines in recent years.

The kicker: the CDC admits that this is less than 10% of actual, because less than 10% of vaccine injuries are reported. Which means that the real number is in excess of 330,000 deaths from vaccines since 1991.

What if it’s only 1% reported? Which is completely possible, since they don’t track it. That means that there could have been as many as 3 million deaths from vaccines in the last two decades! Entirely possible.

Is there any imaginable consequence of SB277 worse than forcing 69 experimental neurotoxic potentially fatal injectables on 100% our children?

Actually there is. What it sets the stage for.

The First Commandment of politics is – figure out what is the lowest common denominator of intelligence on any issue, and then champion that opinion, no matter how ignorant, unscientific, repressive, or dangerous it might be.

For the first time, we’ve just demonstrated how that low-sparked conventional wisdom can be first created and then reinforced by media that is completely swayed by its advertising constituents.

Once the prescribed perception has been installed on public’s hard drive, we can now legislate those popular notions upon the rest of the population, imposing their will by law upon everybody, heedless of any personal freedoms or constitutional guarantees that are being crushed beneath the wheels.

The agenda of AB2109/SB277, the way it was orchestrated, has been a masterpiece of false science, systematic deception, and annihilation of historic freedoms on which this country was founded.

For the science part of that statement, here’s all the proof you’ll need – Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

This documented scientific info is verboten in all mainstream media.

Here are 2 specific violations of the Bill of Rights just committed by the California government:

First Amendment:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

The philosophical exemption from vaccines, which has existed for decades in many states, takes the place of the religious exemption, which exists in most of the others. This was so that people who were not affiliated with any specific religion would be afforded their right of exemption.

Much trickery and deceit were required by our legislature in order to finally secure passage of SB277. One of the most blatant was Brown’s promise over a year ago to add a religious exemption, since the philosophical exemption was being eviscerated by AB2109. That was a lie. Now California has neither.

Third Amendment:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons… shall not be violated…

This is an unequivocal statement from the most evolved political document in history. It is the primary reason that SB277 cannot stand, as so eloquently explained by both George Fatheree and Richard Moxley in the hearings.

As we do not honor our legacy and the sublime intent of this most sacred document, so will it be chipped away little by little by the lowborn opportunists that are the bane of every government body, until the life and spirit are bled out of it, and we find ourselves living only by permission of a new world order.

The endless pursuit of the lowest common denominator of mob intelligence, which by design is inexorably declining. As all those TV channels daily bear witness.

The hearings that preceded passage of SB277 were obviously just for show – bread and circuses for the paeans – the pageantry of democracy. Not only were the legislators mentally and academically incapable of understanding the life or death issues about vaccines, that were briefly alluded to by a few of the expert witnesses – not only that. They simply weren’t interested.

Same story in every committee: opposition testimony was irrelevant – their minds were made up before the hearings ever started. They didn’t even listen. Quid pro quo, party line – that’s how they voted. No need to learn anything.

Even personal prejudices weren’t important. That would presume there was some kind of dialog taking place- some exchange of new information. None of that at all.

The brilliance of attorneys Robert Moxley and George Fatheree’s expert testimony was as pearls before swine. Throughout the process, the committee members consistently displayed an unwavering –

– bovine ignorance
– lack of education
– indifference to the subject matter
– blatant unfamiliarity with the bill itself
– unwillingness to do any background research whatsoever in this vital area of child vaccines
– unwillingness to listen to any of the likely consequences that passage of this bill would certainly effect.

Couldn’t really say who were dumber – the women or the men.

The colossal irresponsibility of these legislators, who have ignored the warnings of their betters, has brought the ill-conceived SB277 into reality. Here are a few of the consequences, spelled out by the opposition experts, that will likely come to pass:

– people withdrawing their children from schools in order to homeschool

– decline in federal and state funding to schools as their numbers drop

– immuno-suppressed vaccine-allergic kids being forced to vaccinate

– taxpayers being denied education for their children

– the likelihood that the new law will be overturned by a higher court, after millions in additional fees and expenditures

In the June Newsletter we saw a list of What You Can Do about SB277. Repetitive to include that here.

Please refer now to those options.

Forced vaccines – chem trails – spineless lower primates in governemnt – engineered drought – wide open border – this state is so over.



Looking for a new home – the whole world’s not like California. Just came back from visiting friends in Medellin. What a place!

A bustling city, on the way up, working their way through their problems instead of pretending like someone else caused them, like we do.

Situated at about 6000 feet, nestled in a magnificent little mountain nest, this town of 3 million is nonstop. It’s a walking city, though with great transportation, clean air, drinkable tap water, and a bubbling economy. Growth everywhere. Tons of nightlife 5 nights a week in both the tourist and the local areas. The tourist area is extremely safe, and the local areas are pretty safe – safer than most cities in California.

Narcotrafficantes, you say? Relocated to other parts of the country. Also they’re diversifying, turning to more legitimate businesses, or at least not quite so overtly criminal. Just like us. So that situation is long gone in this new South American boomtown.

Not that that there aren’t beaucoup stories and secrets you hear fragments of from back in the days of Escobar, to Arkansas with Bill and Hillary, then to Miami and LA – all that old network everybody knows about. And Johnny Depp’s cocaine towers in Panama… That Dark Alliance stuff is Medellin’s past – no longer a consideration for everyday living. Now somebody else’s problem.

Lot of expats there – some rich, some OK, some on the run. Beautiful townhouses, penthouses, and villas available. And more being built – all over. Very reasonable. Nice hotel rooms are $50 a night. For $75K you can get a custom penthouse. For $300K – a mansion in one of the newest resort developments. Selling like hotcakes.

No culture to speak of – no decent music, definitely no art – forget the museums. Salsa clubs abound, and a lot of bars will play classic rock, for the old dogs. That’s as close to culture as is apparent, on first view. So I guess you could say their culture and art might be more in living life than in creating traditional works of art.

The average wage is about $400 per month, supervisors perhaps $500. Which makes for a lot of enterprise, ingenuity, and … secrets. The amazing thing is, most seem content, in the Latin sense of the word – happy.

The obsession with mall stuff defining your existence has not completely caught on yet.

The common food is generally terrible – almost as bad as England. Everything in town is processed, fried, or loaded with sugar. There are a few good restaurants but they’re hard to find. If you want to cook at home however, then you can really soar, because what is available in the high end grocery stores is very good indeed.

There is a lot of European DNA in Medellin stock – a whole gauntlet of looks – many striking indeed, like nowhere on earth.

Someone told me a bit of the history of the refugees from the Spanish Inquisition fleeing to Cartagena and Barranquilla back in the 1600s. And then the Portuguese came in about the same time and were all set to have a big war for South America. Until Pope Something or Other stepped in and said OK I’m the frigging Pope and you Spanish get Colombia and all you Portuguese cruise on down to Rio and get busy on Carnivale and Rio 2, or something like that. So apparently the pope created Colombia and Brazil – I don’t know but I been told.

Easy living, if you have any kind of income or nest egg at all. Everything is very inexpensive. Great gyms everywhere, so no excuse not to stay in shape. In the tourist area – Parque Poblado – it’s like a miniature Las Ramblas in Barcelona, or Bricktown in OKC, or walking streets in Amsterdam. It’s hopping – 5 nights a week till 2 am or later. So you meet everybody sooner or later. Mostly sooner.

People actually greet you on the street, without litigious intent! I know, right? A real shocker for Californians. Who are (mercifully) quite rare.

It’s actually good that most Americans are frightened to death to go there, their only impression of Medellin being from Entourage, or that film with Benicio. Better not to infect these sane, polite people with our ignorance and rudeness.

What was most amazing is that Colombians seem generally to respect the US for some reason, like they drank the CNN KoolAid, unlike the more educated Europeans and Asians who are not that easily fooled. It’s a bit offputting to have to go along with it sometimes. Don’t want to wreck the party and disabuse them of their Pixar illusions.

The weather is a lot like San Diego most of the year. Doesn’t get too hot. Moderate rains. Some very nice malls there, almost like California. With ice cream that makes Coldstone taste like wallpaper paste – utterly unavailable in the US. All and all it’s a very pleasant town, either to visit or to live.

Chiropractors – I’m almost afraid to say. There’s nobody there. Like 2 guys in a city of 3 million. Totally unregulated. In a startlingly pro-business environment, even for foreigners. And the best news is that the market for alternative is very strong – a growing disenchantment with medicine’s shaky rap. Totally open to alternative suggestions. Imagine one that actually works!

So you keep getting the feeling you’re seeing something on the ground floor. Soon there will be a direct flight from Atlanta. Unless you want to stop for a day and go swimming in the iridescent turquoise waters of the Cancun strip.

Medellin – certainly a city for the future.



Like most subjects pop media glosses over, the Tesla automobile remains a mystery to most. Likely there’s some agenda there, since the car affronts two behemoth global industries: automotive and oil.

Best thing to do then is try and cover it up like it never existed, excluding it from conversation as much as possible, dedicating a few column inches every so often to some negative idea or other, with media’s usual pretension to omniscience. Usually written by experts who have never seen one.

Since Tesla doesn’t advertise, most people outside the Bay Area have still never heard of it. Unless they read that fake story about one catching on fire.

Though the car is not perfect, owners alone know something that is deliberately kept from the common perception: not only is this car the pinnacle of automotive technology historically, but it may be the most advanced achievement of human engineering and design in any item that an everyday individual can purchase and possess in this world. Overstatement? Name something better.

The Tesla is so much more than a transportation vehicle. It’s a quantum evolution in daily living. With that opening stipulation, there are a few minor negatives. Let’s get them out of the way.

1. The deceptive range misrepresentation. The standard 85 kwh Model S has an advertised range of about 268 miles on a full charge. That wouldn’t even be accurate on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The first thing any new owner learns is to expect 75 – 80% of the charge reading on the dashboard. Ignore that at your peril – you’ll be calling in for the service truck. Or at the very least making some unexpected new acquaintances on Plugshare.com

2. The front trunk is an insult. Not just because it’s too small for a spare tire. But mainly because it is so difficult to close. Most women give up after the first try and never open it again. Men are more likely to consider it a challenge to their physical prowess, and go through the learning process. To close it requires a very stylized, unnatural two-handed full-body snap/thrust in which timing is everything. Something like learning to adjust human vertebrae, with finesse.

It’s almost like – after the supremely masterful engineering seen consistently throughout the rest of the car, the designers ran out of inspiration when they got to the trunk. It is so far inferior to my old ‘72 Malibu hood it’s not even funny.

Such an oversight is a mystery all its own. So out of place on this masterpiece supercar. Never met an owner who used it. They call it the Frunk – supposed to be cutesy but not nearly enough to cover up how regally pathetic this junky feature is.

3. The driver’s seat is mounted 1.5 inches right of center, with respect to the steering wheel. Sit in it – any Model S. Tell me I’m wrong. Which means you’re always driving with your spine rotated slightly to the left. Have never seen this on any other car in the world. Didn’t the designers know any chiropractors? All the man-years of engineering that went into designing the whole dash and console and driver’s area…. I don’t get it.

4. No spare or jack. Not kidding. First car since the Model T Ford. Bad enough that they left it out, but if you mention it to anyone at the factory or dealership, they come out with this stupid patronizing limp corporate rap about how a spare is a nonessential frill, or you can buy this little compressor at Costco, etc… Or that if you call them they’ll send the service truck out….

Yeah right, you’re on I-15, like 100 miles from Vegas at 2 in the morning on a Sunday night .. yeah, OK. In my entire life I have never owned a car that didn’t have at least one flat at some point. And I had the spare on in 20 minutes and was on my way. Some of us work for a living. No spare? – please!

5. The rear view mirror is too small, and also has no day/night switch. And its frame is extremely reflective chrome which is going to blind you on a sunny day, or the first time someone comes up behind you at night. It is true however, that the problem will be solved when you do aftermarket window tinting, which for this car is a necessity.

Again, for an engineering upgrade, all they had to do was look at the rearview mirror of a ‘72 Malibu.

6. The AC for the Model S is simply inadequate. In the temperate Bay Area, the car can cool off after 10 minutes or so on full blast, on the coldest setting. If it’s not too hot outside. But even that doesn’t cool the back seat very well from the tiny single vent in the center console. And if you spent the extra 2 grand for the child’s seat in the way back, there are no vents at all for them.

So if you live in Florida or Arizona, this is probably not the car for you unless you like driving around in a sauna. Again, for an upgrade the designers should have looked to the ’72 Malibu. It could freeze you out in 2 minutes. No excuses here.

7. Tinting. With all the glass in this car, it’s practically mandatory to have everything tinted. Especially if you elect the sunroof option. Which is recommended, since it opens so wide that it makes the car a virtual convertible. Tinting can significantly compensate for the weak AC on a sunny day. Plus it affords absolute privacy for the kids in the optional rear seat.

Aesthetically, tinting improves the sidewalk appeal of the car significantly, particularly indispensible for the white model.

8. Custom sound. When you’re choosing from the dozens of options, you’re offered custom sound for an extra $1200. Many Sirius XM clients add it because it’s necessary for that service.

Two reasons not to get the upgraded sound system:

– it’s no better than the excellent standard system

– Slasher radio comes free forever with the car, and it’s better than SiriusXM.

You speak the name of any music you can think of into the steering wheel microphone (“Play Antonio Vivaldi”) – whatever, and up comes a whole station of that music.

9. The Tesla website. Dreadful design, confusing, random, clumsy, non-intuitive, important stuff buried or missing altogether. Not even exaggerating. Looks like it was third runner up in a junior high school website contest in West Virginia.

Utterly baffling, considering that Tesla headquarters is in Silicon Valley, which is crawling with brilliant designers, any one of whom could significantly upgrade the whole site for about $500.

10. Some of the service staff may be condescending and try to dismiss you if you come in with a legitimate issue that is covered by Tesla’s matchless warranty. If it’s so matchless, it seems like the service managers should have read it and be more than happy to honor it, dontcha think? Especially since you just wrote them a check, perhaps for 100 grand.

The good news here is they will back down and honor the agreement if you insist. Don’t be timid. In this day of instant social media, they can’t afford the bad rap.

This concludes the bitching and whining section. Now for the critical data:

You’re no longer driving around in just a car. Instead, from this day forth you are being transported every day in a cocoon that lives in the future. Floating soundlessly, free forever from the enslaving hand of ISIS & Co., and all those other motherfrackers, every day is Christmas, and getting stuck in traffic is no longer a matter of consequence. You find yourself arriving at your destination wishing it were a little further. Not kidding. Tesla owners really say things like this.

No more oil changes, smog checks, tranny fluid, tune-ups, timing belts, valve jobs, “electrical problems,” starter motors, alternators, radiators, engine work, transmission work, or stopping at gas stations!

That takes a while to get used to—not looking at gas stations any more. They’re just irrelevant, from here on out.

Power. The standard Model S is fast, blowing away everything but modified racers who have more than 500 hp. Below that, the high end Mercedes and Beemers can’t match the immediacy of all that direct power right now, coming from a simple electric motor spinning all the way up just by throwing a switch with your foot, without the delay of fuel combustion and gear transmission.

You think about being in a little opening in traffic, and in that flash, you’re there. Silently. Which actually is something you must learn to account for. Nobody can hear you coming. Takes a little practice. Can be disconcerting – for others.

Power regeneration. When you approach a stoplight and take your foot off the ‘gas,’ the car slows down all by itself. You can feel the drag – it’s a brilliant, intentional design, which recharges the battery. This is why Teslas get better mileage in city traffic than they do on the freeway. Every time you coast to a stop, or even slow down, you’re putting charge back into the batteries.

After awhile you get good at it and soon you’re not using your brakes at all, because the car will slowly stop itself if you gauge it right. Which means the brakes will last forever!

The ride. Everyone comes around to the same metaphor – floating on a cloud. Without sacrificing the handling and maneuverability you usually have to give up in order to get that type of glide. Ask anyone.

Now, the standard ride is great. It’s almost inconceivable that it could be better. But this is where the air suspension option should be evaluated. The salesmen are not smart enough to tell you this, but don’t buy this car unless you’ve tested both the standard and air suspension models. You can’t decide from the retarded website. You’ve got to feel it. It’s night and day. The upgrade is absolutely worth the money.

Room and comfort. It’s a big car. If you open the hatchback and fold down the back seats, you can fit in a 4×8 sheet of plywood. If you’re an idiot, that is, and want to scuff up all that leather. But the point is, you could. Don’t get the full center console. You don’t need it, and you’ll have all that extra room between the 2 front seats. If you decide later you’ve gotta have it, it can be added, for $600.

Safety. Though it’s not important to everyone, Tesla is the safest car ever made. Take the live tour of the Fremont factory and learn all about why. Sorry, Volvo. No comparison – not even close.

The solid aluminum alloy chassis is one big piece. Check it out at the showroom. The frame is just as solid. Broke the crushing machines in testing when they piled 4 other Teslas on top of it. The car weighs about 2 tons.

Don’t worry about putting kids in the rear-facing back jumpseat. Even if rear-ended by a truck, it would be almost impossible to accordion the vehicle.

BTW, when was the last time you went to any showroom and saw the raw chassis sitting there?

Security. This is complicated. Starts out with the giant 17” center console computer screen. The global video navigation which fills up the whole screen makes it pretty difficult to ever get lost, within this solar system anyway. Then typing in a destination, it’s stored of course, with a memory of the trips you’ve taken.

No one can steal a Tesla, since the company can pinpoint the car at all times. That is, if a thief could even get into the car in the first place. Which he can’t, even if it’s not locked. Why not? Retractable door handles which go flush with the door as soon as you walk 10’ away from the car, with the key in your pocket. No way to open the door.

Then when you approach within 10’, out pop the handles.

The key. You learn to keep it in your pocket all the time. If you do that, you never have to

– unlock the door to get in
– turn the car on
– turn the headlights on or off
– turn the car off when you arrive
– lock the car when you get out

All these actions that you’ve had to do all your life are now unnecessary. There’s a freedom to it, an evolved life. Have to experience it to appreciate it.

The ease of the buying encounter. This is another breakthrough area, an unprecedented showroom experience.

First thing is, the sales staff does not hound you like rabid crack dealers when you get within 100 yards of their tractor beam, the way most desperate dealerships operate. Here you walk in and they have the cars sitting there, and the chassis, and you can just look at everything at your leisure.

Then they have these Mac stations all around the showroom, where you can sit down and create your fantasy sales order. No hurry, no stress. You can even use a fake name if you want. And spend all day going over the options. And all the while no salesmen are pushing you to fill out forms, do a retinal scan, whatever, like on most car lots.

There are many, many options to choose from. Interior choices, wheels, tires, exterior color, tech package (a must), seat color and materials, audio system, on and on. You create an account and then you can come back in any time and make changes. Even if you have no intention of ever buying the car. They don’t care. They’re just trying to get the word out.

They have coloring books and a kids’ room. These dudes came to play.

For some buyers it’s a year before they actually take the plunge. At first it was all a fantasy. But then after visiting the account month after month and seeing all the options improve, and seeing more and more Teslas on the road, the buyer finally starts to take it seriously.

Afterwards, they all say the same thing: my only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner.

This is an absolutely unprecedented sales technique in the entire history of the auto industry. Imagine – buyers pursuing the salesmen in the showroom instead of vice versa.

The other thing is the tech upgrades. Every few weeks Tesla wafts each car a free software upgrade, downloaded at night.

The tech package cars already have the sensors all around the exterior that beep whenever you get too close to any other car, whether in a parking lot, or on the freeway at 70 mph. A newer feature is the feet-free setting, where you can switch on Autopilot and hop into the fast lane. The car will automatically slow down, even stop, then go back up to freeway speeds, keeping a set distance from the car in front – all without ever touching the accelerator or brake! Right now!

What’s coming soon is the true autopilot option, which is going to be hands free as well, just like the driverless Googlemobiles we see. You’ll soon be able to type in an address anywhere, and off the car will go, on its own. The current Model S cars need no additional hardware to do that. The software is complete now – just waiting on the regulatory quid pro quos and palm greasing to sort it out. It’s gonna happen!

I haven’t gone into half the technical possibilities of the onboard computer, mostly because I haven’t studied them. Suffice it to say that this car does a lot more than we’ve explored here.

My 7 year old little girl made a valid observation: Tesla doesn’t advertise. She’s right. Ever see an ad? There aren’t any. Why would they waste money on that – they can barely keep up with orders now. It takes 3 months to get a car, after you’ve made a deposit. Unless you want the SUV. And then they’re booked solid for a year.

What a difference when we see all other American cars desperately scrambling for customers, offering low down, no down, 5 grand rebates, etc. Imagine – they have to spend 5 grand to trick a customer into buying their cars! Not to mention the millions in advertising.

What’s wrong with this picture? Are we talking about two entirely different species of transportation here – from different dimensions? Two entirely different universal value systems…?

At the present time, anyone who buys a high-end BMW, Mercedes, or etc. is a functional idiot, in this writer’s lowly opinion, when a Tesla is available to them for the same money, or less. But the real game changer is coming in 2017, with the Model 3. That’s when the little car is coming out – about the size of a 300 series BMW. For about $35K, with a 200 mile range. This will effect a total transformation of the global automotive industry, in a flash.

Then watch GM and Toyota scramble to catch up with Tesla’s 4 year head start in technology. As if they didn’t know all this was coming.

Why is all this kept so secret? Think about it.


6. New for 2015:
fourth edition of
Vaccination Is Not Immunization

This is not a reprint of the third edition, which was recently sold out, but rather a complete re-write.

Here are some of the topics covered in the new edition:

– the fundamentals of the new measles marketing explosion
– why the 2014 Ebola hype came and went so quickly
– what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
– the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
– evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
– reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
– motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
– the science behind individual vaccines

– much more

210 pages, almost 300 references. Every fact verified, every statistic sourced. Open challenge for debate.

Vaccination Is Not Immunization – now in 6 languages

The most reliable vaccine resource for parents about to make the most important decision of the child’s life.

Excerpt from Vaccination Is Not Immunization, fourth edition:


This book was written for parents, especially those about to make the most important decision they will make in the life of their child: whether or not to vaccinate. Perhaps it would be prudent not to get all the information on that subject from those making a living selling vaccines. For some reason, vaccinators rarely seem concerned with educating parents about vaccines, except for slogans and clichés. In these pages you will find the bare minimum that parents need to know in order make a truly informed decision.

Nothing in the universe is more delicate than the infant’s brain and immune system, as they struggle into existence. Vaccines have the undisputed ability to damage both.

Here is a meticulously referenced summary of the best, most reliable sources which call into question today’s vaccine policies. As you will see, resistance to vaccine policy is coming not primarily from the holistic arena, but rather from mainstream science, medicine, and law. This book draws from that data.

It only takes a day or so to read these pages. But most who get the book never read it, except maybe for a few minutes of skimming. Don’t be in that group. If you’ve always suspected there may be issues with vaccines that your doctor and the evening newsreaders might not be telling you, we will clear that up.

This work can save you months of research, summarizing the key issues. The alternative may be blind submission to the unquestioning acquiescence of the flock, consigning your child to the disquieting level of health shared by the majority of children in this country today.

Here is the result of 15 years research in a field which might be called Problems with Vaccines. It is not like other books: all the fluff is gone. Speedreading it will certainly sell the reader short. Start at the front cover. Don’t stop till you get to the back cover. Then you will truly have an introduction to the effects of vaccines on the fragile and tenuous nature of the infant’s formative immune system.

In today’s dangerous and toxic world, with so many assaults on brain neurology, the newborn certainly needs every possible advantage. Millions of parents learned the score too late: their children are permanently vaccine-damaged. The $2 billion paid out in vaccine injury compensation does not even begin to square the account. The vast majority of injuries are never reported.

What is the common lament of those horrified parents? ‘I wish I’d known.’ That’s what they all say, once they find out, once it’s too late. I wish I’d known…

This is your chance to know.

“It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O’Shea’s work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.

“Many primary care providers and parents who assume that the vaccine program was built on sound principles will be shocked at the flimsy foundations of immunization science. What every parent and doctor must decide is whether the risks of vaccination are offset by the potential benefits. While the public is rarely exposed to the full extent of vaccine adverse reactions, O’Shea takes the reader through a thorough review of each “vaccine-preventable” disease and the risk/benefit of their vaccine counterpart.

“The book will serve as a valuable resource to parents and physicians who wish to gain further understanding of the numerous shots being promoted for the proclaimed benefit of public health. Parents need no longer feel confused about the decision to vaccinate their children. Knowledge is the freedom and power to decide with confidence what is best for their children.

“With explosions in chronic illnesses in virtually all subsets of our population, critical thinking is necessary to protect our loved ones and our future. Dr O’Shea has once again blessed us with an up-to-date resource that will allow parents to make an informed choice, and for medical professionals to take pause at what they had been indoctrinated to believe was valid science and good medicine.”

– David Ayoub, MD
Clinical Radiologist


This fourth edition brings us up to date on events of the past year.

The number of vaccines mandated to US children today follows the exponential rise in global population. In 1974 when world population was at 4 billion, US children were being scheduled for less than 20 vaccines. With world population now at 7 billion, the recommended childhood vaccines in the US have more than tripled, with the current figure at 69.

Objective investigation finds little scientific justification for this alarming increase. No valid authorities are claiming that the health of American children, by any verifiable index, is anything but appalling, and declining still further. And no matter how they spin it, no one can prove that the increasing number of vaccines has slowed that overall decline one iota.

Making one’s way through the research in this field, one is continually struck by the endless errors, inconsistency, outright misrepresentation and sheer hubris found throughout the most prestigious sources of mainstream science, particularly in the publications and FAQs of the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

In so many instances, it seems clear that their prime objective may not always be presenting the truth, but offering a validation for their own position and power – the eternal raison d’etre of the career bureaucrat.

No child is born with an intact immune system. During the first 2 years of life the immune system is trying desperately to organize. Despite extravagant claims by the medical community, how that immune system is actually assembled by the body is still largely unknown.

What is known for certain is that subjecting the infant’s immune environment to an array of manmade pathogens, preservatives, and adjuvants absolutely can have a detrimental effect on the formation of that child’s brain and nervous system. All scientists – including the vaccine manufacturers – admit as much.

If Nature itself has gone to such extraordinary lengths to protect the blood of the child from outside invasion, can we presume to do any less?

“Can you explain why a little creature, who can’t even understand what’s done to her, should beat her little aching heart with her tiny fist in the dark and the cold, and weep her meek, unresentful tears to God to protect her? Do you understand why this infamy is permitted? Without it, man could not have existed on earth, for he could not have known good and evil. Why should he know that diabolical good and evil when it costs so much? Why, the whole world of knowledge is not worth that child’s prayer to God! I say nothing of the sufferings of grown-up people – they have eaten the apple, damn them, and the devil take them all! But these little ones!”
– F. Dostoyevski

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy

“Only two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.”
– Albert Einstein

Table of Contents

Money and vaccines
Ebola 2014
The Germ Theory
Culture media
Vaccine Schedule
Decline of diseases before vaccinations
Pourcyrous Study
Peanut Allergy Epidemic
Shaken Baby
Hemophilus influenzae
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Formaldehyde and aluminum
The Kennedy Report
The death of a child
Human Papilloma Virus
Exemption Laws
Affidavit of Exemption
Travel vaccines
Animal vaccines
New vaccines




“The most provocative, well-researched, blood-boiling text EVER written on vaccines.. Dr Tim’s style mixing pure science and his relentless wit make this one of my FAVORITE reads of all time. read this book and you will want to start a revolution.” – Dr Bill DeMoss, Newport Beach

“This history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced.” – David Ayoub, MD

“The only book more important than this one is the Bible.”
– Dr Tim Young

Vaccination Is Not Immunization

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