1. Philosophy Embarrasses Us: Let’s Have the Science
2. AB2109: Auguring for Oblivion Express
3. When Antibiotics Can’t Be Avoided: Normal Digestion
4. Upcoming Lectures
5. Today’s Excerpt: Vaccination Is Not Immunization


1. Spare Us the Philosophy –
Just the Science Please

It’s as old as BJ. Chiropractic evolved as an art, a philosophy, and a science. Actually the philosophy came last. Knowing that the world would not necessarily be attracted by a new system of metaphysics, BJ first focused on the science – osteology, neurology, physiology, subluxation. Today his original ideas are recognized and validated by the best orthopedics and best neuroscience.

But that’s not the science people talk about, is it?

With the continuing trend of our non-practicing vocal minority trying to expunge philosophy from the chiropractic profession, one of their routine word tricks is the one about We’d Rather Focus On the Science – you’ve heard it… We’re embarrassed by all this woo-woo philosophy, and we want to be considered real doctors, so let’s just focus on the science.

With this cliche, they then proceed to excuse themselves from any discussion of philosophy and chiropractic. Ever.

But the deception is, they never talk about chiropractic science either, like they promised. If pushed, they’ll talk about medical science. It’s the cheesiest of Bait and Switch.

Here’s the typical scenario:

Oh, so you’re a new graduate and you’d rather focus on the science of chiropractic, because that’s more tangible and respectable than discussions about philosophy, right? OK, that’s fine. So let’s hear some, Dr New Graduate. Give us 5 minutes on The Science.

So they’ll launch off into this rhapsody about the importance of differential diagnosis of this, this, and this, or the difference between gram positive and gram negative bacteria, how do to a George’s Test, so we can make the proper referral, etc, and don’t stray beyond our area… Merck Manual board questions on medical science – signs and symptoms and lab tests for drug therapy. All the endless minutiae that they memorized for Diagnosis class.

But wait a minute. They just changed the subject! What does any of that have to do with chiropractic?

You were supposed to be talking about the science of chiropractic. Remember? You’re the one who said you wanted to focus on it. You don’t get to substitute a presentation of medical science in the place where you were supposed to be discussing the science of chiropractic.

So let’s hear some chiropractic science. How about a few minutes on the science of the subluxation complex? Because after all, you are a DC, right? And you’re a scientifically oriented DC, right? Fine. Just making sure. So tell us a little about the science behind chiropractic.

Ninety five % are gonna go Deer in the Headlights on you, right here. Chiropractic science? What’s that? I thought science came out of Guyton’s. And Merck. And Widman’s.

Time to call them on this cheap trick. Their Trick only works if we don’t call them on it.

Diagnosis is not a substitute, or a better version of chiropractic science. In fact it’s the opposite – diagnosis is the imagined, objective validation for the sale of pharmaceuticals and surgery. That’s the antithesis of chiropractic science.

Chiropractic science? You mean there is such a thing, the new graduate or unanchored DC may ask. Just because you never learned any of the science of chiropractic doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Real DCs already know.

For starters, chiropractic was conceived, invented, developed and clinically proven for a century as an art, a science, and a philosophy, no matter who pretends it wasn’t. All three are well grounded, well elaborated, well referenced after all these decades.

Chiropractic science begins with BJ’s discussion of the subluxation complex: vertebral misalignment with a possible neurological consequence. There’s a prodigious amount of standard science validating BJ’s original notion of subluxation, twice as strong as any Orthopedic theories about Lhermitte’s test or Minor’s sign or the reasons we all need Lipitor.

First of all, the millions of clinical evaluations BJ performed in his lifetime correlating positive X-ray findings with neurological deficits, corrected by treatment. But that just got the ball rolling. In a very short time, all branches of mainstream physical medicine recognized Palmer’s idea of subluxation exactly as he defined it.

This continues down to the present time where virtually any mainstream medical reference will define vertebral subluxation the same way BJ did. Just a few examples, cited in the new Chiropractic Seminar (live and online):

White and Punjabi

Web MD

Free MD

Merck Manual

World Health Organization

But then in addition there’s also a much more profound level of scientific validation from standard orthopedic and neurological texts that have thoroughly characterized Palmer’s idea of subluxation:

Just a few that are covered in the seminar:

Ruth Jackson, MD – The Cervical Syndrome

Sydney Sunderland, MD – subluxation of apophyseal joints

Rene Cailliett, MD

James Cyriax, MD

Frank Painter, DC

Let’s not forget that it took decades for the defined concept of subluxation to be legislated as the legal niche and area of expertise of the DC, in virtually every state. All that work – do we really want to throw it out?

If so inclined, we can take the scientific discussion to the next level of neurology and introduce the work of Bernadette Murphy and Heidi Haavik Taylor, Neil Sivula and Carl DeStefano. The adverse effect of vertebral subluxations on afferent neurology. Not a theory: locked down tight. Altered afferent input causes incorrect cortical architecture to be reinforced in false patterns via neuroplasticity, resulting then in deficient efferent commands constantly being sent out.

Even this is just for starters. How deeply does one want to carry the discussion? I’d say at least as far as it takes to demythologize the lame mantra: “there’s no scientific evidence that subluxation exists…” This is a classic Edward L Bernays rote phrase by which the unlettered hope to disguise their laziness, that roughly translates to: “I don’t read.” And because I’ve never found any mainstream science material that proves subluxation is real during the time I wasn’t reading, therefore none must exist.

This is the New Intellectualism. The prevalence of the Lowest Common Denominator Mongrel / facebook/foxnews mentality of the omniscient permanent media defective. The epistemology of the one-second media blast from Yahoo news or the newsreaders at CNN, conferring the illusion to all and sundry that they know everything worth knowing without any attempt to learn.

When one finally becomes aware of the actual science behind chiropractic, after immersing oneself at least to an introductory level, the true student will then be prepared to be receptive to some basic philosophical ideas which support the science he has just been shown. Not necessary to believe in the philosophical principles, like one believes in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. No, now they are logical and empirical, since they correspond to the science one has already grasped.

This is the subject of the new Chiropractic Seminar, live and online.

So think of this article the next time someone tries to run the I Just Want the Science game on you. Be ready to throw it back in their face. Or at least to agree to disagree, for all you California Tentative Humans.



In its newest metamorphosis as a necessary measure to ‘prevent communicable diseases,’ AB2109 seems unstoppable.

Starting out as a bit of excess legislation which would make a Personal Beliefs Exemption no longer personal, by mandating an MD’s co-signature, this subterranean slime mold has now metastasized into a clarion call for mandatory vaccines, essential to protect us all from plagues which are likely to emerge during the next Olympics.

With all this PR, seems like only an act of God could stop this bill now. Or a flamethrower, perhaps. AB2109 is way beyond its so-called sponsor’s capability to present. No, this bill has all the earmarks of the classic East Coast think tank full-blown PR op about it. Far beyond the design capabilities of the California high-functioning Democrat to invent, AB2109 typifies the well-crafted flawless media creation of the Edward L Bernays full service masterpiece.

Rule One from Bernays 1928 text Propaganda: never present something controversial as itself, but rather disguise it as something completely benign. If it’s a radical change being introduced, hammer home the idea of no big deal, hardly any change at all, routine, etc.

In this case we have a law whose true agenda is to put an end to vaccine exemptions. Moreover, it seeks to confirm the idea that medical freedom is too much responsibility for the average citizen to bear. That’s what the Bill will really effect, once it’s passed. But that’s not how it’s being presented, is it? No, we’re just making sure parents who opt out of vaccines are fully informed, folks. No big change at all, by golly. Nothing to worry about. No problem finding a signature, etc.

The most recent camouflage of the actual intent of the bill came during its presentation to the Senate Health Committee. In the summary that was to explain what the bill was about, there is no mention of the co-signature required for the exemption form! This is the main provision of AB2109. If the member read only this summary, they would have no idea what the bill actually is proposing.

Here’s what mastery in propaganda looks like:

“…the Senate Committee on Health has passed AB 2109…to provide parents with health information that they can use to help protect their families and communities from communicable disease outbreaks like the whooping cough outbreak currently threatening families in California.

“California has previously passed legislation calling for children to be immunized for certain diseases that pose an immediate threat to public health. California is also one of only 20 states that allow parents to sign a form that excludes their children from having to receive the immunizations. AB 2109 would simply ensure that parents receive accurate information about immunizations from a licensed health care practitioner before they decide if they will sign the form.

“AB 2109 ensures that the expertise of 150,000 licensed health care practitioners statewide is helping parents make this critical public health decision,”

“This relationship is critical to ensuring decisions about vaccinations are informed by the latest, most accurate information.”

Let’s list the direct lies in this statement:

1. Doesn’t even mention the main provision of the bill, which is the mandatory MD signature a parent must get for the Exemption Form.

2. The information has nothing to do with protecting children from communicable disease. It’s about selling vaccines by outlawing legal exemptions.

3. Vaccines are the most likely cause of the current whooping cough cases, and at the very least cannot prevent the disease.

4. Not just 20 states, but all states but 2 have exemptions to vaccines. AB2109 will not ensure that parents have accurate information about anything. Most doctors won’t even make the appointment, and those that do will not sign. Most MDs don’t have accurate information about vaccines, except for those few that don’t vaccinate. And they’re not allowed to talk about it.

5. The parents have already decided to sign the form. They would never come in for additional advice unless they were forced to. That’s what AB2109 really is.

6. The “expertise” of 150,000 is not helping anything. Questioning pediatricians on vaccines reveals they have little or no knowledge of the most basic information on vaccine dangers. The presence of mercury, lack of safety testing, effects of defective myelination, attenuated lab versions of original disease microbes, overwhelming proof of association with autism, just for starters. They have no clue.

Neither are the committee members even interested in this information. Which may be one reason why they voted it in 7-1.

But in California, legislators rarely vote on the merits of any issue, and aren’t interested in learning anything new. They vote the way they’re told, in the direction of the winds of political expediency. You vote for my bill, I’ll vote for yours. Or, what deep pocket lobbyists are urging me to vote this way, and what are they offering?

Leaving out the main provisions of the bill, it all looks perfectly sensible. Vaccines are necessary to save children from disease, right? All this law did was to make sure parents are informed about the value of vaccines. No big controversy here.

And that my friends is what an E.L. Bernays masterpiece looks like. Disguise an annihilation of traditional basic liberties as something good, something sensible, something that will protect children, anything but what it actually is. And above all don’t do any reading beyond the superficial treatment expertly written by the real constituents. Regard all opposition as misguided fanatics.

Since they are losing the debate on vaccine safety, with more and more parents opting out every year, this is their desperation tactic: to outlaw the discussion. Make the debate irrelevant – end exemptions. That’s the hidden agenda here.

The frightful part is that people refuse to look at it.

Preparing for Worst Case Scenario:

Let’s say it’s 6 months from now and AB2109 is law. Hardly a stretch. And the new parents have looked at the literature and decided not to vaccinate, no matter what. So they actually get an appointment with one of the few MDs who will even entertain the possibility of vaccine choice. And the parent goes into the office and the doctor launches into his canned spiel about the importance of vaccines, etc.

A couple of ground rules here, for the parent:

1. Have the form in your hand, which you’ve already signed. This will dispel any illusion that you’re still in the decision phase.

2. Never go into any office unless you know for certain that if you insist, they’ll sign.

3. Under no circumstances, never ever bring the child to the appointment.

4. Do not sit there and be patronized by someone who knows one tenth of what you know about vaccines. As soon as the doctor starts his condescending rap, you stand up, hold out the form and say the following words: “I’m sorry doc. I didn’t come in here for your opinion. I came in for your signature. And I paid for it. So if you’ll just sign here, we’ll be on our way.”

Take control. Remember, the only thing that really matters here is that your infant’s immune system is allowed to develop naturally and unmodified, without the toxic assault of experimental vaccines.



In the Post Antibiotic Age we learned that antibiotics are for one thing and one thing only, life threatening or persistent infections. Period. Alexander Fleming said no ‘just in case’ prophylactic antibiotics. Remember?

OK, reread that if you need to. Now in a recent encounter with a life threatening infection, I had no choice. Not just a benign little dose of penicillin would work in this case, but one of the big guns – the kind with multiple system destruction at the same time it’s saving your life. Heart, kidneys, neurological, cognitive, collagen structures, etc. – all under attack. Even the possibility of neoplasm. Real big gun antibiotic.

That’s the classic trade-off in medicine: kill the infection without killing the patient first.

Everybody knows that one reason for hesitating in any recommended course of antibiotics is digestion and intestinal motility. Not rocket science here: the antibiotics will kill a large proportion of the body’s microbial ecology, good and bad. This will certainly include the normal gut flora, essential for complete digestion, as well as immune strength. And that die off will block you up, for weeks, even after the antibiotic.

Most powerful drugs also severely inhibit appetite. The wisdom of the body: it instinctively knows that the drug is directly attacking the whole digestive process, top to bottom. So it hesitates to introduce more food into an unworkable system like that. Some lower brain logic prompts the body’s instincts here.

There was a guy. University of Nebraska, 80s and 90s: Khem Shahani, PhD. Published in JAMA many times. Lifetime area of expertise: human probiotics. Realizing most commercial flora supplements contained less than 5% of advertised counts, learned why.

All this is in the chapters on Probiotics and the Colon. But Shahani finally came out with his own formulation, after years of failure. Put together a flora supplement that would actually make it into the colon, that could persist in a prebiotic suspended state for up to 2 years, could proliferate rapidly and then populate the entire colon. But one crowning achievement is that he persisted until the formula was also antibiotic resistant. Which meant that if people absolutely had to take antibiotics, at least they could maintain intestinal motility if they took abundant amounts of Shahani’s formula every day.

In my case with the super antibiotic drug, abundant amounts of Flora turned out to be 18 capsules per day. Seems like a lot of caps, but no patient ever complains of reaction to high end Probiotics, even in megadosing like this. Seems logical really – all we’re doing is populating the dead colon with normal probiotics – all beneficial, no detrimental systemic effects.

It’s the best kept secret for the patient forced to take antibiotics. Rule one of course is try to avoid antibiotics. But in the case of life threatening or persistent infection, when there really is no alternative, at least the patient may now be confident that one of the worst side effects – intestinal blockage – can be avoided altogether.

Thank you Dr Shahani! Our regards to Buddha.


4. Upcoming Lectures

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5. Excerpt from the new textbook –

Vaccination Is Not Immunization:

“The human species is subject to the same laws of natural selection as all other life on earth. Those with the weakest immune systems drop out.

“The immuno-suppressive effect of the immense viral load being forced onto the young through vaccines over long periods of time will certainly cause their line to have the least chance of replication of a viable progeny. It will dilute their DNA forever.

“In the US during ?the past 50 years, where the vaccine load has been increased by more than 2500%, look at what is already clearly observable in the health and intelligence of our children: fatter, sicker, dumber. Play that pattern forward another 50 years, 100, 200. Nature will always take its course.”

??The definitive book on vaccines today.
Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 2nd Edition 2012