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1. TESTIMONIALS REORGANIZED at thedoctorwithin

2. CABO REPORT – January 2022








This month we noticed that the Feedback and Testimonials section of thedoctorwithin website had succumbed to years of entropy – hundreds of random stories of recovery and insight all jumbled up in no particular order.

No more. We have now arranged them into six categories:







Most of you realize that thedoctorwithin focuses on natural healing, detoxification, immunology, chiropractic, and the holistic model. Through the years, thousands have written in, telling their success stories. And horror stories. Here are a few hundred of the best ones.

The wise individual learns from his own mistakes; the wiser one learns from the mistakes of others.

The most common question we get is – will chiropractic work for my particular case? Or … will detox resolve my particular case, etc. Or .. what can I do for my cancer ? Or my autistic child? etc..

The Feedback and Testimonials section is where you can begin a little of your own research and find out that you’re not alone. Public confidence in mainstream medicine has never been lower than it is today. Other people have been down the same road you are on, no matter how treacherous, and here’s what they discovered.

Please avail yourself of this very useful resource: Feedback and Testimonials

It might save you a lot of time. Or your life.


2. CABO REPORT — Day 1-2

Landed Cabo San Jose Wednesday noon. Got car at airport. Drove down to Cabo San Jose – took me 2 hours to find the hotel zone – my GPS didn’t work. Asked 10 different people for directions – nine were wrong. Checked into a little hotel across from the main beach. Some shops and restaurants there – not many tourists. Pretty quiet overall – traffic no problem at all.

The beach there is magnificent – much better than Cabo San Lucas beach. Perfect weather – partly cloudy, high 70s, breezy.

Cabo San Jose beach is much wider and the waves are much more striking and consistent that the sandy backwash at San Lucas. No comparison really.

About a mile from the hotels you’ll find the town center plaza – kinda run down in an authentic sort of way. Typical Mexican tourist-trap junk for sale there, with some excellent jewelry shops here and there. No real art at all. Pocos turistas there in the town center as well.

Traffic is no problem at all so I started driving around the city itself looking at real estate. Like I said before, this place is turning into OC, except newer and not quite as shopworn. Huge money from all over the world is pouring in here. Villas $2-4 million. Condos $200K and up.

These gated villa complexes, hotels and haciendas everywhere in and around San Jose are creating a new environment that is happening nowhere else that I know of. It’s a migration – a new expat demographic. Which seems to be shoring up the Mexican economy to make up for the tourist decline.

To read this newsletter you’ll need some basic understanding of COVID science. A good start:

Videos . . . . . Newsletters

Feels like an air of escape here – but not really. Mexicans in Cabo San Jose are only a little smarter than Americans, with the new brainwashing. The big hotels and nicer restaurants are mostly very annoying about the mask superstition.

[For doubters, refer Section 5 below. Or to Facemask Update

Also Dr Andrew Kaufman]

Smaller hotels and restaurants usually don’t care. But here’s no pattern to it. Often you can ignore them when they tell you to mask up – but not always. There are some Goebbels types out there.

What is most disconcerting is when you see a poor Mexican sitting on the curb with his mask on. Worse yet with his masked 3 year old. This mass hypnosis is profound. It’s got power behind it and isn’t going away any time soon.

The Cabo approach to masks reinforces the whole idea that masks are primarily a religious totem. They’re not expected to offer protection from anything. This is proven when you discover that if you just wear your mask around your chin you can get into anywhere and no one will bother you. Anywhere in Mexico. A social emblem that you are a member of their superstition, their cult. A religious totem. That’s all the sheep anywhere want.

Just like in California.

Best thing about Cabo San Jose is the beach. Best thing about the beach is the horses. They’re everywhere – all for the tourists. More horses than tourists these days. Optimum. I found a big ranch right at the end of the strip called Bonanza and made friends with all the staff and dogs and horses. These horses are very well kept.

I rode out to the beach with a guide, whose English was pretty good. Absolutely stunning environment — there’s a huge fresh water lake which comes right down to the ocean, separated only by a sandy isthmus about 100 yards wide.

All kinds of wildlife, both freshwater and salt water all around you – on both sides. We went out there with two horses and a Great Dane named Pepper. The guide was glad I’m as crazy as himself – guess it gets boring walking those whales along at a snail’s pace day in and day out. Don’t go to Cabo without riding the horses.

Royal Solaris is a big upscale hotel right in the middle of the Hotel corridor in San Jose.. Looks grand and the beach is the best. But the food is mostly dogfood, there’s almost no internet, no business center, no control of the room AC, and many of the staff are hostile. Would not recommend. Except to Mr Fauci perhaps.

Decided it was time to move to Cabo San Lucas.

Day 3.

Walked the Cabo San Jose beach one more time in the morning before leaving. There’s nothing really like that beach anywhere. It’s very wide. And clean. The water is so warm, the waves are perfect and there’s hardly anyone there. Except the horses, the herons, and the manta rays.

Sayonara then and it’s back on Highway 1, headed west to Cabo San Lucas.

Remember back in the 90s when it was only a two lane road with hardly any traffic? And the whole way it was just desert on the right and that transcendent cobalt blue ocean on the left?. Well that’s over. No more ocean. It’s all gigantic hotel complexes and businesses all along the coast. I can’t remember even seeing the ocean at all, the whole drive. Not much traffic.

After checking in at my friend’s condo near Costco, I drove down to the original beach near the Melia, Pueblo Bonito, etc. I walked that entire beach, up as far as the Riu Hotel. What a difference – such a downgrade from days gone by. So commercialized and incorporated. What happened to The Office? Now it’s called something else – all roped up and buttoned down. All those beach restaurants there, with no customers and horrible music, desperately trolling for business. Same with both Pueblos and the other hotels – this is high season and there’s hardly anybody here.

Notable now is the return of the cruise ships. Gone for a year and a half since the coup d’etat, there are a couple of big ships coming in every day. They told me it’s been less than 25% occupancy, but at least they’re trying to come back. Mandatory vaccination – since when did ship owners have medical degrees? I heard some of the other rules they have aboard. Social distancing, contact tracing, carcinogenic hand cleaners , etc.

Everybody’s a doctor, right?


So bizarre to the see the everyday brainwashing in action. You see all these very fashionably dressed large people coming into the marina from the cruise ship, all wearing facemasks. Then they walk all around the shops and restaurants in the beautiful marina area in Cabo – superb sunny breezy weather – all wearing facemasks all day. Very careful not to have any contact with the locals. A virtual vacation. After their two hour antiseptic, hermetically sealed non-contact with a new culture, they get back aboard the little boats that carry them back to the luxurious big ship – the USS Germaphobe – I believe it’s called – where they all have to walk around the decks all day, always wearing facemasks. Even when they are outdoors!

Then it’s off to their next HazMat experience.

Sound like fun? Would you pay big money for a vacation like that? Prison planet indeed.

Are we all living in some bad science fiction movie? Night of the walking zombies, or something? Have we all drunk some special Koolaid that kills the common sense brain cells?

Overall, Cabo has not been meeting my expectations as far as bucking the cultural transformation. It’s not quite as bad as California or New York or Canada. But like most places it just seems there so much of a psychological weight pressing down on everything, preventing things from ever returning to normal – handicapping people from living their own lives, and rebuilding their devastated tourist economy. It’s like folks don’t think they deserve to be free or to have their own life or to make their own choices. They need to be sheep and have someone dole out their life for them.

In Cabo San Lucas particularly, Mexicans are now just as brainwashed as Californians. [See next section about the movie star in Hollywood] OCD insistence on masks in Cabo’s stores and most restaurants. Construction workers building the new condos outdoors – masked. Even if you’re pumping gas at a gas station, they won’t sell to you without a mask! And most of them are wearing masks outdoors even in the ordinary rundown neighborhoods. Total mass hypnosis. And this is how they treat tourists. No wonder there aren’t many!

This is the high season now in January and tourism is less than 25% of normal. If they think that’s going to improve as long as they represent an atmosphere of general contamination for the whole resort, they’ve got another thing coming. I walked the whole downtown San Lucas tourist streets today at noon and they were virtually empty.

Walked into the Giggling Marlin at 1 pm. 100% empty. I left the second some idiot tried to put a heat sensor to my face. These people are creating their own depression. They choose devastation.

Only place where there was moderate foot traffic was the marina area. But then those were mostly ship rats – more like whales – from off the two cruise ships anchored off the harbor. At 25% capacity.

There are pharmacies on every block selling the usual antibiotics and steroids, OTC. But now their new godsend windfall, for all the clueless Americans, is Ivermectin. It’s selling like Teslas. $5 per tablet, all day long.

Imagine – a drug for a disease that resolves in a week with no treatment.

I had a long talk with the pharmacist who told me there was no such thing as COVID – never was. That it was created by the drug companies to sell vaccines and drugs. And that all the people who are supposedly “sick” just have the flu. Only this year it’s a worse flu than ever before because of general immune suppression due to lockdown and experimental COVID vax.

And that’s from a pharmacist! Guess not everybody drank the koolaid.

Would I recommend Cabo for vacation at this time? Not really. Not that other resorts are much better right now. It’s just that vacation has a new definition since the coup d’etat.

Isn’t the reason people go on vacation to escape their everyday lives and go to a relaxing, stressfree environment for a few days at the beach, sipping drinks with those tiny umbrellas …. ?

So why would you pay all that money now to fly somewhere where every five minutes some grunting rent-a-cop or illiterate drone is yelling at you to comply with their idiotic ideas of germaphobia? A place they themselves are constantly representing as a biohazard? Does that sound like fun?

Apparently not, and that’s why the tourist industry is not coming back yet..

There are places less stressful, but they’re smaller, without the glitz of the first class resort. Which also means they’re probably going to be a little run down, without all the amenities you’d expect. Like La Paz, or Todos Santos, or Isla de Mujeres, or Cozumel, or San Miguel de Allende, for example.

Try them first.

To be continued…..



Yesterday I got a call from a good friend, a Hollywood movie star, who had a shocking story of a radical new policy just initiated in her health club. It involved their new regulation regarding masks She was very distressed and didn’t know what she was going to do about it.

She has had a membership at this gym for many years and was appalled they would insult their loyal clientele by trying something like this. So she asked if I would write a doctor’s note for her.

Here’s the note below. To protect her privacy, we’ll just call her “D” .

    “To: Equinox Gym West Hollywood

    Attn: Legal Department

    Re: Facemask for D

    5 Jan 22

D is a longtime client of your gym. Recently someone there seems to have decided to demand facemasking during workout.

This is to inform you that D will not be complying with this capricious new rule, for three reasons:

1. You are putting your clients in harm’s way by your injudicious new rule. People go to the gym primarily for aerobic exercise. By definition, that involves the increase in respiration brought about by the workout. As proven in any medical text in the world, exercise benefits are only attained by increased heart rate, increased oxygen intake, and increased expiration of CO2. This allows perfusion of O2 across the alveoli, into the bloodstream and then to every organ and tissue of the body. Everybody knows this. That’s why they pay for a membership. Facemasks during workouts are preposterous and dangerous because they do the opposite. Facemasks put a strain on the heart without allowing sufficient O2 for the increased workload. Is anyone there really pretending it can be otherwise? Please provide documentation. Let us see what effect publishing that will have on your membership.

2.For any of your clients over 60, O2 blockage can be particularly hazardous. Cardiac muscle, lung parenchyma, and arterial integrity are not nearly as vital as they once were. Advising these people to continue their traditional workouts but now with the added handicap of a mask, can have detrimental, even life threatening results. It violates every principle of physiology, cardiovascular mechanics, and common sense.

3. Your gym does not have the authority to suddenly impose such radical, unscientific, dangerous, and visually disrespectful and humiliating measures as mandatory facemasks during workout.

D will continue to come to the gym at any time for her workouts, according to the original agreement. She will not wear any facemasks, uniforms, or special marks, emblems, or religious totems upon her person as might be arbitrarily imposed by your staff at their whim, or by anyone else who would presume to trespass into the medical realm.

People come to your gym because they are interested in maintaining and improving their health. Anything that interferes with that contract violates the essence of the relationship.

The matter is now concluded. D does not want to hear any more about these issues ever again, verbally or in writing. Let us not tempt fate with what the next level might bring.

Dr Tim O’Shea


cc: JS, Esq ”



Hello Dr. O’Shea,

First, I want to say thank you for your work and your website. It was 7 years ago I came across your chapter, “Ascorbic Acid is not Vitamin C”, then read your entire website, and soon thereafter turned my health around when the supposed “experts” didn’t know what they were doing. It has been one of the most defining and influential things in my life, and for that, I am grateful.

I would like to hear your thoughts about dental cavitations. I read about this subject from The Weston A Price Foundation website. It describes how tooth extractions, if not done properly, or if not healed properly, can lead to chronic necrosis of the bone, leeching toxins produced by anaerobic bacteria into the body for years thereafter.

The general principle I took away from reading your website is that the body can heal from almost any condition so long as it’s given a conducive environment for doing so. After reading “The Root Canal Cover-Up,” I decided to have a tooth, which previously had a root canal, pulled by a dentist.

I’m asking myself what I should do if the scan indicates I have a dental cavitation: go ahead with cavitation surgery or see if it can heal on its own? … in the months since I’ve had it pulled, the neurological problems seem to get a bit better every month that passes. Given encroaching vaccine mandates across the world, I’m hoping to get this figured out before I might no longer have an option.

Thank you in advance.


Dr T reply:

Dear Connor,

So much controversy and mythology going both ways about root canal vs. implants. So confusing. I’ve had both and I understand the pros and cons of each.

There’s a major trend in the past few years toward pulling teeth and doing implants for the flimsiest reasons, as the default first choice. You have to always remember the prime directive here: Implants are much faster and easier and at least twice as expensive as root canal and crowns. So first consider who’s saying what, and the economics of their argument. You always have to keep this in mind when reading or hearing anything about implants.

Or dentistry in general.

Each case must be evaluated individually – taking into account the age of the patient, their overall health and toxicity levels, recent vaccines, the existing bone density and structure, the integrity of their dental ecology, lifestyle, etc. The point is, anyone who says root canals are always superior to implants is wrong. And vice versa– people who say implants are always superior to root canals– they’re wrong too, and usually chasing the market.

As far as the Price foundation is concerned, one of their members once told me that Weston A Price has about as much to do with the Foundation as Jesus Christ has to do with the Catholic Church. If you want to know what Price really said, read his work, like Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

Cavitations certainly can be a danger. They can be the result of a low grade infection slowly eating away at bone tissue over a long period. This can result in permanent bone loss, causing an implant to fail, or making any tooth unstable and eventually requiring extraction. This is why both implant surgery and root canals must be done with the greatest care – to make sure the socket is not sealed up before every trace of infection is dealt with.

Cavitations may be the result of years of neglect, going without cleaning, eventually resulting in periodontal disease. See the chapter on LANAP: Newer Agendas in American Dentistry

There are excellent doctors who do a 3 phase process for root canal, using gutta percha, ozone, laser, etc, thoroughly cleaning out the pocket first and letting the root canal heal before they seal it up and put the crown on. As long as the roots are firmly entrenched into the jaw, that can often be much stronger than ripping the tooth out and screwing in a dental implant.

Think holistically – always work with the body first. What will involve the least amount of trauma, what will result in the strongest bond with the longest likelihood of permanence.

Rule #1 is always – what decision will offer the best chance of keeping the patient’s original teeth in his head as long as possible.

Few dentists think like this these days. Many are focused only on the final invoice, perhaps one of the most unscrupulous professions of anybody, except perhaps MDs and vets. So this is what you can expect when you just go out there and look for a random dentist on google. The used car salesman, the 60 second evaluation and high-pressure persuasion to do whatever.

Certainly there are excellent dentists out there, but as in any profession, they are few and far between. Many dentists today are not thinking of your benefit – they’re thinking first of their own convenience and bottom line.

To approach this situation any other way is naive and unrealistic. Always get a second opinion.

Dr T



Remember all the during the lockdown year we were told every day that the vaccine would save us all and end the “pandemic.” Remember? And then masks would no longer be necessary, etc. And that’s how we were sold the whole idea of masking, that it was temporary until the vaccine came out…

And next came the tests, which supposedly told if you were “infected” or not.. Even though a positive test meant that you had .01% chance of getting the least bit sick …

But then they forgot that and soon it was broadcast every day that any positive test meant that you “had” COVID. And eventually the numbers grew and grew until supposedly 200 million Americans “had” COVID even though very few were actually sick.

Remember all that?

There was no evidence for any of this of course – no valid provable science. But the media used these imaginary numbers to fan the fires of hysteria day after day, month after month. And Adolf’s words rang true once again “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

200 million Americans have COVID and we need a vaccine to save us.”


But here’s where the real lie came in. What about Natural immunity? Herd immunity. The historical, scientific axiom that the only immunity to a disease comes from actually getting the disease. Once you get the disease you’re immune thereafter. For life.

Just like all the people who used to get the measles as children were thereby immune the rest of their lives. Or the survivors of the bubonic plague. Or smallpox. Or with any infectious disease in history. An immutable law of mammalian evolution. Disease equals immunity.

So then it should have been good news that 200 million Americans ‘had’ COVID, right?

Because by all legitimate traditional immunology, that means they now all had natural immunity from the new disease. Problem over, right?

But instead, they were telling us that the 200 million people who “had” COVID – referred to as COVID “cases” – that all these people could no longer acquire immunity from the disease! First time in human history.

Now we’re changing millennia of science and saying that this COVID was different from every other disease there ever was.

And suddenly the new dogma was there was no longer any such thing as Natural Immunity from disease. Oh no, that was now suddenly wrong, after all these centuries. No, now the only thing that could confer immunity from this new viral plague was the new vaccine. Experimental, totally unproven.

And next the PR department actually co-opted the classical term Herd Immunity and proclaimed that it could only come from a vaccine!

And all the sheep bought it.

So suddenly with a wave of their magic wand, pop media, fueled by the vax companies and self-serving bureaucrats threw 20 centuries of natural medicine and empirical science right out the window. An unapproved, experimental vaccine had suddenly replaced all of Natural Immunity.

Inconsistencies and the end of common sense. Here’s the first one:

Finally the new COVID vaccine came out in early 2021. Untested, unapproved, no safety trials – the most dangerous immunological experiment in man’s history. Based on a unsequenced, never-isolated “virus.” [See The COVID Pageant ]

But incessant misstatements all day long, in every form of human communication played on endless loops – The vaccine is safe, the vaccine is necessary, the vaccine will end the pandemic, the vaccine will confer immunity to COVID, it should be mandatory, etc… All lies, endlessly repeated.

And the sheep bought it.


And what happened next? 60 or 70 percent of the country got voluntarily vaccinated. Many of whom died or got very sick. And then what happened to the mask mandate, which should have ended? It increased! What about the promise the vaccine would end COVID? Everybody forgot.

Next, Media came up with silly doubletalk about carriers, and protection, etc that made no sense at all and ignored their broken promises of the past year. And masks were more mandatory now than ever, in most states. No science, no logic, no common sense. No shame.

And the sheep bought it.

Despite the proven fact that even if there were a global viral menace – which there was not – a coronavirus could go through facemask pores easier than you could paddle a kayak under a bridge 12x wider than the Golden Gate. [ Newsletter Jan 2021 ]

But it was too much work to look that up. And anyone who did was censored from all media.

So here we are two years later and what does everybody believe today? That there is still a novel virus from the harmless coronavirus family, that has been on earth or two years and that it initially spread to the whole planet in a month.

And even though it was never isolated or sequenced from even one human, and even though Coronavirus diseases are just like the flu 99.99% of the time, resolving in a week with no treatment, this new one is uniquely lethal and will never disappear until we invent a vaccine…

And the sheep bought it.

For the first time in human history we have a pandemic virus that remains supposedly the same and does not mutate or adapt. Across the entire world. For two years!

Immunologically impossible.

Even though every single other viral disease that ever occurred mutates itself into harmless inactivity in a few months. Like every single flu season for the past 200 years.

There’s no proof whatsoever that everyone who “has” COVID is infected with the same morphologically identical virus. We don’t know what the new virus is. Which means there isn’t one. So the tests can’t possibly diagnose anything.. Which even CDC has always admitted – “non-diagnostic.”

Here’s the double edged sword. They can’t have it both ways:

If COVID were a novel virus, and the COVID vaccine was made to specifically protect against that virus, and now COVID is gone and has mutated into two “variants” – why would anyone now want to get last year’s COVID vaccine?

Vaccines are very specific and only “provide immunity” for one very specific pathogen. That is an immutable axiom of the vaccine religion since the time Edward Jenner. [ Vaccination Is Not Immunization]

Now common sense would say even if there were an original COVID virus, they’re admitting that it finally mutated. Like every other virus that has gone through the human population since Adam and Eve.

But this one was different – at the last minute just when it was becoming harmless, suddenly two variants hopped off, immediately spread across the whole world in two weeks, and were supposedly just as lethal as the original virus… ?

Which was not lethal at all.

Nor ever proven to exist.

No, no says Mr Fauci – Don’t confuse us with facts. We are trying to “save lives” and protect the people. And they must all be vaccinated with endless boosters and get cards that prove it. And soon get injected nanodata under their skin that can be read anywhere by electronic sensors before going into any Starbucks in the world ..

That’s what Carrie Madej explains is going on in W. Africa right now with Bill Gate’s mass experiment on the defenseless population….[ Madej and GAVI ]

But the sheep aren’t allowed to hear any of that. No, no. That’s all been censored.


Here’s another Inconsistency: If this is such a dangerous airborne virus, requiring all this government intervention to “protect” people, then why are so many states free of it? Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, South Dakota, Kansas, Idaho, to name just a few where nobody wears masks..

So if you are a true believer in the whole pageant, that means you must admit that this virus recognizes state borders and stops dead at the state line in all these states! Just not yours, right? Does that make any sense?

Just another obvious fact that is forbidden from all corporate media. You’ll never see a list anywhere. You actually have to go to these states and see what it’s like where there are no masks and people are getting on with their actual lives.

This news is very bad for the vaccine/testing/COVID business.



What started out as a clever scheme created by the drug companies to sell endless vaccines and drugs, was seized by opportunistic bureaucrats everywhere, who saw the chance of a lifetime. They saw how they might grasp power by selling the one commodity every government dreams of being able to market: fear.

Their new pitch: We have identified a new enemy who can kill you, but we will protect you if you believe us and obey us. For as long as the enemy persists.

And that’s why things can’t return to normal, and why imaginary new ‘variants’ will continue to be conjured up. Once the monkeys get a taste of power, they’ll do anything at all to hold on to that power. Whatever it takes – no crime, no deception too large.

Same story since Alexander, and before – with every single ruler, time out of mind.

What are people afraid of? What tricks, what monsters can rulers invent to keep people in control by making them believe they need protection?

    Fear of gods’ displeasure

    Fear of other races with different gods

    Fear of conquering hordes

    Fear of disease

And historically, who are the protectors? First it was priests. Later it was generals. And now it’s doctors.

They have all followed the same pattern: Exaggerate the threat – the more lethal the better – then promise protection. On one condition: obey us. Do whatever we say. Believe anything we tell you and we will save your life. If you don’t obey us, the enemy we have invented might kill you.

Works every time on the masses, down through the millennia. Only the educated see the ruse, the puppet strings behind the curtain. But the masses are not educated. Too much work. They’ll settle for CNN. And NBC. And the NFL. And CDC. And YouTube. And Insta.

Every strongman in history would have given his eye teeth for something as powerful as Google. Or the iPhone. Or the internet. Why? No more swords. No more invading armies. No more war materiel. No more countries to conquer.

All that is unnecessary now. These clowns just conquered the whole world in one month without firing a shot. And they never even left home. The whole thing was done online! Selling a disease that has never been proven to exist.

Today everybody has a cell phone. Or at least a computer. As of 2020, these are no longer the instruments of freedom, of scientific research, of personal communication. They are first and foremost the instruments of control.

With the pervasive censorship that now allows only one political view, one view of science, one view of personal health – why would there ever be a need for war again? No more wars. Now that the majority can be controlled simply by whatever narrative is chosen to be disseminated online. Whoever composes that message has won a victory more complete than any war in history.

When that dowdy matron from Silicon Valley announced on 16 March 2020 that everyone had to stay at home indefinitely because of some unproven “virus,” the controllers who wrote her script were unsure if it would work. They didn’t know whether people would actually obey something as far fetched, unprecedented, and totalitarian as a statewide lockdown.

So they were astounded by the sheeplike compliance where California gave up completely in less than a week without a whimper. And the rest of the country followed suit in another week. And in a month the whole world was locked down.

From that point on, human civilization has undergone a quantum transformation. Nothing in history ever came close to the scale of this overnight de-evolution.

How could our life ever return to its previous version when the majority have just told the creators of the new narrative that they will believe anything that is broadcast online, any invention that represents the voice of government. Without question, without objection, without doing any research on their own. That’s the majority – the unwashed, the unschooled.

Armed with that new mandate from the uninformed majority, the rabid bureaucrats just ran with it. With the help of their hired purveyors of junk science, hastily drawn from the existing workforce of pharmaceutical industry mouthpieces, the new puppet masters soon found willing allies in both government and in corporate media. All with their eyes on the prize: promote a nonexistent virus as the cause of a nonexistent disease. Maximize fear and uncertainty.

To sell an endless array of drugs, vaccines, and compliance.

Whatever it takes to maintain this Brave New World.