This is the most disheartening Newsletter ever to appear in this Archive. But there’s just no way to spin it. We’ve turned a corner there’s no coming back from – we’re on a whole new trajectory now, descending 100% into a web of lies.

There was no recent election – no popular voice. The denial of the courts to examine the thousands of affidavits that document hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes – the preclusion of that essential part of any American election has obviously invalidated the entire process. It was an utter usurpation of the one defining element of the American republic: the rule of law.

Without the rule of law, there is no America.

There was no election of 2020. There was only a coup d’etat. A takeover from within. The only way America could have ever been conquered.

Nine states had more votes than voters.  GA, where Trump lost by 10,000 votes had 10,300 ballots from dead people. With names and addresses.

All the evidence of fraud was permanently swept under the carpet by Inauguration day, with no opposition from Congress. We have now entered the darkest period in our nation’s history.  Without exaggeration.

All this has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. Many Democrats across the country were equally appalled by the coup d’etat. In a very real sense, there are no Democrats or Republicans any more.  Both sides have proven these to be meaningless labels.  Mostly now it’s just individuals waiting around to see which way the wind blows.  No principles, no convictions, no spine.

All we have left in this country are two factions: those who respect the original principles of the American republic – the constitutional rule of law – and those who do not.

Especially regarding the First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

The radical left has openly declared its defiance of traditional American freedoms. It has disrespected the founding documents, the founding Fathers, and 250 years of constitutional law. The state and federal courts have clearly demonstrated their complicity with this new Marxist trend.

Sometimes you hear people calling the new radical bureaucrats Nazis. That’s an insult to Nazis. Hitler made the trains run on time. Psychopath murderer though he was, Hitler built the most advanced industrial machine in the history of Europe. He had one goal – to make his country strong.

Marxists aren’t like that. They want to make a country weaker. Their entire agenda – entitlement, deceit, open borders, dismantling government, promoting anarchy – is geared toward making a country weaker. Which is why Marxism has never succeeded in any country, in all of history. And why it will fail here.

Watch now as America becomes gradually weaker and weaker.

All the threats and promises during the campaign may be advanced now. We can’t pretend to be surprised. They have announced their intentions very clearly

Just a few of their promises

    Wide open borders, indiscriminately welcoming criminals and anyone else from the entire world to come to America, contribute nothing and expect a lifetime of entitlement
    Elevation of the Cancel Culture to new heights, expanding censorship that permits only one point of view
    No effort spared to further alienate left from right – silencing and penalizing the conservative voice – anything that respects traditional American values
    All the progress of the past 4 years to normalize international trade restored hundreds of billions to the US – expect its dismantling, especially with China
    Extension of lockdowns – continued destruction of private business
    Promotion of lethal, experimental vaccines
    Endless mandatory facemasks, promoting respiratory illness
    Continuation of fake schooling under lockdown; academic decline
    Daily propagandizing of children


What about the business of government? Providing for the concerns of the people – ending the lockdown, restoring the economy, back to work, back to school, and returning to normal. Not on the Pretender’s daily planner.

Imagine all the time and money wasted by Washington in the past 4 years on fake impeachments, Russiagate, personal attacks, etc., that came up with nothing. While the true business of government was neglected as much as possible.

But now there won’t be any illusions – forget the business of government – all efforts can be exerted to create a one-party totalitarian system, silencing opposition, eviscerating the Bill of Rights and personal freedom. Promoting lockdown, suffocating masks, and vaccine sales, all under the guise of fighting a fake disease that doesn’t exist.

For several years, 93% is the figure generally agreed upon as the percentage of all media that has been forced to express one single point of view. Those halcyon days are over.

Have you noticed since Nov 3 that figure is now closer to 99%? Where’s the opposition?


Even before the lockdown, during the last several years corporate media had successfully polarized the population to an extreme not seen in this country since the Civil War.

Employing the classic Marxist schemes of Identity Politics and Cancel Culture – both are powerful tools of mind control and social engineering.

Even a few years ago you could disagree with your friend on politics, but still go out and have a beer with him. Not today. No more agreeing to disagree. Now it’s – we have different views – so I hate you and I’m going to kill you.

Not much of an exaggeration.

How many of us have family and friends we’ve known for years that suddenly now we’ll never talk to again? That type of alienation – that’s mastery.

A year of lockdown has alienated people even more, physically keeping them apart, preventing communication, by enforcing the most extreme Germophobia in history, in total violation of the Right to Assemble. No more meeting people in

      sports events

      beauty salons, barber shops
      family reunions


      Broadway plays
      Vegas shows
      movie theatres


    Just a partial list. Today practically all social intercourse is restricted to online interaction – virtual life. That can be controlled and filtered by the most sophisticated algorithms of censorship, the likes of which were never dreamed of in any Nazi ghetto, N. Korean village, or Russian gulag.


    Get ready for an unnatural attack on our everyday language. This is fundamental in any Cancel Culture. The radical program of Orwellian Newspeak, already well underway, will attempt to force a drastic incursion into all areas of free speech, effectively annihilating the First Amendment. Just look around – it’s already here.

    No longer are the anarchists who burn buildings and destroy monuments going to be called domestic terrorists. No, no – now a new definition will be mandated for that term – anyone who wants to look at the science behind the new vaccine, or question the never-ending lockdown that is annihilating the economy, health, and culture of our nation, they’re the newly designated domestic terrorists..

    In a dorklike Orwellian switch -they’re going to try and apply that epithet to anyone who questions the new State Religion of COVID’s version of the germ theory. Or offers any opposing opinions whatsoever.

    Thought control and social conditioning rely on language – a mandatory new language with definitions newly contrived by think tank propagandists at Google, Apple, YouTube, FB, etc. The technology of Goebbels, Mao, and Bernays.

    Increased efforts are principally directed at children. Academic retardation is a documented phenomenon across the board in the past year because of school shutdown.

    But now, with the renewed focus on language manipulation, government will invade sacred ground – the moral and social privacy of child development.

    We have stolen an entire year from all our children. So far. This has irrevocably scarred many of them and impaired their physical, social, and academic development. This is the greatest single tragedy of the entire Hoax.

    Here’s a partial list of what we have stolen from our children so far:

      Can’t run and play with friends

      No school

      No direct interaction with other kids – immune building

      No parks

      No sports

      No skateboarding

      No restaurants

      No sleepovers

      No birthday parties

      No summer camps

      No concerts

      No bookstores

      No vacations

      No singing

      No self confidence

      No friendships

      No normal child development

In most states, school is fake school – online for 5 hours a day. At an abysmal academic level. Locked in their bedrooms, children are forced to watch

    Radical left indoctrination, instead of history and social studies

    Less than half the normal academic content, at least one year behind their grade

    The state’s version of moral and social transformation

Unless you sit next to your child in his room for an entire morning of indoctrination, you can have no opinion on this subject. You have no idea what we’re even talking about.

Thousands are fleeing the ragtag online schools that lazy teachers threw together in 2 weeks – in favor of an entire industry of professional homeschool curricula – a sophisticated technology that has been thriving for the past 25 years. Khan Academy, Varsity, etc.

Those of us who have been around awhile can agree that for the most part we have had great lives so far – all the things we have seen, and done, the relationships we have made, etc. The opportunities open to us in what was the greatest country on earth.

But for today’s children, opportunity has been put on indefinite hold. So many children are defeated – they are chronically depressed, forbidden all normal contact with their friends and peers. With no hope in sight that things will improve. And they have no understanding why all this has happened to them. They are locked in their rooms at home, month after month, forced to spend 6 hours a day looking at the most shabby attempts at online classes. Bored to distraction.

Even CDC has said that the average child in the US is now a full year behind academically since the beginning of all this nonsense.

Here are some documented facts, that you are no longer permitted to research or discuss:

    There is no novel disease
    COVID is nothing more than a re-categorization of cases of the regular seasonal flu
    No evidence that all the diagnosed people have any disease at all, let alone the same disease
    PCR cannot diagnose anything
    All COVID tests are unreliable, undiagnostic, and unapproved
    Positive tests are not infections
    Positive tests are not cases
    Lockdowns promote new disease
    Quarantine the healthy – never before in history
    No such thing as a viral disease maintaining unchanged virulence in a population for a year
    Over 90% of “COVID deaths” are from other causes – co-morbidity

See citations of proof in the last nine Newsletters and Videos.

How on earth did we get to this point? It took years of incessant programming – all day every day, across all media – to reduce the collective IQ to a level where people would no longer question illusions that they didn’t even understand. No, I don’t need to understand it – I just need CNN or CNBC to tell it to me….

Like Roger Ayles said:

    “People don’t want to be informed. They want to feel informed.”

For example, never before in world history has a healthy population accepted a mass quarantine. That’s completely absurd in itself. All quarantines since the beginning of time have been of the sick, not the healthy.

Why quarantine the healthy unless you plan to make them sick?


In order to sell an epidemic that does not exist, it was necessary to create and characterize a group of sick people from among the healthy. This requires several illusions:


    Program an uninformed population down to a level of germophobia where they will not question the most unscientific notions
    Create a campaign of incessant lies about obsessive hygiene, pathogenic viruses in the air,etc
    Revive the long-abandoned Germ Theory of Disease, now mandatory as the new State Religion
    Create a number of junk science tests to ‘prove’ that millions of perfectly healthy people are sick
    Convince the healthy population that they need to isolate themselves from each other, to avoid imaginary pathogens that cause nonexistent disease


The government is too much in our lives today.

Every little detail of our diminished lives is handicapped by neurotic germophobic worries about some fake epidemic that was created and maintained 100% by the bureaucrats.

Not only do they have no scientific evidence – now they have censored and deleted most of that evidence from social and corporate media. We have preserved much of it in our Videos and Newsletters

Jefferson and Adams introduced a sublime new idea to human society: that a government should exist only by consent of the governed. The new regime is frightened of this principle above all else. They will do whatever it takes to annihilate that idea. Their agenda is that the next generation won’t even remember it.

No government can cure an epidemic – even a real one. Which COVID is not. They can only invent a fake epidemic, the way they have done several times in the past 15 years with the Boutique Epidemics in this country. At present, there is no proven epidemic, no pandemic. Just the biggest windfall power grab in the history of mankind – every bureaucrat on earth cannot believe his dumb luck.

And that’s why the lockdown can’t end – because that would mean the bureaucrats would have to admit they were wrong. Which would mean they would give up their new power.

Try to imagine a time in history when any government has assumed power, and then relinquished it.



It all started with a chance viewing of a Joe Rogan interview with Mel Gibson. Rogan has that lowest common denominator of interviewer intelligence that makes for popular YT videos, simply because he doesn’t know enough to trigger any controversy or censorship. His typical interviews seem to be with Neanderthals smoking weed.

In this interview however, Mel Gibson was talking about his 92 year old father who was at death’s door. And Mel had discovered a stem cell clinic in Panama that seemed like it might help. He is extremely well spoken and gave a very articulate account of his father’s miraculous recovery after treatment.

Sitting next to Mel was Dr Neil Riordan, founder of the Panama clinic. Once he started talking, the calibre of the conversation shifted to a whole new stratosphere. There was no interruption, as Dr Neil explained a little about the history of his Institute and why people fly there every day for a myriad of conditions, from all over the world. Year after year..

Most of whom are either cured or experience dramatic improvement.

Rogan couldn’t follow of course and eventually succeeded in derailing the discussion into his usual realm of the banal and scatological.

So the next step in due diligence was to get Dr Neil’s book Stem Cell Therapy. After reading it 3x, I began to have some of my basic misapprehensions about stem cells corrected.

Stem cell is one of those terms – like vaccines, or chiropractic, or the immune system – that everybody uses and few have any idea what it means. That’s by design.

But once you finish the book, you have a new awareness of why stem cells are a natural part of the holistic paradigm. A door to a very large room has just opened for you – a room you didn’t know was there.

You’ve learned that there are several types of stem cells in your own body – embryonic cells, umbilical cord cells, adult stem cells in adipose, bone marrow, and cartilage.

Then you find out that some of these cells have been collected and used in various medical applications, mostly for arthritis cases. Sometimes effective, sometimes fictional and deliberately illusory..

And then finally you learn that there is one type of stem cell therapy that is completely banned from the United States, for political reasons. Because it works too well. But is available in a few clinics in and near Central America.

And that the best of these by far is Riordan’s Stem Cell Institute in Panama.

Who comes to the Panama clinic? Some of the most common types of cases who have benefited from the Stem Cell Institute include:

    all sorts of arthritis
    vaccine damaged children
    autoimmune cases
    AS, MS, MD, RA cases
    non-cancerous bone conditions
    spinal cord and brain injuries
    cerebral palsy
    heart disease
    chronic digestive disorders

The clinic is very circumspect about making guarantees for curing anything. Indeed, there are no patient testimonials on their site. The clinic staff make no claims and only talk about success stories if prodded. I heard so many wonderful success stories just talking to patients while at the clinic. It’s a self generating, grassroots referral phenomenon. Worldwide – all coming to Panama. Even though these days Panama’s got about as much tourist appeal as Dachau.

Treatment is not cheap and I don’t think insurance covers it. So there’s got to be a reason for the Institute’s extraordinary popularity, what with its being kept on the D&L and all.

They don’t accept cancer patients, diabetics, or transplant patients.

OK, what is the treatment?

Well, in 3 days you’re going to receive 3 infusions totalling 120 million Mesenchymal stem cells from live birth. See book for details.

How these MSCs are derived, selected, cultured, and prepared is one of the most sophisticated medical technologies ever developed, involving more aspects of safety and sterile lab conditions than most of us can imagine. Not to mention the logistics and politics. So much more complicated than vaccine manufacture – and probably 100 times more ethical.

What is particularly intriguing about the book may be the chapter on telomere extension. Telomeres are the tips of your DNA. As you age and your cells keep producing copies of themselves, year after year, the tips of the chromosomes gradually get a little shorter. And the copies become less and less perfect. It’s the skein of your life, like in Norse mythology. Or Lachesis and Clotho from Greek mythology.

In its years of research, Stem Cell Institute actually has clinical proof of extending telomere length. If that is even remotely possible, we may be looking at Ponce del Leon’s fountain of youth here. He just missed it by about 2000 miles. And 500 years.

The ability to enhance telomere length, and the possibilities it introduces, may be one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of medicine. No one else has ever done it. And yet nobody knows about it. Again, this field of technology is even now only at its very beginning.

OK, so how does Dr Neil’s Stem Cell Therapy work?

Until I was corrected, I made the common mistake of most people — that we’re injecting undifferentiated stem cells from the umbilical blood of a newborn – and that we’re injecting these cells into patients who have degenerated joints and organs.

And then by some magic, once in the patient, these Mesenchymal stem cells differentiate themselves into brand new cells of whatever the diseased tissue is – joint, lung, brain, nerve, cartilage, etc – wherever the damaged area is. And that then those new cells will then replace your old diseased cells and make you whole again ….

I think that’s how many people perceive stem cells because that’s an easy paradigm to understand.

But that’s not how Mesenchymal Stem Cells work at all.

The real truth is the experts don’t know exactly how MSCs have been able heal so many conditions. But they have some very good guesses.

They do know that the umbilical MSCs from the infusions do not differentiate into the patient’s cells – or any new types of cell. But instead, MSCs are able to produce special molecules that offer trophic factors – growth factors – to the patient’s problem tissues.

This results in

    Reduction of inflammation
    Immune modulation, so the body stops attacking its own cells
    Normal cell proliferation

That’s about as far as the best researchers are prepared to go. Again, this entire field is in its infancy

But just think what this could mean, even if that’s the full extent of what one treatment could accomplish. Just imagine if all the inflammation in your body could be stopped for three months. What would that mean?

Chronic Inflammation is the key factor in virtually all disease. It is the first phase of any tissue degeneration.

Look at the list again:

    autistic children
    autoimmune cases
    AS, MS, MD, RA cases
    non-cancerous bone conditions
    spinal cord and brain injury
    cerebral palsy
    heart disease,
    chronic digestive disorders

Now imagine if you could remove all inflammation from your body for 3 months. Would that allow the degenerating tissues to heal and recalibrate? Is that enough?

What else is there? This is the true holistic model. What healing power is there greater than the power that organized the human body in the first place?

What does mainstream medicine have for chronic inflammation? Antibiotics, NSAIDs, and steroid drugs – whose side effects often outweigh the benefits, in most cases aggravating the disease. As you may know from personal experience in your own family.

And surgery.

That’s it.

OK, so if Mesenchymal stem cell therapy is so great then why isn’t it allowed in the US?

Are you really asking that question? If stem cell therapy ever became available in the US, it would be an enormous economic threat to American medicine. In the 100s of billion$. Just a few of the industries that would suffer:

    Heart disease and surgery
    Arthritis industry
    Joint replacement
    Autism industry
    Autoimmune disease industry
    Spinal cord and brain surgery


Current medical treatments in all these areas don’t work that well, limited as they are to drugs and surgery. The remedy can be worse than the disease itself. Cures are rare.

By contrast, stem cell therapy very often does cure these conditions, with no side effects. Working with the innate regenerative systems – about which we know so little. Here is a truly holistic approach – working with the body, not against it.

See the difference?

In the US at present, Umbilical tissue MSCs are limited to clinical research facilities only. This type of therapy will never be popularly available here until the politics and economic considerations have all been sorted out. Who gets what, who’s losing what, how the lion’s share will filter to the top – all that. The usual.

And it will probably be 3x as expensive.

Never forget – health care has nothing to do with health.

To contact the Panama Institute:

    William Dunne accommodations@cellmedicine.com




Masks have become the primary symbol of acquiescence to the government’s demands for obsessive hygiene and ‘germ killing’, no matter how toxic, unscientific, silly, or unconstitutional.

The utter lack of science behind COVID left the government with no way to detect people’s compliance with the new religion of germophobia.. Or to enforce it. Are they really buying all this? Or not?

So bureaucrats desperately needed an instantly visible sign of submission. Got it – facemasks!

By agreeing to wear facemasks, people are signaling that they fully accept their role as members of the new COVID cult and the new State Religion – the Germ Theory – complete with its the dehumanizing ritual humiliation of covering their faces any time they’re in public.

Same exact rationale for what’s been done to Islamic women all these centuries.

Subjugation, dehumanizing, and humiliation.

To begin to understand even part of the horror that has taken place this year, we have to start with the actual science behind what facemasks really do. The same science that is now being censored and deleted across all forms of media.

An excellent introduction to facemask science is Dr Simone Goldman’s video. Start watching about 17 minutes in.

First off, with respect to preventing the spread of microbial infection, facemasks do absolutely nothing.

Here’s just one small example why. With COVID, the virus itself is only 270 nanometers long. The average facemask mesh is 1.29 mm. Doing the math, that’s enough room for 15,000 COVID viruses to march abreast right through the opening!

To put it another way, that means it’s as easy for a COVID virus to penetrate your facemask as it is for you to paddle your kayak under a bridge that is 12x as long as the Golden Gate.

This is why if you buy an entire box of facemasks at Walgreen’s, there’s a printed disclaimer on the outside of the box stating that the masks do not prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Again, even the mask manufacturers don’t claim masks prevent disease. That’s superstition. Believing facemasks prevent anything at all has become our #1 mandatory religious belief. In reality, they do nothing to protect against any airborne microbial disease threat. Even if one existed today. Which it certainly does not.

facemasks actually cause disease, especially in children and in the elderly. The triple ply masks severely restrict the flow of oxygen on inspiration and CO2 on expiration. So they must also trap viruses and bacteria in the process. I mean that’s the whole illusion – the whole purpose – trap COVID, right?.

The problem is they also trap other all sorts of particulate debris, creating a breeding ground for pathogens. Right there on your face.

For anyone with asthma, bronchitis, allergies, hypertension, or any other respiratory condition – these diseases are being exacerbated by making it twice as difficult to draw and expel every single breath. That’s not a theory – it‘s extensively documented throughout the best cardiopulmonary literature. Which is why facemasks have never been a medical recommendation for any respiratory disease.

Until now.

Here we have the epitome of junk science, with the participation of the medical profession in a worldwide program that is unequivocally making millions of respiratory patients of all ages sicker. Every single day.

What industry benefits from more sick people?

And who was the genius who decided that children 2 years and older will not be harmed by prolonged restricted respiration? Probably a respiratory specialist. Or Merck exec.

Children’s respiratory system grows by leaps and bounds every day. Asthma doubled between 1980 and 2000. And doubled again by 2010. Now we have this new exacerbation, utterly unnecessary.

This is why so many parents are beginning to sue schools and other venues who force masks on children for giving their children respiratory disease. For the plaintiffs, discovery is extensive and conclusive – they have a solid case.

Thirdly, facemasks are materially toxic themselves. Ever notice that chemical smell when you first put on a brand new mask? That’s fire retardant. Yes, fire retardant! Don’t believe it? Try lighting one. Cotton mesh by itself burns easily. Facemasks do not. The only way that happens is if they are treated with an allergenic, carcinogenic chemical fire retardant.

So. Not only do facemasks not prevent disease, they actually cause disease and make weak people sicker. But now with the expunging of these facts from social media and most search engines, people don’t learn the truth. Worse, they are harassed and insulted by illiterate, uneducated, often illegal employees watching obsessively for just one little lapse in wearing facemasks.

You’ve seen them everywhere. At the entrance of grocery stores, malls, convenience stores, any commercial venue. Some new employee has just achieved his dream – he’s now a junior nazi, allowed to bark orders and threaten the general public – just like a cop. Or a gestapo.

Perhaps the worst are in airports, especially aboard flights. Where some attendants will stand patrol at the front the entire flight just waiting to scream at some paying passenger who took too long with their nose uncovered between bites of their bran muffin. It’s mass psychosis.

There are so many empirical proofs that no viral threat exists and that the entire campaign is 100% contrived – engineered for one reason and one reason only – maintaining bureaucrats in power in a way they never dreamed.

Delusion #1

The pretense that viruses respect national, state, and county boundaries. You drive across some imaginary line and suddenly the danger of infection has just supposedly increased 1000%. Or decreased. And this random virulence can be arbitrarily scheduled – turned on an off at the whim of any local bureaucrats.

Take southern California, for example. From San Luis Obispo south all the way to the Mexican border it is one solid unbroken metropolitan area. Hundreds of towns, cities, and counties, all running right into each other with no space in between. Same with many heavily populated areas where state lines run right through the middle of a town. And yet depending on the mood of the local bureaucrats, there will be completely separate “alert levels” right next to each other. Which can be lifted and resumed in an arbitrary fashion.

Airborne viral threats don’t act this way. It’s impossible and ridiculous even to pretend they do. Obviously the only thing that acts this way is politics. Politics gone mad.

Delusion #2

The global pandemic. First of all there have been virtually no pandemics in history. But to suddenly have one appear in California, have it spread across the entire country in two weeks, and then across the entire world in two more weeks is beyond ridiculous. Scientifically and physically impossible. Something else was spreading here, and it wasn’t microbial. There’s an agenda. That can only be political.

Delusion #3

The endless pandemic. Again, there have been no actual proven pandemics in history. So now California invents this one in March of 2020, claiming that it is in the coronavirus family. Coronaviruses have been part of the human biome since the species began. Coronavirus illnesses are mild and self- limiting requiring no treatment, that resolve in a week, 99.9% of the time.

Everybody knows that.

Consider influenza strains, which can be a little more serious than coronavirus The flu season, an annual event in the US for decades, typically lasts about 3 months and then mutates into a harmless version, as the population adapts to it at the same time. Mutation and adaptation. That’s called Natural Immunity. The only real immunity.

But now suddenly we have the government claiming that a novel strain of coronavirus has suddenly appeared in 2020 which has not mutated at all in an entire year. Nor has the population adapted to it whatsoever for an entire year. This is physically, scientifically, and immunologically impossible. No disease in human history has persisted unchanged for this long. Especially one so mild and so ubiquitous throughout human evolution as coronavirus.

Which any real scientist can attest to. But almost no medical doctor. Vaccine sales force, you know. Plans for that beach house, etc..

OK, so now we’ve had these unprecedented lockdowns and quarantines – with random variability – across the US for a year now.

And in many states, like California and NY, the lockdowns have never let up. Other states decided not to lock down at all. And then other states on and off, with everything in between.

So the question then becomes – what kind of disease epidemic is this – one that defies all known history of infectious disease… That comes and goes at random in any given city, county, or state. An epidemic which retains its virulence unchanged across the entire planet – for a whole year? Which resists all mutation and human adaptation? In defiance of all known epidemiological science?

Again, it’s immunologically and physically impossible. But who is one group that benefits from such a chimerical situation? Bureaucrats. Bureaucrats the world over. Assuming power like they’ve never imagined. And creating any junk science and censorship they possibly can in order to hold desperately on to that power. Indefinitely.

When in history has any government ever assumed power, and then relinquished it?

Since we now know facemasks offer no protection from infection, but actually cause disease and make people sick when worn for long periods of time, and prevent childhood development – why are we still wearing them?

As above, at this point facemasks are primarily an emblem, a badge that says I am a member of your cult.

So how are they working so far? The whole population has been wearing them for a year. Any improvements? According to all rigged government stats, COVID deaths have supposedly climbed to over 400K, positives tests (interpreted as cases) are in the millions and there’s no end in sight.

So – pop quiz – what do you call it when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results? That’s the definition of what …?

The actual references are in the nine videos and the last nine Newslettersat thedoctorwithin homepage.