1. Report on American Biodental Clinic, Tijuana

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3. New California Drought: Chemtrail Re-attack?

4. One Mother’s Autism Inquiry: Disease as Adaptation



Hal Huggins was the dentist who was the most responsible for educating public about the toxicity of mercury in dental amalgams. We discuss this history in the chapter New Agendas in American Dentistry.

Today it’s become more and more commonplace for people to be looking for a dentist who will remove mercury fillings. Many of the more conscientious dentists no longer use these amalgams, opting instead for the safer, more biocompatible ceramics and composites.

It is still illegal for a dentist to suggest amalgam removal to a patient. This is politics. Such a suggestion might impugn the safety and therapeutic ethics of ADA’s century-long policy of permanently installing the third most toxic substance known to man into the human oral cavity.

However any dentist may remove the amalgams if the patient requests it. As the connection between mercury and many epidemic diseases is becoming better known, the market for amalgam removal has taken a sharp upturn in recent years.

Now there is a new term – biological dentist. Optimally, that might refer to a dentist who has been specifically trained with Huggins protocols of amalgam removal. Any dentist might be happy to give it a try, but there is a real danger of short term and long term adverse neurological effects if they attempt it without proper training. Which is certainly not offered in most dental schools.

I just came back from a weekend at American Biodental Clinic in Tijuana. Very well appointed, clean and professional atmosphere. The staff were generally what you wish clinic staff in the US would be.

Most of the patients are American. A van brings them over every day across the border, and more importantly, returns them to the happy side later on. I made the mistake of returning on my own, and was very lucky to cross back in about 1.5 hours. Instead of the usual 4 hours. That’s another story.

Patients go to the Clinic for all the typical services of a high end US dental office, plus several other options not available north of the border.

The good news is that if you need any lab work, it doesn’t have to be “sent out” like in the US, and then you come back in a few weeks, or whatever. No, this clinic has an excellent lab right there and most patients, when they come off anaesthesia, have all their crowns, partials, bone grafts, etc 100% finished and installed to perfection! One stop shopping.

American Biodental has a unique style of bone grafts for periodontal disease. After cleaning out the infected bone, they fill the new pocket with a combination of centrifuged serum from the patient’s own blood, combined with bone cells – sheep bone seems to be the most compatible – and then suture the mixture snugly into the gums. The stitches dissolve in a week or two, and the procedure is generally successful in filling in the gaps left by long term infection. The owner told me they have over 90% success with this method.

They use the best materials for crowns and partials, and everything is done right then and there, with very high precision. Patients flock there from all over not only because of the more than reasonable fees charged, but also because of the consistently high quality of the craftsmanship and dental technique. It’s really a very impressive place.

If you’re about to take out a second mortgage on your house to pay for some unexpected dental work, this place is for you.

Huggins had a very specific opinion on root canals, one which is not shared by most US dentists. He saw root canal procedure as essentially problematic, likely to seal in hidden inevitable new infection for years after the root canal, causing low level sepsis to be forced into the circulation, by chewing. The Huggins approach to root canals is simple: no root canals. They have an entirely different therapeutic ideology for them.

Most US dentists feel that root canals have value and do not see eventual re-infection as inevitable. So the controversy continues, and that is why this profession is dynamic and vital and progressive. It’s not just based on inflexible dogma and ritual.

Like some others we could mention.



In keeping with our ideology that most conspiracy theories are essentially true, those of us a bit less comatose than the rest may have noticed what has occurred in the California sky recently.

Starting back in June of 2016, northern California seemed to have been given an 18 month reprieve by the Men Who Really Run This Land – the ones who sell military chemical weapons to the flyers at Moffett Field. And their bosses – the ones who set the schedule for aerosol dispersions in the California skies, from north to south.

For reasons unknown, during that entire year and a half we had mostly blue skies. and when the natural rainy season arrived last winter, we had record precipitation, filling all the lakes and reservoirs for the first time in 15 years.


All this applies only to northern California of course.. southern California is still in the thrall of that same drought. Their summers are hotter and drier than ever, almost no rain in the winter, and the land is scorched like the surface of the moon. No grass, no water – like something out of Rango. Hey, I just flew over it — all the way to San Diego and back. Look for yourself!

And of course nobody is allowed to talk about any of this. CNN/Yahoo/fakenews managing editors vie with each other every day for the extreme left, obediently burying most worthwhile stories. Nothing too unsettling, please.

Then in mid October this year, northern California had an early start — there were several days of rain – enough to start the grass growing in the Hayward HiIls, left brown by the summer. And it promised to be a normal winter, maybe another as good as last year…and soon the hills would be their winter green..

But then suddenly, after a year and a half, about 2 weeks before this Thanksgiving, daily chemtrails dispersions began with a real vengeance, like never before. It wasn’t just a few streaks and hashtags from horizon to horizon every other day. No, this was systematic and extremely aggressive, with military precision, covering almost the entire sky over the Bay Area all day long, beginning in the early morning hours. Every single day.

As described in the December Newsletter, their full-sky dispersion program has become very sophisticated, almost artistic. The new objective seems to be to mimic natural cloud formation as much as possible, and get away from the telltale horizon-to-horizon single streaks that fan out into strips, like the way it’s been the past few years.

There’s a much more clever agenda now — the goal is broad flat fields of silver grey to be laid down right next to each other, merging their edges, so that it looks like one diffuse smog layer mixed with stratus clouds.

Very slick. But there are several reasons it can never really look natural. The silvery dispersion is

    • always at the same low altitude – one dull flat, homogenous layer
    • always the same dead grey color and flatness, no texture
    • always laid down in the west early in the morning so it can drift across the bay area all the way to the hills by midday
    • Concentrating on presenting the widest possible swaths which blend into each other to resemble an actual cloud layer, with no breaks, covering the entire sky
               Avoiding the traditional chemtrail streaks that come from a single jet, which makes it much harder to point it out to the unitiated – someone who hasn’t been watching this whole program evolve during the past several years.

Real clouds don’t act like this.

In the Bay Area then, this unrelenting, full- sky dispersion continued every day throughout this November and December. And there wasn’t a drop of rain these two months. The grass in the hills stopped growing, and the dirt all turned back to summer dust. The pasture horses, which usually thrive on the new grass this time of year, had to be supplemented with hay every day. This was supposed to be our rainy season.

Then the day after New Years, I went down to Tijuana, and stayed a few days in southern California, in Huntington and in Loma Linda. Down there was the same unvarying weather they always have — blue sky, loaded with daily streaks of the old fashioned chemtrails from horizon to horizon.. no rain for months. And of course no one ever talks about it.

But then on the flight back from Ontario to San Jose, beginning south of Monterey and northward therefrom, there was socked in an unbroken layer upon layer of real authentic old school clouds, some of it rain clouds! And that night, for the first time since mid October, San Jose finally had a long rainy night. A good soaking – hope springs eternal.

True to form, bright and early the next morning, the military jets were out in force, hard at work to chase away those life-giving rainclouds and cover the sky with their nanoparticulate aluminum oxide. It worked. By mid afternoon all natural cloud formations had disappeared from the sky, and the manmade silvery layer was all there was left , covering half the entire sky. Mother Nature seemed beaten back again.

But then I had a brilliant idea – why didn’t I think of this before? It never fails — this is perfectly scientific: I washed my car.

Sure enough that night, it began sprinkling as I drove up to SFO. But this storm was the genuine item – no manmade dispersions ever invented could push back this colossal front. It began raining all day and night for the next 2 days– really raining. And like magic, the dying grass in the hills came back to life and the hills are turning their usual January emerald.

The rest of the winter is anybody’s guess, of course. Perhaps a bit disingenuous to expect that everything will be fine from here on out.

What mystifies me more than anything else is that these events I’m describing aren’t some chimera I’ve conjured up all by myself. They’re clear as day, and any half conscious mortal can observe them. It affects us, all since water is so vital to suvival, 70% of our body. Some of the best scientists regard water as the biggest challenge to the human experiment in the coming century.

But what astounds me is that the people affected most of all – the agricultural industry – are silent as deafmutes. Not a peep from them. These people have got to be watching the sky more intently than I, every day. It’s their livelihood. Where’s the outcry? They have political clout – why don’t they use it? Are they that complacent, that lazy, that inbred that they’re actually buying this ‘contrails’ story? You guys got blueberries to grow!

What an exasperating life to live. With all the social problems we create, do we really have to ruin the one God-given gift all mankind has shared since the dawn of life during our short span on this strange planet – the sky above, all his days…?

Wasn’t that was supposed to be part of our original covenant, as terrestrial mammals?



Look at the email I got today. Here’s how people think these days:

    • “Hello,
    • I see you are speaking about tetanus at a conference soon. Yesterday my 14-year-old stepped on a rusty, dirty tack outside. It went through his shoe and the point barely pricked his foot. He has a tiny red dot there. He was fully vaxxed until last year when I got smart and realized how I’ve been damaging him all these years. He has “high functioning” ASD and PANS with all the symptoms involved, including major anxiety and depression, tics, OCD.

I am terrified to consult with our pediatrician as I know she will insist on giving him a tdap. I finally got him out of a terrible depressive/agitated state that happened last spring along with a respiratory infection.

I’ve upped his antimicrobial supportive herbs a bit, been applying colloidal silver gel to the spot, and am giving him homeopathic ledum 30c.

Is it even likely he would get tetanus from such a tiny thing?

Please help. I’m chronically sick myself, a single mother, overwhelmed, and very scared. I am happy to pay you for your time. Money isn’t an issue thankfully ……..”


Who needs Ed McMahon with emails like this???????? How would you like to answer this email in front of 300 people .. you have one hour. Go! Well I actually did it. So to watch what I said, YouTube search Autism Detox Protocol – Dr Tim O’Shea.

This mother is educated enough to know that vaccines can be dangerous. She is also correct about the TDaP being the standard tetanus shot for innocuous situations like these. That’s a different video: The Undying Mythology of Tetanus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgeA0TlGcRA&t=773s

As we saw in your textbook Vaccination Is Not Immunization, the pertussis component of that triple shot is responsible for 75% of injuries and deaths from vaccines since 1991. In this case above, we’re taking some inconsequential little pinprick which would certainly heal by itself a few days if left alone, and pretending it’s a potentially life threatening situation by unnecessarily injecting the poor kid with the most toxic injection ever invented.

Far more people have died of pertussis vaccine than have been lethally injected in all the prisons in the world. That’s a fact.

Next is her ASD and PANS comment. Of course she’s referring to Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome, two mystical specters dreamed up by a couple of psychiatrists one weekend, probably on a fishing trip.

No clinical trials, no control groups, no double blinds – nothing. Just a hasty, unreferenced essay, and a drug protocol – and suddenly it finds its way into the PDR. And like that – we have a new disease. Irrelevant that it doesn’t exist – this is the NFL here.

Like most people, this mother is assuming facts that are not in evidence – pretending these marketing slogans are scientifically proven human disease entities.

Although vaccine injury is quite real, Autism is a descriptive term created by media, not science. There are no specific blood tests, pathogens, or rigid diagnostic criteria to categorically pronounce this label on someone. It’s all marketing and politics. Same exactly with ADD – it really doesn’t exist, except in psychiatrists’ offices and in corporate media. See the chapter ADD: A Designer Disease

Same with other diagnostic phantasms like PANS, Restless Leg Syndrome, and very often ALS, lupus, Type II diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromylagia, Lyme disease, IBS, and dozens of other media phrases and acronyms with which we are all familiar. These terms are primarily religious inventions, directed to one and only one end: the sale of pharmaceuticals. Diseases are the deities of the religion of Medicine.

Like any religion, the religion of medicine requires unquestioning belief from a faithful congregation, belief in that for which there is no evidence.

Why do I know these are fake diagnoses? Besides classical sources like JH Tilden and Robert Mendelsohn, my evidence is clinical as well. Years of watching patients who have had these labels for years, with no improvement, come in and be cured in a very short time by a combination of blood detox and chiropractic care.

I’m not curing anything – I’m just getting out of the way for the repairs and rebalancing to be wrought by the same inborn power that created all life on this wacky planet. And helping the patient to finally get out of the way for that neurophysiological and cellular renewal to occur.

That’s the vitalistic model – the idea that “diseases” are really adaptations – road flares sent up by the still-intact immune system, announcing that something is out of balance. The mammalian organism is rarely going to be re-calibrated by loading up on an endless parade of experimental biochemicals, steroids, antibiotics and potions offered by somebody’s best guess, after a 5 minute visit.

An alternative, perfectly valid paradigm is to regard symptoms, inflammations, diseases, even fatal ones – all of these simply as adaptations – natural, evolutionary responses to a system out of order – desperate attempts to survive. The impulse to jolt the body back to homeostasis, whatever it takes. And the severity of those responses, their intensity, will correspond to the virulence of the antagonizing antigenic stimulus.

Like drugs.

And what on earth is an “antimicrobial herb”? What is that, the oxymoron of the week or something? This patient is obviously beyond the scope of homeopathic nostrums.

The answer to the unspoken question in this email is alluded to in the chapter The Last Resort – a complete re-ordering of the system is essential to restore this disordered patient to normal health. No magic bullets, no quick fixes are likely to have an effect.

He actually has to DO something.