1. Two New Videos

    2. Vaccines Revealed Series


1. Two New Videos: Facemasks: Protection or Ritual Humiliation

Every legitimate study of facemasks came to the same conclusion: they do not prevent transmission of any disease. And long term use is likely to be more harmful than the original disease ever was. But today the deception goes much deeper than that. Facemasks are intended to prolong the epidemic, not end it. They have become the single most powerful religious totem in history, signifying acquiescence to the new State Religion – the Germ Theory. Facemasks today are simply a badge of membership in the cult of COVID.

This video is Part 1 of 4 from a recent lecture we did in southern Vaxifornia.

In this video we learn that COVID has never been isolated in a human being. It has never been shown to transmit from one human to another. The “virus” itself is nothing more than a theoretical computer model consisting of fragments from 35 different viruses. The sequence of that virus has never been decoded. With no legitimate science, it is only political maneuvering that keeps the lockdown ongoing. Find out why this science is censored from everyday media.

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2. Vaccines Revealed Series

For this month’s newsletter, I defer to Patrick Gentempo’s new video series Vaccines Revealed. Do not miss it. He’s obviously put months of work into this excellent collection of interviews of the best people who are being censored today for telling the truth about the science behind COVID, the new RNA vaccines, facemasking, lockdown, the future, etc.

Most of this material you won’t find anywhere else because it’s already been taken down. It’s a good marketing plan, where Patrick gives away one of the nine videos every day for nine days. After that, you have to buy the series for $79, but that’s ridiculously low for what you’re getting.

I watched the whole series during the past 9 days. There were a few fillers, but not many. The best in the series were far and away the most vital, well researched presentations about everything you’ve been lied to all year long in corporate media. This is the bare minimum you have to know to be even marginally informed today, in my opinion.

Each video is three separate interviews. Several of these interviews by themselves are worth much more than the price of the whole series, believe me. Those include:

    Episode 1: Del Bigtree, RFK, Andy Wakefield

    Episode 9: RFK

    Episode 3: Andrew Kaufman

No fluff in these interviews — every sentence is important. You may have seen these guys before, but not at this pitch, I promise you. These particular interviews (and some others in the series) are absolutely essential for anyone who has a shred of interest in learning the hidden story behind the story of today’s totalitarian new world that followed the coup d’etat.

These are our real experts in today’s world, validated by their years of immersion into the research, and also by how viciously they’ve been censored all along. You’ll sit there and watch the fog start to clear up right before your very eyes – oh, so that’s why that happened … like the road to Damascus…

If you don’t see at least these interviews, I think you’ve given up on today’s America, and on the value of your own life and that of your children.

So, stop thinking about it. Just go to the site and buy the series. Do it now. You owe it to yourself and your family. Finally, you’ll spend a day where you really learned something worth knowing!

Vaccines Revealed