1. Orange County Recap – Chiropractic First

2. Clear the spine, clear the tract, clear the blood

3. Walking the Talk – 60 Day Program

4. New Collagen Story




1. Orange County Recap – Chiropractic First

2. Clear the spine, clear the tract, clear the blood

3. Walking the Talk – 60 Day Program

4. New Collagen Story




The Orange County seminar this past weekend exceeded expectations. 10s on practically all the eval sheets. Discussions of chiropractic covered areas that are generally omitted, due to false political sensitivities, curriculum deficits, or whatever.

Dr Bergman and I are in agreement on the science proving the virtually unlimited effects of the adjustment, for example. Seems like forbidden territory within the profession these days, with a few notable exceptions – Murphy, Minardi, Haavik, etc.

Also the emerging concept of disease as normal adaptation to abnormal conditions – both biomechanical and metabolic. So often what we characterize as ‘disease’ can be an indication that the immune system is alive and well, just trying to survive. One example : degenerative spinal arthritis secondary to chronic subluxation: Wolff’s law. Bones remodel according to stress; the body will always protect the nervous system, etc. Normal adaptation to abnormal locking of vertebrae…

A more extreme example might be colon cancer, where the endothelial cells, forced to swim in their own wastes year after year, finally dedifferentiate into dysplasia. May not be so good for the organism, but the cells are just trying any desperate measure to survive. Because they’re dying. Normal adaptation to an abnormal chronic condition.

We also talked about how there are 4x as many afferent nerves as efferent because of the constant essential evolutionary adaptation to the environment among mammals for the past million years. And also how 90% of the nervous system has no effect on nociception. Kinda explains the inadvisability of asking Where does it hurt? on every visit.

Then we hit on neuroplasticity with respect to patterns of injury vs. patterns of healing. DCs as brain doctors, what with all the documented effects of neuroplastic effects of the adjustment, correcting proprioception, descending inhibitory pain pathway, etc.

The science of chiropractic – it’s all there in the mainstream literature, but so few ever bring it up. Verboten in schools. May not be so important to explain to patients at this level, but the more the doctor knows these fundamentals, the higher will be the level of intent. And this is why those with big practices who simply talk about pinched nerves in the ROF are still on solid ground. 100 years of clinical results – that has scientific validity, corroborating all the academic mainstream science.

We got some excellent videos of the material, which will be appearing on our respective youtube channels, in short order. In addition to that, we’ll do a re-run of the full live seminar on board the Havana cruise coming up in March, the day after corporate taxes are due. You’re all invited for the write-off!

What a rare event was this last weekend. Ask any DCs what their average ranking for their last CE seminar was, on a scale of 10.



The body rarely needs help, it just needs no interference…. Ever hear that?

As we saw above, the value of chiropractic for clearing the spine is self evident.

What about clearing the tract? How do you do that? Why would you want to?

Starting with the colon – the immune center of the body, as agreed by all classical authorities — with the exception of the modern drug-based approach. But what do they really know? They’ve kept colon cancer in the #3 spot for the past 35 years. Big business indeed.

Why the epidemic of colon disease today? Easy. The answer is observable in any local grocery store. 80% processed foods – standard American diet. Indigestible sludge. Accumulates first in the stomach and small intestine. Then drops down to colon Where it can remain for months, layer upon layer. Preventing uptake of water and minerals, and preventing elimination.

Cells in the colon’s lining are bathed in their own wastes, endlessly. Never cleared. So it’s not just cancer that results, but a whole host of other diseases first:

    Spastic colon

The name doesn’t matter – dozens of names they can’t cure. Because drugs don’t work. Nor will cutting out the diseased segment.

What does that leave? Natural detoxification. Clearing the colon is the first step in the detox described in Section 3 below. It is accomplished by a clean diet, along with two supplements: Expel and Florabiotics.

Expel is an herbal formula for chipping away the layers of sludge that have been blocking your colon, probably for the past several years. Always works – 3 caps a day for 60 days. Daily effortless elimination is normal.

Total Florabiotics floods the colon with best symbiotic probiotics, the missing component in most colon pathologies. The presence of gut flora is vital for the colon being the immune center of the body. Because of their pathological diets, most people have none – thus the epidemic of colon disease.

What about the upper GI – esophagus, stomach, small intestine? Nine caps per day of Digestazyme adds back the enzymes removed by food processing. Reflux, chronic gastritis, ileitis, etc. – cleared. See chapter for that whole story.

OK, then how about clearing the blood?

Indigestible foods of the American diet make their way into the blood via Leaky Gut. Once in the blood, digestion no longer occurs. Intact processed food molecules circulate and end up in virtually any organ, where they are reactive, and may begin the chronic inflammatory process. Disease.

How do we clear the blood? Simple. The same Digestazyme, but now on an empty stomach. Like alcohol or aspirin, absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Three caps 3x a day, 60 days – the blood is constantly clearing. Clean blood cleans organs – simple hydraulics. Detox at the cellular level – the only option. The vitalistic paradigm, sans cytoxic experimental pharmaceuticals.

What could be simpler?

There are a few other components, but these are the essentials. No matter what other protocols are attempted, if the tract and blood remain obstructed, there’s little chance the human organism can re-calibrate to normal.

For all the details see Chapter.



Can’t be advising people to do something I wouldn’t do myself, right? What am I, an MD?

So here we are, halfway through the 60 Day Program. It’s actually not that difficult, once you get started. The hardest thing is stop listening to all your lame excuses and just make the decision to follow through. After that, it’s just the routine of buying the right foods and making sure they’re on hand, three times a day. You know what they are. But obviously it requires some planning. And then taking the supplements on time.

Now the diet is just common sense. Except that we can no longer take that for granted, what with all the misdirection from the online geniuses. Everybody’s an expert, right? Common sense isn’t quite so common any more.

For starters then, we have to omit all

    Refined CHOs (white sugar, white flour)
    Pasteurized dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, yogurt)
    Hydrogenated oils

For 60 days. We have to study a little to learn what these mean. Each is linked to its own chapter, for the full explanation.

Other specifics that must be left out:

    All seeds and nuts

    White flour

    White rice

    Cooking oils and salad dressing oils

    All fried foods

    All commercial salad dressings

    Canned foods



    HFCS and aspartame (all soft drinks)

    Refined flour pastas

    All soy


This isn’t really a surprise is it? No processed, enzymeless foods. For the ‘why’ of any of these, see the full chapters.

The fundamental axiom here is we’re doing everything possible to clear our two hydraulic systems: the tract and the blood. Because they nourish and clear every cell of the body. So we don’t want to introduce anything else during the 60 Days that add further obstruction.

Garbage in, garbage in – that’s what got us to this pitiable state in the first place, isn’t it?

Nine out of ten of the major causes of death in the US come from years of bad diet.

Almost every time, these illnesses can be resolved by correction of that lifestyle. Clearing the two hydraulic systems is the most direct way to recalibrate. For many patients, it’s sufficient to restore normal health. The cure is the same as the cause. Stands to reason.

Part of the resistance to detoxify lies in the enormous emotional component diet plays in our lives. For so many of us, the stresses of everyday life must be neutralized by an evening of comfort foods. Every night. Or else we ‘can’t go on.’ Life isn’t worth living, etc …

This self–indulgent fantasy must be confronted head on, at the beginning, for those who would embark on this serious, life-altering rescue.

We’re addicted to the things that poison us. Illusions: I need coffee to function. I need pasteurized milk and cereal at night… I need that 40 ouncer… With two bags of chips….

You don’t need them. It’s right there – right in front of us every day – digging our graves with our teeth. Those comforts we ”need” – they’re really not that comfortable, if you think about it. After drinking a liter of Coke and a large bag of Cheetos, we may feel sated mentally. But physically, for the over-30 crowd, it’s hard to ignore that cement feeling in the gut for the rest of the night, disturbing sleep, and adding to that billowing muffintop where the waist used to be …
Or for the tragically duped, you’ve suddenly “become” a diabetic – from genetic causes of course – and now need fake insulin pills for the rest of your life so you can ‘be normal…”

20% of the population have bought into this sinister hoax.

The irony is, it’s not that hard to detox. People who begin the 60 Day Program all seem to say the same things after the first 2 weeks – wow I really don’t miss… . (fill in the blank) – coffee, sugar, beer, chips, ice cream, milk and cookies, Marie Callenders …. If I’d known it was this simple I’da done it years ago….

Almost everyone says that.

From the New West diet page, we’re now eating only from Categories I and II:

    Fruits, Vegetables, and their Juices – preferably organic
    Brown rice
    Grilled fish
    Selected food grade herbs
    Whole grains
    Integral breads (no high fructose, no hydrogenated oils)
    1-2 litres good water
    Organic meats (no hormones or antibiotics)
    Eggs (organic, cage free, etc.)
    Raw dairy
    Salt and pepper

May seem restrictive at first glance, but there’s a lot of latitude once you start experimenting.

A few suggestions:

For those with advanced digestive pathologies, a Juice Fast might do the trick for the first 10 days, to give the tract a break, and a chance to recover from abuse. Again, no need to fear a juice fast. Drink 8 ounces of juices every 2 hours, on the dot, from morning till night – the best organic juice you can get. Fruit or vegetable. And keep up the hydration, of course.

But everybody says the same thing – after 2 days they don’t even miss food. Not kidding. And they feel much better right away, with renewed energy to spare. Why? They’ve temporarily lifted the burden from their poor digestive tract.

And if you feel marvelous after 10 days, why not do another 10?

Alimentary, my dear Watson.

Most popular is the breakfast smoothie – i.e., the smoothie is your breakfast. Your favorite fruits and juices, along with Hydrolyzed Collagen, in the blender. Doesn’t have to be elaborate – you can do fine with just OJ, a banana, and cocoanut juice. Or make it elaborate. But that smoothie should be of substantial size, because it’s going to carry you through till one o’clock, with no hunger at all.

Lunch might be a large salad, maybe topped with shrimp or grilled chicken … Or two carrots and a large apple, with half a liter of Voss water. Latitude. Or an occasional BLT with organic bacon, raw cheese, no mayo, whole grain bread with no oil. No need to be monastic about the whole thing. We’re just trying to eat right for a few weeks, that’s all.

Dinner might be grilled salmon, brown rice, with steamed green beans or corn on the cob, raw butter and sea salt. Latitude. Or an organic Cornish hen, baked. Or simply a gigantic green salad with vinegar and lemon juice, topped with a few strips of raw cheese. Or oatmeal with raisins and bananas and raw milk, with a little raw sugar.

These are just a few simple suggestions within the parameters above. Be creative!

The important thing is to eat a lot all day long, but nothing processed. At all. Takes a little more time than just ordering that congealed commercial pizza, or the death meal from DelTaco, or thawing out a frozen dinner from the Juneau icefield… But it’s easy to get into the new rhythm, especially once you begin to feel the effects.

This might be a good time to stop listening to other people’s ideas of what you should eat. Have confidence in what you know. You’ve taken the time to educate yourself. This simple program has a century of clinical support behind it. By reading these chapters you know more than most.

Don’t feel like you have to defend anything. Take a good look at anyone giving you unsolicited advice – a close look. Also, suspend dietary ideas based on cults or religion. Or restricted to weird foods. Man evolved as an omnivore, aeons before the advent of processed foods. You’re trying to survive here – just check out Exhibit A: the life you’ve been living.

Here’s a partial list of some conditions patients said have resolved:

    Type II diabetes
    Reflux esophagitis
    Chronic gastritis
    Joint dysfunction
    Non Hodgkins
    Chronic fatigue

Sounds like Dr JH Tilden: “Every disease is a crisis of toxemia…”

Why is such a possibility reasonable? All these can have a dietary etiology. Correct the diet / recalibrate the organism.

Once you’ve set your course, keep to the route. It takes the entire 60 days to give it a go.

There’s really no particular advantage in telling anyone you’re even doing it. Let them notice the results. You certainly will. See Feedback and Testimonials for many stories from people who were much worse off than you at the outset.

In any case, stop whining and telling yourself you’re not equal to the task. Whether you think you can, or whether think you can’t, you’re right!

Related chapters:

60 Day Program
Journey to the Center of Your Colon
The Last Resort



Hi doc,

Skiing in Lake Tahoe. Took a very easy fall but landed wrong and flipped backwards onto the right shoulder.

Examination showed severe rotator cuff tear with Grade I acromio-clavicular separation. The shoulder was completely swollen and locked up for 2 weeks. No range of motion in any arc, due to severe pain and edema. Practicing chiropractor – but I could not work at all. Started looking into total disability paperwork.

Then I began taking Hydrolyzed Collagen every day. Noticed immediate results — gradually increased motion, decreased swelling, improving quickly. After 2 weeks, I was able to return to work, with some restriction.. After 6 weeks continuing with Collagen, was completely recovered, with no residual pain, stiffness, or restricted motion. No drugs, no medical doctors, no rehab. Just collagen and chiropractic adjustment – natural holistic, vitalistic approach.

Dr Brent Trockman
Avila Beach CA


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