1. Modern Food Industry – Health or Chronic Disease?

2. You Think Things Will Get Better This Year?

3. Thailand Update



1. Modern Food Industry – Health or Chronic Disease? Module 2 – A Short Course 2021

A quick review of the Nutrition science in the Chapters at thedoctorwithin.com

This short review course focuses in on a few essential subjects:

    Recombinant bovine growth hormone
    Gastric reflux
    The creators of psychoneurological addiction
    Calcium buffering, pH, and normal weight
    The weight loss industry
    The physiology of obesity
    Food allergies and the high protein diet
    The Threshold of Reactivity
    Diabetes and the history of sugar

With diet as the prime element in 9 out of the Top Ten Causes of Death in the US, nutrition can usually heal the most common diseases. Here we have a review of basic concepts that are censored from most narratives because they demonstrate the general failure of pharmaceuticals in curing most chronic, eventually fatal diseases in this country.

Module 2 here consists of 10 short review sections followed by one multiple choice question.

Most people going through this course will be saying, – Oh yeah, I knew that – just forgot it.

Give it a try. Here’s a taste of


In 1906 a medical doctor named Charles Porter wrote a brilliant book entitled Milk Diet As a Remedy for Disease. The book went through some 11 editions. It is Dr Porter’s unique chronicle of 39 years of research into the Raw Milk Cure.
In this protocol, the patient was to have no other food for one month except raw milk: between 2 to 4 quarts per day. No other food at all.

Porter describes resolution or improvement of virtually all of over 18,000 cases he treated during that period. He charts out a list of types of illness which responded:

    High blood pressure
    Periodontal disease
    Heart disease
    Kidney disease
    Brain disorders
    Any digestive disorder

… In recent years demand for milk has skyrocketed in this country. This demand promoted the replacement of individual dairy farms with huge corporate operations. Normally lactating cows could no longer meet new requirements of the new industry. Enter the age of hormones.

With respect to modern large-scale corporate dairy farming, the inordinate amounts of hormones given to commercial dairy cows control lactation in a wholly unnatural way. Such a cow is forced to lactate continuously, artificially prolonged by synthetic hormones.

After about 3 years, the cow milks out and is then disposed of, sold to fast food chains or food packers, even though the meat by that time is saturated with persistent hormones and antibiotics. …

There was no long term safety testing on rBGH done before approval. The original studies used for approval only lasted 90 days and were done on only 30 rats. {Smith p 85) The scientists were also forced to say the rBGH is destroyed 90% by pasteurization and by digestion, even though it is well documented that most of it persists in the human gut, intact. (GAPS Analysis) …

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What would it take for things to get back to normal? Here’s a partial list:

    Stop reading everyday corporate media stories.

    Find the real science behind disease and immunology

    Learn the scientific impossibility of a 2-year immutable global viral disease

    Learn why no government in history has ever ended an epidemic

    Learn why masking and lockdown exacerbate disease

    Learn why no mask can filter out viruses

    Learn the difference between science and propaganda

    Monitor CDC’s hidden link that keeps track of deaths from COVID vaccine

    Learn that neither COVID nor delta nor omicron virus has ever been found in a human

    Learn that neither COVID nor delta nor omicron virus has ever been sequenced

    Learn why all the new testing is 100% fraudulent

    Learn why bureaucrats of most states are not likely to relinquish their power
    Consider that there is real and present evil afoot, intent on destroying this country

Now all this is a lot of work. People will make up excuses why they don’t have to do it. Why should they? The thinking has already been done for them, by politicians and columnists. Much easier to just learn their mantras – the path of least resistance. Religion is so much easier than science, right?

It’s not stupidity as much as it is laziness. Too much trouble to walk into Safeway with no mask and realize that no one is going to say anything any more. Sheep don’t stand out from the rest of the cult, even when they’re being slaughtered. Or inoculated. So most adults choose indolence – anything to go along. Go ahead and jab me with the single most dangerous experimental inoculation in history. It must be safe, right?

Even though CDC admits that more people have died of COVID vaccine this year than have died from all vaccines combined since 1991.

All this is fine. As it plays right into Darwin’s science of natural selection. Go ahead – select yourself out of the species if you like. Like thousands are doing. That’s your right.

But here’s the demonic, sacrilegious part: the 4 year olds walking down the neighborhood streets with their moms – both wearing masks. They never had a choice.

Mom wants to weaken her own immune system by keeping O2 out and CO2 in – every breath …? Fine. Her choice. Everyone has a right to suicide.

But the child? That’s innocence right there – tabula rasa. The future.

Children need maximum, unrestricted oxygen intake all day every day. All their organs, tissues, blood elements, alveoli are growing exponentially every minute of their life right now. By retarding that growth process, we’re producing the skyrocketing numbers of sick and defective models we see coming off the assembly line now for the past 2 years.

Allergies, respiratory conditions, heart, lungs, cancer, deaths … – all these are at epidemic levels right now in children. And increasing across the board.

Not to mention now forcing experimental, immunosuppressive injections on children, when all valid science has shown for decades that children are 99.9% immune from coronaviruses.

We’re destroying our own offspring – the legacy of the human race. Taking away their freedom, their choice, their chance at a healthy life. Little children.

Reprehensible, satanic, unconscionable …

And why? Because we’re too lazy to what? Dig through the censored media to find the real science – Andrew Kaufman, Bobby Kennedy, Del Bigtree, Sucharit Bhakdi, Ioannidis, Lass, Wodarg, Osterholm, Zun You, Ealy, Cowan, Scott Jensen, etc. People with credentials who have done the research.

Instead we watch the unlettered kewpie doll newsreaders and hang on their every mumble.

Why all of a sudden after all these years, after decades of their consistent lying and misrepresentation, why all of a sudden now have we started to believe what we read in everyday media?

So you tell me – you really think things will get better this year?


3. Thailand Update

In the last email we gave a description of what people are saying about Thailand these days. I just got an email from a friend of mine who has lived in Thailand for 8 years now. Here are some fragments of the emails we just exchanged. You might be able to have some idea of what’s going on in that country from an eyewitness. Might want to take it off your itinerary for awhile.

We’ll call my friend Morgan.

“On Thu, Dec 16, 2021 at 10:34 PM Morgan wrote:

Hi Dr. Tim,

I no longer have reasons good enough to stay in Thailand. This place is driving me crazy and I have to get out, but go where? It has to be someplace where the govt won’t force a death shot on me. A local British expat who runs a visa service says, “The Thai govt categorically will not force expats to get jabbed due to human rights concerns. A jab will never be required to renew a retirement visa.” Can’t count on that though. Next week I have to decide whether to renew my retirement visa for another year.

I could go retire in Mexico, but I’m not sure.

Currently, you can enter Thailand unvaxxed if you quarantine for 10 days.

Thailand Travel Restrictions

Last week, a Thai doctor spoke at the expats club. He’s on a govt committee. Says the Thai govt is running out of funds and needs tourism to rebound. Admits that the Omicron [fake] variant is mild. Emphasizes natural immunity (although he claims he got multi-jabbed with Moderna and AstraZeneca and might get a booster shot. I don’t trust anything this guy says. I think he talks pro-vax for political reasons). Says Thailand wants to become a wellness hub. So will Thailand reopen with no more shutdowns? We’ll see. Also, he says a new Thai law will allow farangs to own businesses here outright.

50% of businesses remain closed, many permanently. Alcohol may be served again in restaurants, so more are reopening. Beaches are crowded again on weekends end-to-end with Thai people from Bangkok. Bars remain closed. Most other venues on the street remain closed. Soi 6 and LK Metro remain dark. Soi Buakhao at Tree Town is getting some business on weekends

Masks are back on – about 80%. Guess they heard about Omicron fears on the news. People are not that bright it seems.

Not sure what I will do next.
— Morgan

[My response]:

Dr Tim O’Shea

Dec 17, 2021

Wow Morgan — well it seems the resort has run its course for you—- but all it ever offered was the nightlife and restaurants and excellent medical care.. — you haven’t traveled that much in thailand—many places you shouldn’t leave thailand without seeing— radically different from where you’ve been living– if peace and quiet are what youre looking for Koh Samui is the real Thailand—top of the list — just stay away from Chaweng Beach – the rest of it is paradise– you have to rent a jeep and circumnavigate the island— hiking and waterfalls and elephants and nonincorporated terrain — you shouldn’t give up on thailand without seeing it– many stunning little towns to see like Fishermans Village at Bophut Beach, etc — perfectly tranquil– and great international cuisine—-

sounds like the expats are pretty confident you won’t have to be inoculated— but by this time haven’t you found a doctor or nurse who could help you?—

There are also dozens of other really quiet and beautiful places in Thailand but the problem is usually they are pretty isolated without access to the usual amenities Americans are addicted to—Chiang Mai is actually very civilized and a completely different culture than the beach resorts—great food , healthy people , spiritual mecca–

Also Issan must be something to see, from what everyone says – I’ve never been there

As far as countries of the world are concerned, the most free and open at this time actually seems to be mexico—- they no longer believe in the covid mythology– no masks- no vaccine, no testing– easy to come and go across the border — my friend in huntington beach has a second practice in tijuana and he goes across the border twice a week no problem– the resorts are booming just like old times—americans are flocking to cabo and cancun—one of my other friends just bought a condo outside cabo—I’m going there in Jan —pretty much easy living there—cost of living just a little higher than Thailand—

can’t criticize the people …mexicans are definitely an upgrade from Californians these days!! Californians are inconceivabley dumb and getting inexorably dumber by the day. They believe anything they hear on CNN without trying to find out if its true or not.

The problem with Thailand returning to its normal economy is that half the power brokers and medical geniuses believe the COVID religion is real since they ve done no research at all. plus they’re gaining wealth and power with the new matrix. The other half – the educated who know it’s all a sham – face social opposition, career suicide, and persecution if they express the slightest interest in even looking at the real science behind COVID – which proves the “disease” is nonexistent. So faced with these contradictory burdens and mass psychosis, it’s impossible to return to the traditional Land Of Smiles economy as long as they insist on maintaining all this new brainwashing baggage. So theyre prisoners of their own fascism. The people at the top are doing great since they benefit from the new social transformation, so they really don’t care if the whole country reverts back to Third World status. But I would imagine that the farther away you get from Bangkok and Pattaya the less extreme the day to day obsession with viral lore, right?.

As far as the US, we forget that California and NY are the two worst places in the US. I just spent 2 weeks in Texas. People don’t wear masks there and generally are going about their normal lives. Of course the whole country’s been vaccinated about 70% by this time, so that particular mass hypnosis is unavoidable now, but the point is in Texas they don’t spend all day talking about the government control in their daily lives like we do in CA and NY. Young people still go to nightclubs with live music and restaurants require no masks, and people go about the own lives. The real estate market is going crazy there with all the tens of thousands of people fleeing California— No kidding. Gas is $2.75 in Texas compared with almost $5 here. So the cost of living is very comfortable. Austin is the only extreme city with the rad left running the place. The rest of Texas is fairly normal.

Florida is even better. Have you been watching DeSantis on Youtube? He’s sick of fascists and is making laws negating some of that nonsense. Watch him! He says there’s 5 million jobs in florida just waiting for people to take them. Totally defies the pretender. Their economy is booming and the extremists have little traction there. An obvious favorite for 2024. – if there’s anything still left! Real estate in Florida is even more reasonable than Texas. Jaxsonville is very moderate climate with four seasons—not even crowded because it’s so spread out. South Florida is a zoo though—forget anything south of Orlando—Traffic and crime—

Europe is out . Australia is truly like nazi Germany. VN – forget it. I don’t know about Laos or Cambodia. Paris is parading in the streets –hundreds of thousands in protest. We have truly had a global coup d’etat — worldwide fascist takeover, selling fear and germaphobia, and enforcing the new religion by laws. Global censorship. All to enhance their own power and economic position. Reinforced by corporate media, military, and organized medicine. Control the masses and keep them stupid enough to think theyre being protected.

I don’t see any general correction coming soon, although in some particular places the pendulum has already started to swing back . The fake ads about Phuket, etc “opening up” are phony because not everyone is going to vaccinate just to go there. Some opening. Who on earth is going to rent a yacht and have the owners telling you to wear a freaking mask while youre at sea? Yeah that should be popular…. I don’t see any phony “openings’ having a major impact on tourism like theyre pretending. If they want the old economy there’s only one way to accomplish that: they have to return to the old Thailand. Think of all the tens of millions in medical tourism they’re losing just to sell vaccines…. There is no “re-opening” of anything no matter what they say until they end the germophobia/ coercion program. Everybody knows it. So those are some options for you– Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, San Antonio, Jacksonville, Cabo. Each a significant improvement over where you live now. .

Anyway good luck with whatever you choose, Morgan. I think you should explore those other places in Thailand.

Merry Christmas and Best Holidays!

Dr T

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